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Sunday, February 13, 2011

If They Kill Me, They Will Be Doing Me a Favor

By Patrcia Davila
From Proceso

MÉXICO, DF.- February 12, 2010

Nuevo Ideal is a municipality in Durango but it seems like a branch of hell: kidnappings are an everyday occurrence, committed by the neighbors and acquaintances of the victims. At the beginning of the month, Don Polo traveled from Nuevo Ideal to Proceso to share the torture he had lived in the face of his son’s kidnapping.

His desperation brought him to denounce the crime to the army, the State Attorney General, the SIEDO, the Marina…and even at Los Pinos. No one paid him any mind. Now Don Polo is dead. He was assassinated.

“We’ve come for you, compa,” the men dressed like soldiers yelled while they pointed their cuernos de chivo at Leopoldo Valenzuela Escobar, Don Polo. He pulled his pistol out, trying to defend himself, but the rounds from the AK-47s shot him down. He died minutes later upon arriving at the hospital.

It was a Friday morning, February 4. He had just opened his auto parts store in Nuevo Ideal, Durango. Four months before, his son Leopoldo, Leo, had been kidnapped. And although he paid the ransom, his son was not set free. He asked for help from the governor and the attorney general of Durango as well as the army, but everyone ignored him.

He took matters into his own hands and found the kidnappers. He discovered that they were protected by state functionaries as well as the army. It appears that his execution was revenge for having denounced his son’s kidnapping.

Four days before his assassination, Don Polo arrived at the offices of Proceso to speak about his case. His tired countenance was more a reflection of the burden of 130 days of not having news of his son, than his eighty years of life.

He sat down and placed his documents on the table. His hands trembled. He accepted a cup of tea. He calmed down and began his account:

“It was 7 p.m., the 23rd of September, 2010. My son, Leo, was at the yonque (junkyard) taking care of the clients; all of the sudden a sand colored Tahoe truck stopped in front. Four hooded men dressed in military uniforms got out. They went inside after him. They beat him with their guns and they loaded him into the vehicle, and took off toward Santiago Papasquiaro.”

About 200 meters from Leo’s business there is a military roadblock with about 20 soldiers. Don Leopoldo ran towards them. “I asked them to tell me why they had taken my son, they looked into it and then fifteen minutes later they said: ‘We are sorry. We can do nothing.‘ ‘Why not? I said, but they said that I had to file a complaint with the anti-kidnapping police.

“My daughter, Hilda, shows up and asks the soldiers to please go with us to rescue her brother. Very cynically one of them says: ‘Get the money together and pay so that they will set him free.’”

Don Polo went back to his business where Leo’s wife had arrived and was speaking to the kidnappers via cell phone. They ordered them not to notify the police, and to get together ten million pesos because if they didn’t they would kill him (Leo—the son.) “I took the telephone and told the kidnappers that that was a lot of money, and that we didn’t have it. They answered saying that in that case they were going to break him to pieces and string him from the door.”

“The kidnappers called almost daily to see how much money we had gotten together: At 10:45 the morning of the 26th of September, my daughter-in-law got a text message. It was my son: ‘I am fine. They are waiting for the boss to arrive. Don’t call this number. I don’t like this. I love you guys, Polo’ At 11:17 another text arrived: ‘Don’t say anything to Eloy because there’s a problem with him.’

His hands began to shake again. Don Polo continued: “The next day (September 27th) the kidnappers called and asked how much money we had. I told them 466,000 pesos. They said for me to hand it over. They called again saying that it was very little money and for me to get together 3 million. The 30th they say that when I have at least 500 thousand pesos, for me to turn them over to them.”

At 6:14 in the evening the same day another text message arrives (to Leo’s wife’s phone):

“They have me at Las Palmas, on the right hand side, in a bodega with a laminate roof. There are lots of lookouts, talk to the soldiers….give it your best shot with the money, in any case, let it be as God wills it. Come early, around five in the morning; have the visas in hand. But you guys don’t come in case something goes wrong. I hope you understand me. Tell father.” Minutes later the kidnapper called to tell Don Polo to give the owner of the cell phone ten thousand pesos, although he did not indicate who that was.

Don Polo continues his account:

"I contacted Ernesto Velázquez, ‘mayor’ (presidente municipal) of Nuevo Ideal, and read him the message and he told me that he would meet me in Durango (capital city) to file the complaint with the attorney general’s office. My daughter, Hilda, went accompanied by Juan Orozco, the syndicate of the municipality.

“It was about midnight. At 3 a.m. we were received by the district attorney, Ramiro Ortiz Aguirre; my daughter explained to him everything that had happened since the kidnapping and asked him to help us rescue her brother. He said he wouldn’t endanger his police without first launching an investigation. The mayor and the syndicate tried to convince him, but he ran us off: ‘What don’t you understand?!?” he yelled at us as he walked off.”

