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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New arrests bring authorities closer to "El Chapo's" inner circle

Víctor Manuel Félix Félix, "El Señor"

Eight drug traffickers belonging to Mexican drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman's organization have been captured, including a man presumed to be Guzman's relative and confidant, officials said Wednesday.

Federal Police arrested Victor Manuel Felix Felix, alias "El Senor," who worked for the Sinaloa cartel and was the leader of a financial network.

Felix is believed to be Chapo's "consuegro" -- a Spanish word for the father-in-law of one's son or daughter.

At a press conference, Ramon Pequeño, head of the Federal Police Drug Enforcement Division, said the arrest was carried out under Operation Beehive, which began on March 18 and covered operations in the states of Jalisco, Quintana Roo and the metropolitan area of ​​Mexico City.

Felix managed illicit operations with resources from money laundering in Ecuador and Colombia.

Along with "El Senor" eight other individuals were detained. Additionally authorities seized 500 kilos of cocaine and $500,000 dollars in cash.

The others arrested were identified as Luis Roberto García Fierro, Jorge Guillermo González Cárdenas, alias "El Ingeniero", Rodrigo Colmenares y Sánchez y Soto, Eli Romano Darwish, Francisco Xavier Colmenares y Sánchez y Soto, Jorge Guillermo González Guerra, Armando Medina Quintero and José Daniel Espinosa Caballero.

According to Pequeño, all of the men are considered suspects in drug trafficking, money laundering and organized crime.

The federal official said the intelligence work which resulted in the arrests began in mid-2009 with the exchange of information between Mexico and the National Police of Ecuador.

"It should be noted that with coordinated efforts with the Attorney General and the National Police of Ecuador it was learned that the organization established in the city of Guayaquil a cell formed by members from Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico, which used various properties for the collection and safekeeping of drugs for later shipment to Mexico and the United States, "said Pequeño.

Additionally, with information derived from these investigations Ecuador Police arrested nine people associated with the Sinaloa cartel with four tons of cocaine.

The nine men arrested in Ecuador were identified as Ceferino Rodríguez Tirado, Alejandra Costich Esqueda, and Rigoberto Villa López, of Mexican nationality; Juan Carlos Naranjo Alemán, Gerardo Benítez Mera Ibarra, Freddy Fabián Espinel Ruiz and Yandry Bernabeth Cevallos Palacios, from Ecuador and two Colombians, César Augusto Fernández Ávila and Gilberto Giraldo Ávila.


Sources: CNN, Grupo Reforma


  1. Good. Keep going after the midget till he quits being a HOG in the game. While legalizing is not an option. They can at least target all these groups not just some. I know this money isn't sh!t to Marrano Guzman but he has to be pissed if not fazed by this, right? Or was this another threat to Joaquin's empire? He is known for turning his own people in to continue business as usual. Either way good to see some big money dealers go down. Que les cuesta portarse bien? Pa que tanto muerto? El sol sale para todos...

    Para Un Mexico Unido Sin Carteles


    Don't tell me that he's too short to be noticed. Everyone in Mexico said that he was living in Durango. I believe that even a bishop said publicly that he was seen in Durango by many people and yet nothing happened. Now He's in hiding and still causing trouble with everyone. If people think that the Sinaloa cartel is only fighting in Juarez, they are wrong. El Chapo is all over the place, causing war and death in every city he invades. He will not stop until he becomes the only Godfather. But Calderon could find him if he really wanted to.

    The only way Pendejo Calderon will get any respect from me, is if he catches the true "boss of bosses", El Chapo, before his term ends. If he does'nt accomplish this, then he will be recognized as Mexico's worst president ever. He will become the George W. Bush of Mexico. All the other cartel leaders are small-time compared to El Chapo.

    But if Pendejo Calderon can get El Chapo, I believe that it would be his greatest accomplishment, even if the war escalates.

  3. QUE VIVA EL CHAPO!!! PURO 5.7!!!

  4. So when they catch this chapo person all the drugs are going to stop coming into america?

    Chapo is Pablo version 6 or 7 and after chapo is gone there will be another chapo, or maybe 5 or 6, ad infinitum.

    Why is ligalizing not an option?

  5. Que viva el Chapo Marranadas y que mueran chingo de innocentes verdad pendejo? Como hay gente ignorante...

  6. @3:36

    Do you honestly think Mexico or the U.S will make drugs legal? After all the lives that have been lost and all the innocent people caught in the crossfire. To all of a sudden say "Ok its all good now you can get as high as you want and drug dealers we forgive you." Want kind of person would ever believe an idea like that is possible? Who would vote for that? You, and how many other potheads? This is real life not some junkies fantasy...


