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Monday, March 7, 2011

Convoy ambush kills 7 Mexican police, 1 prisoner

Efe, el pais, el universal

In what appears to have been a rescue attempt, gunmen staged a massive ambush of a police convoy transporting two prisoners in northern Mexico, killing seven officers and one of the inmates, prosecutors said Monday.

Six other officers and a second prisoner were wounded in the attack, in which gunmen traveling in about 20 vehicles caught police in a crossfire, Sinaloa state Attorney General Marco Antonio Higuera said.

"The patrol vehicles were destroyed. It was practically a massacre," Higuera said. "Initial reports indicate there were 1,200 shell casings at the scene."

The three state police patrol vehicles were traveling to the state capital of Culiacan when they came under attack by gunmen who had apparently been lying in wait on a highway near the city of Guasave on Sunday.

Higuera said the officers fought off a first attack but were later caught in concentrated fire from a larger number of vehicles.


  1. 20 vehicles of sicarios, they really wanted those prisoners freed or dead.

  2. Who were these prisoners? They must have some kind of clout or importance if a 20 car convoy came to rescue them.

  3. Rest in Peace Officers....may your brothers in arms continue the fight and be rewarded with sweet revenge

  4. First of all, these unfortunate men were betrayed, most likely by someone within their corporation with links to narco cartels. How else would they now they're traveling route. There need to be a massive purge in some of these corporations or these murders will continue to occur. Tremendously sad !

  5. Cartel gunman 1: "hey lets wait here until the cop cars come and just fill them with lead until we all outta rounds man"

    Cartel gunman 2: "ya but we supposed to rescue the prisoners"

    Cartel gunman 3: "what?! ah I don't give a s*** I just want to shoot some people today" *snorts some crack*

    This shows you how retarded these cartels are I mean they kill the ones there trying to rescue LOL!


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