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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Police chief in Nuevo Laredo is murdered

by Grillonautas

Gunmen murdered the recently installed police chief in the border city of Nuevo Laredo shortly before midnight Wednesday in a direct challenge to the new state governor's vow to end the gangland mayhem in the troubled state bordering south Texas.

Manuel Farfan Carriola, 55, a retired army brigadier general, was gunned down in his pickup truck as he drove from police headquarters to his home in the city that shares the Rio Grande with Laredo. At least two of the general's police bodyguards and his personal secretary were also killed.

Farfan was one of 11 retired army generals named to head municipal police departments across Tamaulipas state. He took office with the change of city and state governments on Jan. 1. Upon taking office New Years Day, Tamaulipas Gov. Egidio Torre had vowed upon taking office that his government would put an end to a "cruel, unjust and difficult" wave of violence.

"We know this is a new beginning, a new opportunity," Torre said, "because it being a new administration in an era of renovating the state with all our strength and all our will."

Torre was elected following last June's assassination by gangsters of his brother, the gubernatorial candidate of the state's long ruling party.

Mexico's extreme criminal violence, which has killed some 34,000 people in the past four years, erupted with the murder of another Nuevo Laredo police chief in 2005 who was gunned down just seven hours after taking office.

But Tamaulipas state had remained relatively quiet as violence raged elsewhere since 2006 until last February, when former gangster allies from the Gulf Cartel and the Zetas, the cartels former enforcers, fell into bitter warfare.

The violence claimed more than 900 lives across the state last year, according to the government's tally, including 115 in Nuevo Laredo.

Farfan's murder comes amid a wave of gangland attacks on police departments from the city of Monterrey, about 130 miles south of Laredo, to the border. Last week the entire police department of General Teran, an town southeast of Monterrey, resigned after two officers were kidnapped and beheaded by gangsters.



  1. CDG probably. The guy was maybe on the Z payroll, not to speak ill of the dead and clean (as far as I know), but the CDG has been targeting Zeta assets in NL for the past two weeks or so. Or Zeta's, because the guy wouldn't cooperate. On of the two killed him, who knows the reason, we probably never will.

  2. .i always wonder if these guys are dirty rats ..or just the bravest , most dedicated policeman who ever lived...can you imagine the ass it takes to be an honest cop in Mexico...or to be in any capacity and not be corrupt..

    i think the next step after being honest in Mexico being dead

    just don't see it ever ending


  3. Has been any news on that lady that got kidnapped a while back? I forget her name or the town she was patroling but she was the only cop in the town because nobody else stepped up when the male cops resigned after a couple got murdered. Thanks

  4. What kind of shit is this??
    What civilized society would tolerate such bullshit. Lets see some real action and see those monkey shit eaters who killed these Servents to thier country brought to swift justice.
    These worthless common criminala who go around doing these things are FILTY TRAITORS-

  5. The zzzzzzsssss did it I live in laredo texas he couldn't be persuaded to be on payroll this shows how much power the zzzssss got in nuevo laredo dats why everything is so quiet its all cuz of fear they're everywhere!

  6. DFL: are you interested in contributing any thoughtful comments/useful information to this forum? Are you interested in learning something about a subject you don't know anything about? Or, as I suspect, are you merely looking for a platform on which to vent? If so, I wish you would go somewhere else.

  7. @ anonfebruary 4, 2011 9:33 AM

    too bad you don't rule but you dont boo hooo

  8. Its is no secret our Z commandos will not tolerate a man who will not play by the existing rules. The Z is on both sides of the Border and I personally am an american citizen trained in mexico and work quietly and successfully in the Texas State with many similar Commando's I always read these stories and if the coward little boys in CDG think we will let them our plazas wait till this Summer my friends we are going to shake the state of texas in something that will make world news. To my Commanders and comrades in mexico Good Luck Brothers we will execute our mission and the weapons will still be flowing till you exterminate this childs resistance

  9. and now zeta commando the fbi can trace your location,better look out the window before you open the door

  10. @feb4 4:11 am
    I happen to enjoy his comments. I find them senseable and well thought out.
    Juan Pablo Smith

  11. lol

    I have to agree with DFL

    Why does this society (Mexico) allow shit to happen and never persue or barely arrest criminals...

    Hey Zeta guy,(I'm mean sir...)uhmm

    can you please answer this question?


  12. the mexican mafia hermanos pistoleros and texas syndicate work with z cartel in laredo texas


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