  7. @ 3:36 pm

    Legalization is an option, but the mexican and american governments wont allow it. I agree, LEGALIZE.

    But for Calderon's sake, he better find El Chapo if he wants to fix his already tarnished image at this point.

    El Chapo is the main reason for this messy war. His history speaks for itself. He should be erased.

  8. Obviously 3:36 needs to do a little catching up so he doesn't continue to embarrass himself.

    Mexico's problems are impunity and corruption. Nobody will snitch "this chapo person", not even for the multi-million dollar price on his head because they would be dead before they could collect it. In Mexico criminals don't get caught and if they do they buy their way out of jail.

    3:36 - do you propose we legalize murder, kidnapping, extortion? It's not just marijuana and cocaine. It's not the quick, easy solution we all love.

  9. @777
    the US government for one would believe an idea like that was possible seeing that they did exactly that with alcohol, but sorry you know better.

    Better a pothead fantasy then a arcade shootem up fantasy where the continuing blood flow of innocents is ok as long as people are not allowed to get high.

    Kill em all as long as its not you and you can enjoy your lunch while reading about the slaughter that is happening.

    Get chapo this, get chapo that, and it will all lead to a glorious drug free world.
    Keep dreaming.....and while you do that innocent men women and children will keep dying.

    At 4:01
    No, did i say anything about legalizing murder or kidnapping or extortion?
    you just came up with that one all by your very little self.

    Are you telling me that corruption is mexicos biggest problem?
    Thanks for that as i would never have worked that out in a million years without a super brain like yours telling me.

    Maybe YOU want a quick easy solution with your happy meal, but letting the situation continue for another 30 years with no change is the worst available option, but i dont need to tell someone of your vastly superior intellect that do i?

  10. I feel that El Chapo will go down later this year! Then the dominos will follow El Mayo, El Azul, El Peinado, El Bravo, El MP, El M1, El Fantasma, El who gives a shit just take them down!!!!!

  11. There will ALWAYS be criminals. People who will always take advantage of the weaker of the population. There will ALWAYS be people who will try to make money from the grief of others. Legalize drugs and all you say is "You were right sell drugs to my children, get High and don't think about your responsibilities to your family, children, and society. But then again there will always be the one's who TAKE RESPONSIBILITY, like the grandma who raises your children,the church that pays your bills and prays for you, or the local welfare office that feeds your children because YOU spent all your money on DOPE. Yeah make it Legal. $2.00 taxes and $100.00 in cost. and that is just in money. Stay straight for 60 days and LOOK AROUND, Who is TAKING CARE OF THE BUSINESS OF LIFE.......It ain't The Druggie!!!!!

  12. @ 777

    2 years ago Mexico did what the US should and must do...decriminalized drugs...EVERY drug. In mx gt caught with 4 MJ cigs or 4 lines of coke and your ok.

    I am a proponent of decriminalizing drugs.
    small amts for personal use, will work on the clog of court system and prisons/jail. It makes no sense to lock up an addict if his sole crime is being an addict.

    I also believer that MJ should be legal. the greatest jump in drug use is MJ and RX. 60% of drug use in the US is MJ. Make it legal the reasons should be obvious.

    we have not even spoken about RX drug use which is becomming fast the greatest drug of choice besides MJ.

    Here is the link from 2009 re: Mx new drug law,8599,1918725,00.html

  13. @ 5:08
    What else can be made "legal" to cater to the weak minded? Prostitution? That way they can set up shop next to schools...Come on 5:08 put the bong down for a month and join the real world. Listen to 5:49 that person can teach you a thing or two. Maybe we should all quit our jobs and just smoke ourselves to nirvana and hang out with Jesus, Buddah, and Moses. A real heaven on earth government where all is good. You can smoke, fuck, and chill at home eating Cheetos all day...Ahhh what a dream huh? DUMBASS!!!


  14. @Buela

    I know Buela put has crime gone down in those past two years in Mexico? MJ maybe is not as bad. But all the other evil cousins of MJ? It would be a free for all type of environment that would only persuade the occasional smoker to shoot-up or do line. No harm done its legal. The court system would get relief. And whose gonna cover all the overdoses and mental health bills? Once again I respect your opinion but there's always more to the story...


