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Monday, March 21, 2011

CDS is hit, "El Trape" and Ten More Fall

An agent of the Federal Public Ministry said that the alleged leader of a cartel of Durango, Jesus Manuel Moreno Reyes, alias "El Trape" was formally charged with numerous criminal acts.

The Attorney General's Office (PGR) reported in a statement that "El Trape" was incarcerated at the Federal Centre for Social rehabilitation number 4 'North-West' located in Tepic, Nayarit, while 10 of his accomplices were sent to various different penal institutions to comply with a warrant issued by a district judge in Jalisco.

11 Persons criminals there were adjudicated in actions against them had been arrested in the city of Durango, after a shootout in the community of Liberación Social that killed one officer of the Federal Police and two alleged criminals.

Moreno Reyes was as leader of the criminal group known as "Gente Nueva," and also worked as a ministerial police in Durango. He supposedly controlled the traffic of drugs in that plaza, as well as the abductions and killings of members of rival gangs.

Víctor Bustamante Juárez and Ranulfo Ramírez Ruiz were imprisoned together with their leader in the Federal Centre for Social rehabilitation number 4 'North-West', located in Tepic.

While Jorge Barajas Arellano, José Ramón Orpilla Villalva, Jesús Leonardo Páez Reyes, Miguel Angel Mercado Hernández, Héctor Manuel Ricario Hernández, Sergio Alba Jara, Ramiro Amezcua Ríos and Ignacio Gómez Kelly were order to the federal prison in Villa Aldama, Veracruz.

In the next few hours the judge will determine the legal status of the remand and examine the existing evidence to prove the justification of the preliminary detention for the crimes of organized crime, as well as illegal possession of firearms and possession of magazines which are only allowed for the exclusive use of the armed forces.

Source: Azteca Noticias


  1. Is this the first real blow to sinaloa besides nacho but nacho was in a fallout with cds so I don't count that I heard these name before tinieblas amarilo trape were big sicarios exterminators for sinaloa things are getting good

  2. Great job guys ! Que bueno!

  3. So is this going to allow for el Flaco de Chihuas to take over some of the Durango territory as well?

    Que se se a oyido about the fued with Gente Nueva de Chihuas and Gente Nueva de Durango?

    Any insight?

  4. They should kill them. No judge, no jury, no trial. Just take 'em out to the parking lot and put a .45 in the brain. Wash down with the garden hose. Done, next.

  5. Things really heating up in durango, the title should be changed to el trape and 12 more fall.


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