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Sunday, April 17, 2011

CDG Dismembers Zeta with Ax: Video

There is a new video that was made by members of the Gulf Cartel. it is shown at the end of this article, but we must warn you that the content is extremely graphic.

This is the full text that was sent along with the recording that lasts for about eight minutes:

"Here is a video on behalf of the Gulf Cartel dedicated to the filthy Zetas, we challenge you to give each other a bump (fight) fucking assholes, this is what is going to happen to all of you assholes and to your supporters, citizens do not fear, we do not come after you, we just came to clean the garbage of people called zetas, we are here to protect and serve the people, we want everything to be secure but for now it is not, so we have to throw away the garbage."

Members of the Gulf Cartel based in Nuevo Leon appear dressed in military style uniforms, they have a man who in their words is a member of the criminal organization known as Los Zetas.

With an ax they start to chop up the man, while the leader of the masked men who appears on the recording, begins to send a message to Los Zetas, who they make a point are responsible for killing innocent children in the recent slaughter in San Fernando, Tamaulipas.

"This goes to all of those damn Zetas of 40, 42, to Lazcano, and to all the fucking people who are supporting the cartel of Los Zetas, this is what is going to happen to all of you so take a look bastards and do not forget."

"Everyone who is working as hawks (halcones), working as pussies, those who finance them with money and sucking everything on them, you know that gentlemen, because even at that we are educated, we do not disrespected anyone. If you all think you are all men, come look for us, see how we are going to receive you with pure lead, pure lead, assholes."

The stranger exclaims; "You are very good at killing children assholes, to kill children in San Fernando, Tamaulipas, you all killed a lot of children. You all take advantage of innocent people."

"This goes to all the assholes, Lazcano and 40 and all the whole ball of faggots, and if you think you have balls come confront us. This is what happens to the pussies who hang out with pussies. Be the Federal Police, or the state police, or whatever fucken law enforcement they are and are, all the fucking law enforcement that are with them, Municipal Police, ministerial police or any type of police that support the cause of the Zetas is what is going to happen to you all."

While one of them is chopping pieces of the man, another man says, "Damn bastards, you are not worth a dick's ass, fucking bunch of assholes, if you think you are big dicks, confront us assholes. Fucking Zetas, filthy fucking sons of bitches. This is for the children killed in San Fernando, Tamaulipas, and for all the innocent people they have killed. Here is the Gulf Cartel to defend you all, viva Mexico. "

For several minutes they describe the violent acts the Zetas perform against innocent people, "For the innocent people, hold that son of a bitch, they have no compassion for the children, for all the women they rape, and with all the innocent people that kill assholes. Why should we have compassion with them gentlemen? Never, because they are not worth a shit. Continue, continue, continue killing innocent people and this is what is going to happen, son of bitches, assholes, You take advantage of the unarmed people."

"On behalf of Commander XL and all of his people. Strike him on the bone, on the bone. They have no compassion for anyone nor children. We do have feelings, but not with them, not with them, not with them," the voice of an unknown man is heard yelling.

Source: BDN, NarcoGuerra

Warning: Video is extremely graphic



  1. Not that I feel much of a compassion for this alleged Zeta but for love of God dont claim that CDG goes around protecting people.

  2. They sound so strung on coke.

  3. Zetas are a bunch of sick assholes, but it takes one to know one. CDG ain't no better. That is some funny ass shit

  4. All these guys need to be wiped out.

  5. Mexico! The surf, the sand, the...severed heads!!

  6. Man this is just morbid. The hatred between the CDG and the Zeta's is just wayyy off the scale.

  7. The evil that mankind can do to each other defies logic. I have no words for this.

    Stay Frosty and Godspeed

  8. Many sicarios say the first thing they do is get coked up before these butcherings.

    the stills were enough for me I will skip the video.

    BDN said the video was coming, vut I don't think they have it...

    looks like Buggs beat BDN to there usually gorey glory...jajajaja

  9. just another day on old mexico if you ask me.


  10. Can't believe ppl put this on their facebook page..haha

  11. This is worse because the guy was still alive you see his HEAD rolling around on the floor after it been severed! THAT will haunt me.

  12. These are the kind of people that rape thier own children and mothers. Sorry asshole lemon fucks!!

  13. CDG has used psychological social engineering for years in an attempt to condition the not well educated into believing this mythical lie of them being some type of a Robin Hood that sells drugs to the "gringos" and takes care of the good people of Mexico...

    The problem is that they forgot to actually do anything at all towards helping the good people of Mexico and Robin Hood has turned out to really be Freddy Kruger on coke!

