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Friday, March 11, 2011

Los M's and La Gente Nueva Banners Lead to Speculation on the Stability of these Groups

Yesterday there were reports of violence in the state of Durango, including a prison riot that left at least three people injured and one person dead. It has been said that the three people injured by gunfire (including one child) were all members of the same family.

Today several banners were hung in Durango. They had been signed by two groups: Los M's and La Gente Nueva. Narco blog commentaters suggested that "Los M's" stands for "Los Mayo's" which sounds like a reference to Ismael Zambada García,(a) El Mayo Zambada, a powerful capo in the Sinaloa cartel.

The significance of this message is, not only does it refer to crimes that were committed within the last 48 hours, but it also seems to signal that there is a split of loyalties among the leadership of La Gente Nueva

The Text:


You have wasted the time you were given to heat up the plaza with prison riots and attacks on government installations and transit stations. Things will NOT stay as such, you asked for 24 hours to get your people out of the area. The beat down your people received is only a test to show you who is really in charge. The war is about to begin, you had your chance Felipe Cabrera Marquez and Lacra de Lacras Noel Salgeiro of Chihuahua to remove your personnel from the state. ATTE G.N.1 and 1.M.S.

This message has fueled speculation on the narco blogs as to who this message is threatening and the what is the story behind it. One commentator stated that Noel is El Flaco Salgeiro a leader of LGN and he has been fighting with El XM against the wishes of the Sinaloa cartel and this is why he is being kicked out of the plaza. El Flaco has made a name for himself for carrying a vicious war of attrition against La Linea.

Another commentator also speculated that El Flaco made two big mistakes; the first was that he was trying to move weight by himself (although the author of this comment speculates that he would have a hard time doing so because El Flaco allegedly doesn't have cocaine connection in Colombia, nor does he have enough arms suppliers to run his own campaign) The second, El Flaco may have put out a hit on El Chapo, who found out and was furious about this lack of respect.

On a personal note, I doubt the last scenario is likely, although ambition is part of the game, it is doubtful a  sicario cell leader like El Flaco was a big enough fish to make such a move, otherwise he wouldn't have so much alleged trouble getting a hold of guns shipments and cocaine packages on consignment from Colombia.

Again, all of this is translated speculation from the comments sections of the narco blogs. Take it with a grain of salt


  1. Why doesn't someone put a banner up saying

    "Dear Mexican Cartels. Please, no one cares about you, why you are here, what internal politics are going on, or what your feelings are.

    Sorry, but no-one cares. They find it very boring. Please get a proper job.

  2. Well even if we don't care, it is undenialable proof that there has been 35k since this stupid war got started...

  3. i know these are scumbags but its like a car wreck, i cant help but notice it.

  4. El Flaco is a big enough fish. His reputation is well known from Chihuahua, Durango and Sinaloa all the way to Chicago where he moved tons of weight. Go to Chihihuahua and all the Gente Nueva are commanded under him, now he most likely was " godfathered " the puesto by el Chaps.

    But, that being said.

    Not everyone has to go thru Chapo Guzman to move weight North. There are other distributors that run from Southern Mexico with ties to Central America.

    I am speculating here as well but Flaco Salguiero started out in Durango back before this war started, he moved tons of weight to Chicago and Eastern US was indicted by the US and moved back to Mexico. Then he was recruited by El Chapo and maybe had ties already with him but he was given command of Parral and Chihuahua plazas where he raged a war on la linea. He is more than just a sicario leader, he most likely still moves weight. And being a sicario leader doesn't make you millions I suppose.

    This sounds like he sent maybe some of his people from Chihuahua to Durango and " other gente nueva " and " gente de Mayo " aren't willing to leave their plaza to another cat, even if commanded by the same people. The same thing is rumored to happen in Sonora with gente de mayo y el chapo. Inner jealousy amongst themselves.

    Haters on haters...Pendejos.

    The rumor of him joining forces with the Z's or Beltranes doesn't sound like his doing but who knows.

    My 2 cents.


