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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

229 executions and 36 were women

There was a 40% increase in the number of murders in Cd. Juárez this past month, as compared to Feb. 2010. A total of 229 people were executed including 8 just yesterday and 4 from a family that was ambushed at an intersection in Cd. Juarez.

Published records indicate that during the second month of last year 163 people were killed, a difference of 66 fewer homicides as compared with February 2011.

Even the number of people killed last month was slightly higher than the 222 individuals who lost their lives in attacks in January 2011, which contradicts the official version regarding that the city's violent trend is going down.

February was sadly very tough on females, with at least 36 of the murders committed against members of that population, according to the daily newspaper count and official government data.

The deadly attacks committed in February also showed the existence of another phenomenon: the killing of individuals completely unrelated to activities linked to drug trafficking or organized gangs, which include killings during a kidnapping, extortion or an auto thefts.

For example, the killing of five men last Saturday night in a bar in the Casas Grandes highway was at first classified as a criminal act with premeditation.

However, the testimony of survivors interviewed by El Diario made it clear that the armed aggression originated in the midst of a robbery, and the people killed were targeted because the suspects viewed them as reluctant to hand over their belongings.

On February 16th an 8 year old boy was killed by a group of men along with his father, the unknown assailants shot up the vehicle they were driving in and then set it on fire.

The killing occurred at about 7:40 p.m. as they drove near the corner of Paseo del Durazno and Paseo del Centauro.

The boy and his father Brian Andrade Fidel were riding in a red 1986, Chevrolet Suburban with another unidentified person, when an armed group intercepted and attacked them with high powered rifles.

The little boy suffered burns on 100 percent of his body and his father, 60 percent, while the third managed somehow to survive the attack.

A similar case is the case with three minors who were killed when they were talking outside a house located in the suburb called Colonia Chapultepec.

Karen and Carrasco Barraza Briseidy 14 and 15, and her friend Cristina Lozoya Esmeralda Enriquez 12, were shot Wednesday night Feb. 23, amid an apparent revenge attack against their father, hastened to inform state authorities .

In another tragic example of this phenomenon that occurred only yesterday, members of a family were massacred when riding in a vehicle as they reached the intersections of Ejercito Nacional and Plutarco Elías Calles.

Among the dead was a 10 year old boy, while another just 5 years of age was seriously injured and was rushed to the IMSS General Hospital of Zone 35 "Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social", and was in critical condition fighting for his life.

Officials of the Office of Justice Northern Zone, during their research established that at least 5 percent of those killed were at the wrong place at the wrong time.

During February 2011, following the official estimate, there were a total of 11 people killed that were unrelated to and without premeditation by organized criminals.

Source: El Diario Staff


  1. I will continue to pray for the innocent humans caught in the crossfire

  2. GringoVonFrankensteinMarch 1, 2011 at 6:40 AM

    I wonder what the real death toll is. How many get killed and buried or burned with the bodies never found? It wouldnt surprise me if the real toll was double the official toll.

  3. What is truly amazing is the lack of effective law enforcment in many parts of Mexico. Can you imagine the response in any US city of similar size to Juarez if criminal gangs were commiting murders,kidnappings,extortion,etc like in Juarez?? WHY,is Mexico that corrupt,disorganized,lazy--? It seems that sooner or later a grass roots movement would rise up and try to civilize this mess. Think of the billions lost to the complete disruption of commerce,lost tax revenue. Being a criminal must be depopularized with the Mexican public this hero worship of drug lords is pure insanity.

  4. it is not laziness, or incompetence is padre greed y el hijos corruption

    i am not gonna thump the biblio ..pero...the love of money is the root of ALL evil..i about a true of a statement as ever said

    and you aint never seen some love of money like you will see in messy co

  5. The Love of Money and the lack of intelligence is the nemesis of any civil society. To treat women and children with such disrespect makes you wonder if any of these fools were ever children or even grew in a woman's womb. They were born from the foul and stinch of the devil's asshole itself.

  6. Tomas, good reporting but is this all you cover? Juarez? Let me tell you whats going to happen tomorrow? Killing...and the Next day? More killing....and the day after that more killing...its gets old my friend. I would like to find stories behind these killing, why they took place, more info on the Juarez Cartel, or Vicente guys never seem to talk about them or gente nueva in Juarez or whose winning the those stories would be good.

