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Friday, February 4, 2011

Narco-Banners addressed to ''El Lazca'' appear in 4 states

Narco-banners addressed to Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano, one of the current leaders of Los Zetas, were found in Tamaulipas, Zacatecas, Morelos, and Guerrero.

In Reynosa, Tamaulipas, witnesses reported seeing banners hanging over the main avenues in the early morning hours of Thursday. Hours later they were removed by Mexican military patrols.

The messages in Reynosa said:

You have already witnessed the killing and massacre of innocent people by the Zetas. The war is against us Lazcano, not against families. Fight like MEN.

-United Cartels

In Temixco and Yecapixtla, Morelos, identical banners, also addressed to Lazcano, were found:

Lazcano, we are here. The was is between us. No more civilian deaths.


In Acapulco, Guerrero, two banners were found. One, found on the Mexico City-Acapulco highway was addressed to Lazcano:

Lazcano: The war is with us. Stop killing civilians and innocent families. Tell Miguel Trevino to quit hiding and come out and fight.

-El C del G. R1 comando 7

In the Lajas, Acapulco neighborhood, another message was found addressed to various men:

Adriano Benjamín Flores Reyes alias "El Coreano", Moisés Montero together with Miguel Barragán, commander of the Ministerial Police in the municipality of Jardin,
Suastegui, commander of the municipality of Jardin, stop killing innocent people and come out and face us, fuckers. Stop hiding behind local authorities.

- El C del G R1 comando 7.

Two other banners were hung in the municipalities of Jalpa and Juchipila, Zacatecas. Although authorities have not revealed their content, it has been confirmed that they too, were addressed to the Zetas and signed by "Carteles Unidos."


  1. Who are the Carteles Unidos?

    CDG, CDS, and La Familia?

  2. Is this CDG in Acapulco, or just trying to create confusion? I don't know if Acapulco can handle CDG/Z's fighting. That's R1 from CDG signing those banners right?

  3. Does anyone actually buy to this "narco pr" that cartel x are the good guys who dont kill innocents while cartel y are murderous barbarians?

  4. ''lito'brito @ 4, 2011 at 4:39 PM

    from what i saw happen in Monterrey..yeah the Z is for sure the worst ...

    the Monterrey mob/CDG? seemed pretty content with dope, mordidas and whores..and didn't really want to get any bad publicity by kidnapping and other crimes...

    before the Z hit was a different scene all the way

    it went from the "safest city in latin America" what it is now..

  5. Things are getting confusing lately. Could the banners in Acapulco and other territories besides Reynosa be LFM groups that were merged with CDG, after they dissolved? If the rumors are true.

  6. I'm tell all ya...I predict that El Lazca or Trevino will be killed or captured this heard it from me the barbie said, "not even their mother likes them."


  7. I have a question for the authors of BB can we email you stories that we find interesting and you guys translate them and post em on BB?

  8. Who really runs the zetas? Cause I know Lazca ran it but then I know Z-40 is gunning for him to the point that Lazca is scared n paranoid. Is there even a hierachy or is it a bunch of cells doing what the fuck they want to do?

  9. think the cdg is responsible for some of the latest cagadero going on?

    ...what better way to work on the public?

    ...nothing to loose, everything to gain...

    ...todos estos son una bola de topos...

  10. Lazca really messed up if even Z-40 is after him.

  11. @7:07 PM The basic structure of Los Zetas:
    -Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano is the alleged head and Miguel Trevino is the alleged under boss, "Mamito","Rex","Paguita","Cachetes","Chafe","Cujer" and others form the core group of Los Zetas.

    -The commadantes or cell leaders receive orders from the above. These guys are in charge of plazas or drug routes/human trafficking routes and other criminal profits.

    -The "Zeta Nuevos" receive orders from the commadantes, these guys are usually in body armor, military helmets, grenades etc. which are usually ex-military/cops give orders to the civilian gunmen on who attack and are basically in charge of the security in that certain town or city/also the security of the commadante.

    -The civilian gunmen are basically the civilian enforcers and receive orders from the above.

    -"Productividad" are the ones in charge of the drug houses.

    -"Halcones" give information about anything suspicious and report police/military activity, these guys come from kids standing in a street corner studying police/military patrols to taxi drivers and even traffic cops.

  12. Why did they come out with that diagram on memoirs of a zeta,and neither z3 or z40 are listed? That's really wierd..and its even wierder that these guys haven't gotten dealt with yet....they're prob living like fat cats right outside Mexico city..


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