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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kidnapping Ring Dismantled in Cd. Juárez

A local Juárez doctor who had been kidnapped recently was freed through the efforts of the state's anti-kidnapping unit. Agents arrested five suspects yesterday, including their leader Éric Martín García Favela, 18 (top left photo) who was shot in the assault and had to undergo surgery but was considered to be in satisfactory condition. 

The Attorney General's Office announced that members of the anti-kidnapping unit had successfully broke up the kidnapping ring composed of six individuals who had kidnapped the doctor on Sunday.

Those arrested were Éric Martín García Favela,18, Santos Daniel Piña Cossío, 21, José Luis González Martínez, 24, José Manuel Chávez Tarango, 22, José Ángel Martínez Martínez, 25 and Wilbert Eliel Terán Valenzuela, 22.

The arrest was a coordinated effort between members of an operative intelligence unit and the local police who were able to rescue the doctor at a house located on Ave del Paraíso # 6460 in the El Marqués suburb of Cd. Juárez.

The anti-kidnapping unit secured the entire agreed upon ransom, consisting of $4,200 US dollars and 4,700 pesos, and a Toyota vehicle.

Also found were two digital video cameras that had been used to record their victims in previous kidnappings, three handguns and several mobile phones.

The detainees are said to have participated in a total of 10 kidnappings in Ciudad Juárez: In January 2010, they kidnapped the son of a local restaurateur, in February 2010, a doctor age 60 and the son of a prominent lawyer. In March 2010, a maquiladora service provider, and a 42 year old woman and her 17 year old son. Then in April a 22-year, last December another doctor and a young student. And in February of this year, another 22 year old student.

Source: Diario de Juarez Staff


  1. This is one seriously ugly group of animals. Only if he is kept in a disreputable Juarez jail was saving the 18 year old leader worth it.

  2. Burn them at the stake!

  3. Hahaha the youngest fucker of the group is the "leader". That ain't leadrship its just clowns following a young punk

  4. oh I hope justice is served in the same way they treated their victims.

  5. Don't drop the soap you punks. Fucking animals.

  6. Seriously... All these sicarios (mexican hitmen) look like a fucken joke..

  7. It amazes me how young and stupid these guys look and yet they are so damn dangerous. Unreal! I hate to say this, but in a country with such a low conviction rate and so much corruption and jail breaks, I really would prefer if the military did use overwhelming force and just took these people out on the spot. F!!! the Human Rights leftists and all of their silly antics....These guys are heartless, G-Dless punks.

  8. Really, you Anonymous ones and "Imjustagirl" can tell that much simply from pictures of rather ordinary looking Mexicans? You see a picture of people and decide just like that, that they are 'animals', 'fuckers', 'stupid', 'heartless, G-Diesspunks', and that they look 'like a fucken joke'?

    I'd like to see your photos collectively strung up here together and then we could decide what you folk look like?


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