  5. Talk about greed, why is el flaco going after chapo? He doesn't have the man power or the funds to do it...

  6. Maybe Flaco finally realized that being Socios with Chapo ALWAYS ends with jail or death. Thats all narcos for that matter but Chapo sends you there before your time is up. Why can't the rest of the Sinaloa cells turn on the Marrana? This could be a start of a new era of betrayal in the group...It is no surprise they have earned the name "El Cartel de Los Traidores" a long time ago.


  7. Senor Del ArranqueMarch 11, 2011 at 4:02 PM

    I don't think this is referring to El Flaco. If u look closely the two number ones are highlighted which makes a 11. El Flaco's clave is el M11. But really who knows??????

  8. So it might be true, Sinaloa mad because El Peinado trynging to start his own cartel after all, remember El Flaco supposibly reports to El P, but what is really interesting is that Peinado works just as much for El Mayo as El Chapo, something is fishy here, get back to me with real evidence.

  9. Maybe a time for a little trip south for the 82nd Airborne, and the 10th Mountain Division, well maybe Delta force, please with there own weapons, no disrespect of course. The best place to start is El Paso with the 1st Armored Division, and my old unit the 11th ACR

    1. U wouldnt last a day puro paisa mexicles gente de chapo in cd. Juarez att.el guero

  10. Senor Del ArranqueMarch 11, 2011 at 5:25 PM

    Wait it says "Noel Salgeiro of Chihuahua" according to article Noel Sageiro is El Flaco. But really El Flaco is from Durango. From el pueblo de San Dimas. Also El Flaco was already established in Durango for awhile, and el commando a Los M's en Durango. Things just don't add up to me. Also El Chapo was the one that really gave him his start.

  11. Could you imagine the US and Mexico ( as US and South Korea) doing a 6 months Military exercise on the US Mexican border, I wish to say realistic war games of course with the US Navy with a group in the Gulf and the Pacific, practice of course, with th US Air Force flying a no fly zone, what an impressive sight that would be, sorry no drugs can cross the border to day, American Military members are not in to threats and extra cash at least most of them. What a moral boost for the Mexican Military

  12. The translation is funny

  13. Great post smurf i had been hearing rumors/news from my contacts in dgo of a heavy week of fighting last week/levantones. This is still unclear but it seems that el Flaco tried to jump somebody in rank and is now in trouble. Im also trying to confirm but in Santiago Papasquiaro supposedly the police building was attacked. That would have to be Linea etc trying to heat up the plaza. I doubt this whole thing goes any further unless hes able to get into a pocket of anti chapo people and do guerilla warfare from there. For the person that says that war games would be fun, DGO is pretty similar to Afghanistan in terrain, so trying to root people out,well we know how well that went. The key to the state is the chokepoints of major cities and no fly zone, because once you cut off aerial suppliers their is no way in besides the cities.


  14. this videos goes with the story.. gente del f-1 interrogated

  15. Nobody at BB seems the least bit concerned about the real Mexican cartelista, SUPER criminal leader, Carlos Slim. He's the economic power behind the entire criminal Mexican 'government' cartel.

    Here are the stats on this criminal asshole though...

    'Slim, 71, built his fortune in a country where most people - 59.5 per cent – are paid $15 a day or less, and 38.7 per cent get $10 or less.

    Mexico tycoon is world's wealthiest
    Carlos Slim with assets worth $74bn stays world's richest man for second year in row, according to Forbes magazine.'

    Until we all learn who the real robber barons are and then do something about it, the world will stay a very violent place.

    'La Gente Nueva' and 'Los Mayos' are the smallest and most unimportant dickheads en comparación con The Fat Head Named Slim.

  16. amen erny..i don't know about slims actual involvement with the narcos...but to accumulate 74 billion ..74 billion dollars taken from the people of Mexico IS criminal...and i can personally testify to the fact that if you have ever had to use a telcel phone for sure get robbed

    this rico culero hoven has the money to personally do something good for Mexico a school a job corps..a police academy...something

    he is a prime example of the ricos de Mexico ..who take and take but give nothing back to the fucken wonder they are more concerned with keeping the people defenseless than having a decent country

    our robber barons/international moneymen/bankers all work with their tribal buddys all over the world to create conditions to justify their control

    senor slim is is just visable ...wonder if he rates getting to lick the boots of baron phillipe de red shield ..or the "royals" of britain

    these greedy pinche madres have used their system of debt and credit to
    economically colonize the whole world,it has made tenants out of us all

    through their controlled media outlets they have controlled and degraded the minds of most of humanity

    their religions rubber stamp the capitalist exploitation of the natural resources, the birthright of all humanity has been stolen and sold back to us...we drown in sewage while we die of thirst

    we are taught to obey our masters ...who are these masters that author these books and who claim special status bestowed by god?...

