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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Officials Warn Spring Breakers to Avoid Mexico

Reported by: Polo Sandoval
Thousands of locals and out-of-towners will be spending their Spring Break in the Valley. Many will be tempted to go across the border for a good time. Authorities here say that's a bad idea.

It isn't uncommon for Spring Breakers to take day trips into Mexico. They'll cross at the Valley’s bridges into Matamoros, Reynosa and Nuevo Progreso. Authorities don't want students to do that this year.

It's Spring Break for Rolland Christiansen’s granddaughters. He's taking them to Nuevo Progreso for the day.

"We just come daytime and stay as a group. We’re not concerned about the dangers we read about across the border,” says Christiansen.

Authorities on this side of the border are concerned. They're seeing the violence spreading faster now than ever before. It's easier for tourists to get caught in the crossfire this year.

"If you have no real emergency business in Mexico, then you really should stay out,” says Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevino.

Trevino points to deadly attacks on U.S. citizens as proof of the danger, like David Hartley, Nancy Davis and federal agent Jaime Zapata. All these U.S. citizens were gunned down by suspected cartel members.

"They had absolutely no qualms about executing them. Then what's the deal with a spring breaker?” says Trevino.

Trevino worries most out-of-towners won't know about the risks or that it's a deadly game of Russian roulette in some parts of Mexico.

"You never know when they're going to strike, so why would you put yourself in the middle of it? My advice to the spring breakers is to stay in the United States, party but party safe and party responsible,” says Trevino.

"I think a lot of people are aware of it, but sometimes the younger generations don't use their heads and get into trouble,” he adds.

Christiansen says he isn't scared; he's aware. He knows not to come back at night.

The state’s warning also applies to Mexican resort towns like Cancun and Acapulco. They warn if you travel to some of those locations, stay in the tourist areas and never travel alone.

State troopers are also warning boaters headed to Falcon Lake in Zapata County. Boaters are urged to stay on the U.S. side of the lake. David Hartley was fatally shot on Sept. 30 last year while sightseeing on Falcon Lake.

DPS urges spring breakers: Avoid Mexico KXAN Austin News


  1. Why doesn't media warns about the violence in Colombia, Brazil(Rio de Jainero), El Salvador etc. which have more murders per capita than Mexico?? How about U.S's drug war that has destabilized Latin American countries or that NAFTA basically paved drug trafficking routes in Mexico and out competed Mexico's agriculture industry thus millions of people without jobs??

  2. As soon as we share a border with those countries, they will.

  3. Oh no I already booked my tickets to Cabo? Will I be killed? Should I cancel?

  4. This would be the same as telling Europeans not visit the US because of the high murder rates in Detriot, DC, Chicago, Miami, LA, ect. See you in cancun in a couple of weeks.

  5. Because soooo many college students travel to El Salvador every spring.....good job earnie

  6. Yes tourist destinations and most of Mexico is safe. No you won't get killed or get kidnapped either. I've been to Mexico in and out for business stuff and I have never witnessed a shootout or anytime of violence. You could go to Brazil where it has a way higher murder rate per capita than Mexico especially Rio de Jainero where 54 people died in a shootout with the Brazilian military and you will still be safe. You can't live life if you live in fear, you could die tomorrow who knows.

  7. wow earnie, shut up. all you do is whine. everyone is tired of your incoherent babble. go find a site where you know what you are talking about.

  8. @ 12:02 am

    LOL! El Salvador, land of enchantment and paradise. Home of MS-13. The closest thing to Mexico but better than Bolivia. Come party with US!!! Ja ja ja

    Get them where there money is. You wanna make your money from the drug war? Now you can take pride in calling yourselves the most dangerous country in the world with a crumbling economy. Now you've lost your tourist attractions. Your own people want to leave and now you've scared everyone else from visiting your country because you cannot manage your own criminals. Lose all the money that you made from the tourists from around the world.

    That's the only way mexico will make a change, if its for M-O-N-E-Y! I don't believe that the drug business is better for mexico's economy. But if the mexican government does, then let them drive themselves to the ground. Juarez and Chihuahua's wealthy have moved to El Paso. Americans are too scared to visit Tijuana. Taumalipas is a wasteland. Acapulco has lost half of its tourism (Abla bien de ACA!). Monterrey is a battlefield. Mexico city, Guadalajara and Cancun also very violent.

    No one will want to visit a country with a corrupt police force that does'nt even take care of it's tourists. Hell-to-the-no!

    I still feel bad for the good mexican people. They are the ones who always suffer the most.


  9. I don't see little kids being "picked up" in El Salvador or Colombia, only to be thrown out of a car in a bag with a narcomensaje.

    Earnie, your minimizing of the violence in Mexico minimizes the pain and hurt that thousands of people experience in Mexico everyday.

  10. urnyswhirld you are , for my money the reigning idiot on BB as of lately...what a stupid question...

    another fly around the ass of the USA..another apologist for the mexican criminal culture...another mexican holocoust denier

    being an avowed racist, are you saying it is safe to travel to messyco

    are you sure you are not just another psycho manifestation of uhrny1

    and for you...the other simple fool...i would definately tell europeans NOT to visit detroit, etc...why send them into a war zone

    maybe we will see your story on here in a couple of weeks senor cancun

  11. pretty sure mexico beats usa and brazil in murders combined

  12. YES, take them to Nuevo Progreso.Be generous to the the street beggers and vendors. Women don't have mixed drinks made if you can't watch each step.The best Dentist in town is located in the middle of first block, left side.Dr. Pablo Verastegui D.D.S.
    Don't go to Matamoros or Reynosa!

  13. Nothing new
    this warning has been issued every year for 4 years.

    Mexico is 7th in the world for deaths per capita. The person talking about CA is correct el sal, hon and Guate have higher death per capita and are at the top of many lists as most dangerous.

