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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

2 Victims of San Fernando, Tamaulipas massacre identified, more bodies found


Two victims - a Mexican and a Guatemalan - have been identified from among the 88 bodies found in the past few days in the mass graves outside San Fernando, a city in northeastern Mexico.

One of the victims was identified as Gonzalo Garcia Casanova, who lived in the rural community of La Luz near Matamoros, a border city across the Rio Grande from Brownsville, Texas, a Tamaulipas state Attorney General's Office spokesman told reporters.

"His mother identified him by the two tattoos he had on the wrists and the surname Casanova tattooed on his back," the AG's office spokesman said, adding that the victim bought and sold cars for customers in central Mexico.

The woman said her son had traveled to the central state of Queretaro to sell some automobiles and was returning to Matamoros, which is in Tamaulipas, on March 29 aboard a bus that was stopped by armed men, who kidnapped him.

The Guatemalan Foreign Ministry, meanwhile, confirmed Tuesday that a man from the Central American country was among those killed in Tamaulipas.

Feliciano Tagual Ovalle, a 44-year-old migrant, was identified by the Mexican Attorney General's Office, Guatemalan Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Andrea Furlan said.

The body of Tagual Ovalle, who was from the northwestern province of Chimaltenango, was found in one of the mass graves, Furlan said.

The Mexican AG's office released the photos Monday of the 16 suspects arrested in connection with the killings.

The majority of the suspects, who are believed to belong to the Los Zetas drug cartel, were arrested in early April, the AG's office said.

The last two arrests were made on Sunday and Monday, officials said.

Two women are among the suspects, the AG's office said, adding that the first 14 suspects arrested would be held in preventive detention for 40 days while prosecutors gathered evidence in the case.

The suspects allegedly abducted and killed bus passengers in Tamaulipas.

One of the suspects, Armando Morales Uscanga, told investigators that he participated in the kidnapping and killing of bus passengers on March 24 and March 29, officials said.

He also confessed to killing and burying 43 people, whose remains were found last Wednesday at a site outside San Fernando.

Morales Uscanga was carrying nearly $5,000 in Mexican and U.S. currency, as well as an assault rifle, at the time of his arrest.

The majority of the victims were apparently Mexicans, officials said.

Gunmen stopped a bus and took away all the young males, releasing older males and women, eyewitnesses to one of the mass kidnappings told Mexican media.

The dangerous situation in the area has forced some bus companies operating out of Reynosa, located across the border from McAllen, Texas, to suspend service on routes that pass through San Fernando, affecting thousands of people, the press reported.

Los Zetas, considered Mexico's most violent drug cartel, has been blamed for the wave of violence in Tamaulipas and other parts of northern Mexico.

Some gangs have resorted to using unusual methods to recruit gunmen because of the high casualties in the war being waged by rival drug traffickers for control of territory, the federal government says.

The incidents involving the buses may have been an attempt to recruit gunmen, investigators said.

Los Zetas is suspected of murdering 72 migrants last August at a ranch outside San Fernando after they refused to join the organization as hired guns.

The bodies of the 58 men and 14 women were discovered on Aug. 24 by marines after a shootout with gunmen that left a marine and three criminals dead.

The massacre victims came from Ecuador, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Brazil and India, but the majority were Hondurans.

The mass graves found recently are in La Joya, a rural community outside San Fernando, near where the migrants' bodies were discovered last summer.

News of the mass graves' discovery broke last Wednesday, the same day that thousands of people marched in cities across Mexico to call for an end to the wave of drug-related violence.

UPDATE: 12 April 2011 3:20 pm

Although news, blogs and tweets are citing different figures, it is being reported around 40 more bodies have been found, including two women.

According to a recent tweet from El Norte PGR confirms 116 bodies in total have been found. (3:58 pm)

La titular de la PGR dijo que hasta el momento han sido encontrados 116 cadáveres en las fosas de San Fernando, Tamaulipas.

Attorney General Marisela Morales confirms 116 bodies have been found as well as the arrest of suspect #17, Jony Torres Andrade, alias "La Sombra".,658afdc658b4f210VgnVCM10000098f154d0RCRD.html

New CNN report and Video:5:51 pm Jose Francisco Blake Mora states federal troops will remain in San Fernando, Tamps. and federal checkpoints and operations will be made permanent along Tamaulipas highways.


