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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Juan Sillas Rocha: A Brief History pt 1

Zeta Tijuana Online
Juan Sillas Rocha, a.k.a. “El Ruedas” or “El Sillas” was a man of confidence within the Arellano Félix cartel between 2007 and 2010. Fernando Sánchez Arellano a.k.a “El Ingeniero” had given him his position of power, El Ruedas controlled several cells of sicario and carried on a war against the narcotrafficking and kidnapping cells that were led by Teodoro García Simental, a.k.a. “El Teo” or “Las Tres Letras.” El Teo was once part of the Tijuana cartel, but he broke off and was loosely aligned with the Sinaloa cartel prior to his arrest in January of 2010.

Sillas began his career by robbing drug dealers, often killing them in an attempt to exert control over the plaza’s that belonged to El Teo. Sillas was not above snitching on his rivals, calling the authorities anonymously with tips about the location of the principal operators of the CAF.

His primary objective was to dismantle distribution cells in Baja California that were loyal to the Sinaloa cartel(CDS). With this task he also had the backing of the Tijuana cartel (CAF) who were seeking to reestablish control over their territories and smuggling routes.

These confrontations between rival groups brought the attention of the both the police and the military, the culmination of which led to several high profile arrests and seizures of narcotics. This also led to complications into the daily operations of the drug dealing cells. These groups pleaded to El Ingeniero to bring a halt to these assaults they were enduring, however he was unable to help them adequately with this request.

El Ingeniero appointed El Sillas to lead the charge against the opposition, he also ordered other sicario cells to lend him support. El Sillas was the only person who was willing to take this task, other groups had attempted to regain control of the plaza, and had met with disastrous results.

By this time the representatives of the Sinaloa cartel had arrived in Tijuana. They came with fiscal incentives in order to “bring peace to the plaza,” giving El Teo and El Sillas the authority over the area.

They spoke of ending the internal struggles that had brought forth these bloody confrontations, and they would do this while still paying the CAF the right to use the plaza of Tijuana to smuggle their drugs into the U.S. through various cells.

This is how the CAF and El Ruedas began to lose control of the plaza. El Ingeniero openly supported El Ruedas until September of 2010 when Sillas kidnapped the nieces of Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada. This aggressive action cause the Sinaloa cartel to put a large price on the head of Juan Sillas Rocha.

El Ingeniero allowed El Sillas to be expelled from the CAF to show he was not supporting the kidnapping, and thus avoided a war with the CDS.

In the video released on Youtube, the people of EL Sillas said this kidnapping was in retaliation for a series of kidnapping and murders of the family of Juan Sillas Rocha, actions perpetrated by members of the CDS.


  1. Seems like a crazy web, glad BB could put it all together for us. Seems like the moral of the story is that if you want to be a criminal boss you must have control over your people. Like kidnapping Mayo's neices?? how did he think that would have gone over?

  2. It's called KARMA.....

  3. So Tijuana And Sinaloa agreed to share the Narco Trampoline (The Border) at some point. How come ChaPITO doesn't try and work an agreement with the Juarez group? That would cut the 11 daily murders there to at least 5. Once again its made clear that the Mexican Government is allowing Los Marranos to bully their way all over the country. Any current "narco war" that is being raged at this moment has links back to Sinaloa and the Narco "KingPig" Chapo. The only thing he is credited for is turning the public against Los Zetas which WERE the biggest "PROBLEM". Now he is TAKING OVER that title too. Ya bajate de la pinche nube Marrano...

    Para Un Mexico Unido Sin Carteles"

  4. From everything I've read, Sillas is an egomaniac and he prob wanted to make stronger moves than El Inge was comfortable with. Sillas has dreams of owning the BC plaza, but he is hardly more than a glorified thug. With his brother behind bars, its only a matter of time before his past catches up to him.

    Without support from the CAF or CDS, he has very few friendely faces to look upon... perhaps he can strike a deal wth LFM (Templar??) but even then... putting your life in the hands of THOSE strange bedfellows... In Mexico it seems like the saying would go somthing like "The enemy of my enemy IS my enemy..."

    For his sake, it had better be the law that seals his fate.

  5. Has this puto been dispatched already? now that would be welcome news!

  6. I've read that Sillas is still with CAF, in an unofficial capacity, and is used to hit the El Teo/Sinaloa guys that get out of line or irritate Engineer. just something I read though. Thanks Smurf for this.

    I've also heard that Engineer sold pieces of the plaza to Sinaloa and LFM, still has a large area, and is far away from Tijuana.

  7. I dont like this guy. I think he is like a lot of people out there. Money changing mother fuckers and will make a bitch grow ball. No friend or money he will be a mouse.

    1. Sillas. For starters dum ass has millons n comes from a blood line of bosses. N kills for fun. Say what u want but he always was n still is power lounging.


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