  7. It`s a mentality in the "Latino" race. Being poor and being lazy, trashy are two different things. With that said, their are PLENTY of lazy, trashy white folks as well, sme with black folk. My position is that in general, Mexicans` have a different approach to life. They don`t have the "self-respect" that other races seem to have. You can tell by their houses, their kids behaviour, they way the talk in public. Many things that I watch tell me that the race, as a whole, is just less concerned about being a superior human than they should,could be. Not all Mexicans are that way. As one myself, I try my darndest to be a hard worker, respect others by respecting myself and my surroundings. I don`t let trash build up around my house. Even though it`s a small house in a low income area, I try and maintain the appearance of it as best I can so the "neighbors" don`t see it as an eyesore. Funny thing is, I`m the only NON-eyesore on my block. I`m half and half. Now you know before you judge my commentary. I`ll let you guess as the other half. The one that raised me. I call her Mom, not madre. So that should tell you where I get my sense of self-worth and self-respect. Until a culture changes, this so called War on Drugs will not even be a blip on a screen in the big picture. It`s a shame, because I`d love to go visit Mexico again. It has some of the most beautiful land in all of the Americas`. How they can disgrace it is beyond my comprehension. Vaya con dios.

  8. @March 1, 2011 11:41 AM

    This has the nerve to talk about "self respect" but is living in "a small house in a low income area" hahahaha....yeah the other half. The one that raised [you] is white trailer trash. Get the f**k out of here you racist prick!! lol

  9. @12:57

    why don't you read the post again before you start calling the previous poster a "racist prick"

    his/her self-respect in living in "a small house in a low income area" is in keeping it clean inside and out and more importantly having respect for those around them and themselves.

    Let's just call things for what they are without being labeled racist. There seems to be a HUGE problem within the latino/hispanic community regarding "the golden rule". Everyone is out for pride, ego, & material possession, while mothers are weeping and the very young orphaned & left to their own devices.

    Doesn't anyone promote self-awareness, self-consciousness, and self-mastery in the latino communities? It's no wonder so many of the youth become part of the meat grinder called "brown pride".

  10. @ Anon 11:41

    I was born in Monterrey and I call they you you're full of sh**t, maybe in Mexico we all don't have nice homes or cars but we do is family values, social values and self-respect which Americans especially white Americans lack. There is no such thing as beggars in Mexico unless you're really mentally retarded no ones give you money in Mexico. The homeless and below poor wash cars, sell stuff/candy anything to get their daily bread and they also shower themselves. In the United States you always see white homeless people begging in the streets and they stink real bad, you never see a hispanic begging for money in the United States, we don't give up unlike white people. We also respect our parents and elders unlike white kids that call their moms bitches and other ugly words. There is no thing as racism in Mexico unlike in the United States where Nazis and KKK openly spout venom and ignorant ideas.

  11. @Kevin
    WTF are you talking about? "Everyone is out for pride, ego, & material possession, while mothers are weeping and the very young orphaned & left to their own devices." But of coarse your making these observations from being a white guy right? I can tell you that I know a lot of Hispanic communities that are not that way but of coarse you won't know anything about that.

  12. @5:28

    hey thanks for making the observation that I'm a white guy...even though i'm not =)

    Even if you are right that I don't know a lick about Hispanic communities, that doesn't take away the major issues facing these same communities...

    I'm guessing I should put a disclaimer that I do respect hispanic culture and or poor...(like i said before...the poor that i've met over here are some of the most hardworking geniune people I've ever met.)

    I live 20mins from the border and have grown up and gone to school with many "hispanics"

    It's just sad to see a culture/communities tear itself apart limb from limb...literally.

    neways...educate me...whats going on with the hispanic youth everywhere? where are the cultural leaders and heroes? Who's gonna step up and start the internal revolution?

    and just some background...I came to America by way of sneaking away on an old overcrowded fishing boat with my parents when I was 2 to escape communism...from vietnam.

  13. No argument Juarez is violent and horrific things occur there, but all the media focus is on Juarez and ig nore places like Tamps where it is overlooked that the good people abandon their homes once again and ran to Miguel Aleman.
    and Mty which narco blockades blocked all roads leading into Mty this morning. Until the media gives fair accounting to the violence in ALL of Mexico those in the outside will never understand the scope of the issue and will think it is localized in Chihuahua.

    I am so tired of 90% the media attention and film makers focus on Juarez. as though that is all there is...

    as for the death numbers. this numbers mean shit. it is est that the numbers are 2-3 times the official numbers. Many deaths are counted as "natural"or accidental" when clearly they are not. In some places such a Tamps there is not one agency keeping tabs. There was a non-profit grp doing it until 2009 when they were threaten by cartel and they folded shop and got the hell out.

  14. @6:39 What are you talking about, even though Mexico has a drug war going; El Salvador, Brazil, Colombia, Honduras etc. still have a larger murder per capita. Brazil and Mexico have the largest economy in Latin America and one of the biggest in the world. We drove the Spanish and French out of Latin America and there isn't a bigger hero than Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata in Latin American history.