  1. By the time they are done the number will be around 300.

  2. do all of us really mentally encompass the fact that this is not pol pot in cambodia...nor tutsi's and hutus in africa...not the mass murder of ww2...nooo...this is Mexico...we have mostly all been there ...some of have familial connections there ..people we love there ..have ridden the busses ...walked the streets ...maybe even passed by some of the maniacs who do this shit..

    this is not over ancient tribal hatred...nor bloody revolutions...or resistance to oppressive foreign occupation forces...

    none of those things..this is all about money..sometimes a piddling few pesos or a few American dollars..blame the American drug habit if you want to...but there is no excuse or explanation for the insane violence happening in beloved Mexico...

    satan ..nooo...this is the work of "men"...whos greed is unparralled since some ancient times ...maybe the roman crucifixions after failed slave revolts can compare ...thousands of dead and dying people lining the roads to and from Rome....

    this was done to terrorize the citizenry into submission..the same as is happening in Mexico...declare these DTO'S terrorist orgs and proceed accordingly...

    as grande goat horn says ..these people are infected with some sort of incurable greed and violence virus..there is no rehabilitation for them ...cleanse the population of them by killing them all..

    and for the inivetible reply of bad bad USA matter what bullshit the cia /dea ..or anybody else is doing..there is no justification for the shit happening in Mexico..

    monumental greed and total disregard for humanity is not generated by political subtrefuge is some sort of sick disease of the souls of these murderous pinche madres..and the only cure for them is extermination

  3. I spent over 25 years in San Fernando, and it will shock me if there are not over 500 bodies in the ranches surrounding the town. This town is a community where its citizens are taught from birth to not see or hear anything, and not to talk with outsiders about anything. Really sad situation is coming to light in the US, but in San Fernando, this has long been known.

  4. I really wonder how much or should I say how little was actually made off these abductions. My guess is very very little. What monsters can do this. I wonder if they have nightmares about it. Probably not. These need to be executed. They have no worth to society.

    Kidnapping a millionaire for ransom is one thing, but immigrants, wow!!! Please, find some dignity in the crimes you commit Zetas. That is lower than the slime on the belly of a water snake in a sewer. Jesus, find some sort of class about yourselves and what you do!!!!!!!!!!!

    I would like to design the prison that houses these monsters. I do not want to call them animals because animals do not deserve to be put in a category with these worthless pieces of shit.

    How about a prison with no light, no heat or air, no plumbing, meals bread water and beans small portions twice a day, Guards that rape them 3 times a day, and forced to fight each other for meals. The guards must pass all inmates every 15 minutes and spit in their faces and remind them that they are the sorriest scum that ever walked this earth. And also remind them that they are currently in hell and it is going to get worse.

    Down with Zetas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I wonder what percentage of those who are abducted actually agree to work for the Zetas? That question is assuming that the real reason for the abductions are for "recruitment".

  6. The two theories I see are CDG gunmen being kidnapped/pulled from buses, and the recruitment thing. I wonder if we will ever know. Reminds me of 'Casino', 'lot of problems buried out there in that desert'

  7. I wish they'd take pictures of the bodies. Not for disrespect or anything. Im just wondering if my cousin was among them, I pray not. She's been missing for 4 months, kidnapped with 3 of her girlfriends from Valle Hermoso. Prayers to the family of all those lost souls.

  8. 72 killed last August,now I am hearing maby 140 inthe various pits around San Fernando. This is insane, San Fernando is obviousley someones comfort zone,find them kill them,the only thing these criminals understand is fear, power and death. This is another huge example of Mexicos incompitent,inability to protect people in Mexico. There is a raging Criminal Epidemic that has not been placed in check,but there is growing concern that the Mexicon govt is capable of ending this holocost of crime.

  9. Lito Brito, I don't often agree with you but I must say that you have articulated the issue extremely well. I can't add anything...

  10. Briiiiiiiiiiiito.. too...except the part about these were killed to terrorize the people. They surely do that but leave the bodies on display the more horrific the better. These were never intended to be found. I have had some interesting comments on my forum post about this story, also saying there are many graves around SF, but also locals saying Americans with dogs were there.

    which I have been asking, where are the cadaver dogs? texas has some of the best...get them there, lets know the truth. BTW...the number of dead went 116...pendeja Atty Gen says they made a little mistake in counting...

    to 11:56PM I am so very sorry to hear about your cousin, that is horrible. I pray your family finds answers so you may gain some measure of peace....


  11. The zetas are the worst faggets outheir . They should skin them alilve starting with the biggest joto of them el joto 40 . La familia, el chapó and cdg our going for them .

  12. i bet the killers are not even from San Fernando ,they mostly from out of town and give the city a bad image and name.. the zetas totally lost their effing sanity for using so much can they make money fron drugs they send to usa if they use it all themself?? thats why they have to kidnap and steal from everybody keep on getting drugs ...


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