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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Two Teenagers Murdered in San Nicolas Attack

Two teenagers were assasinated by a group of armed men in a neighborhood park of San Nicolas last night. Two other people were injured, one of which was a local resident who caught a stray bullet. The other was a teenager who was with the two young men that were killed.

The incident took place at about 10:50 PM at a park located on Durazno and Elefante streets in Arboledas del Mezquital. Two men aboard a Nissan Platina intercepted three young men who were at the park and proceeded to open fire towards them. One of the youths was killed instantly and fell into some bushes. The second victim was found dead in the park courts. The third teenager who was shot, was found alive lying on the sidewalk. The fourth victim, a local resident, was found shot in front of her home. The two young men who were killed were identified as Jose Israel Gamboa of 18 years of age and the other was simply identified as "El Chino" by local residents.

The attack terrified residents who were outside their homes and those who were in the park. Witnesses said the gunmen used fully automatic weapons in the attack against the youths. Many residents ran for cover but unfortunately one of the bullets ended up in the chest of 29 year old resident identified as Maria del Rosario Fuentes Escobedo.

An immediate response was launched by local law enforcement authorities and medical personnel who were dispatched. Paramedics tended to the injured subjects and transferred the woman to the hospital where she was reported to be serious condition. The other survivor, 19 year old Jose Angel Vazquez Rodriguez, was transported to the same hospital with a gunshot wound to the left collarbone. He was reported to be in critical conditional at the time of this report. The crime scene was secured by the Mexican Army while law enforcement experts could conduct an investigation of the incident. The cadavers were removed so an autopsy could be performed and family members could claim the bodies.

There are conflicting reports among bloggers who claim to live near the scene and saw what happened. One person claims that the gunmen were in eight vehicles and opened fire for up to seven minutes. Others are accusing the teenagers of being drug dealers. Will update further as the story unravels in reputed news websites. Unfortunately, the major news chains in Mexico have been accused of covering up or favoring certain cartels out of fear.

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  1. If they were know drug dealers could it be the new Federation trying to clean up the streets of drug dealing? If so that's wrong it's the big guys that need to stop in order for any change to take place.
    Sad that kids are targeted no matter what, pure evil kills the young.

  2. The cleaning has begun!!!!!

  3. what's the saying oh yeah "I would rather live rich and die than to live poor and grow old"

  4. Looks like satan's minions have begun their killing spree.


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