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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

ICE Agents Shot in Mexico Were Targeted, Ambushed, Law Enforcement Source Claims

At this time, there is no clear evidence indicating why two U.S. ICE agents were ambushed Monday afternoon.

Preliminary investigations state the two agents were traveling along highway 57 in Ojo de Agua San Luis Potosi when a group of gunmen opened fire. Whether the two agents were stopped in a narco roadblock, or boxed in and run off the road also remains unclear.

Below, you will find two distinct theories about the attack:

Bill Conroy
The Narcosphere
[SEE UPDATE BELOW: New sources now claim training mission was a "cover story"]

A group of armed Zetas, dressed in black, earlier today shot two U.S. federal agents on a Mexican highway after setting up a roadblock ambush, according to a law enforcement source with inside knowledge of the attack.

One of the agents is dead, the other is “clinging to life” in a hospital in Mexico City, the source says.

“They [the two agents] were targeted,” the law enforcer adds. “They [the assailants] knew they were agents.”

The law enforcement source who spoke with Narco News says one of the agents is from San Antonio, the other from El Paso, Texas. Both had been sent to Mexico on temporary duty to participate in training with Mexican law enforcers, the source says.

Multiple media outlets are reporting some details of the shooting, which involved two agents with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, which is part of the Department of Homeland Security.

The incident allegedly took place along a main highway connecting Mexico City and Monterrey.

Members of the Mexican military had escorted the agents from Mexico City to Monterrey, where the agents participated in training sessions. However, the two agents, for unknown reasons, left Monterrey early, according to the source, to attend other meetings. As a result, they were not under military escort on that return trip to Mexico City this afternoon, which is when they were ambushed.

The agents were driving a black SUV with diplomatic plates. After their vehicle was stopped, with the road in front of them and behind them blocked off (a tactic typically employed by professional assassins), several armed men dressed in black approached the agents’ SUV.

The men, according to the source, are presumed to be members of Los Zetas— a paramilitary narco-trafficking organization that counts among its leadership former elite members of the Mexican military.

As the armed men walked toward the ICE agents’ SUV, they motioned the agent in the driver seat to roll down his window, according to the source, recounting the initial reports from the scene.

“He did a little, and that’s when they opened fire,” the source reports. “The windows on the SUV are dark, so it is my opinion that they wanted make sure they had the right people.”

DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, in a prepared statement, confirmed that one agent died and another was critically wounded (shot in the arm and leg) in the attack.

“I’m deeply saddened by the news that earlier today, two U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) special agents assigned to the ICE Attaché office in Mexico City were shot in the line of duty while driving between Mexico City and Monterrey by unknown assailants,” Napolitano said in a prepared statement.

Napolitano added: “U.S. law enforcement agencies are working closely with Mexican authorities who are investigating the shooting to ensure the perpetrators of this unconscionable crime are captured as quickly as possible. …”

The law enforcement source who spoke with Narco News says he is confident the information he has so far on the attack is on the money, but adds that details are still coming in on the shooting and its aftermath.

“The situation remains very fluid,” the source adds.

UPDATE 11:25 p.m. 2/15/11
New information has just come in concerning the background and alleged mission of the two ICE agents who were shot in Mexico earlier today.

Additional law enforcement sources have weighed in on the story and contend that the two ICE agents were on what one described as an under-the-radar mission that involved transporting a box containing an unknown payload, though it is suspected that the box contained weapons. The two agents were expecting to meet up with another group of agents to exchange the box, the law enforcers contend.

“So they were either tailed or there’s a mole somewhere who tipped them [the Zetas] off to the operation,” a law enforcement source told Narco News.

That same source described the box transfer operation as being very unusual and possibly part of some kind of “black op” — meaning it might have dovetailed with an intelligence operation.

The new information also contradicts the original information reported by Narco News in some areas. The law enforcement sources contend that is because a cover story had to be created and it is now starting to intersect with the real story.