    CDG will kill people and the lie straight to your face that it was not them... They use this new found social technology posting on blogs and internet websites lies attempting to deflect the negative attention off onto the Zetas...

    The absurdity of that is the fact that the Zetas are the CDG's very own creation and a part of their cartel!

    Please do not buy into the lies of these cartels, they are only concerned with making money by any means necessary and they do not care about anyone but themselves...

    There has been allot of negative press concerning the Calderon administration over all of the violence as if the government is responsible for it, please do not lose focus on reality and the fact that it is the criminals doing those things and people should direct their anger towards them...

    The Mexican military has a very, very tough job and they should always be supported for the work that they are doing...

    All of the good people of Mexico need to pull together and report these criminals when you see them, truck convoys full of armed men, report them, if you see armed men going in and out of a house report them! Together the good people of Mexico can win this war on these criminals... "ViVa La RaZa!"

    I have recently seen this information posted;

    "A faction of the Zetas in Coahuila and Nuevo Leon rejoined the CDG and as proof of loyalty to the Gulf they went on a killing spree throughout Coahuila and Nuevo Leon kidnapping many Zeta supporters.

    Allende was recently attacked by a group of Zetas that defected to the Gulf Cartel. Several families were kidnapped and not seen from again. Women and children were also taken when the attackers couldn't find the people they were looking for.

    Miguel and Omar Treviño are in the state of Coahuila. Omar married a young girl named Carolina Fernandez who lives in Allende Coahuila. Her father Jesus Fernandez is a high ranking Zeta as well due to the marriage. She gave birth last year to a baby which she had in Eagle Pass, Texas. Omar has been seen in Allende and has a huge ranch close to there in Santa Monica,Coahuila.

    Z40 is on a ranch called the Warrior in Aspen, Coahuila..."

    1. If Z40 is at ranch ... go get him !!!

  14. could you please tone down the grandstanding in every post, seriously. It's like you are running for political office.

    If I were CDG, whoever decides these things, I would end these videos immediately, it is counter productive, and only serves to terrorize the vast majority, in my opinion. People don't want to see dismembered corpses, esp. those living in these places. If the Gulf wants to bring peace, show peace, or at least don't televise and broadcast death and torture. I'm not going to watch this, so I don't know if they sound like they are coked up or not, but that's not a good look either. CDG already has the support of anyone who will support them at this point, this is not bringing new people to them, only making them look like savages. I guess the hatred toward Z is that blinding.

  15. Damn it looks like they are running out of ideas of what to do with bodies...whatever happend to just taking someone out and moving on to the next? What do they think the people are gonna see this and say "Oh this is much better then the Zetas lets support the CDG" I really have no room to talk considering just doing 18 1/2 years in High Desert and Pelican Bay but I canʻt remember a time I thought about video taping me cutting bodies up...Shits not necessary and bad for business

  16. The C.D.G guy doing all the talking sounds like an old skool gangster,around 60-70 years of age.Hardcore.

  17. Feels like too much work to chop up a body.

  18. Video no longer plays.

  19. And that's really suppose to convince the zetas to just give up? Greed blinds rational thinking on both sides, I will admit I never feel sorry for the cartel sxum that gets killed, I only feel sorry for innocent victims of theirs.

  20. Where is Law Enforcment??Gulf,Z,Sinaloa -- who cares,these tapes ,narco banners, are a mocery of civalized society,and demonstrate daily just how inoffective Mexican Law Enforcment is at maintaining Peace,they are pretty good at criminal activity. These idiots are a laughing stock, maby a chain saw, how about SADAM puting C-4 in a guys shirt pocket ,walking him away and blowing him in pieces-- How about some private guys taking them all out with vengence,never happen to many paydays would stop.

  21. why does'nt the video play anymore?

    i said before that the tortures were unnecessary and that they only gave us Mexicans a bad name but i still watch these !@#$% videos! i think i need to see a psychologist.

  22. A chainsaw would have done the job a lot quicker.

    Then again, the noise would have probably drowned out the narcoharangue.

  23. pobre estados unidos tan lejos de dios tan cerca de mexico

  24. CDG has never espoused being Robinhoods, dummy...

    Their shtick is "Trabajo y nada mas que trabajo." The business is traffiking whatever the pinches gringos wanna buy; a symbiotic relationship built on illegal recreation and illegal labor.

    ..y deja el mundo que ruede...

    CDG's message today is one of getting back to how business used to run; the way Mexicans remember "el secreto a voces" was. Everybody got what they wanted: putas, coca, a cheap nanny, a cheap gardner. I remember that there was so much coke in Matamoros that anybody (even if you were far removed from those business circles) could get a chance at a paquete, if you had the cash and wanted one. Peacefully.