  15. I live in mexico-sinaloa. I have seen this so called decriminalization "law" but never in spanish. Ask one cop in mazatlan or even the mazatlecos and nobody knows it exists. People are still getting arrested with coke even if less than a half gram. It is the most unadvertised law ever.

  16. if this guy was really that close to Chapo he better abandon anyplace this guy ever knew about

    ~~~El Swankador~~~

  17. Hey 777,
    most of you comments on this website are not too far off target until i read this page. Now i believe you are the weak minded dumbass that would sit at home eating cheetos all day.

  18. You are asking questions I honestly do not know the answer to. However if a person is arrested he can plea innocent citing the law. I will try and get solid facts, but you are correct it is the most silent of laws...worldwide...why? because Mx has taken a stance against the US doing the same...go figure.

    @777 my comment was not an argument for or against persay, it was to state that you said mx nor US would ever intertain legalization of drugs, and I was certain you, like most people did not know that Mx quietly decriminalized almost 2 years ago. WHy it will not work effectively is the corruption especially at the municipal level, those "police" will determine if or if not the small amt is for sale or personal use, so the law has a loop hole. a big one.

    I stick firm that we need it in the US. It can work. though I agree there are many facets to the issue. Any change in law would have to be carefully thought out. WHen we have a prison system or jail so overloaded with inmates many having crimes of possession it allows hard criminals to be set free in half the sentence or even greater. Does not make sense if a persons only crime is having a small amt for personal use.

  19. Chaps isn't untouchable, no one is. Once Mexico and the US feel like enough is enough the cards will fall.

    Same happened in Colombia with Pablo and later happened in Mexico with El Padrino Felix and then with Amado Carrillo. They were getting too wealthy and too dangerous.

    If Chaps does go down, he goes down in one of the ugliest battles ever because he has a very very loyal following and he doesn't go down via snitching he goes down because the government wants to take him down.

    Don Mayo is just is powerful if not more but he is more low key and they all have kids to follow their thrown, their leyenda doesn't stop there unfortunately.

  20. @7:27

    Why cause I don't believe ANY drugs should be legalized? And because I don't think the Mexican Government does enough to target the Narco Hierarchy? Damn, shoot me! I'm the bad guy here...


  21. 777
    You are correct on the second part but badly mistaken on the first part. And yes, you are the bad guy if you want to lock people up for non violent, victimless crimes. But i dont wanna shoot u though.

  22. I am not ordinarily this harsh, however, I have seen the damage done by drugs up close. Haven't you all? Drugs bring a whole host of problems that society does not need. If drug dealers were subject to the death penalty (and dealers are major contributors to many deaths), there might be fewer drug dealers--one way or another. But then there is the cost of incarcerating the bastards, appeals, etc. How about no appeals and swift back-alley justice for the shit-headed grifters? I hate drug dealers and drugs. They ruin lives.

  23. @9:05

    How about the U.S stop giving Mexico all that money and start using it for treating addictions. That money gets pocketed by the corrupt. And I agree the sentences should be changed for non-violent ADDICTS. Maybe treatment instead of jail? But make it all legal? Come on now...We're gonna have to agree to disagree on this one. The U.S doesn't tolerate any organization to grow as big as these cartels have grown. Why should the U.S change it's laws for Mexico's thirst for money? They know enough Capos to receive payments for looking the other way...Why do they act like it's impossible to show these cartels a lesson? They have to tame their MONSTERS soon.


  24. imjustagirl..

    who ever has not seen damage done by drugs lives alone on an island. Death penalty seems fine for drug dealing..and I support the death penalty, in theory, but in practice I do not. Too many people with black skin executed leads me to the opinion of unfairness. Blacks comprise 12% of our population but represent 54% of executions

  25. @ buela

    Good comment. I was under the impression that you were against legalization when you made your singapore references. Still, you never give in to simple-mindedness.

    The republicans declared a war on drugs "say no to drugs". So they will always disrupt any intentions towards the legalization of drugs (marijuana-who knows). So to legalize drugs, would show defeatism and that is not the reagan way.

    As far as Pendejo Fox. He is just another lazy mexican president. His own administration scored low in economy, immigration reform, human developement, etc. etc. One day he's riding horsees with george dubya, the next he's spittin' accusations towards the U.S. Now he's placing blame on the U.S. again but he's also giving us a lil' friendly visit so we can help him promote his Vicente Fox Center. He is a huge hypocrite. He is no better than Calderon. At least Calderon has
    some balls.

  26. nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.

  27. Imjustagirl.
    Would be easy to get rid of morons like you then.
    No right of appeal , and a quick back ally execution, you are a braindead joke.

