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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sócrates Rizzo: PRI Presidents oversaw drug trafficking

Sócrates Rizzo Garcia, former Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) Governor of Nuevo Leon (from 1991 to 1996) during the Salinas and Zedillo PRI presidential administrations.

In a conference with students held on Wednesday, February 23, at the Law School of the Autonomous University of Coauhuila in Saltillo, Socrates Rizzo delivered a bombshell that has rocked Mexico as the campaign for the 2012 presidential election approaches.

During an interview session the former PRI Governor admitted that previous PRI presidents held strong control over drug trafficking routes that prevented the attacks on civilians and the violence that Mexico is undergoing today.

Although an open secret in Mexican society and a charge occasionally leveled publicly by the country’s two other major political parties, the National Action Party (PAN) and the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD), this is the first time in recent history that a former or current PRI politician has admitted publicly that this arrangement existed.

"Somehow the problems with drug trafficking were avoided, there was a strong State control and a strong President and a strong Attorney General and a tight control of the Army.”

"Somehow they (drug traffickers) were told: 'You go through here, you here, you there', but do not touch these other places," he said in his speech.

The former Governor added that this strategy allowed the State to ensure the social peace that has been lost in the war on drugs launched by the PAN administration of Felipe Calderon.

"What the old guard says is that we had control by the Government and the Army. The big problem is consumption, and while consumption exists in the U.S. there will be drug trafficking in that direction.”

"What control by the PRI governments guaranteed was that drug trafficking did not disturb the social peace."

Socrates Rizzo, who was the PRI Governor of Nuevo Leon between 1991 and 1996, said the government control ended with the PAN administrations of Presidents Vicente Fox and Felipe Calderón, who failed to listen to advice on how things were done in previous years, thus sparking the current violence.

"This dilemma was lost due to problems of professionalism, it is natural that new officials come without experience, they wanted to do things differently and they did not take advice because the last thing they wanted to hear was anything from the PRI, they said that the PRI were the 'snake in the grass’ and with that they refused counsel.”

"Although there was a change of party, you should have had continuity with what the past government was doing, I think not taking advice on past arrangements relaxed discipline and mechanisms of control and now we see the results."

Rizzo denied that the governors were involved in the agreements between the federal government and the drug trade because those were times when the President had broad powers to the extent that the state executives had to obey.

However, the growth that has occurred with drug consumption in Mexico makes it impossible to resume the negotiation schemes between the government and the drug traffickers, said the former governor.

"These are new times, we are in another world. We now have a drug consumption problem and the problem of ‘disorganized’ crime of robberies and extortions.”

"We didn’t have those problems in the past. At that time there was a strong President with an iron grip on the Army that could maintain social peace and with drug trafficking, that demand determined supply."

(It is believed that the formalized arrangements with drug traffickers began during the PRI administration of Miguel de la Madrid Hurtado from 1982 to 1988 under the direction of his Interior Minister Gobernacion), Manuel Bartlett Diaz, who used the Interior Ministry police force, the Federal Security Directorate (DFS), to coordinate and control the drug trade, which became a protected activity.

Miguel de la Madrid (left)

During this period DFS positions and posts were sold to members of drug cartels, in effect granting them the power to operate with impunity.

This protection continued during the PRI presidency of Carlos Salinas de Gortari, who disbanded the DFS and transferred the coordination and protection of drug traffickers to the Army, Federal Judicial Police and prosecutors such as Enrique Alvarez and Javier Coello Trejo.

The belief remains strong that Luis Donaldo Colosio, Carlos Salinas’ handpicked successor to the presidency of Mexico, was assassinated during the presidential campaign of 1994 because of his refusal to deal with the drug trafficking underworld.

The Salinas administration was so corrupt that even De La Madrid regretted his decision to chose Carlos Salinas as his successor. In interview with journalist Carmen Aristegui, De la Madrid said that Raul Salinas, Carlos’ brother, was the link with drug cartels during the Salinas administration between 1988 and 1994, an administration that De La Madrid denounced as marked by "immorality ".

Raul Salinas (above) and Carlos Salinas (below)

“Raul Salinas was the one who kept contact with the drug cartels and who got the money to accounts in Switzerland and France, through operations with American banks."

"I am very disappointed that I was wrong, but then I had no evidence about the morality of Salinas.”

Previous classified statements that Sócrates Rizzo made to the Monterrey U.S. Consul General in cable 09MONTERREY31 and revealed by Wikileaks show that pacts between political figures of all parties and drug cartels are possible even now,

[Organized Crime and the Elections
3. (SBU) Particularly worrisome, Rizzo observed, was the
prospect of the upcoming gubernatorial, state, and municipal
elections, scheduled to take place in Nuevo Leon on July 5.
While the two principal parties - PRI and PAN - had both taken
steps to guard against the infiltration of narco-money in the
campaigns, in practice it would be practically impossible to
prevent organized crime from bankrolling candidates. One way
the cartels could impact the race would be to just bribe
television anchorpersons and the commentators, thereby ensuring
that their particular candidate received favorable coverage.
Alternatively, he said, organized crime could provide a
candidate's staff with walking around money to distribute to
voters. Meanwhile, another contact pointed out that the
applicable campaign finance regulations only cover the
candidate, so that it would be easy to simply funnel the narco
money to a family member.])

Damage Control

Hours after Rizzo’s statements were covered in the media, a firestorm of dissent from the PRI establishment rained on the ex-Governor.

Manlio Fabio Beltrones, former governor of the border state of Sonora and current PRI Senator and president of the Senate, labeled the statements by the former governor that the past PRI governments controlled and distributed drug trafficking routes as extremely irresponsible.

"Statements of this nature and superficiality do little to make a true diagnosis of the serious problem we have today, of crime and drug trafficking," said the chairman of the Senate. “We are all accountable for our statements and need to back them up with evidence.”

(In an investigative article on corruption in Mexico published in 1997, the New York Times printed the following: The Governor of the Mexican state that borders Arizona is collaborating with one of the world's most powerful drug traffickers, creating a haven for smugglers who transport vast quantities of narcotics into the United States, according to American officials and intelligence.

Officials said this conclusion was based on a wealth of evidence, including ''highly reliable'' informers' reports that the Governor, Manlio Fabio Beltrones Rivera, took part in meetings in which leading traffickers paid high-level politicians who were protecting their operations.

