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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

10 Suspects Die in Battle with Mexican Troops

Ten suspected drug traffickers were killed and 10 others wounded during a clash with Mexican security forces in this Gulf coast port city, authorities said Tuesday.

Police and prosecutors said the incident took place shortly after midnight Monday in a residential neighborhood on the outskirts of Veracruz, now packed with tourists for the Easter break.

The battle erupted when soldiers and marines tried to stop several vehicles and detain the occupants, who reacted by opening fire on the troops and attempting to flee.

The ensuing chase lasted more than an hour, panicking residents and tourists on busy Miguel Aleman Valdes Avenue.

“The result so far, according to the information we got from the armed forces, is 10 suspected criminals dead and 10 arrested,” Veracruz state Gov. Javier Duarte de Ochoa told the media.

No civilians were hurt, he said.

The suspects were trying to establish themselves in Veracruz, the governor said.

Gangland violence has claimed 41 lives in Veracruz state this year.

Source: EFE


  1. The army Some of them might be corrupt but keep up the good fight Mexican army, save your country

  2. The Mexican Military and some units of the Mexican Federal Police are Mexico's only hope!

    keep up the fight boys!

  3. Is it CDG trying to push for Veracruz?

  4. Why do these Narcos open fire? Are they that stupid...if they were to be arrested, a corrupt judge would release them, so it makes no sense to die in a shootout

  5. Sounds like some outside group got ratted out trying to do some business in Veracruz,good work army,wished that they had killed 100.

  6. How to beat the cartels, quick and cheaply.

    Yup, no joke, this is the solution. We can see that the Marines are not just good at what they do, but they seem efficient. To take out 20 cartel members, in a busy street, with no collateral damage is awesome. But the Marines are awesome. They live on the sea, they are well trained, and due to this, they are physically away from the carnage, enough to stop them from being corrupted. They are the opposite to the municpal police, where all are corrupt.

    Then we have the army, which sits in the middle. Basically, without the Marines, the Mexican army is nothing. Being land based, they are corruptable, and many of their rank have turned to the cartels.


    Go to Afghanistan, and get the Taliban and Al Quaida to come into the US via Mexico on a mission of Jihad. Just a few guys with turbans and a plan do blow themselves up in various public places. The only way they can do this is to co-operate with the cartels, especially if they pay them well for safe passage. They never refuse business.

    That is all the US military need. The drug cartels would been seen as assisting islamic extremists, and that would be that. Mexico's opinion wouldn't matter then. Sure, they'd kick and scream and throw rocks, or whatever, but the cartels are going down. All of them. Everyone who has even shared a beer with them. The decision would be out of Mexican's hands.

    People would die, maybe quite a lot, but it would get resolved. For a while.

    But the Mexican people would hate it as they hate the USA. The municipal police would all lose lots of money and purpose in life. The army would feel as if they have been shown to be incompetent. The politicians and administrators would all get seen for the corrupt fools they are. Basically, after all of that effort, it would go back to what it was before.

    Therefore, the cartels are not a blip on Mexico's history. It is the permanent state of affairs here. It is the status quo. It is what the Mexicans want. It is how they want it to be. Especially the indigenous population and the Mixtos. Mexico is a living hell.

  7. @7.10 - yeah, but these guys can't read or write. They are uneducated and dumb. Add to that, that they are also probably not from a solid gene pool, then yes, they will decide to fight it out.

    Besides, the zetas expect it. No surrender, just death.

  8. @April 20, 2011 10:27 AM

    Keep dreaming in fantasy land. Maybe next time come up with some plausible solutions and not some fairy tale that will never happen.

  9. Zetas dominate Veracruz were these CDG?

    On a personal note, I was told of many groups of gunmen openly kidnapping immigrants for ransom as far back as 3-1/2 years ago. The authorities were either involved or chose to look the other way.

  10. the death penalty, armed citizens, a tip line with big rewards, witness protection outside the country, and you have a solution...otherwise Mexico is finished.

  11. "The suspects were trying to establish themselves in Vera Cruz", looks to me like the "established" cartel gave the orders to the military to execute the competition.

  12. Raise the minimum wage in Mexico. Good money from a honest living. Give Mexico what the people deserve. The rich ass businessmen are to blame. So is the governments of the free world.


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