From the moment of the kidnapping, the first thing that came to mind for Don Polo was the safety of his wife, their four daughters, his daughter-in-law, and his little two year old granddaughter: "Instead of closing shop at 9, we started closing at 7. We were afraid because we could see that they were watching us. Night and day trucks passed by the shop and by the house. They would stop in front and make a bunch of noise. They were right on top of us.”

October 2, one of Don Polo’s sisters went to the tenth military zone to file a complaint, but they advised her against it since the father of the victim is the one who has to file the complaint. They gave her the number 01800 so that he could do it via telephone and Don Polo called immediately.

The next day he also called the 71st Infantry Battalion in Santiago Papasquiaro, where he was helped by Colonel Zambrano who stated: “If in reality you know the exact location where your son is being held, come here to the barracks and I will go with you and finish those criminals off.” In little over an hour, Don Polo arrived at the barracks.

"At the barracks he took down my information and told me that they would go in the middle of the night to rescue Leo; but when I showed him the text message he was surprised: ‘How is it that they sent you the message from this number?’ he said and immediately changed his mind and said that the rescue would take place at four or five in the morning. I was ready and waiting. The sun rose and they never went,” he remembers.

So Don Polo and his daughters gathered their courage:

"Dressed as men, my daughters jumped the fence and alluded security. We setup watch on the same kidnappers that were watching us. As the days passed we discovered that some of them were from town, and others no: on one street we identified Flavio Quiñones, who, after standing watch on the corner, would meet with Arnoldo Nevárez. Flavio would be relieved by Rafael Fernández and then he would meet with Gustavo Gutiérrez and Jaime García and his wife…"

All of these people weren’t just neighbors and acquaintances of Don Polo in Nuevo Ideal, but the members of a gang of kidnappers.

October 4th, the kidnappers called to ask for more money; the family turned over 1.6 million pesos more. One of the kidnappers called Don Polo’s daughter-in-law to let her know that they had received the money. She asked when and where Leo would be set free. The man stated that he would call her back after he counted the money, then he let her speak momentarily with her husband.

Without any news regarding Leo, “On the 9th of October I went to the office of the district attorney. They directed me to Public Ministry agent Ezequiel Arreola González.

"I gave him all of the information I had regarding Leo’s kidnapping, including the names of those in charge of protecting us. When I went to sign my declaration I noticed that he had omitted that I place blame on the law for what happened to my son, my family and I. ‘Why do you want me to include that?’ he asked. ‘Because I know how you guys operate,” I said. ‘What?!’ he said. ‘[you guys] kill the person so the problem goes away,’ I answered him.”

October 11th, Don Polo turned to the SIEDO of the PGR where he filed another complaint.

November arrived without further news of his son. He did his own investigation, hiring people to help him. “That is how I found out that Jaime García was the one who hired and paid the lookouts. I found out who the alleged bosses were: Felipe Martínez, Basilio Mares and Eloy Carrasco or Barraza", he said.

He offered 100,000 pesos as a reward to anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of his son. Someone showed up and informed him: “Two hours before the kidnapping of my son, Eloy, Felipe and Basilio met with the kidnappers in the Tahoe [truck] on the outskirts of town, in front of a well known place known as El Arco de la Concha. After a half hour, he saw them leave. This past December that person went to the SIEDO to give his testimony.”

Another person gave their testimony to the SIEDO: "They kept me for five months before I managed to escape. The kidnappers kept us in [a cave] La Cueva del Pino, at a place in the sierra known as La Ulama, in the municipality of Nuevo Ideal.

"In the morning they show up early and give us our breakfast, then they take us to the mountains to work harvesting marijuana. They don’t let us speak to each other, much less gather in groups. There were 18 young men, four women, and one old man with me. The old man died in the cave.”

With trembling hands Don Polo pulled out a map and spread it out on the table where he pointed out the locations he had visited in search of his son: La Palma, 16 km from Nuevo Ideal, La Ulama 112 km away, and one other, Coneto de Comonfort which he never visited; they assassinated him before he could.

"This whole region is protected by the military, but they play the fool and never catch anyone. It’s clear that they protect the criminals,” he affirmed as he folded up his map.

The 12th of December Don Polo met with an agent of the Public Ministry, Ezequiel Arreola:

"He made an appointment to meet me at the El Portón restaurant to talk about my case. Once there he tells me that the chief of the anti-kidnapping unit, Enrique Díaz, would be attending too. When he gets there, Díaz says: ‘Listen, Don Leopoldo, you already know who the wrong-doers are; look I have people who can take of them, it’s just a matter of you talking with them and agreeing on the price.’ Oh, really!, What a great deal you are offering me!! What….are they going to charge me by the dozen?’, I asked them. ‘Ah, cabrón!, how many of them are there?’, he said.