According to the accounts, Raul Salinas de Gortari, the brother of the former President, received suitcases full of cash and was responsible for distributing the money to those attending.

Present and former officials said the evidence of Mr. Beltrones's role was so detailed and compelling that the United States had included his name on a confidential document provided to the transition team of President Ernesto Zedillo listing more than a dozen officials suspected of corruption. Another Mexican Governor, Jorge Carrillo Olea, was also included on the American blacklist because of reported entanglements with major drug dealers.

While Mr. Zedillo did not name either man to a federal post, both continue to wield considerable power in their states and nationally through their prominence in Mexico's governing party. Both seem to enjoy a tacit immunity from concerted criminal investigation in Mexico and the United States.

Manlio Fabio Beltrones is still in line for the PRI nomination for the presidency of Mexico if the party’s “golden boy”, Enrique Peña Nieto, loses his certain grip on the candidacy)

Fernando Baeza Melendez, PRI Senator from the state of Chihuahua, also demanded that Rizzo show evidence to validate his statements.

"There were never direct or indirect dealings with drug traffickers to give them any support. Domestic consumption has grown in recent years, in the past there were no conflicts because there was no struggle for the domestic market.”

(Baeza Melendez was the Governor of Chihuaua from 1986 to 1992, during the rise to power of Amado Carrillo Fuentes “the Lord of the Skys”. During his term in office the former Governor, Elias Ramirez Ruiz, his director of the state judicial police, and Elias Ramirez jr., the director’s son and representative of the PGR in the state of Chihuahua, were rumored to be the protectors of the then head of the Juarez cartel, Rafael Aguilar Guajardo and his criminal operation.

Amado Carrillo had the backing of the then Secretary of National Defense Juan José Arévalo Gardoqui.

Soon after Baeza Melendez ended his term as Governor, Rafael Aguilar Guajardo was murdered in Cancun and Amado Carrillo assumed control of the Juarez cartel.)

In an interview with Univision news anchorman Jorge Ramos, Enrique Pena Nieto, the former Governor of the state of Mexico (Edomex) and current frontrunner for the PRI candidacy for President of the Republic in 2012, gave a cryptic anwser to the question of whether the PRI had negotiated with drug cartels while in power.

"When the PRI held political hegemony in this country we were not living what we have today, it was another scenario, another reality. But today we are living in a completely different world, not only in Mexico but throught the globe.”

Peña Nieto continued: "these statements are an attempt to discredit the PRI, it seems really absurd and only suitable for some in the mood to disqualify the PRI. There are no negotiations with drug traffickers, there can not be a deal with organized crime, only the law applies. That is final."

(This is not the first occasion that Peña Nieto and the PRI uses the ‘election ploy’ tactic to cloud an issue. In January of this year Edomex state prosecutors downplayed calls to investigate the over 900 femicides that have taken place in the state since Peña Nieto took office in 2006 and the failure of Edomex law enforcement to address the gravity of these crimes.

The Edomex municipalities of Toluca (the state capitol), Naucalpan and Chimahualcán, along with Ciudad Juarez in Chihuahua now constitute Mexico’s epicenter for these hate crimes against women.

The proposal to convene a special investigation was blocked by the PRI and the party dismissed the demand for an investigation as an ‘election ploy’.

This action by the PRI was meant to protect the image of Peña Nieto if he is indeed chosed as the party’s standard bearer in the presidential elections of 2012.)

The National President of the PRI party and former Governor of Coahuila, Humberto Moreira, added his voice to those rejecting the statements of Socrates Rizzo.

Moreira denied that the PRI had ever negotiated with the drug cartels to maintain stability within the borders of Mexico.

“When the PRI was in power we arrested El Chapo Guzman, when the PAN took over he escaped”

Ruben Moreira (left) Carlos Salinas de Gortari (center) Humberto Moreira(right)

(It should be noted that while Moreira was Governor of Coahuila the state became a Los Zetas bastion. His political opponents in the state often referred to him as the Zeta Governor.

At one time Ruben Moreira, Humberto’s brother and candidate for Governor of Coahuila in this year’s elections, was the next door neighbor to “el Canicon”, or Sigifredo Najera Talamantes, a senior member of Los Zetas living in Saltillo who was behind the Zeta takeover of Nuevo Leon and was the head of the Zeta plaza of Monterrey.

El Canicon claimed responsibility for the grenade attack on the U.S. consulate in Monterrey on October 12, 2008 and was responsible for the torture, mutilation and murder of nine Army troops in Monterrey from October 17 to the 22nd, 2008. He is supposed to have co-opted up to 60 percent of all police officers in Nuevo Leon. El Canicon was arrested in Saltillo in March 2009 by the army in a top secret operation designed to prevent any warning by Coahuila’s law enforcement apparatus.

Miguel Angel Treviño Morales, El Z 40, who is one of the top leaders of Los Zetas is reported to own ranches in Coahuila and in a letter sent by a citizen’s group to President Calderon in November of last year, the residents of the border city of Piedras Negras complained of the regular presence of El Z 40 in their city and his protection by local and state police officials. Even the presence of Heriberto Lazcano, the head of Los Zetas, was reported on the letter.

Coahuila is the fourth ranked state in Mexico in the number of kidnappings reported to authorities, and it should be noted that in Mexico the vast majority of kidnappings for ransom are never reported.

A cable released released by Wikileaks, 09Monterry251, even mentions that Moreira was willing to sacrifice the lives of his citizens due to his hatred of the PAN party

[Armed gangs roamed the city of Torreon and its suburbs, with the situation even worse across the river in Gomez Palacios, Durango. The state/local police forces in the Laguna region were of little use as organized crime had either corrupted or intimidated officers there. Note: Moreira is the Governor of a decidedly PRI state; Torreon is the one major municipality governed by the PAN and its leaders continually complain that the state government starves them in terms of security resources].

The security situation in Torreon is so severe due to Moreira’s criminal negligence that the current PRI mayor remains unable to impose control. Recently Torreon was ranked the 19th most dangerous city in the world)

Under the immense pressure unleashed by the PRI hierarchy, Socrates Rizzo recanted his earlier statements in a radio interview the next day, stating that his words had been taken out of context. His new position was that the other parties the PRI negotiated with to maintain stability were other sectors of Mexican society and not the drug cartels.