For example, the information now coming in, which is from several law enforcement sources, indicates the agents were not involved in any type of training operations, but rather that was a cover for their trip. In addition, in the latest version of events, the agents who were shot were driving north from Mexico City heading toward Monterrey when they were ambushed by the Zetas. (A law enforcement source told Narco News originally that the two agents were heading south from Monterrey toward Mexico City.)

Also, both agents were, in fact, permanently assigned to the ICE attaché office in Mexico City and not on temporary assignment, as originally reported.

One of the agents did work in El Paso for a time in the mid-2000s, but the other agent grew up in Brownsville and launched his ICE career in Laredo, the sources contend. Neither of the agents was from San Antonio, as originally reported, according to the new information coming into Narco News.

The driver of the SUV, the sources add, survived the attack and was initially medevaced to a hospital in Mexico City but has since been transferred to an unknown hospital in the Houston area, the sources say. The passenger, however, died of gunshot wounds to the chest “and other unknown areas,” the law enforcement sources say.

“The two [agents] were going to Monterrey from Mexico City to transfer a box to agents in Monterrey [who were to meet them halfway on the trip]. It is unknown what was in that box, but it’s possible it was guns,” a law enforcement source says.

The details of the ambush are essentially the same as originally reported. However, the new information coming into Narco News includes a few more details, such as the fact that the windows on the SUV were bullet proof.

“When the agent on the passenger side rolled down his window, the unknown male [the alleged Zeta] pulled a gun and started firing through the crack in the window, hitting the passenger in the chest, and other areas, while the driver was hit in the arm and leg,” a law enforcement source says. “The driver took off immediately [somehow getting around the roadblock]. It’s really a miracle they weren’t chased down and killed then and there.”

As further updates come in, the story will be advanced, and corrected where necessary. Bear with the twists and turns in the story, kind readers. You are getting a street-level view of the scene, which is always a bit foggy as agents on the ground continue to investigate the crime, working through the conflicting information to get at the truth.

Sources: Narcosphere, Milenio, El Norte


  1. Told you it was CIA

  2. Now the games begin!!!

  3. The last time a U.S. law enforcement official was killed in mexico "in the line of duty" was over 30 yrs ago. At that time it was known there was apparent involvement of Mexican officials. I wonder if there's any this time around? and how convenient, blame the Zetas. Could it be the work of corrupt federal mexican police?

  4. Maybe ive become very cynical about the world, but i think this could be the very begining or the opportunity for the US to get involved in Mex. as we can obviously see, the US is already conducting blackops in the country. I think it was only a matter of time, there are plenty of Americans that are dying in Mex or around the border. this is a lost war, the war on drugs is a failure.


  6. "The last time a U.S. law enforcement official was killed in mexico "in the line of duty" was over 30 yrs ago."
    wasnt it about 25 years ago? kiki camarena?

  7. @ anon 12:31

    New reports say the copilot (Special Agent Zapata) lowered his window...

  8. Camarena was a crooked cop taken out for stealing money from the cartels

  9. Hmmm, something smells about this Stratfor explanation...

    Rumor (mind you its only rumor) has it that there's a standing reward for each and every ICE agent iced...

  10. Vehicle looks armored to me..driver's side rear window has an aftermarket frame around it and the impacts on the passenger side do not look penetrating..

  11. Shootings of us agents are very rare.

    They were driving in a SUV with diplomatic plates. He lowed the window and identiying themselves as ICE agents then shots began.

  12. Lol cartels have no idea what they are facing in the American special forces arsenal. When the Americans got involved 20 years ago vs. Pablo, he never had a fucking chance. Check out the book Killing Pablo by Bowden some time. The American intel and military forces are decades ahead technologically and tactically. Once again, our only potential pitfall is politics.

  13. Now we have a real clue to why the head of police 'intelligence' in Monterrey got himself murdered, too?

    'The law enforcement source who spoke with Narco News says one of the agents is from San Antonio, the other from El Paso, Texas. Both had been sent to Mexico on temporary duty to participate in training with Mexican law enforcers, the source says.'