  15. @ Kevin

    What are you proud of?? Communism?? What has your people done that stands out from the rest?? Nobody knows your culture, what has the Vietnam people achieved beside getting slaughtered?

    We Mexican have many role models from the Aztecs that build the pyramids, the Aztec calendar which remains the most accurate calendar to date to Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata that drove the Spanish and French from Latin America. What has your people achieved, what is your role model besides Pol Pot?

  16. Yes, I would like to see more reporting on Tamaulipas around Reynosa and the area. Seems like media has stopped talking bout them unless things have quieted down. I've had several students from or moving back to Monterrey also. Thinking of them. Hope they are safe.

  17. @Layla2

    Are you a teacher? I just guessing when you said, "I've had several students from or moving back to Monterrey also"

  18. hey ernies dream world

    either you are blind or lying about beggers in Monterrey...what fukn world are you from pendejo..there are a hell of a lot of borrachos street people in Monterrey, stinkin, bummin, fightin cussin , etc.... ...maybe you should go visit yer old home town sometime buddy boy..go to the esquina de fco madero y zuazua...and report back ...

    i wouldn't be so proud of the Aztecas homie..they are more famoso for murder and cruelty than anything else ...and i am real sure most of latin America dosen't give a snotball about Pancho Villa or Emiliano Zapata...i just know Brazil has a special holiday for them ...NOT...

    and as for your blatantly racist shit...thats some real funny stupid shit to say...there are not enough differen't races in Mexico to have a race problem

    ...but do tell us fuckstick how the taller , whiter people don't discriminate against the smaller darker people in your perfect fucken country...go on culero..i am all ears

    y una cosa mas ...if the USA is so fucked why are there 15 million illegal Mexicans who took a big risk and probably paid a lot of money to get here

    so dice mi ...on second thought ..nevermind always sound pretty stupid anyway and i don't even care to read your reply

    no wonder urny1 changed his name so people wouldn't get you two confused

  19. @B

    did they block the cuotas as well or just the libres?

  20. juarez is crazy. my cousin's stepfather was kidnapped over a month ago. i just found out that his stepfather was in a dentists office. he was sitting on the chair. they had just given him his shots and were ready to work on him when a group burst into the building and kidnapped him but they didnt kidnap the dentist. i guess they think in juarez that every american that crosses over has tons of money. and their dentists are probably really under paid.

    this kind of incident is too out of control.

    i was talking to this medical student from juarez and i asked him what was the craziest thing that he had seen in juarez and he told me that once they had opened up a dead baby's body and found it's lil' body filled with cocaine. they were trying to smuggle drugs inside a baby's body. he told me that it was something you just had to see to believe.

    arriba juarez

  21. Ajulio...

    Most people reading BB can imagine what it must be like to know someone these horrors happen to, but then there are us, we don't have to imagine. We see friends "dissapear" children kidnapped, businesses burned to the ground while firetrucks dare not come because they have been "warned", and the dead. The dead displayed with a narco message attached to a human chest with ice picks, mass carjackings 2 doz in one weekend.....and my city is relatively "quiet", the people give thanks to God that the violence has not reached us yet. Yet all I listed DID happen here. That's how it is now, all relative I suppose, "it could be worse" I hear, it could be Tamps or chihuahua. I wonder if this plays into the acceptance of a level of violence, as long as it is not like "there" . I don't know. 136 americans have been killed in Juarez alone.

    As for the baby. That has gone on since the 80s maybe longer. using human corpse to traffic whatever. Colombia and other countries, using bodies dead or alive to mule drugs or contraband in.

    I think the worse I heard of is a retaliation kill about a month ago of a month old baby which was decapitated. They found the head because a dog was playing with what at first was thought to be a ball, on closer inspection it was the babies head.

    It is one thing to kill a rival, but a baby, like that? How does one take an innocent baby and not only kill but kill by decapitation? What mind can do that? To look into the eyes of a trusting baby, so sweet, so new, so free of any crime, sin or bad acts. What mind can do that?

  22. @ buela

    Touching comment. I will never understand how my people have been so deeply influenced by the devil. I would jump in front of a truck to save a stranger's baby. But that is me. Im really concerned now, because im hearing many more stories about violent acts caused on children in mexico. And we both know that sicarios are always trying to raise the level of violence and that they like to do things in trends. All im saying is that I am really concerned about mexico's future more than ever. There has to be a breaking point.

  23. to all the criminals your soul will be disember in hell with eternal pain


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