Of course, politicians and leaders of the PAN and PRD political parties held Rizzo’s statements up as proof of the charges of collusion with organized crime that have circulated for decades.

In the words of one PAN national leader, Gustavo Madero Munoz, “A strong president is not one who strikes a deal with criminals that damage Mexican society, but one that faces them head on.”

“PAN presidents assumed their responsibility and the path of law, combating drug trafficking and organized crime head-on with the all the power of the law.”

Madero Munoz said that the statistics of deaths are higher in states governed by the PRI.

"There is a disturbing correlation between crime rates and PRI governed states. These states have the highest number of killings and the worst problems with their prisons”

This is the legacy of PRI rule in Mexico.

(The other two main political parties would be dishonest in claiming the moral high ground with regards to negotiating pacts with organized crime. There are allegations of links between the Sinaloa Cartel and Felipe Calderon and the PAN, and of La Familia Michoacana’s infiltration of the PRD state and municipal governments in Michoacan.)

Rechazan Priistas habe negociado…….
Presidentes Priistas controlaban al narco…..
Drug ties taint 2 Mexican Governors
En la gestion del huevo de la serpiente…..
El PRI no negocio con el narco
Feminicidio, los Expedientes Ocultos tras la Guerra contra el Narco y la Publicidad de Peña Nieto
Recula Sócrates Rizzo: priistas nunca pactaron con el narco
Tamaulipas encabeza secuestros……;coahuilaelcuartolugar-660802.html
PRI sigue negiciando…..
State Dept cable 09Monterrey251
Carta dirigada a Felipe Calderon
State Dept cable 09MONTERREY31


  1. This comes as a surprise to whom? Of course people in high places stay in the background and profit from illegal activities. They are the true puppet-masters. This is not something that happens in Mexico alone. It happens all over the world, even in the US. Money and power can corrupt anyone. Sometimes it is exposed to the light of day, and sometimes not.

  2. Good info but you got some things wrong that I should point out for example,

    "The belief remains strong that Luis Donaldo Colosio, Carlos Salinas’ handpicked successor to the presidency of Mexico, was assassinated during the presidential campaign of 1994 because of his refusal to deal with the drug trafficking underworld."

    That is wrong, common folks agree that he was killed on the orders of Salinas himself because of a speech Colosio gave, talking about the Mexican people "thirst" for justice and a bright future. According to this rumor Salinas felt those words marked a rupture between Colosio and him.

    Here is the video:

    And second, "Raul Salinas was the one who kept contact with the drug cartels and who got the money to accounts in Switzerland and France, through operations with American banks."

    That money wasn't from drug cartels, that money was from the people or better yet, petroleum (PEMEX) that the brothers stole from Mexico and sent it to Switzerland.

    Like I said good reporting, everyone know the PRI are a bunch of corrupt mofo, but your statements are merely based on word of mouth and allegations that haven't been proven.

  3. I don't get it Gerado, BB is contradicting themselves, you said this in this article: "Moreira is the Governor of a decidedly PRI state; Torreon is the one major municipality governed by the PAN and its leaders continually complain that the state government starves them in terms of security resources."

    But in another article published by BB also says this: "[The mayor of Torreon] signed the order to fire 600 officers, nearly the entire force.The next morning, the state governor[Ruben Moreira] called Mr. Olmos and congratulated him. He has also sent him a present: an armored Suburban and eight bodyguards."

    Isn't this helping him and supporting his decision? Aren't you contradicting yourself?

  4. All Mexicans are corrupt. It is in their blood. They are infected dogs.

  5. @ 12:06 It is not a contradiction at all, it is PR, saving face. Humberto did it all the time. There was worldwide publicity in Torreon when that happened (and they are PAN) so Humberto wanted to look supportive.

    As for the cat out of the bag, pretty shocking admission the old guy must be getting a little senile. Like Castro when he slipped and said communism does not work. But this pratice of control or traffic control is one concept that many are talking about as a resolution. People just don't see a way out and think at least before they could have a life.

    Rueben I think and the opnion of many is worse than Humberto. but The polls show he is leading by 60% the PAn candidate has only 11% support. the moreiras have won over the people by showing stunts of helping the people. sucked them in. he did it well.

    Coahuila's "dissapeared" it is estimated to be 3 times or more the official number. and if you whip out a map you will see why it is in a prime location, for sure it borders the most violent states...chihuahua, Nl, Durango SLP, Zacatecas. I look for violence to break out badly this year. I will no longer drive to places like Saltillo by car, too long and lonely highways.

  6. Anon @ 11:55pm
    Most of the people I have ever spoken with (back in the 90’s) about el caso Colosio favor the Narco version, but I guess we will never really know unless another Socrates
    “suelta la sopa”. Everyone agrees Aburto was not a lone gunman. As for the source of Raul’s illicit funds, those were De la Madrid’s words quoted from an interview with Carmen Aristegui. Of course that money was from all over; from the narcos, Pemex, venta de plazas, kickbacks etcetcetc

    anon @ 12:05am
    No contradiction, the current PRI PM of Torreon, Eduardo Olmos, was elected in October 2009 and serves from 2010 to 2013. The two previous PMs were PAN (Memo Anaya and Jose A. Perez)

  7. Ok BB what ever happen to your Moderation of Comments which include:

    1.) Any comment that gets personal with attacks using offensive languare,
    2.) Racially motivated content that has nothing to do with topic and is hateful toward a particular group.
    3.) Any comment that incites and is inflamatory just for the sake of it.
    4.) Comments that do not add anything to a topic and are not contructive, cluttering the comment section unnecessarily

    WTF is this? All Mexicans are corrupt. It is in their blood.

    So can I also say that Americans are a society full of drug addicts it is in their blood? They are infected dogs.

    And to February 28, 2011 12:21 AM
    You stupid ignorant mofo, corruption exist everywhere not only in Mexico didnt you read the article yesterday about A national guardsmen being arrested yesterday? or the fact another 3,200 public corruption cases pending, approximately 2,500 of which involve corruption of public officials. So can I say All Americans are corrupt. It is in their blood. They are infected dogs? You stupid ignorant some of B**ch.

