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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cartels in Baja California largely dismantled: General Alfonso Duarte

TIJUANA, BC. | Lunes 04 de abril de 2011
Julieta Martínez / corresponsal | El Universal

Six suspects were detained by the Mexican Army in Tijuana recently in two separate operations that resulted in the seizure of 658.62 kilograms of “crystal meth”, 75 kilograms of cocaine, 3.62 million pesos and almost 290 thousand U.S. dollars. The value of the drugs seized was estimated by the Army at approximately 16 million U.S. dollars

Speaking on this latest drug seizure in Tijuana, the commander of the Second Military Region (Baja California, Mexicali), Alfonso Duarte Mujica, explained that according to initial investigations, the six detained individuals operated independently since the criminal groups in Baja California belonging to the Arellano Felix and Sinaloa cartels have been greatly reduced.

"What is happening is that as the criminal cells that previously existed, those of the Arellano Felix and el Teo, have all been largely dismantled, and right now it is important that we continue working to maintain security and never again empower these cells and allow the problem to re-emerge,” said the general.

Duarte stressed that criminal groups recently arrested in his sector mostly operate independently and try to transport their drugs thru Tijuana because it is one of the busiest and most important regions on the border.

He attributed the violence that has occurred in recent weeks with criminal attempts by cells to maintain their "narcotiendas" (locations where illegal drugs are sold locally) in a free for all enviornment.

Duarte also stated that the increased seizures of cocaine and crystal are the results of greater efficiency in the actions of civil and military authorities. As a result of the financial losses criminals can no longer buy weapons, co-opt security officials or set up safe houses.

General Duarte is known as a particularly aggressive Army officer and last year shared with Julian Leyzaloa (who was Tjijuana’s municipal chief of police at the time) “Man of the Year” honors bestowed by the influential Baja California news weekly Zeta magazine.

Ejercito detiene a seis.....


  1. Lol, lock em up, they will be back on the streets in 30 days. The Mexican Army will have the drugs back on the streets is less time than that "and the band played on." The Mexican Army just hijacked someone huh?

    Look at all those bundles in the display. It sure looks like more than 758 kilos of meth and 75 kilos of coke. Wonder if someone miscounted? (Lol)

    La Familia and Sinaloa both manufacture lots of meth and both pay protection to AFO to operate in that plaza. It could be either one that took the hit.

    One thing is for sure, the General slept well as he dreamed of what his new ocean side condo will look like with his new red Ferrari parked next to his new bullet proof Hummer.

  2. Duarte has participared in the systematic transport of large shipments of mota, and more and more meth for years by being part of an organized network of high ranking military folk who broker out military protection to certain shippers and guarentee that checkpoints and inspection stations don't treat all vehicles equally. He also has the blood on his hands of numerous torture and murder victims through the comandos he oversees which are in all actuality a death squad.

  3. The general has been smoking too much mota

  4. I wonder why the U.S almost never reports large seizures?
    It's Obama's fault.

  5. lol yeah they are going with this story again. I mean, it's part of the way true, CAF isn't the same CAF from ten years ago, even five, but still there, with Sinaloa having a portion too. LFM has a presence too, and they have taken some big hits lately. Tijuana is relatively under control, comparatively speaking though. It's because of of organized crime politics though, not police work, at least not a large percent.

  6. I just wish for once we could give these guys the credit for bringing things under control...when they continue to confiscate all this money and drugs, it has to make a major impact on some cartels bottom line--and their ability to continue fueling the violence of narco-wars.

    I just hate it that so much corruption has bread so much distrust that no one believes in anyone. That becomes a problem you can't fix...

  7. No it is not drugs are still coming in. It is Economics Baby. Economics is the social science that analyzes the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services.


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