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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mexican soldiers kill 8 Gunmen in San Fernando, Tamaulipas

Photo: Notimex


Army soldiers killed eight gunmen in a shootout that erupted during a raid on a drug cartel’s camp in the northeastern Mexican state of Tamaulipas.

The Defense Secretariat said in a statement that the soldiers took the gunmen by surprise Friday at the camp in the town of San Fernando, not far from where 72 mostly Central American migrants were killed last August by members of the Los Zetas cartel, apparently for refusing to work for the drug mob.

Seeing the soldiers approaching the camp, the gunmen began firing, the secretariat said, adding that eight suspected cartel enforcers were killed and another nine people were arrested.

One of the detainees said she had been held captive at the camp.

As a result of the raid, the soldiers seized a four-wheeler, 11 other vehicles, eight rifles, two handguns, 63 ammunition clips, 150 kilos of marijuana, 200 rounds of ammunition, 58 camouflage uniforms and 11 bulletproof vests.

Tamaulipas, which borders the U.S. state of Texas, has been wracked by a brutal turf battle pitting the Gulf cartel and former allies Los Zetas, a conflict that has left hundreds dead.

Founded by deserters from the Mexican army special forces, the Zetas began their criminal career as the armed wing of the Gulf drug cartel before going into business for themselves.

The final split between the Gulf cartel and the Zetas took place a year ago, when the enforcers declared war on their former bosses.


  1. Any truth to the story that it was 10 people actually killed and they were all females?

  2. Kill, kill, kill all those dirty bastards! They need to start giving bonuses for dead narcos after every 1 give them a medal and $1000.00 USD

  3. It would seem to me that if the Mexican military had any pride that they would make the Zetas a special case, thats like personal dont you think? To have those yellow belly coward back stabbing traitors to Mexico and its people, I mean what type of a low life scum bag are they, really? To turn on your country and military, men you ate with and slept in barracks with and pledged loyalty to just turn 360 degrees for a few dollars is beyond comprehension... I wonder, they probably remove all mirrors from their houses unable to look themselves in their own eyes... I have never heard of anything lower than that on the human spectrum, I mean they are right beside snitch/pedophile maybe even a little lower than that... I hope and pray that each and every one of them die a very slow painful death and then rot in hell for eternity... Low life scum sucking putos, they do not deserve life, dirty rotten bastards...

    Be glad today that I am not in charge because I would give all the military orders to hunt you down and kill you on sight... You deserve to die like the rotten pieces of dog shit that you are...

  4. They need to track down their families and make them pay in cash for the man hours and the bullets that were used killing thier traitors family members. they should then be asked to leave the house and within 30 minutes their home should be blown up and leveled to the ground.
    Maybe then these assholes will get the hint that not only will they pay but that their own family will suffer bad things because of their actions.
    I bet allot of people would support this, as cruel as it is.

  5. they got snitched out, simple enough .. the snitch is dead too.

  6. We're the gunmen zetas or gulf cartel?

  7. San fernando is controled by Zetas

  8. Army soldiers killed eight gunmen in a shootout that erupted during a raid on a drug cartel’s camp in the northeastern Mexican state of Tamaulipas.

    Yeah right , it was probably a old beat up house with a little hill and a few tires on the ground with Budweiser cans all over the place for target practice , what a bunch of drunks drug addicts losers they will be exterminated as they go ..

  9. Control of San Fernando is constantly changing, Zeta to CDG to Army back to Zeta to Marines to CDG and then back to Zetas. This happened all last year and keeps happening this year. Zetas need this town because of the oil wells they siphon around San Fernando and because this gives them access to the towns on the border necessary to cross their contraband. Also they use ranches and dirt roads to hide and move their troops around, stealing livestock and other farmland commodities.

  10. @9:45 and DFL. I like how you think.

  11. So, are the Zeta highly trained, ex-military personnel or scumbag drug addicts? Comments made here seem to go back and forth between the two, depending on which fits your current train of thought.
    By the way, it's a rhetorical question. I know the answer.

  12. @5:51 AM

    The only ones that are ex-special Mexican forces are the core group of Los Zetas, these guys are not the core group but their lower ranking cells and all the drug gunmen are all trained to an extent of course not as trained as the Mexican soldiers/Marines. I believe they are as good with the firearms as an Mexican state cop which is ok but better than a Mexican municipal cop.

  13. Actually the ORIGINAL Zetas were highly trained,intelligent experts in combat.Todays Zetas are snot nosed 18-25 year olds drug addicts who had never even touched a weapon before they were recruited.

  14. No Zeta has ever seen combat other than the narco scene. Highly trained is a mis-nomer. However, they are trained in firearms and certain military exercise, much as the normal combat infantry man of the US Army. They are terrorist, and people are afraid of them. Punks want to join the ranks. Plain and simple.

  15. Like I said, it was a rhetorical question.
    People use the Zetas as propaganda and spin their story in any direction that fits their agenda.

    Reminds me of another group we've been battling for about 10 years now...

  16. BTW...
    On the car bomb (?) today in Tamps...they were set off in the parking lot of a Jardin Niños a kinder and there were multiple kinders in the neghborhood. BDN has incredible pics, the explosion could be seen at a great distance. God forbid it is a true car bomb


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