  8. Solamente es una sorpresa para los puritanos, pues todo mundo sabe que así se las arreglan los PRIISTAS, sin embargo, la declaración de Sócrates Rizzo se convierte en un parte-aguas, toda vez que pondrá a reflexionar a la ciudadanía en torno de los comicios próximos de varios Estados de la República, así como fijar la mira en las elecciones para el sexenio 2012-2018. !Por lo pronto, puso a temblar a Miguel de la Madrid, Calos Salinas, Manlio Fabio Beltrones, entre otros políticos relacionados con esos usos y costumbres prohibidos.

    !Saludos para todos!

  9. @Buela
    Since you seem to know more about Coahuila then I do, what do you mean"
    "I think and the opnion of many is worse than Humberto. but The polls show he is leading by 60% the PAn candidate has only 11% support. the moreiras have won over the people by showing stunts of helping the people. sucked them in. he did it well."
    Is this for election of the governor of Coahuila? I really don't read much or hear much about the state.

  10. Esos weyes no tiemblan porque son intocables. Te aseguro que Beltrones, Salinas y compañia se han de estar riendo con las declaraciones de Rizzo.

    Por cierto, hay que irnos prepararnos para un sexenio priista con el Neutron, ni madres que gana el PAN o PRD en las elecciones del 2012.

  11. Gerardo..
    where did you get the fact that Torreon is the 17th most "dangerous" city in the world? I know it is dangerous that in numbers or per capita?

    Torreon is the only city in Coahuila that is a PAN city. this means that the majority of voters in torreon have a registered affliation with PAN. all other cities are PRI. However Torreon is also the most populated at a little over a million. Its violence has produced some treasures such as hanging a funeral wreath on the door or the police chief, so promply took his family and got the hell out of dodge. Then the Zs stromed the mayors (presidente) office to assassinate him, but lucky for the guy he was not there.

    Back to Humberto..when he came into office he was left a balance budget and no debt, when he left Jan 4, 2011 (there about) he left with a debt of 8.9 Billion Pesos. He is brilliant in knowing how to buy the loyalty of voters. He used the govenrment resources to promote himself, this is what I referred to as PR. He has spruced up every plaza in key cities and poor towns to insure his voting base remains wide. He gave 200,000 laptops to schools and teachers, new highways, mamograms for all women bought furniture and houses of the victims of Alex flooding. Showy projects, high profile making great video and media spots. and he was sucessful in gaining the loyality of an overwhelming majority of voters. they love him. I never heard anyone refer to him as the zeta governor in that term, onbly in the press from time to time or his opponents, but I have heard just about everyone say he is backed by Zs, and when I ask why do they back a guy so corrupt in org crime they just shrug the shoulders and say "they are all in with one or the other, what can we do? at least this one does some good works for us"

    He now is in DF preparing to run for the national PRI presidency, and after that the plan is the presidency of Mexico.

    As for Z40 the word is in Coahuila that both he and Mamito operate from ranches near Saltillo. There are many ranches throughout Coahuila huge landmass, 2nd largest in Mx. Cattle being one of the main industries.

  12. 1:05 What was the name of the national guardsman?
    Corruption is everywhere BUT to compare the US to mexico is ludicrous.

    I think the length of your reply and your venom towards an obviously stupid and ignorent comment
    Shows quite well the content of your character.

    As for the story, i wonder how much Miguel de la Madrid knew about what happened to Enrique Camarena?

  13. Gerardo and Buela are FOS.....there is contradiction.....No mas dicen lo que les convienen.

  14. date, the most significant salvo fired in the presidential election...

    There should be no question about whether PRI wield(ed) very considerable power to control the flow and maintain a peaceful co-existence of the industry with the rest of society; BUT THEY COULD HAVE NEVER STARTED IT OR STOPPED IT.

    The PRI were just the profiteering "Transitos" on the beat, not the "Puppet-Masters" of conspiracy theories.

    It was one of nature's symbiotic relationships where everybody benefited from someone directing traffic. The relationship fomented an image of the "Gentleman Trafficker" that hob-knobbed with politicians and the rest of society but minded to his own after-hours business; all as an open secret. A type of underworld society that maintained its own regimen of discipline on itself and left everyone else alone... know the type...

    Now, the power to make money is maintained through the barrel of a gun....and nobody benefits from that, least of all the traffickers themselves.

    Media and communications have a democratizing effect on the vote; to the old power-broker's detriment. Mexicans have a tough choice: peace through experienced corrupted, order maintaining politicians; or not.

    ...we'll take the cargo however the LBFM's want to bring it...


    Cuando Gortari y su socio Clinton hacian sus transas no habia ni muertos ni tanto borullo. Todo bajo el agua. Carlitos mandaba sus aviones cargados a Arkansas, escoltados por The Mexican Air Force, Clinton los recibia con The National Guard y colorin colorado. A lo mejor si seria mejor que volviera el PRI para que vuelva todo a estar por debajo de la mesa como antes. De todos modos Gortari sigue siendo el macizo!!

    - El Okie-Dokie

  16. like i said long ago all PAN is doing is kicking the DTO's asses into line to support them in the next election..those who will change sides and pay PAN will be left alone to in the case of shorty and the sinaloas..remember shorty escaped during a PAN administration...and he has been left alone

    those who don't want to play ball will be taken down...the Z's have been used and assisted by PAN to fuck the rest of the cartels up...why do you think they are the police? ...and now the Z's that are getting hit are the ones who are out of control or are seen to be a problem in the future...also CDG has probably started paying the mordida, and are willing to support PAN now so they will be ok to play

    the USA has the same thing goin on...just more "civilized"...the bush family are the main dope dealers....and now due to the clintons new connections through chelsee clintions marriage they have risen up in the ranks to the upper echelon of not only drug dealers but financial criminals

    mexico is just going through some evolution pains, like the USA did a long time ago

    when it is all over the dope will flow , and the blood will dry up and it will be business as usual and party time again,

    only PAN will get the mordida instead of PRI...that is of course if calderonz is successful in kicking ass enough

    do you ever wonder what happens to all the confiscated money?

    wonder how much this old guy got paid to rat out PRI?

