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Friday, April 29, 2011

Bloody clashes between Gulf, Zetas reported


A string of shootouts in and near the state of Tamaulipas left a trail of dead as Mexican federal authorities, the Gulf Cartel and the Zetas organization fought a three-way battle.

The Gulf Cartel and the Zetas, once allied, are fighting for control of the area.

One of the shootouts began about 4 a.m. Thursday in Los Aldama in Nuevo Leon state and ended in the nearby rural area of Arcabuz, Miguel Aleman, Tamps., leaving six gunmen dead, according to a Mexican law enforcement official whose name can’t be released for security reasons. The farming town of Arcabuz is about 45 miles south of Roma.

The shootout, which began as a clash between the Gulf and the Zetas, included more than 40 SUVs with gunmen. After the military arrived, the groups turned and transferred the fight to the downtown area of Arcabuz, resulting in the deaths of six gunmen, the official said.

Two other men were gunned down about 600 yards from the area, the official said, adding that all the men were carrying firearms and some were wearing body armor.

Official information from the Mexican military regarding the shootout wasn’t immediately available.

Additionally, the Mexican Army issued a news release regarding a Tuesday shootout in Ciudad Mier, Tamps., about 8 miles west of Roma, that left two gunmen dead.

The shootout occurred as a military convoy was conducting a routine patrol between Ciudad Mier and Nueva Ciudad Guerrero — which lies on the southern end of Falcon Lake — when a group of gunmen began firing at the convoy, according to the release.

The soldiers fought off the attack, killing two of the gunmen and seizing one armored SUV, two regular SUVs, 15 assault rifles, one handgun, 9,132 ammunition rounds, 187 ammunition magazines and military-style uniforms.

The two firefights are the most recent amid an upswing in violence between the Gulf Cartel and the Zetas. Last week, the town of Miguel Aleman — across the Rio Grande from Roma — saw severe damage by the Zetas as they tried to regain the territory from the Gulf Cartel. The shootout left one civilian dead, one gunman dead and 11 gunmen in custody.

Photos: Grupo Reforma


  1. Mexico will continue to be held hostage to a reign of terror by drug cartels AND the Mexican and US law enforcement officials who continue to demand that drugs remain illegal. The people of Mexico will have to rise up nationwide, like those in the Arab world are doing, to demand that this official corruption end and to demand the ouster of the dictatorial regime running the country.

  2. No one theu both fled the battle when they saw the troops coming

  3. Along time ago I posted on the forum that their was activity in this area but peop le from this forum wouldnt believe me. And this is not their first battle either, loads of people have also disappeared in those towns aswell.


  4. 40 SUV's is a nice target to designate for a drone.

  5. @2:32

    It's not that people don't believe you; there were some pretty graphic pictures and stories by Illiana about a year and a half ago, but there isn't a lot of of official news coming out of that area. My parents had a house in the town of Rancherias, between Miguel Aleman and Camargo...we don't go anymore...too dangerous. For a while Grupo. Reforma had a forum where people used 2 post what was happening, that's how I used to hear about some of the things not mentioned in the news. Unfortunately people started rumors about people, left weird comments so its pretty much useless now that G. Reforma only allows comments once in a while.


  6. "40 SUV's is a nice target to designate for a drone.
    April 30, 2011 8:47 AM"

    totally agree!!! Perfect scenario!!!


  7. Drones dropping bombs are the most useless and counter productive weapon imaginable. Besides, Mexico has none of these weapons and it is a violation of international law for the US to use them in Mexico, though that has seemed to bother none of our thugs in high office in regards to what they get away with in Pakistan. Let's hope the US gets forced out of Afghanistan and Pakistan though because our own US citizenry is too stupid to do it without its beloved Pentagon getting the kick.

  8. 40 SUVs and somehow they do not stand out. Does Mexico have any type of intelligence gathering. Seems like the Mexican government just plays stupid.

  9. You do not have a clue. UN resolutions allow going after terrorists in ANY country in ANY form deemed needed. If the cartels are declared terrorists, they too can become targets of drone attacks. Get an education before you open your mouth dumbass.


    estos 3 videos de audio son 30 minutos de las 2 horas y media que duro la balacera de los grupos rivales que se enfrentaron en arcabuz y llegaron hasta los guerra m.aleman, esa balacera de arcabuz continuo en los guerra, y duro casi 3 horas continuas

  11. @1:58. I agree with you but as far as I know the cartels have NOT been declared terrorists yet.

  12. If they are not drclared terrorist then what? Private armies, guerrillas, or what?

  13. The CIA has finally Gotten Osama Bin-Laden!

    Hey Pinche Chapo your next in Line!

    There are only so many phone cards that you can buy.

    Your location is already know.

    In the gambling, the House always wins.

    ¡La Cia finalmente ha conseguido a Osama bin Laden!

    ¡Oye Pinche Chapo su siguiente en línea!

    Hay solamente tan muchas tarjetas del teléfono que usted puede comprar.

    Su localización es sabe ya. En el juego, la casa gana siempre.

  14. Whooppeeee!!!!! One day now of screaming 'USA! USA! USA!' for all the dumb shits that normally go out to executions in places like Huntsville, Texas to picnic when an execution takes place. Yo there, Anonymous Dumbo? 2:02 pm? Yo here me, Dude?

    'BTW, this blog is for the drug war being fought in Mexico... not irrelevant shit happening in Iraq, Afghanistan, or Pakistan!'

    Typical US Right Winger attitude... When somebody starts to point out any connections to them about the world, they simply can't handle it.

    It must be totally sad and maddening to live in such a disjointed and incomprehensible world as this connected world is apparently to disconnected US Right Winger types...

    What your US government does in other places other than just Mexico is not 'irrelevant' except to hole in the sand dullards. Mexico, the US, and all parts else are connected and you should learn some how to fill in the dots instead of just complaining and whining about liberals and Lefties as you and your ilk always do, Poor Guy.

  15. @Ardent,

    Poor guy? Don't worry bout me, bro. You should worry bout yourself and your anti-American rhetoric. You can't change the U.S. or the countries the U.S. holds influence over, just ask your friend Che Guevara! You can speak (more like whisper) revolution but your words will fall on deaf ears because Leftist like yourself are generally cowards and hide in the shadows. That's why you see right-wingers on the streets taking care of business. They have no fear! America...the land of the free and the home of the brave!


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