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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Second grader executed in Acapulco

Today was another painful reminder of the senseless on going cartel related executions of innocent children. This one occurred in the port city of Acapulco in the state of Guerrero, Mexico. Early Saturday morning in the Infonavit Alto Progreso neighborhood in Acapulco, the lifeless body of a seven year old elementary school child was discovered.

He had been reported missing at 10:40 a.m. on Friday. This was after not returning from running a short distance errand to the neighborhood store to buy his Mother, María de los Angeles Jiménez Sotelo, age 36, a package of tortillas.

His disappearance was reported to the police "Policia Preventiva", and she had also spoken on the local television station pleading for her son's safe return. All day Friday and into the night her family members and many neighbors had searched the entire neighborhood. 

She had also distributed dozens of flyers on the various walls, and lamp posts with the child's photograph in a futile attempt to find him.

At the scene of the crime outraged residents commented that the little boy was on his way back to his house when he was forced into a vehicle by unknown men. Another neighbor told of how they as well as several policemen had swept the neighborhood looking for the little boy. Even late into Friday night there were several army trucks still searching the surrounding streets.

One neighbor lamented, "They waited until everyone had left before they dropped off the body." That neighbor remembers seeing the BOMU convoy after midnight, driving on Paseo de la Cañada, as she was coming home from working at a factory.

The body that was found on Saturday at 6:30 a.m. was that of the missing seven year old little boy, Antonio Rodrigo Jiménez Cortes. His lifeless body was found on the steps of pedestrian overpass of the Paseo de la Cañada, just a few feet away from Building # 10 and apartment # 201 where he lived with his Mother.

He had been left inside several black plastic bags that had been tied with a rope. On his body was a hand written note on a sheet of regular notebook paper that said, "This happened to me for stealing husbands and being a snitch: attn. La Maña" - “Esto le pasa por quitamaridos y por soplona, atte. La Maña”. La Maña is a term that refers to sicarios or assassins linked to drug trafficking in Acapulco.

The police arrived on the scene soon after the discovery, as did soldiers of the Joint Urban Operations Base (BOMU), to help safeguard the staff of the Forensic Medical Services (Semefo) while they conducted their investigation and picked up the body.

Many outraged neighbors quickly converged on the crime scene with many of them in tears not able to comprehend how such violence could happen to an innocent child. The boy's body was then wrapped in a blanket and was moved down to the street level to be transported to the state medical forensic's office.

The Public Prosecutor's office joined the investigation and assigned the unsolved case as Tab/GAR/04/055/2011 for the crime of murder against the child who died of suffocation.

The body was later claimed by the child's distraught father, a doctor by the name of Marco Antonio Cortés Bataz, who said he would be making his son's funeral arrangements.  

A UN report on the Rights of Children released last year says that over 1,000 children have been killed since President Calderon began his war on drugs. 



  1. I am sick to my stomach!!!!!!!!!
    I hope in the name of everything holy that he was not tortured.

    Because his mom dated a married man? I do not believe it was sicarios it makes no sense.

    I am in shock

  2. What does the last sentence stated by the UN have anything to do with what happened to the child? It is obvious that the child was murdered as revenge by an angry wife of a cartel leader. So if President Calderon stops the war on drugs, there will not be any more crazy spouses?

  3. La Maña-gulf cartel???

  4. Oh my God, when is this all going to end????????
    Thank you Tomas!

  5. Unreal and the Progresso neighborhood is where I find myself at 5am scarfing down tacos when I should be in my hotel room sound asleep safely. This clearly shows the lack of leadership and class of today's mafia down there. These people have destroyed my favorite resort city. The clubs, restaurants and beaches aside from holidays are DEAD. Honestly one of the most gorgeous places in the world with the coolest people and top of the line discos. This kind of violence continues to foster locals from going out at night. I just don't get it at all. Very sad....I think most of these cartel guys are on drugs because this kind of shit is just not clear thinking and it can't be good for business. BTW, no spring breakers going down there this year...That's got to amount to millions in drug sales gone!