"I found out after that the anti-kidnapping police where picking up the people I had mentioned in my complaint: the first one they got was Jaime, then Manuel González and after Rafael Fernández. They told them that I had accused them, they even showed them the documents. They let them go right away.”

Proceso: How did you find out about that?

Don Polo: Because Manuel told my daughter-in-law. He told her: ‘So Don Polo is the one who is throwing the book at us.’ She asked him who had said that and he said the police.

"Do you understand what those scoundrels want? What they want is for me to get mine,” Don Polo told Proceso.

Proceso: They want them to kill you?

Don Polo: Yes, they want them to kill me. Once I am dead, everything is finished.

Kidnapping victims from other municipalities warned Don Polo: “Don’t investigate or cause a stir because the same thing is going to happen to you as happened to Manuel Pineda, who filed a complaint and was murdered.

“Because of this, many maintain silence. In Nuevo Ideal alone last year there were more than fifty kidnappings. The same situation exists in other municipalities.”

The night before he was murdered Don Polo spoke with his wife. He told her that he was very tired and couldn’t take it anymore: “This is no way to live. If they kill me, they will be doing me a favor.”


  1. dammm...this war is unwinable...its bassically the drug cartels and the milatery vs the people

  2. You get killed for that shit in the US. Mexican pussies, nothing more. The Marines will halp you soon Mexico. Prepare for the invasion.

  3. I pray for the good people of Mexico. I know that prayer and hope is not at your grasp, how could it be when government officals, the military, police officers, and last and most brutal the cartels, are on your doorstep everyday of your life, just taking away everything even your soul. Hope and Faith is gone. And when you do arrest someone for their crimes, you let them go to do more. Prez. do you not see, hear, feel.

  4. Wow, My parent are from Patos, I have heard that it was getting bad with kidnappings. I got out just in time in October of 2006. I had lived there for 3 years, also in Santiago part of the time. These beautiful parts will never be the same, I wouldn't dare go back right now. Very sad.

  5. I read it in spanish on a different site,
    although it has all the good workings and the sympathetic pieces, i believe it to be a work of fiction

  6. Time for an uprise... its coming...

  7. A work of fiction?? Are these people dead or not?Mexico is one giant GHETTO,this kidnapping thing is much more serious than transporting dope.

  8. Again, i read it and at first it made me stop and think, but it is i believe a work of fiction.
    just because you read it doesnt make it true,
    Noahs Arc comes to mind as an example

  9. Hopefully the united states helps mexico out! Alot of people are suffering over there just to feed our addiction to drugs!

  10. @February 14, 2011 9:39 AM
    Damn first educated person I have seen so far. I also believe its fiction and why one must ASK? Well first you have to live in Mexico to understand and second BECAUSE IT IS PROCESO OR BETTER YET NARCOPROCESO!! Basically they are out to make the government administration look bad, making up stories, protecting narcos, anyone against them they basically run a smear campaign against them, they are supporters of the left wing party called PRD(democratic revolutionary party). PROCESO is like fox news but try a magazine that doesn't provide a shred of fact. Trust me I live in Mexico and Proceso is shady as hell...but Tiangera wouldn't know anything about that would you??

    Like I said before just read this on article also on BB:

  11. @You get killed for that shit in the US. Mexican pussies, nothing more. The Marines will halp you soon Mexico. Prepare for the invasion.

    And your probably going to have to wait for that invasion for a long time. Get real idiot there is no invasion nor intervention no nothing. People who advocate warfare haven't done a day in the service. War is hell, and anyone who been in like I have will tell you, it should be avoided at all cost. Let me guess in Iraq and Afghanistan you were probably watching all the action from your armchair or computer right? Fuckin moron get real. There are hundred other countries with the same problems or even worst and I don't see you advocating warfare over there do you? We should take care of our problems at home! Period!

  12. Report to the f***ing ANTI-KIDNAPPING POLICE!! What's this, a new division of crooks! Do the work under anti-crime police? See how rediculious this sounds?

    Want to know why this story must be true? Because fiction writers couldn't dream this up!

    "They let them go right away.”...How's that again?...we know this story though.

  13. Anyone read Disappearances in Monterrey? Check their sources. And don't discredit Proceso so quickly without evidence... Don Polo gathered and attempted to provide. I would like to see that published, though. Guess it's in the wrong hands now. Should have made copies!

