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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mex Army Liberates 44 Gualemalan Kidnap Victims in Tamps

The significance of this report is that these types of kidnappings are common against Central American (CA) citizens who are trying to make their way into the U.S. (often Illegally) . In addition to the hardships they face once they reach El Norte, they must first jump the hurdle which is the border gangs which basically give these CA’s a choice: join or die. The most extreme example of this was the massacre of 72 migrants in a desolate ranch in along the U.S. / Mexico border state of Tamaulipas. This is yet another incident, although I am glad to report the victims made it out alive, this time.
- Smurf

Reynosa, Tamaulipas.- Elements of the Mexican Army liberated 47 people who were kidnapped.  44 were of Guatemalan descent. 3 other victims were of Mexican descent. In addition to the kidnapped people, authorities secured over102 kilos of cocaíne.

The secretary of national Defense (Sedena), with support from the  IV Military Región, acted on information received from anonymous sources and liberated a great number of CA’s from a kidnapping ring.
Sedena gave details that the operation took place between Gómez Pedraza, Vicente Guerrero and  Villanueva, several neighborhoods in Arboledas, a major town that makes up part of the city.

The commander of the 4rth region stated that his officer saw a vehicle driving suspiciously and upon further inspection, they found the perpetrators in possession of 108 packets of cocaine, which had a combines weight of 103 kilos.

“The confiscation of this amount of cocaine represents about 308,119 doses of the drug that have been take off the street. the total street value is about 47,000 pesos.


  1. Zeta's trying to build up the ranks to continue the fight. Yeah, I can't get too enthused by any of this CDG/Zeta action, too much death and misery, with no end in sight. So, far the Z's are the only ones who confirmed to do this 'join or die' thing, plus they are so 'well diversified' (desperate) they are heavy in human trafficking.

    About the cocaine, 103 kilo's must be off, thru the translation, if the total street value is 47,000 dollars. 103 grams at retail seems about right.

  2. oh, and Smurf, check the new Zeta, great story on 'El Sillas', with a little less blood and guts then the stories from northeastern Mexico.

  3. @ J
    Please tell me who would pay those prices in Mexico? That is the correct price. They do not inflate prices like American LEO's.

  4. 4700 pesos for 103 kilos? Typo for sure.

    That's about $4.00 a kilo. It's not that cheap anywhere, even Colombia.

  5. 47.000. @ 450 a kilo. Balls on price before it crosses the border. I was paying 500 pesos for half keys to the grower himself.

  6. Weed or cocaine? I wouldn't know what street prices are in Mexico, esp. retail sales, I'd like to know, tell me.

  7. The Mexican army is ICE South.... The US pumps enough money to these Pentagon whores .......address Los Pinos, Mexico ... so I would not exactly call this 'liberation'.

    Let's see now???? Zetas come out of Mexican military ranks, then take Central Americans prisoners? Then the Mexican military comes along and 'liberates' the ZETA prisoners????? Kind of interesting how ZETAs, Mexican army soldiers, and US ICE and D.C. cartelista operatives ALL seem to work hand in hand as Murder Inc. for the Central American undocumented. Die South, die North, die at the Fence...

  8. That was for weed. I misread the drug. I have no clue what the bulk cost of powder is. I dont use it. That was my mistake.


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