    It's obvious that the US government is running Mexico's police 'restructuring' for Calderon, the US lame duck puppet 'president' of Mexico. As a result, Homero Guillermo Salcido Treviño, the top cop guy in Monterrey got himself and his car set aflame.

    How many more US policing and military 'advisors' and their trainees are going to be getting it in the days ahead?

  14. the coverage is very bland on the regular media... Though things prob wont change much in the Mex/U.S. Relationship. I wouldnt be surprised if the zeta perps wind up dead and displayed, like in the falcon lake murder. Things got heated, but nothing changed after DEA agent Camarena was murdered, why would this be any different? I wouldnt give the conspiracy theory to much credence just yet... To early to tell, but a lot of other mundane explanations are much more prob... Like the z just wanted to steal the SUV and didnt know exactly who they were firing on.

  15. @Anon 1:02
    Indeed, all the SUV's windows have this frame. Maybe you're right it is armored. Also with regular glass, the multiple shots would have shattered the windows.
    Then why would the passenger lower his window at the blockade?
    Because the folks manning the blockade were in uniforms I guess. So, what was in the box that these guys wanted back? Yep, smells fishy. Blaming the Zetas is just good for the public.
    Nothing to justify saber rattling but worth to follow up.

  16. @matanzas

    According to Mexican media (El Norte, Televisa, Milenio) the suburban WAS armored.

  17. If it was a shady deal gone bad, then score one for the Good Guys (Mexicans)

  18. more ernest cliches - starting and ending with mindless/pointless rhetorical questions.

    Calderon is a "US lame duck puppet..." Salcido "got himself..." killed.

    ernest you moron every mexican president is "lame duck" because they cannot run for reelection - duh. So because Calderon is a "US puppet" Salcido was murdered. You want to explain that - after you take your medication.

    Again - is there a point buried in this post? No, because you don't know how to make a coherent point. You have to hide behind obscure logic and inflammatory, anti-US rhetoric.

  19. an armored SUV would have been a high value target just FOR that reason. It is odd however, that these agents decided to take a road trip on their own thru Mex... You would think they would have had a security detail if they were going to drive to Mntry from the DF. It is VERY odd...

    Why would the agent roll down the window? If he knew the people they were approaching, he might have no reason to fear and therefore rolled down the window to talk to them... But as speculation goes, this story is pretty open for it.

  20. @Everyone.

    Ernest1 made a good point. No one connects the dots. They were head to Monterrey why, no one knows? But "the head of police 'intelligence' in Monterrey got himself murdered, too?" Why? No one answers? Possible black ops by US government of coarse? Damn these guys must of been in deep shit that's for sure.

    @Everyone...ask yourself..State department recently issue not to travel by highway in Mexico. ICE agents prob got the MEMO? They could of easily traveled by plane, why not its safer...and decided to leave their military escort behind why? To transport something..something sounds fishy here. And yes this vehicle was armored.

    I know I sound like a conspiracy buff but im not these are just valid questions no one is asking themselves

  21. If this is the start of something, I'm welling to join the arm forces to take back mi querido Mexico...

  22. El ataque contra los dos agentes estadounidenses, en una zona donde se tenía noticia de disputas entre distintos cárteles por el territorio, ha despertado las suspicacias y el asombro de algunos especialistas en asuntos de inteligencia y seguridad como Phil Jordan, el hoy ex director del Centro de Inteligencia en El Paso, Texas (EPIC, por sus siglas en inglés), quien se preguntó las razones por las cuales ambos agentes viajaban por tierra en lugar de trasladarse hasta la Ciudad de Monterrey vía aérea.

    "Porqué razón no tomaron un avión para evitar el ambiente de anarquía que se vive en México", se preguntó Jordan en declaraciones que recoge El Paso Times, para abonar así el terreno de las preguntas y especulaciones que se han desatado tras el atentado mortal contra éstos dos agentes de Estados Unidos en una carretera de México.