  14. @ Feb 14 10:26

    I spent 8 years in the Marines and I would love to go fight this idiot. I do not know what these comments you made about people not advocating war who actually served. I advocate the shit out of it but maybe I am a little bit borderline sociopath. I was personally kicking doors off the hinges in Afghansitan and was with the 5th Marines in Fallujah. The only person who doesn't have a clue it seems is you. most Marines I know who love to go down there and kick the shit out of these thugs.

  15. Well, I see the US doing something more to protect the border and by the way there are already numerous military "Advisors" in Mexico from the US.

    Do you remember how Viet Nam started? US sent in advisors and finally troops. My guess we will not "Invade" or send troops in to Mexico but we will increase our support with more Military advisors, more logistics, more communications and eletronic survailance and avaition assets...and to that individual calling people "Fuckin Morons and idiots" I will be gald to match my military, combat experience, civilian and military education against yours any time...AND our problems at home are very much Mexico's problems

  16. This story is not fiction, my family knew Don Polo Valenzuela and his family, his son was kidnapped and has not been found. As far as who killed him, that's another story.

  17. “We’ve come for you, compa,” the men dressed like soldiers yelled while they pointed their cuernos de chivo at Leopoldo Valenzuela Escobar, Don Polo. He pulled his pistol out, trying to defend himself, but the rounds from the AK-47s shot him down. He died minutes later upon arriving at the hospital.

    The first clue that it is a work of fiction is the fact that they shot him dead and left witnesses, very hollywood, Sicarios would have shot even the Dog.

  18. To those of you who say it is fiction it is not, i am familiar with the area (family members) and it is true. There are basically two cartels fighting one controls the drugs from the sierra, and the other the routes. While the one that controls the routes can steal/transport they have resorted to kidnapping. It has occurred from Tepehuanes, Guanacevi, El oro, Santiago and nuevo ideal and so on. Its surprising they dont give much media coverage. I have been trying to contribute by translating but all i can find are we discovered so and so dead, not much behind it ETC. In regards to reporting it to the military they are controlled by a cartel thus they let the sicarios run amok...the military that is stationed their is beyond corrupt, the only military that does work is the "roving" national one, they are not based out of DGO thus they have no connections...

  19. According to Rafael Rodríguez Castañeda, chief editor at Proceso during an interview with “This act of aggression is very problematic for the press. Its either the government or the criminal organizations that come after you, you must watch yourself on all side for these aggressors."

    "However, this act of institutionaized aggression should be considered a grave warning. It is to say that the government doesn't approve of the freedom of expression," concluded the editor for Proceso.

    This comes from the article referred to above:

    It's probably fair to say that most media have accepted payoffs and bribes at one time or another from the criminal organizations as well as the government. This is what corruption is all ab out. It doesn't mean that they only publish lies or stories without facts.

    I am sure Don Polo did go to the media. He had gone to all the government and military officials with no solution. This man just wanted to find his son. He had paid his ransom like so many others...and then sought justice on his own. At least he had a gun for protection and did not get tortured.

    For the military veterans out there I have a question:

    How do you go in and fight the enemy (drug criminals) if most of the military and politicians in the country are corrupt? Who can you believe that's in power to make decisions? Will an impartial military force injected into the battle cause these people to come forth with their part in these crimes?

  20. Aghanistan was a mission against Bearded Goat Ropers, do you for 1 minute Believe that Mexicans will stand by and let Gringos in
    "greeted like Liberators"?
    your own streets will be filled with Rioters
    of Mexican Descent, not to mention the UN
    on your cases and All of Latin America in arms over this. how much is it going to cost?
    Iraqs original budget was 80 billion, it has now surpassed 1 Trillion
    Adventures in Mexico will cost 4 times that and still youll leave onother Mission Unaccomplished.

  21. And just what do you think would ever be an 'impartial military force injected into the battle'? (as you put it...)

  22. How do you go in and fight the enemy (drug criminals)

    By Banding together starting neighborhood watches allowing no one outiside the neighborhood to enter. And if they do, snipe them from a distance...when they start loosing fat bastards, they will go to another town that is not as strong...then that town bands together and does the same thing until the criminals are living in the desert. You have to standup against the corrupt law, the corrupt military and the drug criminals.

    If they authorties are not going to stand with you then they are aginst you and they must suffer the at a time.

  23. I too have peeps in DGO and this is not fiction. I think the greatest fiction perpetrated by the media is what does not get reported, in large part because reporting "it" would be far too dangerous.

  24. yeah tiangera the media in Durango is scared, not one outlet mentions that they wont let you bury the person in there hometown, or the fact that entires town have been burned, or the military and cartel shootouts, or the worst was the funeral procession that was attacked. Given the scarce population it can be said DGO is worse than other so called war zones if it were broken into a per person crime/death ratio/.

