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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Police Chief's Escort Accused of Kidnapping

The controversial police chief Julian Leyzaola appears to have faltered as new Secretary of Municipal Public Security, after being appointed to the post just this March 10 in the city of Ciudad Juarez, considered one of the most dangerous cities in the world.

His personal bodyguards are accused in the kidnapping and the disappearance of 4 young people not older than 27 years, which were forced in to the municipal police cars 540, 420, 417, 506 and 509, but, to date, their whereabouts are unknown.

The victims are described as Félix Vizcarra, Dante Castillo, Juan Carlos Chavira and Raúl Nevárez, whose relatives filed a formal complaint Tuesday with the Justice Department and said they feared for their lives.

Neither the Municipal Police nor the City Hall have responded to the matter.

The abductees are 3 employees of Nextel and a mechanic, who were abducted on Saturday by a commando of municipal police officers in a market on the street De la Paz, in the community of breaking Oasis Revolución.


  1. Same thing he did in Tijuana. Is anyone surprised by this?

  2. No, obviously the guy and the military he fronts for are no saints despite so many on BB trying to tell us that he is. When government militaries like the Mexican and the US use the very same tactics and worse that they say that they are fighting against then it's time to stop cutting them so much slack. ... and giving them our public tax monies so freely.

  3. VIVA Julian Leyzaola!!

    ~~~El Swankador~~~

  4. Is it possible the kidnappers were disguised as commandos of municipal officers? How can 4 people get into 5 police cars? How did they know these particular municipal officers were Leyzaloa's personal body guards?

    And more questions need answers in this story...

  5. You're not very bright huh Layla?

    If we assume (big assumption I guess) that witnesses saw the numbers on the police cars, and the kidnappers (which are most likely cops) were stupid enough to use patrol cars that can be traced back to them, then you have your link.

  6. @March 30, 2011 10:57 AM,

    lol...I think the last person kidnapped was cut in half...and the two body parts were transported into different cars?

  7. Mr Leyzaola you are doing a GOOD job for your fellow citizens and Mexico.As long as the kidnapped "victims" are drug cartel members,GO FOR IT !!!! I would donate a brand new MACHETE for your guy.

  8. leyzaola is not some holy deity, he is human like everyone else which means he is also susceptible to corruption, @ 1:05 fighting savages with more savage acts? breaking the law to uphold the law? mexican cops have been doing this for a while, where has it gotten mexico?

  9. Every day Leyzaola lives is a miracle in itself even if he has made protection deals and likes to have the crap beaten out of people but that be another story and beside the point. I mean, after all, he is isn't in Oz anymore. This is Juarez now.

  10. didn't el Peinado just send him a message? Or was it a message to los Peinetones? Thought I read something about narco messages to him recently?

  11. @ March 30, 2011 7:29 PM

    No it was los Maruchaneros and los Nalgones who sent him a message,it was a wake up call.

  12. layla is not bright? hasta la madre is bright? so we are to assume that hasta la madre is allowed to insult people because he is bright?

    ok then what happened hasta la madre? who got in which car and where did they go? were there more police cars involved? how do you know the cars were genuine police cars? maybe they were clones? but the question is why do you jump in layla's shit for posing relevant questions?


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