  6. The thing is we may never know what really went on, but I'd imagine some of these sicario groups, esp. splintered smaller groups are operating without much supervision or discipline, settling personal and petty disputes with cartel violence. Although, the whole husband thing could just be cruel character assassination, that we see all the time in these notes.

    Class of the Mafia is nonexistent, I guess Arturo Beltran Leyva and Barbie were running things, because after they were gone, it's been a nightmare. These guys are low life, low level criminals that are being used as pawns by groups like Sinaloa and Beltran Leyva.

  7. "Because his mom dated a married man? I do not believe it was sicarios it makes no sense."

    Tell you a little story. About four years ago my brother and I rode our motorcycles from Juarez to Puerto Penasco all on the Mexico side. The first day on the road it got dark on us and we were looking for a place to sleep in Janos Chihuahua. We went to a very luxurious hotel that appeared to have just been built. The manager told us there were no vacancies, although the place looked deserted.

    While we were leaving the parking lot of the hotel a black Tahoe pulled up and two beautiful ladies asked if we were looking for a room. We told them yes and the one lady told the manager to rent us a room. It was pricy, but we were tired and we shared the cost on a two bed room.

    My brother started a conversation with one of ladies and was flirting with her a little. She even asked what we were doing later tonight. We said we were going to find a place to eat and they made some recommendations. It looked like one of the ladies liked my brother as she kept talkig to him and suggesting we shouild get together later on, it was after all Friday night. I said, sure, maybe!

    So me and my brother went looking for a bite to eat and have a couple of beers. While we sat at the restaurant two municipal police officers and one state police officer came to where we were sitting and requested our ID's. They asked if we had been talking to both ladies. They asked a lot of personal questions, and we told them we were form the US and were just tourists passing through on our way to Puerto Penasco.
    One of them (the municipal police) asked if he could join us and that he would buy us dinner and a couple of beers. The other two left and said they would be back.

    I started to get a little bit nervous, it all seemed odd.

    The officer started to tell us we should not mess with these girls, and that the boyfriend had actually killed several people who had made passes to his girl. He said that one a man asked his girl to dance in a bar and he shot him on the spot. He said that this boyfriend was very wealthy and everyone respects him but also fear him.

    So he had some tacos with us (very pleasant and cordial), and then paid for the whole meal and his partner came to pick him up on a police car.

    We went straight to our rooms and did not sleep real well.

    What I am trying to say, the narcos do not need a motive, they simply just kill for whatever shit bothers them at the time. Not all is related to drugs or rival gangs. They don't care if they kill innocent bystanders or kids or elderly people or ladies, they just kill because they can. You just have to understand, it’s been like this in Mexico for a long, long time.

  8. Momma should have kept her legs together and her mouth shut. This is today's Mexico.

  9. Hey buggs, is that an incident from your book?

  10. Buggs..

    I understand that. But see, even your story supports my doubt. Killing the adulterer I get that, but the child? Seems it would be the mom, or the cheating husband. that is what I have an issue with. Not to say narcos don't kill children, clealy they do, two families, friends, have lost their son and the other daughter.

    I never intended to say that cartels were above this,,,I just look for the logic, and this is unlike anything I have heard of since being in Mx. That was my only point. and the Narco Message on a piece of notebook paper? when have you seen that? just seems a little off, thats all. My dos centavos no mas. is PP? still quiet? such a cool place

  11. American politicians want this to happen. They want to take the oil and natural gas and silver from Mexico. We will invade and we will make an AMERICAN UNION. I will eat Doritos and jared salsa and watch it all on Fox News as our military machine rolls across this wasteland. I want to see these brave killers of women and children run like dogs and be shot in the back and have their ears collected.....

  12. They are ruthless, they kill where they can make the most impact, family, and children even better. And to add to the impact, they behead, dismember and torture. And they write their narco messages on cardboards, banners, black plastic bags, they use blood to write on the pavement, they us body parts to form letters, they carve the letters on the bodies themselves, or just in a plain piece of paper, whatever.

    PP is like being in Phoenix, the last refuge before the mayhem sweeps west.

