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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Authorities investigate mass grave found near San Fernando, Tamaulipas

By Sergio Chapa

Mexican officials are investigating a gruesome discovery south of the border in San Fernando, Tamaulipas.

San Fernando residents first reported via Twitter on Wednesday morning that a 'narcograve' had been found in the Ejido La Joya.

Mexico's Attorney General's Office (PGR) confirmed on Wednesday afternoon that they investigating a report of a mass grave in the San Fernando, Tamaulipas area.

An agency spokesperson told Action 4 News that there is no formal report but federal officials are at the site investigating the crime scene.

There are no official numbers but residents report that as many as 40 to 48 bodies may have been recovered from the site.

Mexican media outlets are reporting that as many as 60 bodies have been recovered as of Wednesday evening.

Missing Passengers
Officials are investigating if any of those bodies may be those of 40 immigrants who were kidnapped from two passenger buses back on March 17th and April 5th, 2010.

PGR officials reported that the buses were in San Luis Potosi and headed to the United States when they were hijacked.

Family members reported receiving ransom demands ranging from $100 to $1,300 American dollars.

The kidnappers threatened family members and told not to go to authorities.

The immigrants were never seen again but PGR officials sent a bulletin last week reporting that four men had been arrested in connection to the case.

The men were identified as: Bernardo Gonzalez-Jimenez, Esteban Garcia-Perez, Arturo Mayorga-Villeda and J. Abel Garay-Martinez

It's not clear if the arrests led to the discovery of the mass grave.

San Fernando
Located about 90 miles south of Brownsville, San Fernando is no stranger to violence and kidnappings.

The ranching and agricultural town was a focal point for violence between former allies the Gulf Cartel and the Zetas back in the spring of 2010.

The beleaguered city has also been the location of numerous clashes between the Mexican military and drug traffickers.

Last August, the Mexican Navy found the bodies of 72 slain immigrants in a ranch outside San Fernando.

Only one immigrant survived and managed to tell authorities.

The Mexican government made arrests in the case but is still offering a $5 million peso reward to capture those responsible.

Travel Warning
The American Consulate in Matamoros still has a travel warning in effect for highways going through San Fernando.

Consul Michael Barkin told Action 4 News in a past interview that many Americans have reported being carjacked in the area.

The carjackings did not target any specific type of vehicle and reportedly took place at different times of the day and night.

Alto Bonito missionary Nancy Davis was killed during a botched carjacking between San Fernando and Reynosa back in late January.

No arrests have been made in Davis' death.

According to a communiqué released today by the Tamaulipas State Attorney General’s Office, 59 bodies have been located at the ejido La Joya in the municipality of San Fernando.

Eight mass graves were found at the site: 11 bodies were found in the first six graves discovered, the seventh grave yielded 43 bodies and 5 bodies were found in the eighth grave.

The location of the clandestine graves was the result of a formal investigation begun by federal and state authorities into the kidnappings of passengers from a bus on March 25th of this year.

Eleven suspects have been detained and are in the custody of the Federal Attorney General’s office. Five kidnap victims were also freed.

Several incidents of passengers abducted from bus lines on routes traveling from the State of San Luis Potosi have been reported in recent days.

One incident occurred on the night of Friday, April 1st , when an undetermined number of farmworkers from Ciudad Valle, San Luis Potosi were removed from a “Transportes Frontera” bus at a “narco” checkpoint in San Fernando. According to relatives the men were headed to Rio Bravo and Valle Hermoso to work the corn and sorghum fields in that area.

There has been no contact with the men since they disappeared and family members say they are desparate for any knowledge of their whereabouts.

Two of the kidnapped men were identified as Benito Barrios Garces, 45, and Cesar Martinez Omar Ortiz, 33.


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  1. Just one more time... Napolitano and her cohort Locke need to get on a bus bound for Hell. "Travel advisories, we don't need no travel advisories!"

  2. For these reasons, I didn't feel bad for the Zeta that had his face skinned off. Horrible act nonetheless, but the guy had it coming..

  3. Legalize drugs and trafficing in kidnapping will stop??? Calderons war on drugs is responsible for the 72 transients slaughterted, last yr. Mexican citizens is there anything that can motivate you to creating a decent enviorment,all I hear is "its everybody elses fault" Politicians,journalist, its Calderon,its the USA, how about its Mexicos time to clean up??

  4. How do you massacre a bus load of innocent people? Now go and get a job selling ice cream to kids, the twisted minds in this day and age is amazing , the end is near hombres.

  5. Just curious, has anyone seen Lito Brito on here? How about Ardent (Ernest1)? I`ve been a lurker/reader for a while now and noticed no Brito? hope he hasn`t suffered the fate of so many others.

