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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mexican Police Commander Executed in Juarez

Gunmen ambushed a police major in front of his home in the northern Mexican city of Chihuahua, killing the officer and wounding a passerby, authorities said.

Jose Luis del Bosque was assigned to the counternarcotics unit of the Chihuahua state Attorney General’s Office, a spokesman for the office, Carlos Gonzalez, told the media.

The attackers fled the scene in two vehicles after Monday’s shooting.

A woman struck by a stray bullet was listed in stable condition at a clinic in the city, municipal officials said.

Media accounts say the Juarez drug cartel put up a sign Sunday on a main street in Chihuahua city – the state capital – vowing to kill one state police officer per day in reprisal for authorities’ alleged collusion with the rival Sinaloa cartel.

Chihuahua, which ranks 11th in population among Mexico’s 32 jurisdictions, accounted for almost a third of the more than 15,000 drug-related killings reported nationwide last year.

The state’s largest city, Ciudad Juarez, suffered upwards of 3,100 homicides in 2010 and is already nearing the 500-murder mark less than three months into 2011.

Located just across the border from El Paso, Texas, Juarez is by some measures the world’s most-dangerous city.

Source: EFE


  1. Yeah, was going to say this is La Linea, starting on their promise. How can Juarez survive this nightmare?

  2. Only 284 to go this year for La Linea. The Mexican Government ought to promise 10 per day and start shooting every narco they have in jail including El Teacher. Ah but no. I forgot . . . they don't have a death penalty down there . . . except for innocent bystanders and children. What a fuc*ed up country.

  3. @March 22, 2011 11:21 PM

    Think of some reasonable solutions and not start thinking with your head up your ass. If you think shooting every narco is the way to go..then your clueless, it involves socio-economic-judicial factors which need to be resolved in order for violence to go down!


  5. I hate to tell you but it takes two to tango. For every ounce pound, ton of product produced and moved to the mexican border there is a cartel associate on the US side to transport it north to the waiting addicts and future addicts. the drugs make it across the border in 18 wheelers that are waved through the border points of entry by bought off officers of US law. they move north and pass through our interior checkpoints that have bought and paid for officers working at said checkpoints. every dollar of profit along with as many guns ammo clips and night vision is collected by cartel on the US side of the border and is helped along by officers and taken back through the same points of entry used to get the tons here in the first place. truely the only solution is to execute every person that tests positive for drugs along with every arrested criminal involved in the drug trade on either side of the border. better do it soon before the bad guys outnumber the good guys, cause as chapo once said "I don't care about the older generation give me the kids I will increase my production lower my prices and distribute more to the younger generation. when everyone is using who will be against me".

  6. lol @ 4:09AM! Maybe you should take your own advice and shoot yourself in the head crackhead

  7. The headline says this happened in "The northern city of Chihuahua" (Ciudad Chihuahua) but the headline says the commander was executed "in Juarez." Which one is it???

  8. Yeah the U.S organized criminal element is helping the mexican cartels stay alive. Mexican's are just the producers it's the distributors who make the money and they want to transport as much as possible that requires major producers of narcotics on the other side of the border. Pretty soon there will be ex-soldiers and special forces acting as advisers to the cartels. It's gonna be a long long fight.

  9. @ 2:10 Hello? Where have you been? Ex-soldiers and special forces and the police and the politicians have been working for the cartels for years.

    The Mexicans are not just the producers. They are every part of it. Every single part. Perhaps you should do some reading on the subject. BB is a great place to start.

  10. @March 23, 2011 4:08 PM

    "The Mexicans are not just the producers. They are every part of it."

    Hello? Where have you been? It not only Mexicans but Americans and other nationalities also, you ignorant dumba**.

    "Perhaps you should do some reading on the subject. BB is a great place to start."

  11. Its hard for the LPR that have been here in USA, and deported, and want to be close to the border and be easier to see their family, and its a matter of time to be victim of crime, and come back to America and not be able to get asylum with the U.S. government even if your family members have been executed and kidnapped, afraid that your children that are U.S. citizens be victim of crime, this Immigration laws are way out of line.


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