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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Three of El Coyote's Band Members Injured

NAYARIT-- Three of El Coyote’s musicians were wounded in the early morning hours during a concert they gave in Bahía de Banderas, Nayarit. At around 1:30 a.m. this Sunday the 20th of March, an explosive device was launched at the stage where El Coyote y su Banda Tierra Santa performed.

Jesús Bernal Enciso, El Coyote’s agent, confirmed that the musicians, the tuba player and two trompet players, Abelardo Román, Jesús Urías and Arturo Valdez, were injured and transported to a Puerta Vallarta hospital.

According to the site, the [above-mentioned] members of the Banda Tierra Santa were seriously injured. However, Bernal Enciso dismissed this report and assured that the injuries were minor and that the musicians would be released this afternooon, although the performance they had scheduled for this evening has been cancelled.

The band’s agent commented that the band had just begun top lay when an explosion was heard, which they assumed was some sort of a firecracker associated with the "fiestas", but once they noticed that three of their musicians were injured, they realized what had really happened.

Although "El Coyote" was on stage, he was not injured.

Personnel from the Protección Civil revealed that the source of the explosion that created a 15” centimeter hole and injured three people might have been a homemade Molotov cocktail.

Paramedics immediately began to attend to the injured and to transport them to the hospital in Puerta Vallarta.

Fans fled the scene and the dance was cancelled in the face of this horrible turn of events.



  1. Psychopaths doing stupid stiff like this for no rhyme or reason... Mexico is in a whirlpool going around and around slowly sinking into the depths of hell....

  2. Does this band sing songs about narcos?

  3. How much does each guy get for a gig 50 bucks??

    1. Try 20k a show min bro In us in Mexico they pay more

  4. Although El Coyote currently has a song about the drug war, he does not, per se, sing narco-corridos which is part of why this is troubling, that and combined with the fact that the "device" was hurled onto the stage.

  5. it's three corridos that he just made and one left to come out with Alfredito Olivas.

  6. El Coyote does sing some corridos but he is mostly love ballads. Pero es un buen artista el vato. Shits crazy down south, pinches malandros. Los patrones can't even control them now. Empiezen a calmar sus lacras cabrones.

  7. the band is closely tied to the drug capo that runs ixtapa, they are not just some innocent musicians, just guys that play shitty music

  8. Ok so there are plenty musicians who know narcos most likely, don't incriminate them all but just that fact. Mexicans like their music and Narcos have the money to pay for their fiestas privadas. So it doesn't surprise me.

    A little off subject but El Coyote was once addicted to blow? Que no? Or am I mistaken, clarify if someone knows.

    Their has always been a moral thin line walked by many muscians in Mexico as being tied to Narcos. Since back the early 80s and 90s. It will always exist.

  9. You Know I am reading some of the shit some of you all are saying about Coyote..I have known Jose and many of his band members for going on 20 years...he is a great person, and his second voice Tono is my brothers best friend. The thing that happened to his band members was tragic. The death of so many great people like Valantin, Sergio, Zayada, and many others are just so sad. I dont want my friend Coyote to be among them. I just pray all of these things will stop and we can just go back and enjoy some great banda music. And as far as people saying he is involved or is aligned with any of Narco folks your wrong. You need to understand that just because you know people doesnt make you involved. Being in the music biz in Mexico right now is dangerous no matter who the artist is..but if people would quit buying and promoting the Movimento Alderado and artists that sing and popularize killing people, trafficing, and the cartels...maybe some of the glory of that lifestyle will go away. It is just a sad fact that has been the history in Sinola, Nayarit and many other places in Mexico for way to long...But as far as Coyote and his band go..they are great people and I love them very much...he is a good singer and they are great and talented musicians!


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