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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Body of Mexican Governor’s Top Aide Found in Clandestine Grave

Mexican marines found four bodies buried in two clandestine graves in the western state of Jalisco, one of them believed to be the corpse of the chief of staff to the governor of a neighboring state.

Saul Adame, top aide to Colima Gov. Mario Anguiano, had been kidnapped on Feb. 23 in that state located to the south of Jalisco, the Navy Secretariat said in a statement.

The discovery was made after a detained suspect led marines to the place where Adame and three other unidentified people – a man and two women – were buried.

The graves were located at a spot near El Pihuamo, Jalisco, some 35 kilometers (21 miles) northeast of Colima city.

Two rifles, two handguns, a grenade launcher, ammunition, 40 mm grenades and drugs were confiscated from the suspect.

Last November, a group of armed assailants ambushed and killed former Colima Gov. Silverio Cavazos – a member of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, who served from 2005 to 2009 – outside his home.

Authorities have struck several blows to drug-trafficking gangs in the Colima port city of Manzanillo, including an operation in 2007 that led to the seizure of 23 tons of cocaine and another in 2010 that resulted in the confiscation of 200 tons of chemicals used to make synthetic drugs.

Calderon has deployed tens of thousands of soldiers and Federal Police officers across the country to combat drug cartels and other criminal organizations.

The anti-drug operation, however, has failed to put a dent in the violence due, according to experts, to drug cartels’ ability to buy off the police and even high-ranking officials.

Source: EFE

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