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Friday, February 11, 2011

"Mexico is Safer than Many U.S. Cities"

Secretario de Hacienda, Ernesto Cordero

Mexico’s Finance Minister, Ernesto Cordero, announced during a brief meeting with reporters in Manhattan Thursday morning that Mexico is safer than cities like Miami, Detroit or Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and that strong investments by foreign markets in Mexico are evidence of this.

"Mexico is, in terms of indicators of violence, safer than many U.S. cities."

"Mexico, after Singapore, is where foreign direct investment had the strongest rate of growth in 2010. These investments are still flowing and at a very fast rate," said Cordero.

“We certainly have a security problem but we are facing and solving it. The conditions in Mexico will be even better for foreign investmeny when we solve this issue,'' said Cordero during Mexico Housing Day, a conference on foreign investment in the Mexican housing sector.

Cordero noted that the problem of violence due to drug trafficking in Mexico can be resolved and that " We are making the right decisions”

However, there is another form of investments that are also flowing at a very fast rate into Mexico.

During talks at the ‘International Seminar on Corruption and Money Laundering’ held at the federal Senate offices in Mexico City, Senator Carlos Navarrete of the PRD opposition criticized the federal government's inability to impact the financial resources of drug cartels.

Senator Carlos Navarette

“According to the Attorney General’s own findings up to 10 billion dollars (U.S.) were laundered in Mexico in 2010, and the problem is compounded by the fact that that these illegal profits enter the formal economy in very complicated, very sophisticated transactions”

“Of those 10 billion dollars, only 50 million were seized by the authorities.”

According to the Senator, money laundering is done by first-class professionals who specialize in finance, and that explains why in the past 15 years, according to PGR figures, many more billions of dollars gained from organized criminal profits have entered the economy.
The Senator argued that the arrests of 30 major organized crime bosses are meaningless if their economic empire remains unchallenged.

"The financial structure of the drug cartels remains intact; the partners, family members and lieutenants replace the arrested kingpins and this industry of corruption continues to flourish, including the purchase of police and government authorities, and the participation of professionals and bankers that inject the money into the economy.”

Navarrete stressed that their financial resources currently represent the "most sensitive nerve" of the drug cartels and that through money laundering they expand their operations throughout the length and breadth of the country.

To curb this phenomenon, Navarrete said the Senators must work together to raise new powers, resources, personnel and regulations for both the Treasury and the Federal Police in order to obtain concrete results against the laundering of drug money.

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  1. and the winner of the IDIOCY price is...

  2. jajjajjaaaajj...

    and in just what American city does this 'tard own a big house in so he can keep his family safe ..

    can i say state of DENIAL

    the ability of some of the Mexican politicians to outright lie is amazing

    almost up to the level of our own politicos

    anything to defer responsibility and cast blame towards the USA

    hey uhrny..maybe you should move to Mexico and get into politics

  3. At least they are trying,
    and before you critisize
    George Dumbyah couldnt go anywhere without Blocks being cordoned off

  4. It not about that. Its about taking responsibility and saying we have a problem. These fucken yes men say anything to divert attention. Take responsibility for the whores breakfast you have on your hands and start from there. I live in the US and I am never worried about being killed, kidnapped your fucken eyes politicos mamones with phd's in bullshit!!!

  5. Just like American politicians...completely out of touch with what it is like to be a REAL citizen that doens't have bodygaurds surrounding them everytime they walk out the door. Sounds like a cry out to Americans to keep bringing your jobs to Mexico and oh yeah, your money too!!! Clean up your backyard Mexico and let us take care of ours!!!! I would live on the streets of Detroit before I attempted to spend a dollar in Jaurez or get on a plane to Mexico City!!! Not because I fear your streets because of principle and you have NONE!!

  6. Crooked crooked-crooked-self-serving-narcissitic-uncaring-out-of-touch bastards need to go crawl back under their desk!!! Wonder how many reporters got shot at while they made their speeches!!

  7. all i can say is WOW!!!!

  8. "Mexico, after Singapore, is where foreign direct investment had the strongest rate of growth in 2010. These investments are still flowing and at a very fast rate,"

    Drug money can stimulate a lot of growth.

  9. Huh. Well, all I can say is that I work in Detroit and I've never seen the dismembered bodies of hitmen and/or drug dealers in the 10 years I've lived here. But I'm sure that the burro-catra Cordero has a lot of more reliable intelligence than my first-hand experience. I guess it is safer in my hometown, the Murder Capital of the World, than my adopted hometown, the Motor City. Thank you, Mr. Cordero!

  10. Yes and if you believe that, I have a couple of large bridges I could let you have very cheap. Complete with toll takers. Cash only.

    Denial is not a river in Egypt.

  11. Everybody in Mexico says that... It's an illusion.
    To accept reality is too much and until it happens to them that is what they want to believe..
    It's total Bullshit..
    Road blocks do not exist in the USA with Thugs stealing cars and cutting people's heads off.
    The military doesn't fight in the street with drug dealers..
    In denial...

