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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bodies of Victims Abducted by Delta Group Found

Soon after authorities revealed the discovery of four bodies in Chihuahua, they confirmed that it was the bodies of the young men that were abducted on March 26.

The relatives of the victims have maintained that the people responsible for the abduction were the elements of the Municipal Police in Juárez assigned to the elite Delta Group.

The bodies appeared to have been executed and were identified as Félix Vizcarra Torres, Juan Carlos Chavira Soprano, Dante Castillo de la O and Raúl Navarro Soprano.

Reports also indicated that the bodies had been buried where they were found for at least weeks and showed signs of having been brutally tortured.

The victims had their hands tied behind their backs and were located inside black plastic bags. Forensic investigators estimate that the victims have been dead for about two to three weeks.


  1. Could it be that Mexico's Delta unit is gathering people from the criminal element and irraticating them?

    I can't shake the feeling that many of these individuals were up to no good and are being exterminated.

  2. Hay camino que al hombre le parece derecho;
    Pero su fin es camino de muerte.

    Proverbios 14:12

  3. That's what someone from blogdelnarco said. "It enrages me to know cops can do this, then again if these guys were bad people there was no point of taking them into custody".

  4. It seems like when they are arrested no sooner then they are released. How does this make the people who arrested them feel? They are then targeted. It's such a travesty.

  5. the sopranos realamente ?


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