  25. to: anonymous 12:30 people have banded together to form watch groups, but the cat cannot watch the mouse while the mouse is standing next to the cat. Also the military has cracked down very hard on civilian weapon possesions, its almost as if they wanted to disarm the population. Thank god for my amendment i can prevent the queen of england from pushing me around lol

  26. DURANGO1....

    I have looked for coverage on the burnt out indigenous villages, and it is very scarce. A lot of indigenous people are being displaced in Durango, but there is little to no coverage on this

  27. Tiangera, yeah that one village they burned was horrible, i had seen some articles on el siglo but they dont mention much. Rumor has it the people they had burned down were not willing to cooperate with them how i dont know. Ill start a little project on a timeline of events in the durango area, ill try my hand at this reporting...not just the indegenous the whole pueblo nuevo area has been hit pretty hard proceso had a story titled un dia en el triangulo de oro which was interesting.

  28. Fiction?? Are you a--holes crazy? It's happening right in front of you and you
    still put your head in the sand. Mexico
    os ready again for another revolution and
    their will be another General pershing and
    the s--t will hit the fan on both sides of the
    Rio Grande just like 100 years ago. Any one who
    thinks History doesn't repeat itself is a fool!

  29. It would not cost as much because the tanks and heavy equipment will not have to be shipped so far. As far as Mexicans rioting in the streets of the US, please feel free to do so because the damage it would do to immigration reform would be irrepetable. Local and state police would kill rioters by the hundreds if there were hundreds rioting. I don't know why Mexicans think they are so powerful. We have had our boots on your necks for 200 years and will continue to have our boots on your necks. In the name of homeland secutity we will go in and take this piece of shit country over and all the people will have no choice but to accept the devine will of the gringos. Riot all you want. There will just be more dead bodies to police up. Get over your La Raza horsehit and realize that the US will kill anyone, her own citizens included in the pursuit of her agenda. If a bunch of worthless, untrained thugs can punish you, what do you think an entire division of highly trained and motivated Marines would do? Your pride is almost amusing. I wait for the day for your tears to roll down your face as Mexico City falls to us again.

  30. First thing I would do is link together with other like minded individuals that want to do something about the drug very selective about who you let into the group...Sadam Husain only let people guard him that came from the town he grew up in, good advice. No one could get close to him...not even the US

    Next thing you want to do is acquire intellegience as to what is going on in your neighborhood. Who are the power borkers, who are the leaders and who are the followers. What are their capabilities and guns, ammo, vehicles, response times.

    Analyze your neighborhood. Streets, barriers, key terain (You control the high ground, you also control the low ground.) Remember to consider the air, ground and subterrain when analyzing your nieghborhood. Look at areas that are advantageous to the enemy. If you have a road (high speed avenue of approach) in your area look at the vehicles traveling it. Try to eliminate large vehicles from traveling on it by narrowing the streets. Install speed bumps and traffic circles...and I could go on and on but surfice it to say look at your area and establish obstacles that channels people and vehicles in to an area that favors to you in combat.

    Next, establish patrols to observe and report. Also establish "reaction force" that can react in a very short period of time over pre established routes.

    You will need to acquire equipment...the best sources are believe it or not the drug criminals,police and military. Take out the criminals keep their equipment,which comes in large part form the military and police. Stash the equipment in drop sites in order if searched it is never in your possession unless ofcourse if you are using it.

    When you comit to combat, make sure that it is a one on one environment. In other words dont let several enemy engauge you at the same time. For example. If you choose an narrow passage way only one person can get through it at a time. Therefore you are addressing only one person at a time...numerous people can not shoot at you at the same time...evens the odds of winning the engaugement. Fight this way and you can kill as many enemy as you have ammo.

    When you look at weapons, look at the range and the rate of fire of the weapon. Try to use weapons that shoot farther than your enemy...AK-47 max effective range is 300 meters, AR-15 500-600 meters depending on the type of ammo. Engauge your enemy at 500 meters and when they get close run away to live and fight another day.

    Always choose when to give and run from combat. Fight when you are strong and they are weak...never the other way around. Look to have at least a 3 to one advantage...never less.

    Good luck

  31. Killing women and shildren in Afghanistan
    is not the same as Invading Mexico Rednecks

  32. This blog does a great job scaring people to death & letting others expres in an undisclosed way to even create more conflict. But given the article, I will provide some comments of reference.

