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Monday, April 11, 2011

Body of Kidnapped Mexican Prosecutor Found

The body of a federal prosecutor kidnapped last week in the northern Mexican state of Durango has been found, officials said.

Claudia Avila Yañez’ body was discovered in a marble workshop in Villa Juarez, a community near the city of Lerdo.

The prosecutor was shot several times in the abdomen and extremities, the Durango state Attorney General’s Office said.

Avila Yañez was in charge of handling criminal cases in Gomez Palacio, a city near the site where her body was found.

Gomez Palacio and Villa Juarez are both in the Comarca Lagunera, an area where drug traffickers have expanded their operations in recent years.

Avila Yañez and two colleagues were ambushed Thursday night while traveling in an official vehicle, a spokesman for the Durango bureau of the federal Attorney General’s Office said.

The assailants kidnapped Avila Yañez and Gilberto Barajas, who has not been found, after killing Gustavo Armando Garcia Silva, the head of the AG’s Durango bureau, officials said.

The AG’s office expressed its condolences to Avila Yañez’s family and vowed to find those responsible for her murder.

Avila Yañez had only been on the job at the Durango bureau about a week and had not reported receiving any threats, an AG’s office spokesman said.

Durango is in the “Golden Triangle,” a region that also includes Sinaloa state, the birthplace of Mexico’s most powerful drug lords, and Chihuahua, the country’s most violent state.

Law enforcement professionals are among the 35,000 people killed in Mexico since December 2006 amid a brutal conflict pitting rival drug cartels against each other and the security forces.


  1. Mexican Government/Cartel officials will condem the crime. Is that not what Calderon does every time this happens. These cartels thugs need to be burned alive. Alive.

  2. Only on the job for one week.

    Very sad.

  3. What are the "extremeties"?

  4. failed state..thats all i can say about messio anymore...

    these are not the acts of a people who are trying to resist invaders...these are the acts of a greedy and cruel people who will do anything for a little money..

    the is only answer all out total war...look how long it took to civilize the warring tribes of Europe...the same catharsis needs to happen in messico...kill and kill and kill... 'till those that are left want to live in peace

  5. Ovemex/Buggs - this is not a photo of Avila. Or is the other photo the wrong one?

  6. "Ovemex/Buggs - this is not a photo of Avila. Or is the other photo the wrong one?"

    What other one will that be?

  7. The one on BDN dated April 9.

  8. This photo is of Marisela Morales, the one that said estos crimenes no quedaran impunes.

  9. Sorry, I see what you mean, not sure where they got their picture, but this picture of Avila Yañez has been seen in various major media pubilcations as being her, including BDN:

  10. This lady is Morales. The photo on BDN 4/9/11 is Avila.

    In "mainstream" papers the photo is captioned with Marisela Morales "titular" of the DA's office expressing condolences, etc. but the photo is not identified. The body of the article talks about Morales' comments.

    I'm not trying to give you hard time Buggs. I'm sure you guys know how one poorly constructed, initial story makes errors that are then picked up and carried on and on. I just kind of ran into this. I don't want to be a proofreader.

  11. No not at all, actually after comparing several pictures I do believe that the person in the picture is Marisela Morales, it has been removed, thank you.


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