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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Pinche Mamito" Back in the News

Wall Street Journal

MEXICO CITY—A possible suspect has emerged in the killing of Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent Jaime Zapata, who was buried Tuesday in Brownsville, Texas.

Jesús "El Mamito" Rejón, a former corporal in Mexico's elite forces who became a top leader in the violent Zeta cartel is one of the people the U.S. believes may have been involved in the killing of Mr. Zapata last week. The ICE agent was attacked by gunmen who ran an armored SUV being driven by Mr. Zapata off one of Mexico's busiest highways about 150 miles north of Mexico City. Another agent, Victor Avila, survived the attack.

"El Mamito and all Zetas are being closely looked at by Mexican authorities, supported by the joint Department of Homeland Security Department of Justice task force," said a U.S. official involved in the investigation. "He is very well-known to us. He is in the mix."

The original Zetas, a group of about 40 highly trained members of Mexico's army special forces, were recruited to work as enforcers for the Gulf Cartel. The Zetas broke with the Gulf Cartel last year, and have been fighting a brutal turf war with them ever since.

A communiqué from cartels at war with the Zetas sent to the Brownsville Herald last week fingered Mr. Rejón, 34, as the man behind the attack. It is common in Mexico for rival cartels to take credit for attacks or to blame others for them. An article by the Herald published Friday said the communiqué blamed the Zetas and Mr. Rejón for the death of Mr. Zapata. It also blamed the Zetas for a number of other recent atrocities, including the August massacre of 72 migrants, the Herald article said.

Mr. Zapata was the first U.S. law-enforcement agent to die in the line of duty in Mexico since 1985 when Drug Enforcement Administration agent Enrique "Kiki" Camarena was killed. kidnapped, tortured and murdered. Mr. Camarena's death led to heightened tensions with Mexico and a tough crackdown on drug dealers. Since then, Mexican traffickers have steered clear of U.S. agents in Mexico. But some U.S. officials worry that last week's attack signals that cartel gunmen may no longer abide by the unwritten law in place since Mr. Camarena's death, which appeared to provide U.S. agents in Mexico a measure of protection.

During last week's attack, the ICE agents were fired on after they identified themselves as U.S. diplomats. "The Zetas are sending a message to U.S. law enforcement that if confronted, they will kill," says Bruce Bagley, an expert on drug trafficking and Latin America at the University of Miami

Mexican and U.S. officials haven't yet come up with a motive for the attack. Some believe that the attackers may have wanted to steal the armored SUV driven by the ICE agents as it is the type of vehicle preferred by cartel gunmen. Driving such cars in the area has become so dangerous that SUV sales have plummeted as owners trade them in for lower-profile and smaller cars.

Mr. Rejón, a former corporal in Mexico's army special forces, was trained in the use of explosives and is also an expert sniper, according to a profile compiled by Mexican intelligence services. While still with the military, Mr. Rejón commanded the federal police in the Ciudad Miguel Aleman, a town in the state of Tamaulipas. He deserted the military in 1999.

In 2009, Mr. Rejón was one of 20 top leaders of the Gulf Cartel indicted by the U.S. for importing tons of cocaine. The U.S. is offering a $5 million reward for information leading to his capture. Mexico is also offering a $2.3 million reward for Mr. Rejón.

The intelligence profile of Mr. Rejón details his love of horse racing and tells how he once bet $500,000 on a horse. Indeed, Mr. Rejón's life alternated between horse races and carrying out assassinations all over Mexico. Among his duties, the report says, is to run a training camp for Zeta recruits.


  1. El mamito will be caught or killed. Its just a matter of time.

    Everyone knows but people forget to mention that the gulf cartel is the main reason why los zetas exist. Its the gulf cartel that gave birth to los pinche zetas.

  2. My guess is that the US is looking for mijo as we speak , He has no idea what awaits his filthy ass

  3. Rumored that Z40 may have been captured or killed in Monterrey last night.

  4. "El Mamito and all Zetas are being closely looked at by Mexican authorities...."

    * WTF? "closely looked at" why dont they arrest these MF's? They know where they're at!

    "Bruce Bagley, an expert on drug trafficking and Latin America at the University of Miami"

    * It amazes me how some people call themselves experts, hahaha, this cat dont know shiat but all he reads and assumptions that he makes. I would tag an expert the one who actually served in a cartel not some dumbass sitting on the sidelines like us and reading about...I guess this makes El eSmurf and Ovemex experts and im not joking.