  17. @hasta la madre

    Ya se te olvido tan pronto el SALINISMO la pobreza extrema y la gran deuda externa que dejaron el PRI? solo los ignorantes y retrogradas como ustedes se olvidan de eso!!!pero en fin BELTRONES que pruebas quieres solo mirate el rabo cabron

  18. @February 28, 2011 1:15 AM
    @hasta la madre


  19. Wow! Lots of invective and opinion, but only a few of these comments contain any real facts.

    Hey Anon 11:55 pm - "That money wasn't from drug cartels, that money was from the people or better yet, petroleum (PEMEX) that the brothers stole from Mexico and sent it to Switzerland." - You could not be more wrong about this. Perhaps some Pemex money was involved, but there is tons of information and evidence supporting the flow of "tributes" paid by the cartels that went all the way to the president's brother. The PRI sold the plazas and collected ever-increasing franchise fees. In fact, cartel bosses are on record about getting squeezed for more money by the local military commanders who passed it up the line.

    Anyone who thinks things were better with the PRI is uninformed and selfish. When you let a rattlesnake into the chicken coop, it might not bite one of the chickens right away if it has enough food, but eventually a snake will be a snake and the chickens will die. And people cry for the days when the PRI was better, but it is the PRI who made a pact with the devil. Crazy!

  20. weakness in the population are always to blame for the political conditions

    the USA has the weakness of being like babys always wanting to suck the titty of drugs and alcohol...wah wah mommy beat me

    mexico has the weakness of greed... always wanting more money...first you get the money....

    even if the USA stopped buying mexican dope, mexico would still be prone to crime, it would just turn some other direction ...probably towards internal crime ...extortion, robbery etc

    the American political crime lords protect the market here by maintaining drug criminalization and prohibition...keep it illegal ..beat down any local was so blatant when cowpiederon came out against legalization in California...i mean how obvious can you get

    just like the illegal immigration problem...the poor innocents are denied any legal status so they can be exploited by both the mexican criminals and the American criminal employers...and at the same time along with the sheep the cartels sneak in their wolves to help over see operations

    American prisons are full of drug offenders...mexican soil is full of dead vatos who died trying to supply them...and the fat bastards on both sides of the river who control it have banks full of money from it all

    meanwhile the US army is in Afghanistan chasing around a bunch of guys who stopped opium production and don't even have shoes...sound familiar?

  21. hehehehe pinche bigotito classico de Salinas.
    Cuando Salinas fue Presidente en Nuevoleon nunca nos falto nada, sera rata o lo k sea pero a todos les ayudo pobres y ricos......renovo muchas carreteras y escuelas hizo un bien por Nuevoleon.


  22. I'm glad to finally see an 'official' recognition of the amount of consumption down here in Mexico. The constant repetition of this all being the result of US consumption is, and always has been,
    the Mexican government's tried and true method of shifting the blame for their own corruption and incompetence northward. Any hope of some kind of resolution can only come from a realistic understanding of the problems, not just playing the blame game and throwing away more and more tax dollars.

  23. You are correct 9:16
    consumption had risen from 1 to 4 or 5%
    it is a huge problem. of course numbers are larger for the US because of sheer mathematics more populus equal % is higher.

    All the little street thugs and halcones working for cartels are druggies.

    As for the blame game, cartels are in apx 50 countries worldwide taking over drug markets previously held by colombian DTOs. Not to mention the dto is getting to be a much smaller part of the business.

    Priracy of MS software DVDs and games are a trillion dollar biz for the cartels, gas theft and extortion, kidnapping, human traffikking etc.

    It is easy to blame the US and we are not blameless for ex the ineffective oversight of banks allowing $$ laundering, but bottom line, the org crime problems, as well as all social issues in Messico are the fault not even of the MDCs it all leads back to the corruption of government, politians and police, military forces in Messico that are at fault and have been so forever.

  24. FOS...thats a medical term...jajaja
    everything is so fluid, you could be correct, but explain so we can learn...?

  25. I don't know that a moment of partial honesty by a PRI hack possibly now heading over to the PAN for 2012 means very much, Gerardo? Fact is, that both Mexican conservative parties, the PRI and PAN, NOW will do exactly what the US wills for them to do and there's nothing very new about that.

    PRI and PAN both see the US government as the biggest gang and cartel out there and follow orders given them accordingly. While formerly the PRI tried to truce and profit off the native gangsters some while having that same as now dependent relationship with D.C.

    Let's be honest why we even have a PAN party.... It was pressured out of the old PRI one party regime by D.C. and their business allies inside of Mexico. the point that Zedillo actually was eventually forced to give the dedazo to Fox instead of the fall guy chosen by him from his own political party.

  26. @February 28, 2011 8:17 AM

    Esa es la FALSA tranquilidad que nos quieren vender los PRIISTAS, quieren regresar al PODER para volver a pactar con los NARCOS y dar la imagen de que solo ellos nos pueden dar la PAZ, CINICOS DESVERGOZADOS, CORRUPTOS !!. Y todavia aun los FORISTAS del PRI los defienden, BORREGOS !!. Ningun Voto para el PRI, Beltrones, Paredes y el COPETUDO, son la misma ESCORIA.

  27. @February 28, 2011 7:19 AM

    Que gran descubrimiento!!!! Lo difícil es que reconozcan que TODOS los gobers NO HACEN nada por detenerlos!!!!!!

  28. I appreciate what you all have to say in Spanish but I wish you would post in English. This is the only good narco blog in English and it's nice to be able to come here and read/post in English. You have a wide selection of blogs in Spanish, DDN, mundo narco, La Polaka, and even BDN has cleaned up their posters. Thank you.

  29. A response to the post at 1.05am

    It was I who said all Mexicans are corrupt.
    Sometimes, things are said that ARE meant to be offensive. We can't engage in dialogue if we all have to refrain from causing offense. Some things just are offensive
    I stand by my comment frommy experience.They can blame the USA all they want. I have lived in both countries, and ifyou want to blame the USA for all your ills, which you do at every turn, then you are doomed. I personally have stopped employing Mexicans, and things have gone excellently. Much better than before when I used to employ them.

    If you honestly think that the USA is responsible for the violence in Mexico, and that the Mexicans are a drug free, non violent, law supporting example to the rest of the world, then go ahead. The whole world sees you as having low low standards, ingrained into your soul. They expect you to blame someone else. People like that always do, and it keeps them in the lower tier of humanity.

    This problem will continue while Mexicans allow it to. Blaming the USA is part of letting it continue. There are as many drug users in Mexico as in the USA, but that doesn't seem to matter. It is USA drug users that create the demand, never Mexicans. They are too pure.