  13. "Hey buggs, is that an incident from your book?"


  14. el link es de los guerra tamaulipas hoy 13 feb 2011 balacera de 3:30 a.m a 5:00 a.m

  15. See I don't get this at all. I would understand it if it was the husband fucking around with somebody elses wife but not a wife fucking around. I mean I know nowadays shit don't have to make sense but even then if I ran a group this is unwanted attention and not the type of shit I would tolerate.

  16. Murdering a 7 year old that's just sick and cowardly.

  17. eh
    anyone can kill anyone these days. Maybe the family did it and just put a narcomensaje on the body so the police won't investigate the killings. Think about it, there's someone you don't like, all you have to do is put a bullet through their head and leave a narcomensaje next to the body, no one will make any further investigations, end of story.

    P.S. La Maña is not an organization, different groups of unaffiliated sicarios operate under that name all over Mexico.

  18. Speaking of Tamaulipas..I met a hottie from there at a night club 2 weeks back. Spoke American English and was pompous when I asked about the violence at home saying everyone knows her and wouldn't mess with her. (yeah right). She wanted to go to dinner, but I sort of blew her off and found her at the club the next day with an old gf from Sinaloa I used to mess with that I no longer do because this was many many years ago and G-D only knows what she's up to as she's shady. I think this girl kept going outside for a "bump" which is NOT my thing. Long story short, the cab stopped at her apartment so she can get more Buchanans (nasty shit) and off to my hotel....WTF was I thinking.....It was like being with a corpse...11am rolled around and it was taking away from my jog and my sun so I told her ya have to go.....She was PISSED...Later I thought I'm lucky if she's not some dude's wife or gf.....This was just one stupid bad decision on a long list of many...

    You mentioned La Barbie running things and I think your right. My friends at the club said he'd come in and 12 SUV's would just circle non stop around the club all night. That couldn't happen today with the military patrols. He was always cool in the club, but paranoid of any English speaking dudes who could be FBI or CIA...I'm pretty sure i've seen him about 2yrs ago at this particular club.

    This past trip, some very dark fat ugly poorly dressed guys showed up. They stuck out like a sore thumb and were definitely bad guys. My buddy told me he thinks some were Transito cops aka the same as bad guys. Years ago I never saw this stuff. I don't know if Im' looking for it more or if shit is really shifting.

    All I know is my favorite club was empty most of this trip and it's beyond sad. All the locals say they are in shock that things have gotten so bad. Others still rant how tourists are safe and they don't want the tourists. Personally I think it's a short matter of time before the tourists are affected....I'm sure many of you think the same.

    I also sort of witnessed the military open fire on a SUV on the main avenue taking them down. Freaking check points on the main tourist avenue, bazookas and strange to see this in a place I've always considered a second home.

  19. hasta...
    that was my thought exactly, I still say it made no sense. Men in Mx cheat. period. Sorry, but the kindest, sweetest hubbys cheat. On my staff I have a guy that has a great marriage, nice kids, weighs 400 lbs and he cheats. His wife told me, and I am thinking jesus who would be so brave..400 lbs.

    So if cartels kill all the babies of cheaters there will be no more babies. And the notebook paper is a tip off. I know Buggs says they wrote on this or that, yes back in the day, but when was the last time you saw a narcomensaje on notebook paper? I think it is an inside job set up to blame cartel. Something just not right. The child is so adorable. going to get tortillas for his mom..I keep think of his terror during his last hours.

    I could execute those responsible myself, no problem and sleep soundly.

  20. Hahaha, I love the comments section!

    I am certain that the only true reason the little boy was tragically killed was for retaliation against his mother for providing information to the police or other rival gangs, and not for her "sleeping around." They just said that to further insult her, as if killing her child is not devastating enough.

    This is the "indirect target strategy" used by the criminal elements when they want to inflict severe misery to their main target. It is shameful but if you read the stories here in BB, you will see it happening over and over again!

  21. Buela,
    Having lived in Monterrey for over 12 years, I can tell you that I think some of your comments are off tonight.