    Pistolero Anonimo

  5. once bet $500,000 on a horse.....Mother fuckers loosers .. this is the way those ignorants son of a biches spend the money they generate for kidnaping, torture and extorcion....

  6. This face was the first that popped into my mind when the attack on the ICE agents went down..

    I have a Q; decapitations began in 2006, by which cartel?

  7. who care what CDG created they are doing good taking a stance agianst inoccent killings

    USA created Saddam Hussien and Osama BinLaden/Al Queda andthats not even close to all the crazy powerful murdering torturing pillaging leaders USA has made

    i like CDG they remind me of my Italian Mafia friends. one leader once told me when we was in prison. that he was gonna tell the parole board he never killed a innocent citizen that everyone he killed was in the game and knew what was at risk

    CDG i think will be left alone when all is said an done. they gonna operate a tighter ship and be a black ops for Mexico gov. example CDG can just kill any little punks running around a town fucking with the citizens. where as the cops have to go through the courts and thats a major problem in USA fighting crime.

    thats a tactic in USA anyways the bigger gangs in city's keep the smaller ones in check. also the bigger gangs are easier to watch and have established informants in them so government can get good intelligence on whats on the street

  8. Word is that Z40 or Mamito was caught in Monterrey yesterday morning during an assault in Sierra Ventana. My family is there and they are confirming there was a large mobilization in the area.

  9. Z-40 is not Mamito
    Z-40 is Miguel Ángel Treviño Morales
    but its a Rumour all over Monterrey that he was captured or Killed.

  10. I heard the rumours also, but it has not been confirmed, I heard captured. If he was killed they would have announced it right away. Being captured sometimes they wait for the perp walk.

    and sometimes it is just gossip

  11. I don't know if I believe that report yet. With the way the system works over there I won't believe until they present him or his body. You would think with all the bad press the been getting lately the Gov would let people know they caught him to make people think they're doing a good job. Also how did the CDG know it was Mamito like the day after this went down?

  12. Nobody said it is the same guy... I said rumor is that Z40 or Mamito were captured. I know Z40 is Miguel Angel Trevino Morales and El Mamito is Jesús Rejón.

  13. Swanka, you really need to get off CDG's nuts. Learn to have pride in being a man of word, someone who stands for what is right. You sound like a child with grandiose fantasies about gangs.

    And LOL at your "mafia friends." Just STFU dude. Nothing good comes from any of that. Turn off the rap music and Godfather movies and join the real world.

  14. Well rumors said that either Mamito or Z-40 was the Zeta leader killed yesterday. Multimedios stated that 3 armed man were killed yesterday and among them was a Zeta leader, though the 3 armed men killed were between 20-25 years old according to Multimedios. I'm not sure if it's Mamito or Z-40 or some Zeta cell leader, there has been no conformation yet.

  15. I just heard that Mx has a suspect in custody in the ICE agents killing and attack.

    could it be Z-40? just wondering..


    BBC is reporting an arrest over the attacks on the ICE agents. It doesn't say who or where though.


  17. This article fails to mention that el "pinche mamito" was trained at the School of the Americas' at Fort Benning Georgia.

  18. The one in Monterrey may just be a local cell leader. My family knows the local leader because he is from the neighborhood but I haven't found out if it was him or not.

  19. 'US created monsters: Zetas and Kaibiles death squads' is an article that has more about that, Anonymous 12:38PM, at

    'Anonymous said... This article fails to mention that el "pinche mamito" was trained at the School of the Americas' at Fort Benning Georgia.'

  20. Walking dead man this guy is. Sad really all for paper and powder.

  21. @ 12:38-Mamito Not Trained by US

    Here are facts:
    pinche was born in 1976
    IF the us had trained this Zeta he would have
    been 15-17 years old at time of training...a little early to be an officer..

    I do not know if any were trained or not, but it happens, everywhere, the french, israel countries help other countries with training of all types. WHat is done later with that training is something that one cannot predict. who would have known that history would unfold as it did?

    Take a look at the atrocities, are you saying that was learned by US training? Beheadings? DIsmemberments? Rape, eletrocutions? Get a life and on to a new subject

  22. lol what do the French help out with? Training on how to retreat? lmao...