    The thing is, dealers in the USA get arrested. Dealers in Mexico are made folk heroes. There is a big difference. One that many may not see as important, but what can we do about it?

    I live in the US, and have for 2 years. I lived in Mexico for 9 years. I am from France originally.

    I have never been one for political correctness. It seems to hide the truth, or suppresses others from being honest. It is no surprise that the Mexican culture has really taken to PC language when discussing their plight in the English, as they do not want others to know the truth, and prefer the scapegoat of the USA. Mexicans - if there was an olympic sport called "looking the other way", you'd be guaranteed a gold every time.

    Mexico is doomed, probably why most of the commentators here are writing these posts from the safety of being North of the Border. If the USA is so corrupt, and Mexico is so pure, then why are so many Mexicans running into this country every day???

    Dialogue on this matter WILL cause offense. Get over it. It is noticed that severed heads don't cause offense half as much as a few words. The view here is that if you showed as much outrage to the decapitation, as you do to your neighbors for holding a view, then the situation would change quickly. Fat chance of that happening.

    I expect the post to last 5 mins. It is ok to show disembowelment, but please don't show us coarse language, as I wouldn't wish to be offended!!!!

  30. @February 28, 2011 12:23 PM
    "I appreciate what you all have to say in Spanish but I wish you would post in English. This is the only good narco blog in English and it's nice to be able to come here and read/post in English."

    Its in the comment section which people have voiced their opinions but what do you care what we say? The story is most important and if it wasn't for bilingual speakers that BB has gringos wouldn't be able to read these stories, BB is reporting on the MEXICAN DRUG CARTELS...MOSTLY IN MEXICO so your going to get people that speak Spanish and English so quit your bitching, last time I checked BB didn't require everyone to SPEAK ENGLISH ONLY!!

  31. Hey Buggs/Gerardo if I had to take a wild guess I would bet that one of you guys made this statement: "I appreciate what you all have to say in Spanish but I wish you would post in English. This is the only good narco blog in English and it's nice to be able to come here and read/post in English. You have a wide selection of blogs in Spanish, DDN, mundo narco, La Polaka, and even BDN has cleaned up their posters. Thank you."

    Now, I could be wrong but now that I think about it, BB would only want Americans or better yet White Americans as their audience and would prefer everyone to speak English so the White folks on here wouldn't feel outta place. Now I could be wrong and would apologize if I am, but its just my theory.

  32. @ anon 1:44, 2:10

    There are limited sources for non-Spanish speakers to read information about the cartel war - at least, information not presented in the American mainstream media. Even in the US, there are Mexican-Americans in border states who speak very little spanish and wouldn't be able to follow information on blog del narco, La Polaka, etc.

    BB is a source of information and a medium of discussion for anybody who is more comfortable with English than Spanish. For that reason English is the preferred language.

  33. ardento has replaced ernesto as the apologist for the mexican criminal culture ..and is going to ALWAYS point the problem towards the USA

    come on is obvious ..what happened ..get tired of your old persona

    you might change your handle...but your old boring bullshit rap is the same


  35. @Pancho

    So in other words preferred not required? Look I don't mind speaking in English but when some a**hole tells me I need to talk English and tells me to leave BB because he can't understand my OPINION and wants to know what everyone says in the comment section, then he is just being nosy and rude. Like I said before the story is most important and BB does a fairly good job telling it in a fair and balance manner. What does my opinion matter anyway, most of the opinions are a bunch of mumble jumble and fighting back and forth? At the end of the day, its just my opinion.

  36. @ 7:19 AM Feb 28

    I agree with you, I did not say they wanted peace persay, but they want better control, and its the citizens that wonder if this may be the better way, the least of the two evils. I did not mean to imply I was in agreement with this "solution" because I am not.

    here is the comment of 7:19 AM (2/28) in english

    "The former governor is wrong, PRI doesn’t “ agree with narcos” in the past. Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI) agrees in present with the cartels, examples? Reyes Baeza in Chihuahua, Hernandez in Tamaulipas, Esparza in Durango, Bours in Sonora etc etc etc. And what the people from PRI want is not social peace. It’s all the millions that they got from the campaigns and the pockets of the mafia."

  37. @7:19AM Feb 28th

    I agree, and what I meant was they seek better control, and the citizens tired of the violence wonder if "traffic control" is the best solution of the alternative. I do not agree it is.

    for english speakers here is the comment translated in english

    "The former governor is wrong, PRI doesn’t “ agree with narcos” in the past. Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI) agrees in present with the cartels, examples? Reyes Baeza in Chihuahua, Hernandez in Tamaulipas, Esparza in Durango, Bours in Sonora etc etc etc. And what the people from PRI want is not the social peace. It’s all the millions that got from the campaigns and the from the pockets of the mafia"

  38. post says:
    A cable released released by Wikileaks, 09Monterry251, even mentions that Moreira was willing to sacrifice the lives of his citizens due to his hatred of the PAN party....

    here is link;

    can someone find this claim in there or know where I can find that and that Torreon is the 19th most dangerous one I have told is buying it.

    can anyone help?

  39. Yes I am still in Mexico and have maitained my offices in Coahuila for years. This is my knowledge through exp and information from trusted sources. It does not mean it is correct or has not changed. give me some idea what is troubling to you and I will try to help. I really do not rely much on news.. Mx witholds much and US news is clueless. So where do you live? as you know it is very different in La Laguna VS the No West part of the state. As I stated my city has violence but it has been a picnic compared to other Coahuila cities.

    Being in Mx has been both elation and heartache for me. Though I am in Coahuila my relatives and friends are in a dozen states in Mx, none of which have been peaceful.

    My dos centavos, agree or not unless you have concrete proof otherwise, my op will be unchanged until someone or some entity does.

    why the caps? I have 20/20 vision.

  40. PS..
    Great work Gerardo! thanks so much

  41. RE: posting in English--if you don't know what they are saying, go to trans Spanish to English. Keep it up on separate tab. Cut n paste. It's easy.

    This blog is about Mexico isn't it?

  42. "can someone find this claim in there or know where I can find that and that Torreon is the 19th most dangerous one I have told is buying it."

    here is the source for the Torreon ranking on dangerous citiies worldwide. I made on error on the post. the article says Torreon ranking is #17 not #19 as I originally posted. The men quoted below are the business establishment of the city.