    To suggest that the whole thing seems wrong because the note was written on notebook paper? That happens ALL the time. Even on this site, you can see it in photos plenty of times. So the logic just isn't there.

    Also, I find the comment that all Mexican men cheat to be uninformed and offensive. Statistically that comment also means all Mexican women cheat too (or it is one girl servicing them all :).

    Frankly, cheating WAS much more culturally acceptable decades ago. It was ok then for a man to have a mistress...but those days have long passed. I have a very large circle of friends. Of that group, 2 men and one woman have cheated - then been ostracized by the group. Most of my peers wouldn't dream of it. I adore my wife and would never let it cross my mind for a second.
    But, perhaps that is because our group is exceptionally well-educated, but the statement you make is unfair...

    Please quote facts, not just your opinion...

  22. i agree with buggs. sometimes narcos kill just becuase of their egos.

    one time in juarez, i was at an after hours club called la cabaret(its already burned down). and this pretty blonde girl approaches me and gives me this big hug. she was a girl i knew from the party scene. we started talking, or she started talking and talking. she was really happy to see me. then out of the blue, i saw an ice cube bounce off of her shoulder and bounce off me. we both looked to see who threw the cube and it was a very known narco who went by the name "el argentino". he was standing behind the bar. he was an old bad ass who had escaped several shooting attacks. a mean mother.

    i had been introduced to him by a friend and we bumped into each other everywhere in juarez. he would always have two or three girls with him. but i did'nt know that this dumb blonde was his main girlfriend and blondie keeps talking to me. the guy throws another ice cube and it bounces off her chest and she gives him a face and continues to talk to me but now i'm trying to end the coversation but blondie does'nt take the hint, almost like she's using me to flirt with just to piss him off.


    then an ice cube comes flying at about 20 miles an hour and bounces off of her face. she finally tells me that she has to go(DUH)so i agreed and she walked away really pissed off. i looked at el "argentino" and he gave me a look back that said to back off from her or else.

    this dumb girl could have gotten me killed that night over a stupid casual conversation.

    i later found out that this girl had an ex husband that use to beat her nasty all the time. she later became a stripper and used her money to get revenge on her ex. she paid el argentino to murder him but she wanted him to suffer so el argentino had his hitmen go to the ex's house to kidnap him. they took him somewhere and beat him constantly until he was close to death then they drilled a hole into his head.

    later my friend told me to be careful with that blonde girl becuase she belongs to el argentino and that he would probably kill for her(what?!).

    this is mexico. right now, it is the wild wild west on speed. a city with a pulse controlled by hate.

  23. It was my opinion, and I am allowed to have such. Of course I was being sarcastic not all Mx men cheat, and I knew I would get heat for it from Mexican men, and yes woman cheat but my exp reveals mostly single gals cheat with the married men. You are a man I am guessing..right? so what would you know? I mix with the wives at every level from the Governor down, poor, wealthy, educated and not. Here is the rub...the wives hate it, but they accept it. I am sorry but that is the truth from the women and I discuss this with them often. the big guy I was speaking of? I was with a group of women in a meeting and one of the mothers of a disabled child husband finally left her after several affairs, so we were discussing it, and I mentioned to big guys wife "thats something you don't have to worry about, he is si devoted" she shakes her head, "don't let the sweet smile fool you, that is his flaw, he loves the ladies and I knew that when we married" I was floored. so what I share with you of course is a generalization that is patently unfair to good men and women in Mexico. But, it comes from a place of truth, my exp of what I have witnessed. so I asked myself is the man at greater fault then the woman that allows this betrayal? I say its equal. But also my exp is that the men prefer single gals to cheat with, less complicated.

    So good for you if you do not cheat. Neither do I even when I had plenty opportunites, I apologize for getting your dander up but I am sticking to what I know. and the problem still exists. As for exceptionally well educated, well my friend, so is the governor, senator and politians, sucessful businessman and others that I know personally and the problem exists also domestic violence. It has to do with character not status. But kudos to you and your group you are fine men and I am happy you gave me your story.