  6. I'm still here reading BB, Anonymous 8:47AM, but just don't feel that I have a lot that I need or want to say about most of the articles or comments I read.

    Part of that is that though Americans need to be informed of what happens in all matters Mexico, I'm not so sure anymore that in our current sad cultural state of total national arrogance and willful know nothingness, that many US citizens have the tools to process and understand the type of crime sheet info that BB over emphasizes in its reportage. I think that to get most of one's info about Mexico from BB is not so much an education about Mexican affairs after all. Plus, there are other important events around the world that perhaps we might need to pay more attention to than just to the Mexican government's tag along with the US 'drug war' making stuff... like nuclear meltdowns, etc.

    Take this article about a mass grave in Mexico of Central Americans... Is it really all that educational for American citizens to concentrate on getting this type of info, even as they stay willfully ignorant about all the mass graves of Central Americans around Central America itself, where our own US government played a dominant role in causing to happen? I am not so sure that most BB readers have the rational wherewithal to process this info about Tamaulipas in the context that BB presents it in? ... which is in a pure 'drug war' reportage angle. It is the political context that is missing in most of the info given.

    Don't get me wrong though. I still think it great that even in the distorted form the info is presented to us in, that BB still is providing a service very much needed... in so far as it goes. Now where's Brito at? Brito, you OK?

  7. Killing unarmed migrants is a cowardly act, these pieces of shit havent an ounce of honor among all the cartels put together, I really wish that Calderon would develop death squads to move into Mexico and just start mowing them down to rid the world of each and every single one of them. Mexico is going to need to come to this realization that killing them all is the ONLY way to fix the problem that has become a cancer. Trust me I know what I am saying is harsh but just look at the continued progression of violence. Or Mexico is going to become a failed state and the U.S. will have to come in and take care of the problem which is probably what the end result is going to be anyway... I do not have ANY faith in the Mexican government being able to eradicate this cancer by the way they keep going about it, they seem to only want to have a little cancer but each and every time they do not take it all out just as any cancer it spreads all over again...

    When does Mexico say enough is enough and start implementing measures that have true results and actually make progress to bring an end to this madness? Mexico needs to develop death squads from the very best of the Mexican military with orders to shoot on sight all cartel members no questions asked and sweep from one end of the country and then sweep again and again and again until each and every cartel/criminal is dead and put in the ground... Then the Mexican government needs to reward those squads with money and military honors and write them in Mexican history as heroes that saved the country of Mexico from the cartels... I am afraid this is the only TRUE solution to this very difficult problem... The world would be grateful and Mexico would be a wonderful country free from all of this animalistic horrific madness... - Grande Goat Horn

  8. Brito's mom grounded him. He will be back after the school year is over

  9. Death squads to kill the guilty? At this point is there anyone outside children that isn't guilty? You would have to have a genocide of every Mexican to get rid of the guilty. They are all guilty in some form, be it from doing or ignoring and letting it happen.

    Outside the children that are the only innocents, the rest are purely victims of their own creation.

  10. Urging Calderon to create more death squads to deal with death squads is typical US Right Winger and Mexican Right Winger 'thinking'.

    'Mexico needs to develop death squads from the very best of the Mexican military with orders to shoot on sight...'

    IMO, it's very scary to think that these gun nuts are really our neighbors. They think of themselves as all perfect and virtuous but truth be said, they are much scarier than the street low life themselves and much more likelier to do our nation and Mexico more real harm than even the worst criminal drug trafficking organizations are capable of ever doing. Hitler came out of this mindset that they proudly do hail.

  11. They already created death squads. Zetas killing gulf. Gulf killing zetas. One sicario killing another is no different than a soldier killing one. They are all recruited from the same places, trained at the same places, and armed with the same weapons. And there is a virtually infinite pool of young poor mexicans and central americans to pull from. More death isnt the answer. There will always be more lower level guys to "shoot on site". If we could take out the big dogs and their lietenants in quick succession, we might actually have something. Theres no doubt that Mexico could find El Chapo if they wanted to take him out. But im sure he's bought his safety at least for now. And is he really the guy to go after anyway? Perhaps they should let him win. forget the drug traffickers, go after the kidnappers, extortionists, etc. The people bringing in planes & submarines full of coke are not the same people shaking down store fronts for protection money.

  12. That is a terrible idea. A super elite military squad to take on the cartels....wait a minute....

  13. J, are you saying that a death squad made out of military guys hired by Mexico's super rich and government for the super rich should be called a 'super elite military squad' instead? Just what are you trying to say?


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