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Thursday, March 3, 2011

U.S. and Columbian Authorities tracking El Chapo’s supply lines

El Universal
The Colombian police, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) are all looking for three brothers who are associated of Mexican drug kingpin Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, according to officials in Bogotá, Colombia.

The director of the Colombian Police, general Óscar Naranjo, said the this was an “international manhunt” to find the three suspects, Jorge Milton, Dolly de Jesús and Hildebrando Alexander Cifuentes Villa.

Operation Mercurio,” as it has been named, enlists the help of Mexican authorities in order to find and apprehend 45 members of  ‘los Cifuentes Villa’ who are on “Clinton’s list”, said a Colombian official during a press conference.

The Colombian police believe that “disrupting these supply and lines of communication between these international organizations  is a way to cut their ties and throw alliances into doubt. These organizations are a problem for the national security interests of all 3 countries.”

This new offensive has been underway since early last week. In Columbia, three arrest warrants have been issued against Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman

“Operation Mercurio” signifies a big step in cooperation between the two allies, who are both seeking the arrest of the Cifuentes Villa brothers who are all wanted on trafficking and money laundering charges in the South Florida District of the U.S. 

According to the investigations, the three bothers inherited the organization from their brother Francisco Cifuentes Villa, alias “Pacho Cifuentes” , who initiated them into the trafficking business. “Pacho Cifuentes” began his own careers as a pilot and man of confidence to infamous Colombian trafficker, Pablo Escobar, who was at the time boss of the Medellín cartel.

“Pacho Cifuentes” was assinated on April 23rd 2007. He left his businesses and wealth to his widow, María Patricia Rodríguez, who was arrested and extradited to the U.S. in 2010. His three brothers have yet to be caught.

The other 45 people who are mentioned as targets of  “Operación Mercurio” are refferred to as being on the “Clinton list”  (all are wanted for narcotrafficking or money-laundering crimes) .

The Sum of nationalities sought is: 28 Colombians, 6 Mexicans, 6 Panamanians, 2 Ecuadorean, 2 Spanish and 1 U.S. citizens.

This image didn't fit on Blogger, but is has a lot of info.

PDF image of the Current Colombia/Sinaloa cocaine supply lines


  1. How long have they known this? Everday we learn more of the truth, that they know who is running the show and that the only reason the cartels operate at all is because the authorities let them!!!!

  2. no one really talks about colombia's influence on mexico's drug war. they are responsible for the smuggling of coke from their country to mexico. colombia is just as a crooked as mexico.

    charlie sheen and lindsey lohan are also very responsible for combining a whopping 20% of america's drug usage.

  3. @9:43
    Certain authorities let them, not all. If this was the case you wouldn't see cartel members with getting into shootouts every day with law enforcement and military personel.

  4. as i said CIA/FBI have informants everywhere and i mean everywhere and they also like to let big organizations run to keep the small ones in check and because it is easier to infest with informants(spys)

    people like Chapo are small potato's compared to people like gaddafi(who's "police" torture/kill on the regular for the past 30 years or so)

    so what the CIA/FBI like to do is gather massive amounts of information on everything(knowledge is power) so they can break the whole organization instead of one faction(cell) because a faction is easy to replace an organization is not.

    ~~~El Swankador~~~

  5. How is it that Chapo Guzman is invisible he is the Mexican Ben Ladin? Mexico is unable or unwilling to take him out. I can't help but wonder what Mexicos moral climate will be in 5 yrs it almost has to get better.

  6. El chapo is small potatoes compared to ghadafi?? That's ridiculous. Chapo has undoubtably bbeen the root of more murders than ghadafi in the last 10 years, even including the 6000 death toll in Libya right now. Add that together with all the kidnappings, extortion, and of course, thousands of tons of cocaine, and id say chapo is the bigger problem.

  7. Euthanize the consumer. Problem solved. Charlie Sheen should be the first one in line with Lindsey Lohan, and Paris Hilton right behind him.

  8. @7:22

    gaddafi has done very bad things he may not be as bad as say the taliban(wich USA created)

    but compaired to gaddafi. Chapo is small potatoes so wise is it surprise that Chapo is allowed to operate like the taliban or saddam or gaddafi to name a few.

    it terms of military power gadaffi has fighterjets and tanks and stuff he is the leader of a oil cartel wich make way more money then any drug cartel

    ~~~El Swankador~~~

  9. The ROOT of the problem is allowing CARTELS to BRAND the drug trade. When there is BRANDING followed by VIOLENCE, then you have to put an end to the BRAND/LOGOS and its FRANCHISES. MEXICO/COLOMBIA has to stand firm and not allow this to continue...They will NEVER be able to stop the Trafficking but they can cut some of the violence by eliminating CARTELS and their brands...CDS,CDG,LFM,MILENIO,ZETAS,JUAREZ,TIJUANA etc.


  10. @10:42

    The cartels keep branding the drug trade because there is a major illegal drug demand in the United States, if the United States legalizes weed then a lot of the violence in Latin America caused will die down. Take away the drug trade from the criminals by legalizing it and it will go away but the United States doesn't want that they want to end the drug trafficking in Latin America by force which destabilized countries.

  11. who wants him caut?, hes the one taking care of al your junkees whos gonna take care of them

  12. " Euthanize the consumer. Problem solved. Charlie Sheen should be the first one in line with Lindsey Lohan, and Paris Hilton right behind him.
    March 4, 2011 9:22 AM ..."


    People that think that are retarded! Thats like saying to stop rape kill all women... Totally assinine! Mexico needs to start killing the LEADERS of the cartels and stop pussy footing around with all the low level junkies and purse snatchers that they are using as cannon fodder... The cartels are insulating themselves by having allot of these low level nobodies running around killing etc and Mexico is falling for it hook line and sinker! They need to take tanks and invade Sinaloa and take out Chapo and until the do that Mexico is not serious about stopping all the killing/torture etc...- Grande Goat Horn

  13. @EarniesWorld
    Yeah but the CARTELS will still be the ones growing, transporting, and selling it. The only "change" that would bring is people like Chapo & Co. would be walking around MEXICO CITY in ARMANI SUITS and not RAULPH LAUREN POLOS. They would become WEALTHIER than they are today...They own lots of land here and there. Who picks the fruit and vegetables you eat? Maybe China would start growing weed and sell to US at dirt cheap prices like they do everything else...



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