    Buggs; seems to me that having your baby dumped lifeless like garbage is punishment enough. but it really does not matter, I was just speculating as everyone else. I do know Mexico very well and have been there for many years, doesn't mean I am right, but does say I bring a history that encourages opinion, and thought. I hate what happened so much.

  24. That's the thing, it ends up with snitch.. I wouldn't doubt she was having an affair (which narcos fuken love) and at the same time she passed the info to soldiers, federals, or even another cartel. Think about it, the person that snitch are the ones that get it pretty bad. Usually decapitation with a couple of fingers in the mouth, which means "called the police". But here they decided to do something worse, something that would hurt a mother more than her death. These cowards deserve nothing more than a bullet in their head...

  25. Wow. If I were the wife of the 400 pounder, I'd be thanking anyone for having him. "Better you than me!"

  26. Hey Buela thought is good!

    No harm for speculation, we just don't have enough information to formulate a conclusive thesis, I just go based on the MO of these bastards and my experience reading thousands of cases and events. Too bad the distraction of the "cheating" angle took away from the serious issue at hand, the relentless massacre of associates or family members of main targets, regardless the reason, they are in essence innocent victims caught up in tragic circumstances.

    Con Carino, siempre!

  27. Buela "La Hussie", unless you were there, don't believe these fools, they just like to brag! Especially that viejo panzon!

  28. ajulio

    good story man

    i had close call kinda like that once in Monterry ..i would love to give the details...but they could be used to identify me...and i am not sure as to the status of the guy... supposedly an up an coming commandante/poliZeta..dead? still alive? se...

    but i got a little too close with his dangerous beauty...and was tipped off that he was looking to pick me up...

    i had to disappear from the situation before i disappeared for good..

    i spent some really tense times for a few months after that...i still think about that girl though sometimes...fucken near fatal attraction..

    i know what he looks like and part of the reason i ended up reading BB so much was hoping to see his ass dead..

    so yeah i root for the NF/CDG..for personal reasons

  29. Man, everybody in Mexico roots for whomever the Zetas are fighting.

    Haz Patria, Mata un Zeta!

  30. One thing mods, what are the chances of having the comments posted in real time?

    I know you guys are worried about quality of posts, racism, etc. But it would add to the sense of community if we were able to have real time conversations among the posters. You can always delete comments after the fact if for some reason you guys don't like them.

  31. @ brito

    "fatal attraction" that's the word i was looking for. a coked up narco with power and money could easily get you erased from existence over a "woman".

    i think that mexico is a damn fatal attraction.

    sounds like we both have luck on our sides brito. you dont want any trouble from the juarez cartel or los zetas.

  32. "hasta la madre said..."

    At this point that is not a viable option. We have chosen not to have a blog such as BDN type of style where 90% of comments are trash talk that clutter the real issues. This community is not about that and unfortunately, it's a too common battle just to maintain some sort of standard while at the same time allowing people to contribute to topics. Unfortunately, I don’t have to tell you that there are too many times we see comments entirely made of personal attacks against one another that have no relevance to any topic at hand. It is hard to moderate this in a fair way at current form, but I believe that it would be extremely difficult to monitor comments that get posted immediately which may require to be purged.

    For that reason, we all must exercise patience in the system, as it will be beneficial to all of us in the long run.

    Thank you!

  33. I LOVED the Viejo Panzon video! Made me laugh.
    You know guys love to brag a little, but I probably shouldn't have said what I did, or make sure it is known when I am being a wise ass hussy. jaja

    I would like to end this by going back to the child to have thoughts directed at him and how the hell do we help others like him. This is no Ponchis, this was a beautiful boy, who knows what his future could have been. It is a heartbreaker.

  34. Yeah, I understand. Keep up the good work then!

  35. I don't approve what these bastards are doing but I think the heads of the top 4 cartels need to impose the rules of the old days. No women or children. Knowing that this was probably done by one of many cells working for one of them.

  36. Ajulio and Brito

    You are both cowards for not walking up an stabbing them in the fucking heart. I do not care where I am threatened. If it is done, the person dies at that moment or I die but someone will be dead. You re both pussies and examples of why the US is never going to do a damn thing about Mexico. The country's heart is pink like a pussy.

