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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

State Investigator, 4 year old daughter gunned down in Chihuahua

Tuesday morning, 28 year old State Attorney General Investigator, Brenda Carrillo González, was attacked by gunmen outside her home.

An lead investigator with the Chihuahua state Attorney General's Office and her 4-year-old daughter were gunned down outside their house in Chihuahua city on Tuesday, Mexican officials said.

Brenda Carrillo and her daughter were leaving the house when a group of gunmen traveling in at least two vehicles opened fire on them.

Carrillo was killed instantly and the little girl died while being transported to a clinic, the AG's office said.

The investigator's husband, who is a State provided bodyguard for the Governor of Chihuahua, Cesar Duarte, was saved by being inside the home, behind closed doors.

Carrillo had a degree in psychology and was assigned to the Property crimes division of the State Attorney General Office.

One of the drug cartels that operate in Chihuahua left a message about a week ago on a street in Chihuahua city, the state capital, threatening to kill a state law enforcement agent every day because certain commanders were allegedly supporting a rival cartel.

The attacks against state law enforcement agents have not ceased since then, leaving three dead and at least five others wounded.

About 30 agents gathered Tuesday outside the AG's office to demand to that the commanders whose names appeared in the message resign.

Chihuahua, Mexico's largest state, has registered more than 8,500 registered deaths blamed on drug-related violence in the past four years.

Sources: EFE, Meoqui Tribune, La Policiaca


  1. Drug gangs have no rules of engament,intimidation,terror,yet they expect human rights,when captured??? A declaration of war must be declared,any terrorist (Drug,Criminal) will be summarily shot,all of them. Evidently Mexico lacks the stomach needed to rid the country of this epidemic?? The killing of this girl and her child is provication enough,but politicians are weak self serving,nothing will be done.

  2. If I had a daughter and you went after her you better kill me too. I don't think I'd be running back in the house, rather be dead with my little angel

  3. @ El Nayaloense

    I was thinking the same thing. The father saved his ass without going for his 4 yera old baby girl. A big tough body guard. Most likely he would have been killed, but how can he live with himself?

    I remember the foto of the grandmother in Aca dead with her body around her two grandchildren, protecting them to the end. Thats what parents do, you don't think just react.

  4. Fear about own life is strongest human feeling.Animal instinct.Until yourself wont't be in such situation you can't judge people.All we know about ourselves,we are know only when we are tested.In Poland at the nazi camp some sons sent fathers to death,only to avod death.

  5. you have no idea what you are saying... the father (my nephew) was inside the house getting ready to go to work also as a police officer when he heard.. when he got there both were death

  6. Too many people on this blog jump to hasty conclusions without the facts. If you read the report it says the father was "saved because he was inside the house" not that he ran into the house. He could have been doing anything in there. Most families don't leave to go to work and school or wherever at same time.

    It is with heartfelt sadness that this kind of sickening and perverted act is perpertrated on families, women, children.

  7. @Layla2

    The comments are my fault. Originally it was reported the couple and their daughter were attacked by gunmen and that the husband was saved after managing to get into the house.

    Many are reporting this, but at the same time, I'm also seeing many reports that the Mother and Daughter were attacked outside of the home, while the husband/father was INSIDE the house.

    There is no way for me to be certain how it happened, therefore I have edited the post.


  8. Ovemex..Thanks for the comment...I stopped reading after the first reports but I just did and far more say as the original reports that he ran in the house and slammed the door. It is difficult to determine what happened, But honestly a little flicker of doubt in my mind thinking...IF he was the target and the assasins saw him out side and he ran in the house....well that never has stopped them before, a door? nope. So that does give credibility that he was inside and they were unaware of it.

    However back to the point, I could not leave a child. Remember the Aca grandmother? Parental love is stronger than self preservation. or should be.

  9. This is crazy ... that govt., just as ours, needs to be wiped out and start fresh ... too many innocent people are being killed instead of the corrupt ones.
    If I lived there, I'd be dead by now ... from voicing my outrage. I hardly believe in any court system anymore ... find the b-tards and wipe them all out. Those drug thugs are long overdue for their payback.
    The good people that are willing and able should start their own revolution to take back their country ... blow up every damn outlet the thugs use and them, one by one. They have no regard for life ... there is no way to reason w/them so get rid of them all.

  10. What sucks its the fact that this little girl didnt have anything to do with what goes around in this messed up world. "What goes around, comes around." Hopefully those bastards get what they deserve.


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