    First of I'd like to say I am from Nuevo Ideal and I knew SR. LEOPOLDO VALENZUELA very well since I was a neighbor. Unfortunately much of the information in the article is correct. But I see how people make the wrong impression of events almost all the time, here's why,
    Yes, people are getting kidnapped and killed in a lot of regions in Durango actually, not just nuevo ideal. This criminals aren't the government, they are cells left from the real narcos. The real narcos are trying to get back in the business by making the Narco War look like a failure. There is another article that you can translate The people named in the article specially those NEVAREZ are well-known business men in town and many do know that they have done illicit activities in the past plus is not undoubted that the local authorities can be bought to serve these people BUT THE REAL ISSUE here is another one. The real issue here is drugs and the amounts of money in the business, these BIG NARCOS are terrorizing people by kidnapping them and telling them that they will die if they resist, this is all done to stop any armies against them. There is a lot of fear, I DO NOT BELIEVE personally that the army heads were infiltrated with narcos but I can believe that due to simple FEAR they did not follow up on the case. Also due to corruption and incompetence the state authorities did not pay any attention either. if i was to say which are the real problems affecting mexico is the amounts of drugs that the US wants from Mexico, the amounts of guns that get to Mexico from Texas for criminals that buy them, also population's fear to file lawsuits, the fact that if you do file a lawsuit your life is at risk like this case and the unbelievable levels of corruption, any lawyer, prosecutor or police officer sell their souls for money. Anyone at any level of business had received bribes in the past to do something. This must END in Mexico, it can only end by providing jobs to youth, changing the authorities - paying them well, by auditing judicial districts make sure they're doing their job, by legalizing drugs at least marihuana, and by strenghtening systems of government if we don't want the NARCOS to run the show. There are so many things that both US and MEXICO could do to get out of this one but we are all naive to try them. Both of our governments are incapable of providing these solutions, these peoples' lives have changed tremendously, they are the ones dying and there is no-one helping them including the AMERICANS who easily buy the drugs.!! It is inmoral to commit if we are not willing to admit these problems, these are to me the real issues. ON TOP OF THAT i hope to go back one day to Nuevo Ideal and remember how beutiful it still is, its rivers, its culture and its cheese, apples and its people. Terrific town, I recommend you visit when things settle down.

  33. The only hope for Mexico its a Revolution!

    A Revolution not to beat the political system
    ( 1910 Porfirio Diaz) is against FREEDOM.

    PEOPLE ( freedom ) vs ( ARMY($) & GANGS($) )

    Where are the soldiers with values, morals and principles for the FREEDOM of the People ????
    We need HERO'S before gets MORE late!!!Still Time...

  34. All the US redneck Anglo folk who think that the US government is ultimately going to 'win' a prolonged dirty 'drug war' fought not just on Mexico's territory, but all of Latin America's, are total geo-political morons IMO. It's not like this dirty war just started yesterday and in Mexico. It's been going on for the entire last century even, and the US Empire is losing the fighting slowly but surely. It's definitely getting more and more grisly as D.C. gets its ass kicked. The Big Dogs take down a lot of people with them definitely, with some of them even having been residents of New York, lest we forget about that blowback...

    This dirty war has been fought for decades now and started against Left insurgencies and is on again/ off again with organized apolitical criminal gangsters at times, and political people other times who are fighting not just over drug turf but against Right Wing political gangsters who the US D.C. political cabal prefer to have in power locally everywhere as hired thugs.

    Political gangsters generate common gangsters and worse and worse general chaos, too. Isn't that really what all the US wars are actually accomplishing? These wars are making the world more and more barbaric rather than more civilized. 'We' are not going to win this 'drug war' because the war is about more than just that.

  35. @"what do you think an entire division of highly trained and motivated Marines would do? Your pride is almost amusing. "

    No I think your pride is hilarious. Do you think to solve Mexico's problems you need a military solution? If you think yes, obviously no one has taken criminal justice before. Let me tell you, to solve this drug war it needs a law enforcement solution. Just simply killing everyone in sight like the dumb ass Jar-head is recommending will not work. You have to have investigative the FBI or DEA. So stop taking this shit outta of proportions talking about military advisers and were going down there to fuck shit up....get fuckin real and an education. Use your GI BILL there devil dog..maybe you need some education in homeland security and criminal justice to get a better understanding on this problem.

  36. @February 14, 2011 11:20 AM

    All talk but I would be more then glad to see your DD214. I'm thinking I am talking to a terminal lance and that is funny because I was in the initial push in Operation Phantom Fury with the 3/5 who did you serve under? But of coarse with Google these days it quite easy to make shit up right? Terminal Lance.

  37. funny how people think this is a made up story

    funny how people expect Mexicans to "rise up"..not gonna happen

    funny how people want the USA to invade and change Mexico's diaper for them

    funny how some Mexicans think they could stop the USA if we decided to intervene

    funny how neither we nor Mexico make much of an attempt to guard the border effectively

    whats not funny is that a beautiful country full of beautiful people are being terrorized...yes.. terrorized... into submission by a few thousand?...heartless cobardes

    and some people don't even believe it is happening

    this is a really sad story and don't it figure the brave man was 80 years old

    i guess the younger generation in mexico will only fight over ed hardy

  38. With less than honorable cops,or cops that resign in mass and leave a woman as police chief the solution is not law enforcement.