    Basically a high level U.S official is asking himself the same question, why didn't they just take a plane??

  23. wow, this story would be a great lead in for a narco movie

  24. Thanks for confirming Ovemex.

    So it must have been people in uniforms at the blockade who gave enough confidence for the driver to stop the truck and the passenger to lower the window.

    Federales? Army? We will never know, this will be kept secret and dealt with at the state dept level.

  25. Let me get this straight.. Stratfor minimized the incident as some bad luck these dudes happended to fall in? Two ICE agents in an armored vehicle with diplomatic plates wandering on Mexican roads and no one knew they were there? That's hogwash. The first thing ANYONE manning a road block will look at is the license plate of approaching vehicles. If the SUV did not have front plates then maybe I can see this as some random incident gone wrong. However, you can't drive on those Mexican roads without passing up a Federal or even other cars and not be noticed. As soon as they see you in a black 'burban with tinted windows, they are calling in to find out who the F you are. Those dudes were targeted and ambushed. I wouldn't be surprised if they were hit on purpose just so they can blame it on the Zetas, hoping the USA will wipe them out in retaliation. If I was fighting a plague like the Zetas, that's what I would do.


  26. The people at the blockade could have been wearing fake uniforms along with cloned military/federal vehicles. Now in days, we can just let our imaginations run wild, and anything can be a possibility.


  27. STRATFOR is full of shit. If they wanted the vehicle they certainly would not have shot it up! The US media is downplaying it and made no mention of "cartels" or "narcos" on the local news, not even a picture of film clip. Just like Napolitano they want to keep it under the radar so we don't get too pissed off. Well too late, and some of us are even more pissed off at the fact that our government will not admit there is a problem!

  28. Hmmm, I think I mentioned over a month ago that the DOD was ALREADY in Mexico. Now we hear reports of just that. We have ops ongoing in Mexico and people inside working on the issue. Seems odd to me that these two guys who were obviously well trained would be out in the middle of nowhere cruising around in such a vehicle. Might as well have a big sign that says "LOOK AT US". BTW do not confuse me with "huero".


  29. Zetas do blockades all the time, but those blockades are easy to spot for these reasons. 1) the. Mexican military carries 308 Fal rifles, they are a bitch to get, and pretty expensive, therefore they carry AR 15 or AKs. 2) most zetas look like thugs, as you can see from all the pics, these guys do not look military whatsoever. But the guns will give them away, as a word of advise, look up the rifle, if you see a checkpoint being carries by guys not carrying that rifle RUN..

  30. How is it one was left alive?Somethings very wrong here.From everything I've read on these blogs,there's usually not a survivor.And if it was the truck they wanted,it would've been taken

  31. The truck was blue not black.

  32. 300k a year if you have the training. Free food, free ammo. No fat bodies. Preferably 03 primary.

  33. some kinda shit is not proper here...

    let me get this right

    two American ICE agents are traveling alone one of the most dangerous countries on earth...on a road known to be frequented by assorted DTO members

    they get pushed off the road and stopped by some guys

    the agents are armed and are inside an armored vehicle

    the guys walk up and they roll the window down..

    say this again slowly

    the guys walk up and they roll the window down


    one of the guys shoots inside the vehicle killing one of the agents and wounding the other

    the guys leave one of the agents alive and depart and take nothing


    either one agent shot the other ...and then himself..or they knew and trusted the guys who pulled them over..or there was a third guy

    one agent shot the other ..then himself....mmmmm...not that likely

    there was a third guy who shot them both but fucked up and left a witness

    or they knew and trusted the guys...mmmm...hmmmm

    exclude the impossible , and that which remains no matter how improbable , is the truth

    no impossibles here ..but strong improbables

    they knew the guys ..making them some other kind of cops

    are Mexican cops capable of double crossing other cops?...jajajja

    does a big bear shit in the woods?

