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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Businesses in Juarez Hired Zetas Paramilitaries

U.S. cable alleges Zetas operated as paramilitaries in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

By Kelly McKenzie
A U.S. diplomatic document appears to confirm that Zetas have been operating in Juarez, Mexico, during the drug cartel wars in the city.

Several businessmen allegedly hired the Zetas to protect their businesses.

The group consisted of at least eight Zetas who allegedly went to see military commanders in Juarez so they could purchase weapons from the army.

The weapons they wanted were the guns and rifles that the army had seized. The Zetas promised not to use the weapons against soldiers.

Mexican officials have denied the presence of paramilitaries in the state of Chihuahua, although the rumors persisted.

The information in the document came from Mexican officials and their informants.


  1. I wonder if we are going to see paramilitary groups like AUC pop up in Mexico.

  2. What are 8 zetas going to do?


  3. Well these guys aren't commies, and I have a feeling they are not "ok" with the Gov't either... they do work for the true drug movers, shakers... They are (were) a much more concentrated ex-military group, and do therefore understand (at least at their upper, more "pro" levels) that there are ways to talk to the military; there are ways to make yourself the last bite on the plate. You make you're self into the "bread", you mop up the others with help from the hungry hand, hoping to turn into a spoon or maybe to see the end of an appetite.

    These may be some of the most ruthless capitalists in the world, which we all know, is ruled by the most ruthless capitalists in the solar system. They are stepping up in ranks, the ones who do survive... a few always can adapt or get lucky for awhile longer. The few can become immune to responsibility for those very convoluted means to the very simple, capitalist end, undetected total influence (POWER.) Do bear in mind: I'm no lefty, pinko, socialist; I fear that more so, for I can at least see a logic to the capitalists play book; it's much more predictable, whereas the marxist ideals on paper, while themselves logical and making sense to some degree, end up enforced as a form of the worst hell on earth. The human being cannot help but to seize a better seat at the table, or consort to have another's house smashed, so I do declare that it's too bad we've been fooled by all the banks, the weapon tech and fab companies (and I don't include small arms companies, even though surely a few are guilty), the "few who do" know and decide as much as humanly possible how situations develop all over the world, all the time. It shits in my own hat to realize after all, I'm not ok with global society totally collapsing in the next 15-20 years or less; I know too many babies now, all my friends have them, my relatives are having them, I'm starting to feel defensive of them. The future could be brightened or dimmed by the young ones I love and like it or not, we all grow into something, it hinges on us to tend to the garden, to nourish the Beneficial and to kill the Pest.

    Apologies for the rant...

  4. Z's in juarez? I think they are smarter than that I have family out there in the state an accordin to them la linea is standing their ground pretty strong.


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