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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Texas prosecutor's death was suicide: Mexican official

By: Jared Taylor

MCALLEN, Texas (Reuters) – Autopsy results show a South Texas prosecutor killed himself by ingesting poison over the weekend in Mexico, according to the Mexican state of Tamaulipas attorney general's office.

Cameron County Assistant District Attorney Arturo Jose Iniguez was found dead Saturday in Matamoros, Mexico.

Tamaulipas officials said in a press release posted on the state website that they would share the results of the investigation into Iniguez's death with U.S. authorities.

Cameron County District Attorney Armando Villalobos said in a written statement on Tuesday that he expects to receive case information from Tamaulipas officials early next week.

He added that a second autopsy would be performed by a pathologist in Texas, and it would not be possible to make a final determination on Iniguez's cause of death "until we conclude the review of all evidence" in the case.

Iniguez, 26, lived in Laguna Vista, Texas, with his wife and 2-year-old daughter. His funeral is set for Thursday.

Matamoros is a city of about 489,000 residents across the U.S.-Mexico border from Brownsville, Texas.




  1. Consider me skeptical for the time being...

  2. Sounds like he was forced to drink...

  3. Hmmm . . . Living in upscale Laguna Vista, Nice wife and daugher so he drives into Matamoros to bump himself off. Poison? A bit hard to believe doncha think?

  4. I have no idea what type of mental condition the man was in to even begin to comment about a possible suicide, but, sad to say, what surprises me most is his vehicle was left running and his personal belongings were still there....nothing stolen.

  5. Yeah no one can assume what his mental condition was? He could seem like he had a good life but no one knows whats inside his head or behind the curtains...but I don't rule out anything either.

  6. He probably was naughty in the past and his endeavors were discovered. He probably knew the shame that was coming and did what he had to do.

  7. I guess, then, that Socrates committed suicide in the same way. NOT!

  8. A more in depth view:

  9. There is way more to this, reeks of conspiracy.

  10. He didn't even take his glasses off???

  11. While suicide remains a possibility, there are just too many problems with this story to really believe this is what happened.

    Like another poster said...really? he just drove across the border into Matamoros to drink poison he could easily have done at home, a month after receiving a promotion at work, leaving the vehicle running and his glasses on...oh, and throwing the bottle of poison out the window, then rolling the window up...

    Something smells really bad here....

  12. parts of this puzzell just don't fit...777

  13. I am sure that the U.S. investigation has already taken into account what his business was like. Specifically, who was he prosecuting in the past, present, and future cases? Were any ZETA or other Mexican drug organization syndicate types involved in his business as prosecutor? Also: Why has this not made the mainline media in the U.S? As others say, something is not right here. I doubt that we will publicly contradict the Mexican conclusion of suicide in any case. No gain in offending our allies in Mexico who are literally under the gun to find the "right" conclusion(s) about murder.


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