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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Attorney General official Slain, 2 Others Kidnapped in Durango


A staff member of the Mexican Attorney General’s office was killed and two of his colleagues kidnapped in the northern state of Durango, authorities said Friday.

The three were ambushed Thursday night while traveling in an official vehicle, a spokesman for the AG’s office in Durango bureau told Efe.

Gustavo Armando Garcia Silva was killed when the attackers opened fire on the vehicle, while prosecutor Claudia Avila Yañez and investigator Gilberto Barajas were abducted.

Federal, state and local police have been joined by military personnel in the search for the captives, the spokesman said, and “all lines of investigation” are being pursued.

Avila Yañez just started working with Durango bureau a week ago and had not reported receiving any threats, the spokesman said.

UPDATE: 9 Abril, 2011 3:30 pm

The body of Ms. Carla Ávila Yáñez was found Saturday at 1:00 pm in the Villa Juarez area of Lerdo, Durango.

Durango State Investigator Gilberto Barajas Raigosa has yet to be found, dead or alive.


  1. Chapo or the Zetas who recently have been increasing their activities there. As I posted a comment on "Chapo's hiding in Durang'. Both groups frequent the mentioned towns. You all want names?

  2. easy, Los MarranoS, Los Mayitos, Los Antrax, Los Chachos, Los Lobos, Los Texas, Los Negroes, Los Peinatones, Los Chapos, Los Scorpiones y Las Rachas

  3. No group names. I meant names of the families and individuals who run the mentioned towns. The Herrera's, Saucedo's, Marquez, just to name a few. They have been in the business since 1960's and still strong. Don't let the old men harvesting their corn and beans fool you. All are growers of opium and marijuana. These are facts. Google the "Herreras drug cartel".

  4. Why bother looking There dead already.

  5. The founders are dead, but the family still runs the business. All and only family. The town of Herreras and Carreras are breeding grounds for this sort of business and passed down thru family.

  6. Mind ur own business


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