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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Police Commander in CD Juarez is Attacked

An armed attack against the commander of the group "Delta" of the Ciudad Juárez Municipal Police, resulted in an immediate response from the corporation on that border city, as it is reported that three of the sicarios were arrested in relation to the attack.

Several Juarez newspapers reported the detainees, among who is an officer of the Municipal police, Traffic Department, were personally interviewed by the new Secretary of Public Security of the city, Lieutenant Colonel Julián Pérez Leyzaola.

Based on information disseminated from Ciudad Juarez, it was learned that this is the second time sicarios have attempted to assassinate the commander of the group "Delta" that by direction of Leyzaola is in charge of the group "Embrión" which will begin operations in the next coming days and consists of officers from the three levels of government.

According to newspaper accounts the attack occurred on the streets of Valle Dorado and Sorgo in the community of Valle Redondo. The chief of the specialized task force was leaving his residence when he was ambushed by a group of heavily armed men but managed to repel the attack, injuring one of attackers. Another of the offenders, approximately 22 years, was killed at the scene.

The rest of the gunmen managed to escape on two late-model SUV's, leaving scattered about 63 spent casings from a 9mm type weapons.

It was reported that after the attack on the commander named Moreno the municipal police was able to capture three individuals among them a police officer. The man who was killed on the scene was found with a 9mm handgun that had been previously reported stolen from the municipal police department.


  1. They should take those 3 live assholes that were arrested and make them unalive and hang them on high poles for all to see and for the buzzards to eat and shit out!!!
    Maybe then thier little friends will see what thier fate will be also and they will rethink thier stupity.

  2. Good Job Army/Police.. that's what im talking about, screw those Cartel pieces of crap.

  3. Who has Info on the really bad Balacera on Saltillo's NW side this morning?

  4. it is a social ill that has become a cancer.. Only the people of juarez and brave men and women have the capacity to make a change..
    it only begins with one person to make the change.
    if there really is a good police officer who is willing to make a change... well i hope it begins there.. i miss juarez and i am sure many do too.. my prayers go out to those who have suffered.


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