    Only really stupid morons want to keep drugs illigal, the brainwashed idiots who believe what politicians tell them.

    777 we can all see you posting under anon also.

    And i myself look after my children and do not take handouts from any church or religion nor do i need a welfare officer.

    But what i would really like is for peope to have enough brain to not have to write under a different name and then tell me how right they themselves are.

    I sometimes wonder how the morons like 777 even muster the mental wit to turn on their computers.

    I believe they get someone else to do it for them, just like their thinking.

  28. Lets just change nothing and keep up this wonderful and hightly profitable war on drugs.

    Who cares about brown skinned people dying as long as we can make plenty of money making more prisons.

    Alcohol and tobbaco should also be illigal, as should coffee and sugar (think of all those large people loosing weight).

    Infact any drug that is missused should be banned.....we dont need morphine, just be a man and take the pain and think of all those drug addicts you will be saving.


  29. Ajulio..
    I honestly do keep an open mind. As for legalization I am in favor of MJ being legal. Usage increased by 8% in 2010 which puts it over 60% (was 57%) No one can convince me that it is a dangerous drug in the same way meth or others. I feel it is like alcohol and should have the same restrictions and penalties (DUI etc). No one can tell me that taking 65% of cartel market away won't have an impact. Plus citizens will benefit buy taxes which most likely will be high in California. I think states will begin legalizing it within the next few years, we almost did in California. We do have medical MJ, which is such a joke. I say go all the way or not at all.

    I would not legalize any other drug, but would decrimalize...I am a pragmatic person and it makes total sense to me.

    I agree Fox is an ass. Calerdon is the best of the asses and I think perhaps he is honorable in his efforts, but I am sure those he surrounds himself with are not.

  30. 777

    is right about one thing. stop giving mexico all that money and see what happens. Calderon will have to get off his ass and out of his mansion and finally do something. with no funds he will have no choice.WE need to stop funding the organized crime and the corupt officials!!!!!!

  31. @1:54

    I'm not saying I'm right asshole. Just cause I choose not to fall a asleep with a needle sticking out my arm makes me a "brainwashed idiot"? I can tell you are a dope fiend. Addicts will believe anything to justify their childish behavior. I'm done even acknowledging your retarded gibberish...Go back to smoking your crack and being mad at the world for letting you wake up another day! lol-lol-lol


  32. 777 only wants to insult people here.
    Nothing but guesswork and calling people names.

    lets hope the situation in mexico improves, although i cant see it happening.
    The only thing that will happen is American taxpayers will fund everything and see very little in return.


  34. @ 10:40 Stop yelling. Use the good manners your mother taught you.

    @ 10:39 777 actually has something to say. Read his posts.

    @ 1:54 Wow you really can hurl the insults. Very cutting. Not!! If you have a coherent point of view please state it otherwise be quiet.

  35. @ 12:04

    You forgot the 777

  36. I have lived in Mazatlan for 9 years and have never felt as insecure as now. The reason is this, Chapo has controlled Mazatlan for years. The people of this city have always been able to feel safe whereever they go throught this city because there were laws set forth by the cartel. Now, with the government (U.S) wanting the Mexican government to go after Chapo, they together have made this one of the most dangerous cities here. Look at the rest of Mexico, the Zetas are killing business owners, women and children, grandparents trying to protect their grandkids, and extorting money left and right. But all anyone sees from the other side of the border is what the media wants them to see, not the reality. Each time you weaken one of the cartel´s it makes the Zetas stronger. Wake-up!!!

  37. 2 thoughts:

    First - there is a huge difference between the arrest and conviction/sentencing of anyone in Mexico. As long as they have judges in their pockets, arrests are not a big deal.

    Second - why are authorities not arresting immediate family members - parents, wives, kids, sisters, brothers - of these criminals. There is no way they are in the dark as to where their money comes from, so they are accessories benefitting from the proceeds of crime. Put the guy's parents, wife or kids in jail and they will have to think twice about their actions.

  38. As long as people keep going after the cartels the cities that they live in will not be safe . Cities are started by the money that the cartels make . They also make sure the cities are safe they do not want violence around them it is when they are pushed when the violence starts . You say lets arrest there parents , wifes and kids that would have to be the most stupid thing i have heard . You mess with his family i am sure the violence would get greater.

  39. Where is this getting people exactly? Like any government personel would read this! By the way i saw the word illegal misspelled alot! Its not iligal ok ppl!

  40. el chapo is in with mexican goberment .


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