    The Z's aren't a real organization; but they want to be. Anyone that is young, dumb and full of cum can set-up their own zeta franchise because the group is desperate to set-up their trafficking network from whatever street trash they can gather. And it has cost them dearly. They will never be respected porque son una bola de cabrones that have contributed greatly to bringing the business to its knees.

    ...and the pinche gringos? Well, the gringos are fine with this conflict working itself out on Mexican streets as long it's brown people's blood pooling in the gutter.

    That's why CDG is considered the lesser of two evils. The problem is that they've dug into a perimeter around the crown jewels: the strip of border between here and Los Laredos and just sit waiting for guerilla atacks.

    This vid represents what is trully needed: an offense. I hope CDG gets to gut all the z street-putas, like they do this poor bastard...

    Ande pendejo. ¿Quien le manda? Everybody wants to be billy-bad-ass.


  25. After watching the news and reports of what Los Zetas have been doing to innocent men,women,and children i am glad other cartel members are doing this(decapitation,dismembering)etc to them.Now i imagine if Los Zetas did harm and kill one of "my family"members,I SWEAR TO GOD i would love to be in this video with a machete and axe. I SWEAR.

  26. Ive been telling you guys word in MTY is that Zetas and CDG are in talks about partenering up. Then the plan is to join with CDS. Then it will be a mess.

    - Wulfrano la Coyota

  27. IM surprised a lot of people think Zetas were the ones who started all this innocent life killing spree. El chapo is a a little short fat fock that sent la barbie to NL 2 start the CDG vs CDS war. La Barbie kidnapped a couple of zetas along with their wives and kids. He let one 1 wife go and the others he dissapeared never to be found again. At that time Z40 got in contact through phone with la barbie and told him to let family out of the killings. Miguel let it to be known that if something like that were to happen then what would follow would be worse. Barbie refused and killed the wives and kids. The fat fock even video taped it. All of this is written in text on a PGR document, which they don't show because of their corrupted delegates.

    NOW DON'T MISUNDERSTAND ME, I DGAF ABOUT ZETAS, CDG, CDS, or any other cartel. Yet, to say that zetas started this is retarded. People need to do their research and state facts. That short little fat monkey, El Chapo who people glamorize as an angel of peace, is nothing but a zeta himself.

    There will never be peace as long as their are different cartels or they are united. The money is TOO MUCH for their not be BETRAYALS! El chapo and CDG did many cease fires many times. Yet El Chapo always ends up betraying them. If el chapo cant sell his own mother to regain something valuable is because he cant.

    I'm tired of people blaming all this shit on Zetas.

    Somebody gets buried. Oh Zeta's!

    Some kid gets shot. Oh Zeta's!

    An old lady falls of some stairs. Oh ZETAS!

    People of Mexico are the most ignorant. You guys live there! and yet you guys deny what is the truth.

    In closing. The fact is, all these cartels are a forsaken blasphemy. Until they all get exterminated, then you can have your peace.

    Peace out.

  28. HAHAHA this lil guy and the zetas, zetas are the ones to blame also the beltran brothers traitors and la linea..... el chapo guzman is the man... zetas caf la linea, and beltran levya are all traiotors, who kill innocent people....... GOLF CARTEL, SINALOA CARTEL AND the Knights of Templar rule!

  29. i like the ending how the guy says the people from central america come to mexico to get a couple pesos and this group of dumbasses kill them well i am glad this zeta is dead and also the cartel del golfo also thinks of other coutries and other innocent people RESPECT to you guys!!!! KEEP KILLING !!!!!!!

  30. These guys are nuts, and they probably should get a sharper axe..

  31. @#$%& Gross! Sick! Twisted! That is one big Zeta that they chopped up. I don't know why these pendejos don't just use a chainsaw. The guy gets tired of using the axe. When the other guy uses the machete to slice off those big legs is a trip. From the brady bunch to this. Momma's gotta be proud of me.

  32. Kill all the zetas, they are pieces of shit.

  33. How does anyone know if that dude or any other person that gets killed is actualy part of anything to do with any of these jack asses? I have seen sicarios say that they will sometimes kill random people just to get paid peanuts for narco hits or to make the other side look bad. And just like there is a demand for drugs (that kill and destroy lives)there is now a demand for these videos. Now these wanna be so called hereos love posting them to use as a way to terrorize, for pride, and as propaganda. There should be a death penalty in all Mexican Sates!!! And let good Mexicans to have the right to carry arms so that they can defend them self and their families, since in most cases you cant even count on any law to protect you over there. Who knows.....maybe the good people of Mexico will start a revolucion and win back their country! Or may be is about time the U.S. goes in there and get in the mix once and for all.....what are we gonna wait for? to see them eat peaple soon or some narcos small child getting cut in to pices? These pigs have no soul and I dont care what they say about helping the good people of Mexico....They are criminals, and need to die!!

