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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Residents Close Over 2,000 Streets In Ciudad Juarez

Residents have closed more than 2,000 streets in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico’s most violent city, for to keep out criminals, municipal officials said.

Neighborhood associations have decided to close off streets, erecting gates and posting security guards.

A total of 2,011 streets in 20 districts have been closed in Ciudad Juarez, located across the Rio Grande from El Paso, Texas, the director of the city’s urban planning department, Fabiola Lara Gomez, said.

Street closings must be approved by the municipal government and residents are responsible for paying for the construction of barriers and covering security guards’ salaries.

In some cases, however, requests to close streets were denied and residents took matters into their own hands, blocking access to their neighborhoods with large stones and trash tanks, and taking turns guarding the entrances.

About 200 families have been wiped out in 10 zones heavily affected by the drug war in Ciudad Juarez, the Chihuahua state Human Rights Commission said.

Two areas are in the extreme west, two in the southeast, one along the Rio Grande and the others are in downtown Juarez, the commission said.

Ciudad Juarez has been plagued by drug-related violence for years.

The murder rate took off in the gritty border city of 1.5 million people in 2007, when 310 people were killed, then it more than tripled to 1,607 in 2008, according to Chihuahua state Attorney General’s Office figures, with the number of killings climbing to 2,754 in 2009.

More than 3,100 people were murdered in the border city last year, making 2010 the worst year since a war between rival drug gangs sent the homicide rate skyrocketing in 2008.

The killing has not slowed this year, with more than 400 people murdered in Juarez, the state AG’s office said.

The violence is blamed on a war for control of the border city being waged by the Juarez and Sinaloa cartels with backing from hitmen from local street gangs.

Source: EFE


  1. You know, one tip from the battle of Falujah in Iraq that the residents here can learn from, is to make all sorts of tunnels and/or entrances between walls and such. That way these residents have a means to escape an attack by the cartels-- if in case their defenses/security guards are compromised.

    Secret tunnels are great for hiding from the cartels if their teams are doing a sweep. Or if the tunnel is found, then traps can be used to kill any cartels going in.

    The point is, if you are going to create defenses in a city you must have escape routes to ensure survival if compromised.

  2. I feel for the people of Juarez. Makes me happy that they are taking charge. They are doing the little that they can but that is a lot. This shows that they are communicating with themselves and disregarding the piece of shit government's security efforts(or lack of). This reminds me of the movie The Road Warrior, where there is no government and the people have to take matters in their own hands to defend against a band of thugs in an apocalyptic world.


  3. Good for them. This strategy has worked in lots of other dangerous places. It worked very well in the Shia neighborhoods of Iraq during the height of the sectarian wars and kidnapping sprees. Start by controlling small sections, report suspicious people to your own security. Keep a tight watch and keep expanding until there are large safe areas in the town.

  4. i hope the people do this all over Mexico

    VIVA Mexico!! im praying for you

    ~~~El Swankador~~~

  5. I am new to this site, but having read it for the last few weeks it has given me more confusion about my feelings about the illegal immigration in the United States than I thought possible. As a resident of New Mexico I made numerous trips to Juarez city throughout the last 20 years for shopping, I had a lot of dental work done there, and for just a weekend day trip to the mercado. I used to love the people and the touristy aspects of the city. There was always the crime element but it was more of a petty criminal thing that could be avoided by not staying after dark.
    I find it so sad that the country has fallen into such turmoil.
    I recent years I have become hardened against the illegal Mexicans crossing the border, and to a degree I still am, the real sadness as I have come to realize is the children being forced to live in total fear and uncertainty for their very lives and the lives of their loved ones on a daily basis.
    The fact that there is a whole generation of children growing up with this being the norm in their daily life is so very sad. I think we should close the border to anyone over the age of 12, but that is a silly suggestion,and not a real answer. But I still just don't understand how these animals committing these atrocities over and over can justify the grief they have caused in their own country for generations to come. Although a lot of the stories are too gruesome for mainstream media I do not understand why more news is not reported in America about what is really going on. I do fear If something is not done soon, in the near future the same things will be taking place in America. How do we save the children without adopting the problem.

