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Monday, March 28, 2011

11 Bodies dumped, 4 Gunmen killed: Nuevo Laredo Update

Over the weekend, Nuevo Laredo authorities found eleven bodies dumped near the Nuevo Laredo-Monterrey highway.

According to police reports, around 6:00 a.m. Sunday they were alerted to the scene by passing motorists. Seven bodies were found shot execution style at Km.#7 and and the remainder at Km.#11 of Federal Highway 2 which connects the freight only World Trade Bridge to the Nuevo Laredo- Monterrey Highway.

At this time the victims, many with similar buzz cuts and are estimated to be between the ages of 17 and 29, remain unidentified.

How they got there and who killed them is still being investigated.

The Mexican defense ministry, SEDENA, sent out an email stating that it did not have any information about the deaths at the moment.

Saturday morning, The Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA) released information on an armed confrontation at Km. 12 of the Nuevo Laredo-Monterrey highway that resulted in the deaths of three gunmen and the destruction of a large amount of munitions and weapons.

There as been no official statement regarding a possible relation between the two events.

Information provided by Grupo Savant, a Washington, D.C. think tank, indicated the weekend gunfights were started by the Gulf Cartel.

The acts represent a renewed push against the Zetas.

On Thursday, the Gulf Cartel and its allies, operating under the banner of “La Nueva Federación,” announced its latest offensive with narcomantas, which indicated they would be conducting a “cleansing” of Zetas and Zeta interests throughout the region.

In a separate note, on Monday, SEDENA reported a confrontation which left four gunmen dead in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas.

The event took place in the Guerrero neighborhood when soldiers on patrol came upon several suspicious individuals. The individuals opened fire causing the military to return fire.

The confrontation led to the death of four unidentified gunmen and the confiscation of 2 vehicles, 6 rifles, 74 magazines, and 1110 cartridges, among other items.

Warning: Graphic Content

Sources:, SEDENA, Imagen del Golfo, Laredo Morning Times


  1. Kill all the narcos... Damn putos...

  2. "Information provided by Grupo Savant, a Washington, D.C., think tank, indicated the 11 persons could have been members of criminal organizations that are currently battling the for the Nuevo Laredo drug corridor."

    Duhhhhhhhh... Ya Think? I hope they are not paying for that brillent

  3. is this the same story of the 11 that buggs reported on?
    at the rest stop?
    or is this another 11?

  4. If I.had to guess, they were Zetas.. then again, I could just say they belonged to a criminal org, 7:02 lol... seriously, where do these companies recruit their intel gatherers?

  5. There "buzz" hair cuts give them away as Zetas the scum of the earth, I kept trying to think of any redeeming qualities that Zetas would have and couldnt think of any... Then I thought maybe their remains would at least make good fertilizer until I seen a mass grave that had 4 Zetas buried in it and everything on top was dead so that means they are not even good fertilizer... That is sad when you think manure is even good for fertilizer! Zetas are worse than manure?

  6. Its obvious by looking at the pictures that not all of these guys have "buz cuts"..they look like highschoolers..

  7. @ 8:38 pm

    I have not seen the pictures of all of them, but you are right, at least a couple do not seem to have actual buzz cuts.

    Thanks for commenting

  8. the only good zeta is a dead zeta,kill em kill em all


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