  34. CDG is the same as any other drug gang, we fell a victim to them they stole our truck, money and almost took a family member with them, they try to blame it on zetas but take advantage of the people while saying theyre protecting us, all a lie. Mexico's government will not win the fight unless US intervenes, i love my country, but Mexico is just too corrupt...

  35. Zetas history is significant vs. all other cartel's history; they have a mix of terrorist, former Central America war murders, former Special Forces of Mexican military, other cartels, Mexican corrupt government officials and now delinquent street level assassins. Although originally employed by others now they are the envy of other cartels with the largest spy network.

    The Government should eradicate them first and then the others.

    But it’s the citizens that need to combat everyday corruption in every aspect of life over there, then investing locally in jails, security cameras, rehab centers , mandatory school for the poor, and mandatory military service of 4 years with little compensation with no exemptions from those who want to pay to opt out. Also adopting a South Africa, Chinese, former Thai government policy of shooting first asking cartel affiliation questions later. Then and only then will the demand look elsewhere. Profits unfortunately are not all from drugs, more and more extortions are gaining profit percentage.

  36. «Un río de sangre, personas que se mataban las unas a las otras, cadáveres abandonados sin que nadie los enterrara, un árbol en llamas, un abismo abierto, un monstruo y cabezas decapitadas».

    APARICION DE LA VIRGEN DE KIBEHO-VISION A JOVENES EN KIBEHO RUANDA (cuando se aparece la Virgen es mensaje para todos, no solo para ruanda)

  37. These people deserve it! I would LOVE to see them get away with this on the side of the road in the US. It wouldnt happen.. Sadly Americans stopped going to Mexico because of this

  38. As one of the masked serialkillers says: Viva la Mexico!!

  39. Viva Mexico my ass. They have no love for Mexico. Just greed. I hope the guys talking realize that like finger prints, human voices have a distinct sound pattern and software is available that can later identify them. All you would have to do is intercept cell phones and match the voice imprint against the one made on the video and there is your man. Grab him and get the names of the others in the video. Whether its Zetas or some opposing cartel, nobody cares, people are sick of the violence and the cartels wont last if they keep it up. Eventually, there will be the same gringo boots in Mexico that whipped out the Taliban and the leaders of Al Qaeda. The destablization of Mexico is gathering interest in Washington DC. If I was in the illegal drug business in Mexico, I would be worried.

  40. Why hasn't a US Delta team taken out these asswagons already?!? We can kill Bin Laden and other highly protected terrorists, but we can't stop a gang of uneducated coked-up mexican demons?? I mean really?!?!?!?! It's totally f*king retarded.

  41. fucking hypocrites there no better than the zetas

  42. You would figure these guys would be in better shape after hacking up a body for 10 minutes straight.


  43. Once Again; I've said it before on this Blog and it never gets published. What needs to be done is Hire
    Private Mercenaries like they did in the 90's
    in Sierra Leone when "Executive Outcome" was hired by the duly elected government and in 3 mos.with company helicopters set up by Russians
    took out the RUF when the Army and West African
    Coalition couldn't do it in 10 years..! Yes they were Paid a portion of the Blood Diamonds
    but the Killing Stopped and the RUF sued for peace and begged the Government to make the Mercenaries leave the country!!! There are at least 20 Private Security Companies that could go into Mexico and wipe out all the cartels all they need is Cash and Carry and waatch what happens. Problem is Mexico hasn't the balls to do it and neither doe's the American Government.
    Let's see if this gets into this B.S. Blog this time. Whats the matter "Borderland Beat" scared of the Truth..?

  44. i live in matamoros tamaulipas, Mexico its very bad but they respect our people

  45. Let's take the USA army, marines, special forces and take out the scum mf's. "yes we can"

  46. they could kill each other and not a single fuck will be given by me as long as they stay away from me and my family.

  47. Well if Mexicans found some oil then the US would have a reason to come there and "clean up", now its like any other messed up countrie with no resources. This is not new, its only now in the age of internet and video cameras it seems new, but this is something that have been going on for a looooong long time my friends

  48. I believe he needs to sharpen the ax.

  49. I wonder if those guys died already


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