    The only solution is the people...they must band together and stand up against the evil fat bastards that are tearing the fabric of Mexico into single individual is safe in Mexico. If they want to shot you, hang you, take your property the thugs are doing just that.

    Wake up, the Marines are not the solution,the answer is the PEOPLE...

  39. Que asco de "gente" esta en el govierno....tan a lo descarado, y no le dejan opcion a la comunidad..

  40. This is a job forrr THE EXPENDABLES

  41. revolution is just a turning of the same wheel hoping it will stop at a differen't position
    what is necessary for true change is evolution
    the adaptation necessary for survival
    failure to do so will result in it becoming a pariah nation abandoned to it's fate and avoided by much of the rest of the world
    a nation of criminals ruling over a subject population of victims
    Mexico needs to evolve to a higher level of civilization before it sinks to the status of client state

  42. @Tiangera said...

    "I too have peeps in DGO and this is not fiction. I think the greatest fiction perpetrated by the media is what does not get reported, in large part because reporting "it" would be far too dangerous."

    No one is saying this is fiction what is going on...but what is fiction is your story. For god sake its PROCESO..what more do I need to say. They are bought like the local police man..they take mordidas like a mofo.

  43. when the army and other organs of state control, acquiesce to another group whether it is from fear or from this case organized crime ... it indicates that state has failed as an effective entity

    it seems as the whole of the Mexican government exists as a contrived front like a movie set... only held in place to shield the eye from the real business of Mexico which is assorted criminal activity

    like a man who appears reasonably healthy but has a terminal illness lieu of heroic surgery Mexico is a dead man walking

  44. Mexico with marines? i wish but it wont happen see the things with these dang cartels its someones father brother sister aunt uncle and so on, you do not know who the enemy is. If you start shooting at will its genocide so the only way is for the FBI DEA to continue their work infiltrating the ranks. To anonymous who claims its not true it ridiculous you could believe that its not real. im just assuming you might be a poser that listens to corridos and call b.s. on all things that frighten you. I can assure you a couple of hours in the triangle and you to will believeits true, from the old man with a sack on his back smiling at you, with the high tech communications so and so is coming etc. to the bartender with the smile pouring you a drink saying here is my next kidnap victim. to the shopkeeper making mental notes and what you buy and where your headed and what you are wearing. it truly is no mans land right just doesnt get publicity. Its sad most people here comment that this is wrong or fake when they are in the comfort of their homes.

    @TIANGERA keep up the good work and may god bless your peeps lol

    on a different note @ernie i think you might be a cartel member you just post weird comments trying to throw us off jajajajja

  45. any news if this type of activities have reached towns like San Jose del la Boca, Los Pinos, Arroyo Chico and la Purisima.

  46. Why hasn't Chuck Norris gone down there and wheelkicked the shit out of the country yet?

  47. Do I Post weird comments? ...and 'must be a cartel member'????? That's too funny for words for you to say that so I'll just post another weird item to 'try to throw people off' once again, Anonymous...

    8:03 '...on a different note @ernie i think you might be a cartel member you just post weird comments trying to throw us off jajajajja'

    Here it is now!

    Border activist convicted in deadly home invasion

    TUCSON, Ariz. – The leader of an anti-illegal-immigrant group was convicted Monday (Feb. 14, 2011) in a home invasion robbery that left a 9-year-old girl and her father dead in what prosecutors said was an attempt to steal drug money to fund the group's operations.

    A Tucson jury found Shawna Forde, 42, guilty of murder in the May 2009 killings of Raul Flores, 29, and his daughter Brisenia at their home in Arivaca, a desert community 10 miles north of Mexico....

    ....Forde is the leader of the Minutemen American Defense, a small border watch group. Prosecutors argued that she planned the attack to help fund its anti-immigrant operations.

    Authorities said Forde and two men dressed as law enforcement officers, forced their way into Flores' home then shot him, his daughter and wife, Gina Gonzalez, who survived her injuries after getting into a gun battle with the attackers....

    full report at

  48. you cant even trust the kids,not a one of them that wouldn't set you up or spy on you for 500 pesos, nobody has any sense of right or wrong,just survival and gain,on the make or on the take

  49. mma fighter

    i pray that all the innocent lives of mexico and its residents, gain peace and maintain hope in the middle of this chaos... my condolences to there losses.

    to all mexican criminals and cartels, you nothing more than fecal matter at the bottom of a latrine... your worthless human beings with no heart.. some day, God will repay you for the evil you have spread..for the children you have killed, for the men you have tortured, for all the videos you have uploaded on the internet with killings... and i hope you feel the fire peel the skin of your bodies for an eternity..i hope the process is slow and painful..i hope you feel every second of the pain you have caused the many lives.. yes, that is exactly what i said..

    mexican cartels and the criminals and all the corrupt government politicians are the SCUM OF THE EARTH...

    from NEW YORK

  50. Hopefully the united states helps mexico out! Alot of people are suffering over there just to feed our addiction to drugs!

