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Friday, February 4, 2011

Video Message from CJNG "Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación"

This released video on YouTube (posted on Borderland Beat YouTube Channel) is directed at Mexican President Felipe Calderón and the Secretary of the Navy of Mexico. A masked man dressed in black tactical uniform that is also flanked by other armed men dress in the same manner start by saying that their comments are made with respect.

They continue by saying that the events on January 31 in the state of Jalisco and the border of the state of Colima, where members of his organization began an assault on a drug dealer nicknamed "El Pilo," who allegedly serves as the main financial partner of La Resistencia, and has links directly with La Familia Michoacana.

He states that it was not known that El Pilo was escorted by two members of the Mexican military, where it is known that the trafficker has orders of arrest in Mexico and extradition orders to the United States for different crimes.

He noted that the CJNG has no intention of fighting against the authorities, be it the military, the Mexican Navy, Federal Police, Sate Police, or Municipal Police.

However, they provide the names of known police commanders that are involved with La Resistencia and La Familia Michoacana that includes the following officials: Aurelio del Toro, Israel Villa Zamora, Fabián Rodríguez, José Luis Rodríguez, Antonio Mercado and Adriano Gómez.

The sicarios of the CJNG warn that the officials mentioned above have until February 10 to resign and if not the hunt will start.

"Our respect to all citizens of this state, report it. We are people who are dedicated to doing our business," they say in video.

At the end of the video which lasts for about 15 minutes, they play sound recordings samples involving several officials in criminal acts.

Source: Narcotrafico en Mexico


  1. The amount of PR and pandering to the community the cartels are doing is pretty crazy. I mean, this was unheard of 5 years or so ago.

    Are these members of Nacho's group that didn't want to go with Sinaloa? Who are they loyal to? Zeta's/Beltran Leyva?

    I definitely think the whole targeting the leader has been a mixed success, the splintering is leading to groups like this and CIDA.

  2. Worthless Common Criminals- The exact same as losers street thug gangbangers.
    These monkjey shit eaters think that they are above the law and are given ultimatum to the state? Yea whatever assholes.

  3. Why is nobody reporting on this?


    Mexican wrongly ID'd a cartel chief
    Published 24 January 2011 04:28 2333 Views
    Mexican police have arrested a cartel member they say is behind the killings of 22 people in the resort town of Acapulco this month. Meanwhile, the Mexican government has admitted it was fooled by a hoax that caused a factory worker to be mistakenly identified as the leader of Tijuana drug cartel. Al Jazeera's Tom Ackerman reports.

  4. When the prior service military review this site and I know we do daily, please look at this interview with an assassin. This interview will help you focus on the task to come. I know it helps me get prepared for what I have to do.

  5. hahah look at the little water bottles. very professional of them. all they need now is a podium and reporters.

  6. This cartel (CDJNG) is not loyal to beltran or zetas or chapo, their business is selling narcotics and nothing else. Their mission is to kill and eliminate any LFM-resistencia members and zetas who set foot in Jalisco. LFM and the zetas try to kidnap and extort innocent people in our state and these guys are taking care of business by taking out the trash. I don't like drug dealers but I'd rather have this organization in Jalisco than LFM or zetas who would put my small restaurant( 5 tables) out of business by taxing me 2000.00 pesos week. I would have to live off 500.00 (about 40 us dollars) pesos a week. I know of similar sized restaurants in Guanajuato who pay these figures to la familia. We are well armed and if they try to tax us they will die.

  7. @11:52 pm
    They are giving an ultimatum to the corrupt officials mentioned in the video who are protecting la familia in Jalisco.

  8. They aren't aligned with Sinaloa? Is their business selling drugs locally? Or do they have resources to send them north?

  9. In the video they say they have enough money to not have to sort to kidnapping or extorting. They might be using Nachos connections.

  10. the reason its not being reported is because some in the Mexican media are afraid for their lives.If what El Grande said is true, the media is being paid off to keep everything quite.