    Reclama la IP apoyo de la Policía Federal

    Empresarios piden al Gobierno del Estado que haya presencia de más agentes federales en la Región Lagunera.

    César Villarreal, presidente del Consejo de Seguridad y Andrés Izaguirre, presidente del comité del Fideicomiso, dijeron ayer que se requiere el apoyo federal en la medida de la dimensión del grave problema de violencia que se enfrenta en la zona metropolitana.

    Al conocer el dato de que Torreón y su zona conurbada ocupa el lugar 17 mundial en tasa de homicidios, Villarreal dijo que "necesitamos ayuda en esa proporción''.

    Al respecto, Carlos Anaya, presidente de Canadevi Laguna, dijo "vemos muy mal que la ciudad figure dentro de este ranking mundial de homicidios, ya que considero que esto limita a la región para atraer nuevas inversiones y para crecer".

  43. personally it doesn't bother me to read comments in spanish, even though i don't read it all that well...but it helps me to improve my sometimes it just almost has to be said in spanish...

    it is about Mexico after all,
    and really as amusing as some of the comments are... the meat is really the articles that are translated into english by our faithful reporters

    if some of ya'll don't hush complaining i am gonna start writing comments in spanish...and that will be really painful..jaaja

    and yes i am happy because in about a month i am going to go to mexico and get my esposa..and then we are gonna go to church and thank god

  44. It gets so tiresome seeing people complaining that some of us seemingly blame everything on the great USA, they always say. But then we go on and see the chorro of racists here, including the guy 1:01PM from France who says he won't employ Mexicans because supposedly all Mexicans are dishonest! And the French, if he is in fact originally from France as he says, are all such lovely people no doubt???? He joins the USA TODAY crowd complaining about any of us who mention that the US has some blame to share in the blame game. Boo-hoo-hoo... says the French guy...

    Now @ Brito...

    Yes, I got tired of people confusing me with 'Ernies' World' and also about all those responding to anything and everything I posted under the name 'Ernest1' like rabid Pavlov's dittoheaded rush L assholes. So now I've had a name change and so what?

    All you guys with pseudo Spanish names who are in fact ANGLO ANGLO ANGLO folks shouldn't get too hot under the red necked collar about it, now should you? You can start flaming away at Ardent instead of Ernest1, and nobody will be confuse me any more with Earnies Girdle, Urny, or anything else. ...unless they just want to be confused....


  45. @lito'brito

    Thats funny Brito cuz I said the same thing last week when I pointed Ardent being the new Ernie hahaha


    Sorry Gerado but that's wrong, the person who orginally listed Torreon as 17th most dangerous was el José Antonio Ortega y Francisco López, voceros de CCSPJP (Consejo Ciudadano para la Seguridad Pública) y el Movimiento Blanco. Its a ONG and well even though they say its the 17th I still have doubts in my mind that its that dangerous. I'm not saying its fine and dandy but its no Juarez either. I provided their website below.

  46. W' sup Brito?

    It does'nt matter if it's PRI, PAN, or PRD. They are all the same greedy, cold-hearted, incompetent, corrupt, sad examples of politicians. That's like trying to compare a rat with a snake or a cockroach with a maggot. Same thing. Different party.

    @ URNY BOY (Ardent)

    Rose already called you out. I would never go by another name or pass myself as an anonymous. Those are insecure and childish games to be playing. But just in case you decide to change your alias again, here's a few more nicknames you can use:

    American REJECT

    Multi-grained Cracker

    Loose Lips

    Boca de ca-ca


    Brito's beeeotch

    Prick 1

    definition of Ardent: Expressing or characterized by warmth of feeling.

    Come on Urny. That's a soft nickname to be using. Choose one of mine. They suit you better.

  47. The drug war will never end. No one wants it to, nor can they afford for it to. Everyone from the DEA chief on down to the rookie cop depends on the Drug War to survive.

    Judges, prosecutors, cops, criminal defense attorneys, prison guards, and all manner of support personnel would all be unemployed tomorrow if drugs were legalized today.

    The recent ballot initiative in California to legalize marijuana was opposed and defeated by the usual suspects: The California Narcotics Officers' Association, the California Association of Highway Patrolmen, the California Police Chiefs Association, the California Correctional Supervisors Organization, the California Peace Officers Association, the California District Attorney Association, and local police associations. They are joined by all federal drug czars past and present, past and present DEA administrators, both California US senators and most of the congressional delegation, most newspaper editorial boards, the California Chamber of Commerce, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, and, lastly, the California Beer and Beverage Distributors.

    And Mexico, they can't afford for it to end there either. Drugs are Mexico's 3rd largest source of income, just behind oil exports, and money sent home from workers here in the USA.

    I have been fortunate to have traveled to more than 3-dozen countries. And while most all of these countries have drug laws of some form or another on the books, they are rarely enforced, and never enforced to the degree they are here in the USA.

    Spain, Italy, and even Mexico have legalized possession of small amounts of recreational drugs, and there has been absolutely no increase in drug use, crime, or any other ill effects. Portugal, where most recreational drugs were decriminalized in 2001 and resources focused instead on education and treatment, has actually had a decrease in drug use. Go figure....

    The Drug War is nothing but a slush fund for law enforcement, and crooked politicians, one that us taxpayers are going broke subsidizing.

  48. Good grief! I told you all that I switched names (in a most blaringly obvious manner, too...Ernest1 to Ardent), so now my honesty about admitting that I had done so will now be held against me, too??? You Right Wing dudes are a real trip! ...if I may say so////

    It was for a valid reason, also. I simply didn't want people to keep confusing 'Ernies's Worlds' posts with my own, as had been occurring. We two are not the same person at all. Got that clear I hope???

    PS- Socrates Rizzo is as big a dickhead as former Philly mayor-cop Frank Rizzo was. Anybody care to challenge that opinion about the guy?

    And Ajulio, ;Boca de ca-ca' is truly a name best reserved for yourself. Now may we simply return to discussing the BB reports instead of bogging down into your dittohead muck once again? You guys give me the creeps since I fell like I'm at a Klan rally when I come and post on here at BB with your constant bs chatter going.