  6. This is the only way juarez can be saved. For more than 3 years sicarios have gotten into hospitals to finish people off, the government has done nothing to secure those hospitals. If only guns were legal, I am sure a lot of these people would place themselves on roofs and bring havoc to these animals. Block the gunmen in a cityblock and bring a hay of bullets from above, maybe 1 or 2 molotov cocktails. Si el gobierno no trai justicia, uno tiene que traerla!

  7. I'm not sure why so many people want to blame undocumented workers on all their USA problems, AnonyMo 8:34AM? Is your lack of a a decent medical system caused by 'illegals'? Is the crappy pension system, underfunded schools, and poverty and unemployment in the US really caused by 'illegals'?

    Why don't you blame the 1.2 trillion $$$ spent each year on 'defense' by your own business community run, US government instead? The 'illegals' could only be stealing a penny or two from you (at worst) in comparison to that.

    'In recent years I have become hardened against the illegal Mexicans crossing the border...'

    You're hardening your heart against the wrong people.

  8. Ardent, I dont see anyone blaming all their problems on illegals. They are simply saying that illegal immigrants are just that, illegal. So lets enforce the law. Drug use isnt responsible for all the countries problems either, but its illegal, so lets at least enforce it.

  9. I am so in agreement with this strategy as I have stated in previous posts. When you can't depend on your government to defend you, you have to take measures to do it yourself. Whether your government is somewhat crooked like Mexico or all the way crooked like Iraq or when the Taliban was in charge of Afghanistan--you have to figure ways to protect yourself.

    Where tunnels are not possible, or if time is of the essence, spaces between houses and buildings can be a great place to create a safety net. Guard it and reinforce it. Trap the thugs on the periphery of the neighborhood blockades, and where possible, have armed men on buildings. (Any military folks should be able to make further recomendations.)

    If you can push them back from the nieghborhoods, hopefully military/police can take care of them in other areas such as main roads into city.

    When you see military obviously fighting for the other side--report them. Governor should set up several tip lines for reporting this--if they want it stopped.

    I think the people will have to take an active hand in taking their country back!

    Way to go! Way to go Mexico!

  10. Although this article is not about illegals entering the US, I would like to address comments made on this.

    Probably 1/3 to 1/2 of illegals in the US have some criminal background--whether Mexican, Guatemalan, Salvadoran or whatever.

    Giving them full rights as citizens is not the answer. Opening the door to many more, or taking away someone's children is not either.

    It is horrible these children live under these conditions of violence. It is up to their parents to show them a different way of life--in books, movies, remembering things, acting in a moral way. And the best thing I think parents can do right now is to show their children how WRONG this behavior is and to actively protect them from it. In other words, JOIN THE FIGHT where possible.

    The next generation in Nazi Germany or Japan did not turn out to be criminals even though they witnessed many atrocities.

    When the children see their family defending themselves and protecting themselves using whatever means in their disposal, they should grow up with a sense of bravery and pride.

    Remember, economies cannot be created--and thus income, schools, hospitals, food supplies--without peace. And oftentimes PEACE is a hard won battle.

  11. In reply to Ardent:
    As an American, spending American money in defense of America is not something I see as a problem. I feel we should spend as much as necessary to protect our country and secure our borders. I must admit I do not support any involvement in other countries. I was simply commenting about how sad it is for the children of Mexico to be living in such a terrifying situation. But I also say, Why do you think it is America's responsibility to take in and care for Mexico's citizens, while they run away from their own countries problems and the ones in control have no love of country or its citizens. I also take exception to the statement by you that it is acceptable for illegal immigrants to come to my country and "steal a few pennies" it is not acceptable to me, for someone to come to my country/house and steal anything. You reflect the opinion of most of the illegal Mexicans in this country. You come here to take advantage of all the resources we as legal working citizens of America have built. But at the same time you show no respect or appreciation of the fact that you have come to My country. Don't come to America with your hand out and expect to fly your flag on American soil. Americans unlike Mexicans will stay and fight for WHAT WE KNOW IS RIGHT FOR OUR COUNTRY. The flood of illegal Mexicans to America is like a cancer that if left to continue untreated will spread and eventually kill the host, or at the least reduce America to the level of Mexico. I have a great deal of sympathy for your children, But keep your criminals and trash in Mexico.

  12. When I crossed the border into Mexico, as a tourist, I took Money with me, I paid for goods and services, I did not expect anything free from the citizens of Mexico. I did not take the American flag and demand the right to fly it in Mexico. And Most important of all I LEFT......


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