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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Members of "El Nazi" Kidnapping Ring Apprehended.

A lot has been said about the potential ties between federal and local police as well unscrupulous politicians who have requested or accepted money from drug organizations to finance their political campaigns. The consequences have been fatal, for in return for the financial contributions, the criminal organizations have demanded control of high level positions within police agencies and are then able to operate freely in key business areas.

The staff of El Diario in Cd. Juarez have released the latest investigation by the Assistant Attorney General's Office for Special Investigations on Organized Crimes (SIEDO) and the State's Prosecutor's Office (FGE) regarding a ring of kidnappers who appear to be operating with the active participation of individuals with ties to top politicians and known businessmen in Cd. Juarez.

Through the capture of two kidnappers Jovan Aarón Soto Porras, age 26 and his cousin Marcela Tovar Porras, age 29 the Federal Police and elements of the Mexican Military were able to rescue a 22 year old being held captive. This led to an now on going investigation.   

"One of these groups is directed by a man only nicknamed “the Nazi” and is accused of having ties to several kidnappings, among them the Juan Pablo Lara Contreras case and another one of a businesswoman who was recently rescued in the Fuentes del Valle subdivision", informed a source close to this investigation.

The photographs of “the Nazi” and his accomplices are set to be published once the order of apprehension has been given. At the moment the investigation is unfolding as his victims are continuing to give statements and have conclusively identified "the Nazi" as their kidnapper.

The victims were people selected with careful information given by Mario Alberto Casiano Sigala, “El Inge”, or the Engineer age 45, and his wife Victoria Guadalupe Seijas Loya; both reside in the Infonavit suburb close to the Airport.

The SIEDO's investigation also involves recently apprehended, Francisco Ramon Escobar Carrillo “Ramoncillo”, nephew of Amado Carrillo Fuentes, el Senor de los Cielos,  “the man of the heavens” and nephew of Vicente Carrillo Funetes “the Viceroy”, who is now considered the head of the Carrillo Fuentes cartel.

Also being investigated is Jorge Alberto Navarro Valenzuela, El Coque who was recruited by “the Viceroy” and assigned to the Texas/Chihuahua border to work under the orders of “the JL”, Juan Pablo Ledesma, a reputed Juárez cartel lieutenant (who by the way has a Million dollar bounty for his capture by the Mexican government) to ensure that the ill gotten monies from the drug trafficking is being properly accounted for.

Also named in the indictment are Victoria Guadalupe Seijas Loya, La Gorda, “the Fat woman” age 44 who is married to "El Inge”, and Carlos Mata Bejarano, alias “El Chore” or “Charly”, age 20, who were responsible for guarding and feeding the kidnapped victims.

The news sources indicated that the investigations have established a connection between several kidnappings that happened in and around the city and which showed direct and indirect relationships between the victims and the accused.

“El Inge”, was a member of the National Chamber of the Construction Industry, and was an integral member of the “Centaur Motorcyclist's Club”, and it is believed he had befriended many in the local politics and business arenas.  They now believe that in some cases he was the person who had given the victims information to the kidnappers through the friendly relationship he had developed with the victims.

This kidnapping ring appears to be connected to “the Nazi”, who is said to lead one of the biggest kidnapping rings in the city, and is also a ring made up of people dedicated to drug trafficking.

Another kidnapping cases that is being attributed to this band is the kidnapping of the owner of the bar “Dona Miche”.

A few days ago personnel of the SIEDO went to the "Jardines Eternos" cemetery and exhumed the body of Juan Pablo Contreras Lara, a well known businessman. They were looking for evidence related to his murder.

Juan Pablo, just 34 years of age, was kidnapped last year.  His family paid an initial ransom in exchange for his freedom. They were negotiating a second payment with the kidnappers, when his body was found.

His relatives had met all the demands in exchange for the freedom of their loved one, they had fulfilled all of the kidnappers' conditions and yet in the end the criminals showed little respect for their own agreement; they viciously ended the young man's life, later dumping his body on a public street.

“The problem with these ring of kidnappers is that they are people who have befriended you, people who you consider acquaintances, the same ones that you frequent at the clubs, the gymnasium, have children and attend the same schools as your children and with whom you have created a friendship with. They are involved in these illicit activities and they will take advantage of their relations with their victims”, emphasized the person El Diario interviewed.

Sources El Diario de Juarez      Submitted by El Doc


  1. Mexico needs the death penalty. Enough is enough.

  2. terrible nickname. I have no idea whats going on with the Carrillo Fuentes group, nothing I read suggests anything successful, or prospering, but no one seems to know anything about the Juarez cartel in the last year or so.

  3. Whats the point of any arrests because as we all know almost every cartel arrest is followed by an escape from prison or a lack of evidence and the eventual release of the criminal.

  4. Ya? What happened to big Juaritos being the badest bunch of dudes? Can't win the drug fight, so let's win the kidnapping battle? Hey juarez, ure kidnapping ure own gente. These idiots probably kidnap their own primos and call their uncles and auntes for a ransom. To all you Race sensitive people, this has nothing to do with. Its just people doin stupid shit, a la chingada

  5. There are many kidnappings of americans that are happening in juarez every day that go undetected. That's why I stay away from juarez right now. Too many kidnappings. It was about a month they kidnapped someone I knew and got $10,000 plus the victims truck, in just a few days. Kidnapping americans is where poor juarenses can get quick money. Im afraid that this will become a trend in 2011.

    Trip. I remember seeing los centauros at the Amadeus strip club when I use to go with my juarez friends.

  6. Sometimes these articles can save a life. Im staying clear away from juarez now. There are hundreds of scumbags who are driving around juarez at any given time, searching for americans to kidnap, just to terrorize your family, take as much money from you as they can, and kill you anyway. F' scum.

    I can't believe that I went there a few weeks ago. I found myself buzzed and driving the lonely streets of juarez at 4 in the morning. Too risky. This article shook me. Juarez is not a playground for gringos anymore. It is a playground for the hateful and the poor.

    Damn shame


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