    I TOO hope that the U.S. gets its act together and stops the drugs and illegal immigration at the boarder. Further, If Mexico had no tollerance for drugs or drug runners and put them into, jail the U.S. would have to feed its addiction some other way making life in Mexico better.

    Drugs,in the first place is a Mexican problem and in a close second place, a U. S. problem.

  51. to: February 14, 2011 8:03 PM
    Anonymous said...

    any news if this type of activities have reached towns like San Jose del la Boca, Los Pinos, Arroyo Chico and la Purisima.

    that activity has been already at those towns they are literally narco run towns people dont go out at night and are fearful of convoys of vehicles driving around.

    yeah ernie with his side tracked stories deflecting the attention. I had seen a cable report on that murder. good work ernie on the side notes!!!



    Why dont you plant a mine or two and set them off when a convoy rolls by? Guarenteed it would soon put a end to convoys roaming your town.

    Come on, fight back...the best defense is a strong offense. It is time for those fat bastares families to cry into the night for their loss...aren't you fed up enough to do some thing about your of crying?

  53. A mine? You don't set off mines dude. Instead, set up a series of IED's and remote them from a hilltop with a a cell phone, finish eating your lunch, pack up and walk away....mines? You must be 100 years old.

  54. To all of you that thinks that this tale is fake I would like to said that I wish that you're were right but it is true, I'm the administrator of the Nuevo Ideal website and we started to denounce not only this but many more that even happen in front of a group of soldiers, Don Polo died but he decided to mention who was in charge of this criminals and for that we want to thank him because now whe know who this people are and we take the measures to try to prevent that this happen again but it will happen for sure and not only one but many times more...

  55. 5:00 PM
    The communities the cartels are working in are the lowest of the lowest income aress. They have no idea what cell phones are much less how to make a series of Impervised Explosive Devices. But if they filled a 5 gallon can of gas 3/4 the way full with a "D" cell battery and a couple of wires they have a nice "Mine" or if you wish an dummy down IED.

    But, the main idea is the Mexican people must fight back...they cant lay out in the sun like lizzards and expect the fat bastards to simply go away. They need to overtly protect themselves and their communities because the police and the military always get there AFTER the event happened. Meanwhile, your daughter was raped, your store burned, your wife shot, your boy kidnapped and all you can say is "I am telling the police on you"!! "The military is comming and you are going to be sorry"

    Wake up pull that shotgun out and blow the fat bastard accross the room when he threatens to rape your daughter, kill your wife, kidnap your boy and burn your store down.

    Have your neighbors back you up...all for one, one for all. The cartels will get the message and go to another community until that community decides to get strong too.

    Dont react, ACT. The best defense is a STRONG offense. Attack when they are weak and you are strong...when they are strong and you are weak, run away to fight another day!!!

  56. There are no un-solved crimes, when it comes to God. Life is a game, understand the rules, and play the game well. If your a scum-bag, be a scum-bag, if your a warrior, understand your advisory, and never underestimate the evil-heart in whatever it's form it might present it's self.

  57. @ February 14, 2011 9:39 AM
    Anonymous said...

    Hopefully the united states helps mexico out! Alot of people are suffering over there just to feed our addiction to drugs!

    No "OUR" about it,I don't do the shit or hang out with anyone that does,let them kill each other off,just leave the innocents out of it.How does This Kidnapping Crap have anything to do with Americans using drugs ? You "Bleeding Heart" Apologists make me sick !!!

  58. give me the equipement and something positive will happen




  61. Don Polo... rest in peace... the time is coming... payment in blood is a must...

  62. Im not from nuevo idea im from coneto de comonfort dgo.
    True thing is...!!!! This is not fiction its not fake its not just a made up storry to real life.....and its happening right now i bet!!!!!
    Not more than two ywars go this hppend to someone in coneto....and let me tell you i nevver evver though this would hppen so close to me....its actually a a very sad thing to tlk about....and the people that think its a made up fiction would be better if it was just a story and not a big "" reality""....they think its not real probably because they have a perfext pink life....wich some of us dont have....

  63. This blog is really informative i really had fun reading it.


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