  11. Expect Jalisco state and surrounding area to heat up!

    US already sent travel warning in to the area.
    I will post it up

  12. So there's 4 teams now? The Mexican government, what people consider the good group (CDG, LFM, and CDS), the bad guys (Zetas, Juarez, and Tijuana cartels), and now a mix of splintered groups.

    Maybe we should go back to the days when El Padrino was in control of everything. Put a charismatic and noble leader who sticks to the original cartel believes of not harming innocent people.

  13. @2:03pm
    The cartel of Jalisco consists of nacho cornel's people and Oscar Valencia's (el lobo) people both who have operated in Jalisco for a very long time. Coronel and Valencia were not your local street thugs, they had a very sophisticated narcotics business. When el lobo was arrested all his people started working closely with nacho corneal. When coronel was killed el cartel de Jalisco was born as a result. LFM and Los zetas want Jalisco very bad but CDJNG is fighting back with everything. On top of that normal citizens do not want zetas familia or la resistencia in Jalisco. And as stated above are ready to kill if they are extorted.

  14. @2:03pm
    I'm not sure if they are aligned with Sinaloa, I do know for a fact that several businesses in the Guadalajara metro area are getting visitors asking them to call a number on a card given to them if any one is trying to exort them (some of these men are reported to have heavy sinaloan accents). At the same time some argue that Sinaloa supports la familia, there is no documented proof of this and no people from sinaloa have been killed or captured in shootouts in michoacan.?

  15. Tijuana has nothing to do with Zetas, Beltran Leyva, or Juarez. I don't know why the media reports that as fact.

  16. @nowayjose

    I agree 100%. I call them cheerleaders. Go Sinaloa! Go CDG! Go LFM! Fukk the Zetas!

    You get the picture. For some strange reason people choose to cheer on the "lesser evil" failing to realize they are still supporting EVIL!!!


  17. Whats really happening with Zetas and Famia is that they are warming up the territory so that the military n so forth concentrate on that n it slows the opposition due to the presense of all the extra vigilance!! The real turf war is Cd. Juarez and MonterreyIn Juarez its between Zetas and Sinaloa with help from CDG. IMonterrey its between Zetas snd Beltran Leyva vs CDG. In my hometown CDG control n has really cleaned out sll the scum. They worked very closely with the military to take the Zetas out of there as well as Reynosa and Matamoros!!! The most northern stronghold of Zetas is Nvo. Laredo and Montemorelos and Gral. Teran where they are beign ousyed as well!!

  18. All of this is entertainment for those who are willing to be fool.
    The subject of cartels and affiliations of criminal groups, organize crime, is a project very few are interested to take the risk. First, all readers in this blug, realize we must take responsability for been participants one way or other. If the problems of society could be solve as the only factor preventing it are the so call cartels or cocktails, tomorrow we would not have to worried about Japon.

  19. Nobody will unerstand anything until they go to mexico and realize its a new government. These people help the poor and handicapped in exchange for protection to them through patrolling the streets of their towns looking for strangers or outsiders. These people build schools and public health clinics, renovate retirement homes n care for the elderly. These people hve done more for mexico and Mexicans in the last 5 years than the presidents and government in the last 50! What cjng wants is for jalisco to be a extortion/kidnoping free state once again where peace reigns and were able to go about with our lives. I completely back up carstel de sinaloa and CJNG in my town. Arriba la sierra!

  20. When the corporate rich (and/or military), Juniors and Daddies, in Latin American cities set up their death squads, they always like to claim to be the 'técnicos' and not the 'rudos' in this 'lucha libre' they play in. The 'CJNG' tape is studio wrestling Mexican style. Nothing more.

    See you at the ring!

  21. Arriba el cartel de Sinaloa

  22. A la verga el cartel de sinaloa puro juarez puto y arriva CJNG les guste oh no a mi me vale puritirlta verga jajaja estos plebes son chingones y si no uviera sido xk el jefe Se nos fue en el 97 orita el cartel d juares seria el mas chingon d todos putos se les cay si mo me vale pura verga pinches jotos. Y ariva los pleves del CJNG ajua


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