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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Reyes - Salazar Activists Found

For the past several weeks the Reyes Salazar family in Cd. Juarez has been praying and pleading for the safe return of three of their loved ones, who had been kidnapped on Feb. 7th by a group of masked assailants.

When found their remains had two card board signs with threats against the Reyes family, and a direct death threat against the woman who had recently been leading peace marches and a hunger strike, Marisela Reyes Salazar sister to one of the slain activists.

Their case sparked condemnation from international human rights groups. They also demanded that the Mexican government offer protection for the entire Reyes family and the guarantee that their killers would be brought to justice. Among the groups institutions were the United Nations (UN), which through its high commissioner in Mexico considered this an outrageous act of violence.

The bodies of the three members of this family were in the middle of a well traveled Juarez -Porvenir road at the Km 49 "kilometer 49" marker.

The bodies showed gunshot wounds and signs of torture, mostly in the head, and it appeared that they had been exhumed and purposely abandoned on the road for the authorities to find them, said the head of the Crime Investigation and Prosecution for the Northern Zone, Jorge González Nicolás.

The two card board messages that were placed on the bodies contained so called narco messages. In them the alleged perpetrators threatened to kill Marisela Reyes Salazar next.

Due to the relevance of the case their textual content was disclosed to the media by the Attorney General.

Translated as written - " Go fuck your mother  -  there are your pieces of shit  - murderous whore. You beg for justice you falcon bitch  - And you are next   -  Your fucking family of falcons and assassins  -  Here's your stupid justice you dumb ass ", quoted the text captured on a cardboard message that had been folded up.

The second card had the following written, "Here you go, Marisela Reyes your stupid family  - daughter of a whore  -  you fill your mouth asking for justice  -  you fucking bitch falcon  -  why don't you talk about the assassins who you have your family -  ATTE "(sic).

According to Nicholas Gonzalez, the family has already been given personal protection. Salazar said the Reyes will also be relocated from their residences.

Advances preliminary investigations into the illegal deprivation of liberty and killing of Elías and Magdalena Reyes Salazar and Luisa Ornelas Soto, show that the bodies could have been buried or hidden somewhere else, but were brought to where they were located thrown in the middle of the road.

The nephew who found the bodies as he walked to school early yesterday morning immediately called the Mexican Army for assistance, who in turn notified the Attorney General's office in Juarez.

When found the bodies were covered with sand and dry powdered lye, with tattered clothes and in an advanced state of decomposition. The State Police began their investigation at 06:15 a.m. upon the discovery of the bodies and anthropologists of Forensics Services took responsibility for the removal of the bodies, which ended shortly after 9 am.

The three had been kidnapped by armed men who intercepted them in another vehicle, on February 7th around 2:00 p.m. as they headed home from a trip to Juarez.

At a press conference, prosecutor Nicholas Gonzalez said they are requesting that the Attorney General's Office (PGR) take over the case, since there is evidence that the individuals who committed this crime belonged to a criminal organization.

Initially, the prosecution had opened a kidnapping investigation, but after they located the bodies it was upgraded to the offense of multiple homicides.

Nicholas Gonzalez added that the case legally met the requirements of law for the Federal Public Ministry to take the case, because the victims had cardboard messages on their bodies, showed signs of torture and had been kidnapped, criteria that established ties between the homicides and a criminal organization according to the PGR code CGD/004/2009.

Regarding the fact that the bodies were "placed in plain view " on the main road, where consistent monitoring is carried out by military personnel, Nicolás González said that perhaps that the social pressure put on by the local population to locate the missing persons forced the subjects to move the bodies from where they had initially been buried and brought to their current location.
He also stated that several raids had been conducted in San Isidro on Thursday, as well as interviews within that community, because they had indications that there was good reason to believe that they had been held in captivity.

During the press conference he was asked if the military assigned the supervision of the Valley of Juárez were being investigated, since the kidnapping and the deposit of the bodies were both near a military checkpoint, said the prosecutor said that he would use all available the information. He said the investigation would include military personnel.

He said there were three lines of investigation, one which included members of organized crime related to drug trafficking, but he failed to mention the other two in order to not hamper the investigations.

Nicolás González said that the families of those killed were being given assistance by the staff from the Office for Victims, and were being provided psychological support.

He commented that without trying to offend the Reyes family, as a way to alleviate the situation they had experienced, the State Government was offering to cover the costs of the funeral services.

They will offer the same support to the relatives who had been in Mexico City to attend a press conference attended by Gustavo de la Rosa Hickerson, who was serving as liaison for the Reyes family and is a visiting member of the State Commission for Human Rights (ECHR).

De la Rosa Hickerson was asking for clarification of the crime and also asking  the Army to provide information regarding the current status of the crime in the outskirts of the city in an area called the Juárez Valley.

"We are concerned that the events ocurred before the gaze of the military who are guarding that area. This crime must not be lost in the sea of impunity that is strangling this community and should be investigated in depth, "he said.

Regarding the messages posted on the bodies, he added that the attackers were only trying to further offend and insult the Reyes family, who had reported past acts of violence that their family members had suffered.

