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Monday, February 21, 2011

In 36 Hours, Criminals Execute 43 People in Ciudad Juárez

The wave of violence that swept through Ciudad Juárez this past weekend culminated in the executions of 43 people between Friday and Sunday.

This was the most violent weekend ever for this part of the border; nevertheless, executions also occurred in the cities of Jiménez, Camargo, Parral, and Chihuahua, the capital.
On Friday and Saturday in Ciudad Juárez, 20 murders were carried out, while only three occurred on Sunday, in an apparent settling of scores between narcotraffickers.
Last night, a man was shot dead in the streets of the colonia Arroyo Colorado after being forced out of a vehicle, on Fray García street between Estaño and Plomo.
Another armed group killed another man in a tire repair shop in the colonia of La Cuesta. The shop's owner had been kidnapped a month ago before his family paid a ransom of 70 mil pesos, although his fate remains unclear at this time.
Considering the violence that occurred since Thursday, a total of 58 people were executed in only four days, among them five women. Three of these victims were killed while being accompanied by their respective romantic partners, and another appeared dead on the streets of Neptuno and Juárez-Porvenir at the at the top of Satélite.

In Saturday, four members of a family were shot execution-style at a party in a home located on the streets of Sierra del Sierra del Águila and Arroyo Jarudo, in the colonia of La Cuesta.


  1. We never get any stories about the war in Juarez. Nothing in depth I mean. The coverage of the war between CDG and Los Zetas is better. No offense to BB, you're just posting what others report, and I guess the war is so tense there it is very tough to report on. But I wish I knew more about the status of the Juarez cartel etc. Sometimes I hear they are almost done, other times I hear they are winning. I almost never hear anything about Vicente Carrillo.

  2. That is because there is nothing there, other than the killings, killings and more kilings! I believe BB writer Tomas is going to cove more of Juarez.

  3. anon 3:09 are you just curios about the news? Is the info going to help you in some way?
    Turn in the names of any criminal that you get wind of and prepare your family for things to get worse, much worse.

  4. So does this mean "La Lineas" is getting its Ass handed to it?
    It sounds as if one side smells blood and is moving in for the Kill.

  5. I feel the same way as the first post, although I don't think it has anything to do with BB reporting, and more to do with that there is very limited information about what us going on, besides the killings. Vicente Carillo is a ghost, and his people are brutal killers, every so often some low rent goon is arrested, but we learn nothing. It frustrates me, to see dozens of murders, yet we don't know what is going on. I guess the narcos want it like that, haven't seen banners in a while from Juarez.

  6. The killings could be anyone gente nueva,artistas asesinos,la linea or aztecas it doesnt mean la linea is getting there asses handed to them.I actually think the opposite gente nueva and the aa's might have killed a big gangster from the aztecas and they are getting vengance but it could be the other way around.As far as la linea juarez cartel go they arent going anywhere.I laughed when i read an article saying the sinaloa cartel had beat the juarez cartel i was like oh yeh right how can they say that when the true big bosses where still at large doing there thing and still are. For those big fishes im talking about Vicente Carrillo Fuentes and el dos letras aka JL aka boss of la linea until them two are killed nothing is over with plus they just replace there killed people with new people theres lots of young poor juarez gangsters wanting to kill enemies for money. -Dukeboy

  7. True, true. JL and VCF are still free, but what is the game plan here? Do this for how long? And, when is Sinaloa going to back off? What is their strategy?

  8. Sinaloa cartel wants to take the city because the Juárez Cartel controls one of the primary transportation routes for billions of dollars worth of illegal drug shipments annually entering the United States from Mexico. The juarez cartel is not going to give up so easy, and i believe that la linea is not a bunch of lowlifes like los zetas. Is here a reporter like risemakeveli(gulf vs los zetas) who knows the situation between Juarez and sinaloa cartel?

  9. There is a very good documentary on Juarez just released limitedly called 8 murders a day. You can see the trailer on you tube.

  10. I have also heard la linea and ba still have control on both sides of the border and dont seem like they are losing at all,

  11. I have also heard la linea and ba still have control on both sides of the border and dont seem like they are losing at all,

  12. What is weird that neither side seems to gain any kind of advantage over one another even after years of fighting.

  13. @ J .. I think the game plan here is fight to the death Vicente Carrillo is all in utill they kill him. Same thing with JL but if they survive untill say 2012 when felipe calderon is out of office then the sinaloa cartel might stop fighting and face they cant get rid of the enemy completely from juarez cuz i just think la linea n the J town cartel are cemented onto the juarez streets.But still sinaloa might try to smuggle drugs behind the juarez cartels back like they have done in tijuana back in the day and also tamaulipas they the sinaloa cartel withdrew from battleing the zetas in 2005 but continued to use the drug routes in that state.Its just they did it under the water el chapo loves doing that lol.Overall i think the violence in juarez & mexico will decrease once calderon is not president anymore unless the next president declares war on the cartels for another six years.I think with all the grusome killings the next president will call it truce and look into a treaty. -Dukeboy


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