  12. I don't see why people are so hesitant to believe this. Despite being so close to the border, the top four big cities in America with the lowest rates of violent crime are San Diego, Phoenix, El Paso and Austin, and Border Patrol agents face far less danger than street cops in most U.S. cities.

    Furthermore, Mexico’s overall homicide rate is 14 per 100,000 inhabitant, which pales in comparison to Brazil, whose rate is more like 25. Much of the country remains unaffected by the drug cartels' violence, including the tourist hotspots in place like Yucatan and Quintana Roo.

  13. @ regina

    been to Mexico lately?


  14. So just where is it safer? Inner city St Louis or Ciudad Juraez? Nuevo Laredo or Camden, New Jersey? DF or the Bronx? These places should all try to become 'sister cities' and not be so competitive like this. Why can't we all get along?

  15. @ Ernest1

    Ernest1 said.. Why can't we all get along?
    February 11, 2011 3:03 PM

    Ernie..are you ok?...

    you keep actin' like this and i will buy you a beer too..jajjaa

  16. @Regina more murders per capita doesn't mean more violence or more dangerous, in Brazil Favela gangs don't kill police chiefs of all levels, mayors, soldiers etc. or have these same guys working for the Favela gangs in Brazil. El Salvador, Brazil and other Latin American countries have a higher murder per capita than Mexico but the gangs that commit these murders aren't powerful like Mexican Cartels are. What I'm saying is that in Mexico unlike Brazil and El Salvador politicians/police of all levels/mayors etc. don't run a risk of being murdered. In those said Latin American countries the government and police have complete control over their local gangs in Mexico they don't have control over the Mexican cartels.

  17. @February 11, 2011 4:18 PM
    What the hell are you talking about??

    "Mexico unlike Brazil and El Salvador politicians/police of all levels/mayors etc. don't run a risk of being murdered." Have you checked the news lately??

    "the government and police have complete control over their local gangs"

    I will leave you with this article where the military had to intervene in the favelas. The favelas have become a nation within a nation.

    And El Salvador, I'm sorry but haven't you heard of MS-13 and MS-18 these guys are more ruthless then the Mexican cartels...they do the same shit or worst things. So get your facts straight before you open your mouth. Control my ass haha you dont hear about those stories because there not on the news everyday like news from Mexico is, just like I put ajulio in check when he said Colombia is much safer haha

  18. @Anonymous 5:49,
    You proved my point the gangs don't leave the favelas the military and police keep them in check once in a while and no favela/MS13/MS18 gangs don't kill police chiefs,state governors,politicians,public officials etc. even less buy them like the Mexican Cartels do. In El Salvador everybody knowns that if you have a MS13 OR MS18 street tattoo your ass goes to jail and you don't get out. This means the governments do have these gangs in complete control especially in El Salvador. All I'm saying is that Mexican Cartels are affecting Mexico way more than favela gangs do Brazil and MS13 do El Salvador there is no comparison. Mexican Cartels just don't affect Mexico they affect 52 countries around the world, from buying or infiltrating Mexico's politics and economy,drug trafficking drugs into Europe to nuclear waste removal in Italy.

  19. No bodies hanging off bridges in Detroit where I used to live. Bodies hanging off bridges in Cuernavaca, where I also used to live. No military robbing me and my neighbors in Detroit. Military robbing me and my neighbors in Cuernavaca while they raided the residence of the teen sicario El Ponchis, boss El Negro aka Jesus Radilla. I wonder what the color of the sky is on this guys planet!

  20. the biggest problem in mexico now are the terrorist , other then that , mexico is a great country , get rid of those bastards and mexico will be bether and same how safer then other cities then some usa cities , eliminate setaz the rest of the bastards, for a cleaner mexico

  21. Just goofing with you, Anonymous Knucklehead 8:02. I know that Ciudad juarez is much more dangerous than St Louis any neighborhood is, etc.

  22. I will tell you what, I will stay in the United States and you stay in Mexico, and we will see who lives longer!

    Heard about Don Alejo? He was a 70 simple person who had ranch that a cartel wanted...

    Classic example of lack of a second amendment and a criminal government, plain and simple. Somehow Don Alejo got around the Mexican anti-gun for law abiding citizen laws. Unfortunately He gave his life but if kidnappers thought they'd be met by a hail of gunfire every attempt, they might consider going back to run of the mill drug smuggling or other less overt types of crime.

  23. "This means the governments do have these gangs in complete control especially in El Salvador."

    No, you proved my point, what I'm trying to say is that as long as you have poverty and slum like the favelas there will be high crime rate. The favelas are controlled by the gangs, the military was sent in to take them back in November and guess who controls them today? The gangs, thats right. The brazilian authorities dont even want to do anything with organize crime in Brazil bz they want to look good for the olympics and the world cup. Or else they would have this back in 06.

    And as for el salvador then why do they have a high crime rate? Bz the MS-18/13 are still on the loose you think they care about going to jail they control the jail in and out. Whoever controls the jail, controls the outside. Ask any el Salvadoran they will tell you and ever hear of Google? Check it out.

  24. I believe Cordero is right. He should go in the middle of downtown Juarez and announce it with a bullhorn!


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