  49. Anon @ 9:20pm

    Thank you for the link. I did not mean that the business establishment originally listed the city but that they showed concern that investment and development was going be affected over the degree of instability. Canadevi Laguna, Canacintra and Consejo Lagunero de la Iniciativa Privada are concerned about the level of violence, not over worries that the city is inaccurately portrayed, at least in this article. My apologies for any misunderstanding.

  50. @ 1:01 pm (the prick from france)

    mexicans are just as corrupt as the french are scared to fight their own wars.

    you are an ignorant racist fool.

    i have some mexicans working for me and i have never had any problems with them.

    it's the bad mexicans that are giving the rest of us a bad image but the majority of my people(mexican or chicano) are good, honest, open-minded people.

    i will not let the world-wide reputation of the french as being wimpy, snobby, american-envious, unappreciative, chain-smoking, rude, inhospitable, narrow-minded, and arrogant people from detouring me from hiring one. but then again, i am not a racist person. just a lil' prejudiced sometimes.

    so here is a middle finger to you FRANCOIS.


  51. @ urnest the ardent

    Please send me a picture of your face so I can stick it on my punching bag.

  52. @Anon 10:17PM,
    Indeed, it would be interesting to put $ REVENUE figures on the US war on drugs. LE budget increase, privately operated prisons, ...
    You are very right.
    This is a business we taxpayers are paying for and don't get anything in return. Like the wars in Iraq and Af-Pak. Lots of contractors made a fortune and politicians a new virginity with these wars, and we taxpayers went for $700 billions in the red.

    In the Netherlands, drugs are tolerated (not legal, since it would conflict with current international treaties) and considered a health problem. Also, they have been closing down prisons lately. What does it tell you? That Dutch are not as greedy and corrupt than Americans? Or that they are smart and educated voters who hold their govt accountable for their country management?

    In regard to corruption of border LE, let's state the obvious: if 1 ton of pot leaves MX, 1 ton enters the US, minus 0.001% "discovered" by US LE to justify their paycheck. They are as corrupt than their peers south of the border, but they are not as messy. The war on drugs is just a pathetic farce for gullible conservative older voters who check under their bed before going to sleep. These people don't have any tolerance. Good thing is they are old and more likely to see their influence shrink.

    s'il vous plait mon ami, stop the french bashing! This is back to 2003! Do not overreact to the french dude's distasteful comments on Mexicans. France is inherently a racist country, it's part of its history and culture. And its political fabric. But they were right in regard to the Iraq war.
    Now now now, lessee. French are racist and arrogant, BUT their food is great and their women gorgeous and bitchy. Needless to say, this is what they have in common with Mexico.
    Paix, peace, paz, my friend.

  53. ajulio, what did your last comment have to do with anything here on BB? It's just pure vicious stupidity, isn't it?

    The whole dialog here on BB just gets strung into the shit with having to constantly defend oneself from people like yourself making personal comments like you thugs all seem to specialize in doing, Ajulio.

    '... i (Ajulio) am not a racist person. just a lil' prejudiced sometimes.'

    Spare us ...PLEASE.

    'i have some mexicans working for me...' and blah blah blah.

    Decide who you are, Ajulio, and then report back to us ....OK? Honestly, it simply is unclear as to whether somebody who talks like yourself is redneck American or whatever????? YOU make even Socrates, the PIRista look like a genius. And he dresses well... as compared to your coveralls on backwards.

  54. Ajulio...
    What happened my friend?
    and whats with throwing me in to the mix with Ernest' new name recommendations? Me and E1 bumped heads 99% of the time..of course it will not be 100%, ever or that is coming from a position of prejudice. Yes, I think he is a little crazy, and yes he wears blinders, and yes I think he is 99% ass backwards wrong.

    But honestly we could tell it was E1 with a name change, but not a big deal. Who cares? Lets all change our names within a few posts it would be easy to indentify who is who.

    Gerardo...thanks for the clarification. Honestly everyone in Coahuila that I gave the 17% (funny because i had 17% then saw it was 19)
    info to laughed. saying Torreon is bad but not that bad.

    Also that Humberto said he would sacrafice his people to defeat one believes that either so I looked at the wikileaks and could not find it there, perhaps the cable number was incorrect?

    WHatever...great work, well done, thanks


  55. @ Ernie

    It was because of you that I learned about the PAN party. Before that, I had never heard of it. I really don't care which party is in power, as long as the war comes to an end and the good people of mexico don't suffer anymore. I just mess with you. You never did anything bad to me. Its never personal.

    @ matanzas

    I respect your point.

    @ buelita

    My intention was not to offend you or brito. If I offended either one of you, I apologize. I was just messin around.

    My hope is that mexicans can move foward and rebuild their beautiful country and fix this horrible image that plagues them. The war will come to an end one day and hopefully BUGGS and Buela will have their books done by then.

    Viva la Raza!!!

  56. Sometimes when im sitting on the toilet, I ask myself questions like, what if pendejo calderon hadn't declared war on the cartels and took the more submissive role, would there still be a huge war or would things be normal? Normal for mexicos standards.

    There was already a war between CDS and CDG and a conflict between CDS and AFO and a conflict between CDS and CDJ. But no civil war yet.

    But el chapo was already premeditating a huge war. El chapo was already in everyones business.

    Then everything just errupts. CDG and Zetas split after a major arrest. The leader of CDJ dies and then the military invades Juarez and then CDS follows. CDS and CDJ go to war. Then a huge war between CDG and Zetas begins. LFM gets involved. All these other clicks break off and then madness pursues.

    But the one cartel that leaves its tracks all over the place, is the sinaloa cartel lead by el chapo "the devil" guzman. He leaves his lil' fingerprints everywhere and yet the mexican government cannot find him.

    El chapo is mainly responsible for this war. He is the culprit. The mastermind. The hateful genius. The ego maniac and paranoid wanderer who fears his own mortality but shows complete apathy when it comes to taking someone elses' life.

    With or without calderon, this war would have been because of el chapo. But pendejo calderon made it a helluva lot easier for shorty to spread his hate throughout mexico.

    Over 30,000 lives later. Calderon and chapo are still in power and thousands more will die. But one day they will die themselves and all the money in the world wont save them from having to accept responsibility for all of the deaths that they have caused when they meet their maker.

  57. This guy Socrates Rizzo is full of shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. the pri is backing the zetas.thats why there getting so strong they want the pan to look bad by putting the zetas everywere kicking up dust

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