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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Seven Sicarios Fall after a Shootout in Guadalupe

After a confrontation with military forces who were backing up the State Police, seven people, that included one a suspected leader of a cell of sicarios from organized crime, were apprehended in possession of weapons in Guadalupe.

The suspected traffickers were surprised in an ambushed by the preventive police Monday night around 2215 hours in the roads Escobas and Dos Ríos in the community of Santa Cecilia, and were presented at the General Headquarters of the State Public Security early in the morning yesterday.

They were in possession of two AR-15 assault rifles, two AK-47 assault rifles, a 9mm submachine gun, about a thousand rounds of various caliber, 34 magazines for the assault rifles, military uniforms, a police badge of the State Investigation Agency, a ballistic vest, 5 radios, 6 cell phones and spikes to disable tires of vehicles.

Although it was stated that the capture of these people happened when they ran head-on with the military forces, police sources said the apprehension was due to an intelligence police operation.

The arrest of the sicarios could be related with the arrest of six other sicarios, also members of this criminal organization, who on Monday also sustained a gun battle with state officials in the same municipality.

The alleged leader of the sicarios that were apprehended Monday night was identified as Gerardo Vargas Olvera, 44, nicknamed "El Alacrán", a native of Monclova, Coahuila.

The other six were identified by the authorities as Víctor Adrián Rodríguez de León, 19, Alfredo Ramirez, 23, and Jesus Santos Mendoza Ramirez, 28.

Also Angel Mario Saldaña Betancourt, 22, Juan Francisco González Segovia, 32, and Hugo Alejandro Cervantes Villarreal, 28, all born in Nuevo Leon.

The version reported that elements of the supporting military forces patrolling the area were attacked by occupants of two Tacoma trucks, one gray and the other red and silver-gray Mustang.

The troops then repelled the attack and after a chase, they were able to ambush the sicarios in one of the trucks and the car. The other truck managed to escape.

It was confirmed that both vehicles had been previously reported as stolen.

After a confrontation that lasted a few minutes, the criminals were apprehended by the police who were transported to the heavily guarded headquarters of State Public Security.


  1. kill these animals

  2. 40 Guadalupe police officers were fired today also.

  3. ...and most of them [the Gdpe ex-policias] will soon be in line-ups like the photo. Didn't someone once say, "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer"?

  4. Mexico should consider a take no prisoners approach. These guys deserve nothing more than a hole in the head and a clandestine grave... I am sorry, but General Bibiano Villa was right, why lock them away?


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