  23. Good one El Reg!
    Maybe to cook escarole?

  24. Either z-40 or memito captured and/or dead. This is getting interesting, this might be the start of the end for Los zetas.

  25. The authorities are being very secretive about it, same thing happened when they killed Tony Tormenta... Something is up for sure.

  26. It lets us all know that they knew where these thugs were all along and werent stopping them on purpose, in fact I wouldnt be surprised if the zetas are in the (crosshairs) only for the simple fact that the powers that be (cia) are putting their own puppets in leadership positions to control the trade..

  27. (El mamito will be caught or killed. Its just a matter of time.)

    Not that there's any proof of his involvement in the Zapata case, but the boy NEEDS to be erased.

  28. i thought z40 was the guy who betrayed los zetas

  29. So Mx is back-peddling well they can't very gracefully since their announcement (press realease) says they have they person who was probably responsible read below as released:



    Lomas de Sotelo, D.F., a 23 de febrero de 2011.- La Secretaría de la Defensa Nacional informa que en un operativo desarrollado por personal del Ejército Mexicano se detuvo a uno de los probables responsables del homicidio del agente del Servicio de Inmigración y Control de Aduanas de los Estados Unidos, ocurrido el pasado 15 de febrero.

    En las próximas horas, se proporcionará a la opinión pública mayor información

    They better come up with someone this is global news

  30. U.S. Rep. Michael McCaul told Texas Senate members Wednesday that one suspect is Jesus Rejon, a former corporal in an elite Mexican army unit who defected to the Zetas. It was not clear whether Rejon is the person in Mexican custody

  31. Can't people just wait? God they will be announcing it tonight, have patience people. The reason they withheld the name is to create all this speculation and to have everyone talking. Just wait and see. Is that too hard?

  32. "El_Regio what do the French help out with? Training on how to retreat? lmao..."

    Well there, smart guy, the french were pretty fuckin ruthless in Algeria. Ever hear of that?

  33. Swanka, the super gangster that hangs out with not only the CDG, but italian mafioso, too.
    Give it a rest, poser. If you really knew who you say you do, you wouldn't feel the need to brag about it on an anonymous comment section.
    You read a little BB and watch the Sopranos, so you think you're a tough guy.

  34. Droppin em like flies.
    Condor 2 (Luis Humberto Peralta Hernández) a leader of la Linea was killed last night somewhere in Chihuahua.

  35. Here are a couple of links of the killing of "Condor 2" In chihuahua yesterday;

    Luis Humberto Peralta Hernández, alias “Condor 2″, one of the most wanted men in Chihuahua by the Attorney General’s Office and who offered a reward of 5 million pesos, was the victim occurred late Tuesday in a clash with the federal police.

  36. Buela asked of 12:38... 'Take a look at the atrocities, are you saying that was learned by US training? Beheadings? DIsmemberments? Rape, eletrocutions? Get a life and on to a new subject.' And then Buela says that Jesús Rejón was NOT trained by the US military because .... blah blah blah and then some.

    Buela, you too believe that Osama was NOT trained by the US military... right? And that he learned that stuff about flying planes into buildings all by his own lonesome self and that he never really had anything to do with the US ever being in Afghanistan with US allies battling it out with the fSU....right?

    Would you be interested in buying from me some land with a prime location down in Southern Florida? It'll make you a billion!

  37. All the original Zeta´s were GAFES, and all were trained in the US, and all the current activity being used by them is textbook procedure to destabilize a country and fight an insurgency. All this was taught in the College of the Americas, which i understand, no longer exists. FYI - Do you know where Fidel Castro learned about communism? He was in college in the United States, in Georgia and learned communism from the capitalists. His revolution obtained it's guns and uniforms in the United States, and sailed from Florida to overthrow Cuba in a small 27 ft yacht flying the US flag. It is still on display in a Havana museum.

  38. he is getting fucked by satan pain zeta 40 pain is what ur getting!!!!

  39. I hope it's true about the rumor that either Z40 or mamito was caught or killed, preferably killed, but I doubt it. We would have heard it on every channel by now. If they have been watching them all this time, knowing they are killing more by the day, why don't they go in and arrest or kill them already??? I can understand letting the little fish swim to try and catch the big fish, but shit, these are the leaders we are talking about...the main bad guys. They wipe them out and the zetas will become a joke. I notice major leaders of every other cartel have been captured or killed EXCEPT for the zetas. odd...


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