  37. @ any mouse are pretty funny hombre..just walk up and stab him in the heart..his crew look at me with fear and admiration, some of them say he was bad and they are glad i killed him...the girl leaps into my arms y clings to me ..the owner of the bar sets everbody up with tequilas ...salud a el jefe nuevo...the music starts up again and the camera fades the scene...just like tv huh?...

    which one you like best?..fistful of dollars ..or a few dollars more....

    let me tell you something homie..

    one night i got pretty drunk and went to find the guy....fortunately it wasn't my time to die, so i didn't find him...i did see the girl ..for the last time

    ...every body in the joint was glad to see me ..and they were even more glad to see me go ...i was fucked up and looking to die , and nobody wants to be in the middle of a crazy man and his death..

    sometime later another girl told me really made the guy mad.. they say he has got some transitos looking for you now ...this all happened years ago..but i am not sure it is over

    tell you what cabron want to care of it take for me...i will show you where to start looking



    yeah man Mexico is like a bad woman..beautiful , enchanting and you love her ..but if you mess around with her long enough ..she might just be your end

  38. If there are any so-called men of honor, yes even the Cartels, then "revenge" this childs death, and show it on this blog. I hope and pray this would even offend even the worst cartel, lets see what Cartel member or an honorable man reveges this childs death. Cartels send out a message that you don't kill 10 year old children, maybe you may gain some respect.

  39. @ 2:04 am. Haha easy for an American that has only lived in America to say that.. Me and my buddy were at this Juarez club, at pronaf blvd, 4 years ago.. this pretty girl invited my best friend to her bday party, some jack ass didn't like the fact that she was interested in my buddy, so he told his body guard to kick us out.. As we were being shoved outside the club, I grabbed the bodyguards arm and tried to pulled a jiu jitsu maneuver on him.. As soon as he felt me he grabbed a gun and pointed it at me and my buddy.. I asked him to step up and "throw some chingasos and not be a culo", the guy said "why? I can kill you if I want to". The only reason we made it out alive was because the street was packed with people and they all would have witnessed that. Me and my buddy just walked toward our car and drove back to EP asap. I never been a culo, but I am also not a dumbass.
    To make matters even worse, 2 years later my buddy was at a club in downtown El Paso and saw the bodyguard that pulled that stunt on us.. The coward didn't stay in juarez, Chapos's people would have killed him. The Juarez Cartel was known for this..
    I am currently going to grad school deep inside the US, people over here donot believe how bad Mexico is.. they think its something a couple of armed vigilantes can stop.

  40. Mother f*ck3rs!! How brave to pick on a child! Suddenly killing grown men who are tied and bound was not low enough. What can be expected of these subhuman idiots, I cannot believe such act, I can't stop clinching my teeth in anger and impotence! Why do they even care to be snitched on, it is not even like they get caught anyway, the damn police knows this before it happens...this is sickening.

    It's not like this woman is the first or last "stealing husbands"

    Desgraciados poco hombres, que valientes en atacar un chico. Ya no les parecio suficientemente cobarde matar a hombres mientras estan atados?que se puede esperar de lombrices subhumanas,igual no puedo creer tal acto. Que impotencia y rabia! Que les calienta si les ponen el dedo, si como quiera no las agarran!la maldita policia sabe de sus movimientos de antemano...que enfermante!
    Como si fuera la primera y ultima 'roba maridos' esa mujer

    Soy Madre y esto duele.

  41. With her child murdered that way, I see no reason for her NOT to fight back, what more is there to loose. They already took what she loved most. Strap on some grenades and walk right into one of the main main safe houses...what are they going to do? Shoot at her? Kill her? She is already dead...

  42. What was the Juarez cartel known for? Harassing people in clubs? I read a few stories like that in 'Down By The River'.

  43. What if he was not killed by a cartel... A copy cat, it must be so easy to get away with murder.. Just place the blame on the cartels write a little letter and everyone buys it.. It is saddening to see how disposable human life is to these people.


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