    I would recommend Cabo anytime as being safe.
    Cancun has had trouble but people are generally safe if they don't wander outside the city.
    As for Places like Playa Rosarito, can't say 100% but one should be safe, that said I already begged my freshman college grandson not to go to TJ or Rosarito, or any place in Mx especially driving his truck. I had to whip out the BDN fotos as a selling tool.

  14. The U.S. Government talking head translation.
    Dear U.S. Citizen, do not go spend money on cheaper purer Drugs in Mexico.
    stay home and buy them here where we have assured the markup is 10 times higher.
    end the Recession

  15. Having now officially changed my name to Ardent here, I simply want to emphasize once again that Earnies World is a totally different BB reader than myself.

    The US State Department is correct. Now is not the time to be casually crossing the Border to Mexico just to act stupid and be drunk. It never is actually, but now is worse than usual so don't do it, Kiddies.

    Listen to your nice Uncle Sam for just once...


  16. @Ajulio

    "Cancun also very violent."

    What in the world are you talking about? I'm here right now and IM LOVING IT!! No violence, just a lot of fine girls!! All I have to say to March 1, 2011 9:53 PM common on down. You are missing out on all the action ;)

  17. dang ardent...

    are you ok? sound kinda sane these days ...


    if he says it ain't safe ...he ain't lyin'

  18. keep that buzz anymouse ...saul good right bro?

  19. You would have to have the IQ of Jessica Simpson and a decapitated squirrel, to go to Mexico for spring break....1 bill, that some stupid college kid will go over there and get killed...just saying

  20. No CANCUN is NOT SAFE ..... hope you can read spanish

  21. @March 2, 2011 1:19 PM

    Do you even know how to read spanish? It says Bernardo González Castillo (a) "El Memín" asesinó a más de cien personas a lo largo de su carrera criminal. Which means he killed one hundred people during his whole criminal career not necessarily in Cancun. Now like the rest of the narcos he met his demise. He is dead.

  22. I heard a Jack-In-The-Box commercial where their giving away a bunch of trips to Cancun. Do they REALLY want tobe responsible for something that might happen in Mexico? I`m thinking, man it`s one thing to pretend and sugarcoat, but why would you send your loyal customers to the slaughterhouse? Might as well plan a vacation to Iraq and Afghanistan while their at it.

  23. Earnie'sWorld,

    Your "stats" on murders and violent crime don't exist. Mexico is the murder capital of the world.Period!!!
    Colombia has been off the radar for almost a decade and El Salvador isn't even close on a per capita basis.

    You are comparing old numbers that have no relevance today. As a resident of Monterrey for the past 8 years, I can tell you that every single person I know has either moved out or is contemplating it. We have a ranch outside the city that we have not been to in 7 months because of cartel activity. Get a grip on the reality that Mexico is now. Anyone who visits is at risk - period! I live here and have seen the change first hand.

  24. @ any mouse March 2, 2011 11:00 AM

    sure mexico is safe ..everbody is smiling at you huh?..y todo la chicas son muy friendly right ...doinn some lines ..a little ciraguaya...catchn some rays...havin a great time ..don't pay any attention to any body warning you about any "negativity" hardy...don't let any downers chill the vibe big pimp

    better hope your luck know that even if your family back home pays the ransom , they are probably not gonna let you go...

    hey Ajulio missin all the action man

  25. Mexico will never again be safe to visit.

  26. Take cancun as an example.
    Zetas control this plaza, would you think that they may try to kill or kidnap a spring breaker and at the same time kill the high profits being made from drugs in that plaza? I sorry if some of you older parents are in denial, but enormous amounts of drugs are consumed in cancun by foreigners every single week of the year. Drug prevention starts in your home and there is no way around that.

  27. @lilbrito
    You are a complete nutcase. I really doubt your wet dream of a spring breaker getting killed in Mexico by sicarios will ever come true.
    "and for you...the other simple fool...i would definately tell europeans NOT to visit detroit, etc...why send them into a war zone
    maybe we will see your story on here in a couple of weeks senor cancun"

    Ok gaybrito, 15 days from now I'll be thinking about your retarded posts on BB sipping on a dos X while smoking a don lauro cigar onthe middle of a war torn, soaked in blood cancun beach. Cuentame una de vaqueros mejor.

  28. @3:24 pm
    For some reason I don't believe you live in monterrey.

  29. Damn...high...umm...ok

    @ brito

    You know me already. I can be a bad boy sometimes. Did you already check out the borderland beat forum? Rise makeveli gets called out by El bebe from Los zetas. Interesting dirt.

    @ 11:00 am

    Wish I could be there with you, whoever you are. I can close my eyes right now and easily see what you are experiencing. Arriba! Abajo! Al Centro! Pa' dentro! Saludos!

    @ Ernest....I mean Ardent

    Man Ernie...i mean Ernest...uh...Ardent. you really screwed Ernie's World by leaving him with all of your excess baggage. This guy is getting eaten alive by a bunch of rabid mice. You know how to lay a fart and walk away at the right time.


  30. Some of the real narcos go at it on the borderland beat forum. Interesting shit.

    @ BUGGS

    You have created a damn good website. This website has a pulse. A lot of stuff going on here. It would be nice to have a lil' shout out box on the side so people can communicate in real time. Like hasta la madre said but seperate from the commentary panels. Many websites have one. Where people can leave one liners that get posted quickly without any censoring and if two people wanna go at it, they can leave their trash in the box. Not much different than the forum, just quicker comments. But for anyone who does'nt read the borderland beat forum, you are missing out on some good dirt.

    I look forward to reading your book.

    I really look foward to reading your book


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