He added that the attack was an attack on all human rights activists and would demand that the Interior Ministry initiate protective measures for defenders of human rights.

The prosecutor said that four to five women activists are now under police protection after they sought protection for their personal safety.

Nicholas Gonzalez defended that the unsuccessful search for the Reyes Salazar family members was not a failure, stating that he personally coordinated the search and stressed that a force of 200 judicial police had been involved in the operation.

He said there were even delays in the integration of other investigative folders because the staff was directly engaged in the search of the three Reyes Salazar family members.

Regarding the position taken by the Reyes Salazar family who were demanding his dismissal, he said he respected their freedom of expression and said that, at least until yesterday he was still in charge of the FGE.

Widespread condemnation

"The brutality against the Reyes family and repeatedly and insolent act of the perpetrators can only be explained by the impunity surrounding the murder of Josephine, which occurred in January last year. The location of the bodies of Elias, Luisa and Magdalena shows that violence against the defenders of human rights in Chihuahua has overflowed and has now reached the inner circle of people who have decided to embrace the defense and promotion of human rights," said Javier Hernández Valencia, representative in Mexico of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

UN-DH urged the authorities not to delay the adoption of all necessary measures to end violence against human rights defenders and their families.

Meanwhile, Amnesty International called on Mexican authorities to provide protection to the entire Reyes family.

"Clearly they are in grave danger because five family members have died in brutal fashion. The main priority of the Mexican authorities should be ensuring the safety of the rest of the family, "said Susan Lee, Program Director for Amnesty International America.

Adding, "The authorities must also conduct a thorough investigation and to bring to justice those responsible."

In Mexico, the National Commission on Human Rights (NCHR) requested protective measures for family members who were holding a public protest in Mexico City who were returning to Ciudad Juárez yesterday.

Susan Lee also called on relevant authorities to make a prompt and effective investigation.

The organizations that comprise the National Network of Civil Human Rights Organizations "All Rights for All" in a statement condemned "the extermination of an entire family dedicated to defending their rights and the terrible example of impunity in complicity, insensitivity to the desperate plight of those who had to resort to hunger strike in Ciudad Juárez and Mexico City without being heard by the authorities, unable to provide the most basic measures to protect life and safety of the people. "

More than 60 human rights organizations that make up the network also demanded the authorities to investigate crimes and prosecute offenders.

Refute the writings

The Reyes Salazar family members yesterday refuted allegations that appeared written on cardboard messages on the bodies of their loved ones accused of being "falcons" or look outs for a criminal group.

"It's unfair to do this, they all had disabilities, they all needed assistance to walk, how can anyone believe that, they spent their entire lives working humbly at their family bakery," said one relative, who did not want his name mentioned.

He added that with these texts authorities are trying to minimize all of the killings.

They will be buried today at 10:00 a.m. on the outskirts of Cd. Juarez in Guadalupe where they once lived.

Sources: Diario de Juarez - Staff


  1. if I was the Reyes, i would raise money and have the sic's who did that wacked. kill them the same way.

  2. The Obama Administration is going to send in special tactical troops who are going to fuck up these worthless gangbangers who are terrorizing Mexico and destroying its very fabric.
    They are no match for our well seasoned, war trained combact forces.
    These uneducated thugs who are mostly coked out will be crushed and the larger more organized dope operations will be burned to the ground with its owners, like the Queer midget El Chapo,who will either die or be put further on the run with uncle Sam right on his worthless tail.
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    For you whinners that hate us - go suck on some more sour lemons and go gripe to "your people" because we simply have no time for your stupidity.
    Wait and watch how this great country will help its neighbor to the south..

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    feb 26 2;14 PM

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  7. Yawn...

    'For you whinners that hate us - go suck on some more sour lemons and go gripe to "your people" because we simply have no time for your stupidity.
    Wait and watch how this great country will help its neighbor to the south..'

  8. Let me just say this if i was the Reyes Salazar family I would be embarassed to show my face on tv and spread so much bs!!! Right now they are crying because of their family members but how about other families crying for their loved ones that their nephew/grandson killed... Why dont they say that the reason for each and every family member they have buried has been because they were all involved with the drug cartel that operated in Guadalupe d.b Chih.. That Miguel Angel Reyes alias "Sapo" has been incarcerated while being with "Rikin Escajeda" and was also known as his killer!!! Of course you might say the family shouldn't pay for what each and every person decides to do in their lives but they were all involved in it they were watching every move in Guadalupe d.b Chih for the same person. Why are they such hipocrites? Like I always say each and one of us is going to get the death that we deserve being either a good one or a bad one, as cruel as it may seem i'm a sole believer in karma!!!!

  9. Anonymous1:15 AM seems to believe that an entire family should have been murdered without any trial and deserve to have been murdered, because somehow he knows that they are ALL guilty of some crime or other. This is what happens with people who support having death squads make these decisions. They often accuse others of being animals while they themselves advocate murder and torture of innocents in mass, pretending to be for 'justice'.

    'Like I always say each and one of us is going to get the death that we deserve being either a good one or a bad one, as cruel as it may seem i'm a sole believer in karma!!!!'



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