    we are encouraged to be sheep by wolves

  17. Ardent said: "Nobody at BB seems the least bit concerned about the real Mexican cartelista, SUPER criminal leader, Carlos Slim. He's the economic power behind the entire criminal Mexican 'government' cartel. "

    And do you know for a fact that Mr. Slim is a criminal capo? Where did you get that info, are you working for an intelligence agency with access to this info? can you post a link or are you pulling this one out of your asshole too? You just engage in speculation and hurl allegations to justify your own views but if you have no proof of your accusations, you might as well talk out of your asshole. By your logic, everyone with money- Steve Jobs, Bill Gates responsible for the carnage in Mexico. The overwhelming demand for drugs in the US is the only reason for that war. Druglords are supplying a product with high demand in the US and they will kill anyone in their way to meet that demand. Further, the killings are exacerbated by US agencies like the BATF, with their gun running schemes. Imagine if they start doing the same thing in your neighborhood, who are you going to blame then, Warren Buffet ? Learn to read all the news that give you a different view, reason critically , then type...Being rich is not a crime in and of itself, so unless you have solid proof of your claims keep your bullshit to yourself, moron.....

  18. brito

    not all wealthy mexican got there by narco trade to say such is racist and ignorant.

    read slims history and he did it the old fashioned american way with a twist. he has the complete monopoly of telecommunications until last week when televisa was given some of the territory. read about it, study it...but mexicans are not all crooks and anyone who thinks so is an idiot

  19. My friend Ardent,

    It hasn't slipped past me that there are crooks among the rich elite of Mexico, some of them may in fact be involved in criminal activities, perhaps even in bed with the same names that come up notoriously on BB.

    However, I have no such proof... If i DID you can bet I would be the first to post it here, for everyone to see.

    But its not that easy, you are talking about a Watergate type of journalistic investigation, something that people who actually went to school for would have a hard time researching, even if it was their JOB!

    And at the same time, we do not know what exactly are Mr. Slim's philanthropic activities...

    While I don't disagree with your premise, I feel it is a bit of a stretch to suggest that these people do ABSOLUTELY nothing to help out their fellow Mexicans.

    I have no proof one way or the other... Do you?

  20. Ardent is Ernest1

    That should explain a lot!

  21. This seems to be El Flacos last stand. Ever since his dad got arrested he's been getting left behind by the man who gave him LGN. If its true or Not El Flaco has done more against La Linea then anyone else but I guess its time to put El Bravo in charge. The same thing is happening to El Cheko in TJ, they killed El M1 nephew who was part of his crew. The same thing happened to El Animal after they killed his son mistaken for Ivan he got arrested. It might sound good at first to work for El Chapo, but chances are you'll die in la linea or in jail...
    El TRIple6

  22. I thought El Checo was in charge of Mexicali, not Tijuana.

  23. Slim doesn't have to be involved in narcotics trafficking to be a crook. The corporate business system that dominates the US and Mexico has become a total criminal system of monopolies/ business cartels. You don't collect $74 billion in a world full of poverty (Mexico) without being a thug. That is so hard for so many Americans to acknowledge though!

    The sad fact of life is that US citizens are some of the most amazingly stupid people around and mentally and emotionally seem incapable of comprehending that we live in a Big Business universe where businessmen basically are a criminal class themselves, that rule over all us serfs and peasants. Instead, the typical US dummy thinks that the rich are somehow a sweet bunch of deserving do-gooder saints that have accumulated their immense fortunes off the rest of us by what???? good deed doing? STUPID, STUPID, STUPID! God we live in a universe of really stupid 'neighbors'.

    'Anonymous said... Ardent is Ernest1 That should explain a lot!'

    And just what does it explain to you, Mr. Dittohead ?

    Smurf, I am absolutely sure that Slim is a great philanthropist and He has appeared at LULAC events in the US and the such, and throws his monopoly made money around like all the super rich do, to build their reps up nice and saccharine like. Kind of like many of the drug cartel bosses are known to do, too.

  24. Cheko is in charge of mexicali, Im thinking the threat must be for someone else. As of december both los m's and gente nueva were together in a area by santiago. Its sighned m11 and los m's. Thats el flaco and los m's. Weird story: i ran into a guy i went to school with down there, who wasnt really a freind but i would talk to him alot. He told me he's working for los mingos in juarez and has been shot at. WTF!! HOW do you end up from the midwest to fighting in juarez. Preetty crazy

  25. Money that's how you end up fighting in Juarez, i would think. Type-O on my part Cheko is in charge of Mexicali...


  26. This an internal disputed within the Sinaloa Cartel. It's between Noel "El Flaco" Salgueiro, who controls the state of Chiuahua and is the top leader of Gente Nueva in the state under "El Chapo" Guzman, he has problems with another leader who is known as "M10", who also runs a cell of Gente Nueva, and his brother, "M11" who ALSO goes by the nickname "el flaco", who runs a cell of Los M's.. that's why the banner is signed by both Gente Nueva & Los M's. I think the two brothers, "M10" & "M11" are over their heads fucking with "El Flaco Salguiero", this guy is no joke, he's what we call "Pesado". He has a lot more people, money, power and most important, preferred by "El Chapo Guzman". The dispute began because "El Flaco Salguiero" had some of "M10"s people killed in prison because he didnt like the shit they were doing in there. In return "M10" killed a very close friend named "El Charly" in Juarez. Now is a blood fued, he also wants to take control of the lucrative Durango "plaza" from "M11" because he think niether those to guys are competent enough. He's not lying, "M10" was put in charge of "cleaning up" Ciudad Juarez, hasn't been achieved. "M11" is suppose to protect Durango from enemy intrusion, hasn't been achieved. Both "M10" & "M11" are suppose to protect Mazatlan, and recently theres been enemy attacks there, so they haven't been able to do that either. In my opinion, "El Flaco Salguiero" and his cell of Gente Nueva will prevail.

  27. cien porciento malandro como algun dia lo fue mi apa y mis tios .... soy de apeido pesado algunos ya me conosen si son de pueblo nuevo durango pero lo mas seguro es que nose acuerden de mi pero pronto savran cual es ese apeido que tento pesa y el lo dijo "algun dia"

  28. dumb white ppl i want to see u go to mexico and put tat noone cares about the cartels ... ur heads, feet, hands and balls with be cut off and feed to the digs before you even have a chances to make hang the banner... you have no idea wat powder the cartel have in mexico so dnt talk if u dnt know.. and if u dnt care well just get off the fcken page dumb ass....

  29. Yo nomas les digo que tienen todo mal...yo soy de santa maria el oro, dgo. Y pues los mingos caminan como nada

  30. SMH ppl
    Just to save you guys any confusion the're two flacos
    Jefe flaco from san dimas Durango m11
    And noel flaco salgueiro who was heating up the plaza
    And got caught in culiacan i belive
    Also no gun shots or any resistance being in culiacan i mean headquarters of sinaloa cartel
    Thats something to have in mind
    Maybe el chapo did put the finger on him
    But yeah
    2 flacos
    So dont get confused

  31. Ok people, this guy (Noel Flaco Salgueiro) was captured not very long ago but a lot of people still think he was a good guy and shit... for someone that wants to have everything for himself doesn't make that person good, the Cartel left that note, at the end seys the number "11" witch refers to an old "plaza commander" called "el Flaco" or "M11" that left some time ago to join forces with another cartel (supposedly). He was the main "plaza leader" for "Los M's" a group of sicarios & big time drug dealers that were far away from extorsion and kidnapping inocents. Im from the sate of Durango and people including friends i still know worked for them so after all this happend my close friend told me everything him and his uncle knew... thnx for reading this. just some info for all those who dont know and still have love for (Noel "flaco" Salgueiro"


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