  34. Identify the rifles and if it's not a FAL run? Conspiracy theories? Black Ops? Anybody who understands the border dynamics and has access to sources in the game will tell you that heads are going to roll for this stupid mistake by an undisciplined punk who went rogue and is now bringing heat to what is a business enterprise. It's highly possible that they targeted the truck, not the passengers, as it happens all the time in Mexico. The preferred method of transportation for mañosos for obvious reasons are large SUVs and pickups. Ask anyone along any of the Mexican towns in Tamaulipas. Mexican cartels know that actively engaging US personnel is bad business and it's frowned upon. And FYI, the cartels find it very easy to acquire rifles of most kinds as well as grenades and explosives. The AK and AR are preferred as there are parts and magazine in abundance and after all, a 7.62x39, .308 NATO, or 5.56 will kill you just the same when accompanied by the proper tactics or enough rounds. If you are relying on the type of rifle to ID friendly v. foe, good luck with that mate!

  35. @
    12:47 p.m

    Just another ignorant asshole that reads the National Enquire then calls all of his worthless friends to tell them what hes seen or just learned.
    You are a stupid lemon fuck who knows only what others tell you

    Kiki Camarena was an American hero who served his country as a U.S. Marine and as a solider in the Drug war of the 70s fighting and defeating worthless Traitor common Criminals like Rafael Caro Quientero, Migel Angel Felix Gallardo and pig trash like Ernest Fonssca Carrillo , as a Federal Agent for the D.E.A.
    He grew up on the very mean streets of Calixio calif. and Mexicali.
    Kiki was a familiy man with young sons and a wife.
    He was a brave man who along with a small detactment of agents (5) moved directly into Mexico and set up an office in the Heart of Guadalajara to show the criminal groups who ran that town at the time that the D.E.A was there and there to hurt them.
    Massive informationm was gathered on these traitiors and many many cases and indictments were made because of thier work.
    They took and destroyed 1,000 acres of thier Marijuna crops in a single operation ,to this day the largest sizure in history, 12,000,000 pounds.
    Enrique Camarena war betrayed, which is to be expected in Mexico, and was savagly tortured and killed but not before he destroyed them first.
    He took down these slobs and now they are caged foever like the stinking frogs that they are, snakes who lost evrything for ever only to neld by other men as bitches in Mexican prisons. LOLOL!!!!
    Friends of Kiki Camarena

    Today Millions of Ameican School children honer his death with Red Ribbon Day Obsevered in Every school in Anerica .
    The Largest Anti Drug Awareness Program in the world.
    Enrique Camarena was a solider who laid down his life for his country and served it with honer and pride.
    He was a real American hero.
    So what i am saing to you Mr 12:47 P.M is
    Fuck you!!!

  36. If the suburban was armored to the level necessary for rifle fire, there is no way those windows roll down. The deceased may have opened the door, the question is why? Does the govt hire anyone for street smarts anymore? Smells like obama's gulf of tonkin moment to me.

  37. Maybe chased by the bad guys then came upon the roadblock of what appeared to be the good guys and cracked the window just enough to catch a burst of automatic gun fire from what turned out to be more bad guys. None of us arm chair investigators here know enough about what happened to make any kind of educated suppositions here. All we know are the absolutes. Two ICE agents were shot, one succumbed to his wounds. Maybe the general public will some day be made privy to the whole truth, maybe not. The real question is what will result from this tragic incident. The other question is why isn't mainstream running this as a headline on any of there web sites? I checked a few of them, you gotta scroll way down to the tiny print to find anything.


  39. Thats is B.S. that it was hijacking something was up. 1.there are airplanes they can take transport 2. Doesnt make sense they roll down the window. 3. im sure they did not need a gun taken from Mexico city to monterrey or vice versa 4. This has to be some type of Fed action just got caught up at wrong time 5. This surely will unleash a wave of narcos being caught/killed

    Regarding the blockades of narcos if the government knows of this blockades they can surely counter attack by the following. 1. sending soldiers as civilians and repeling any attack against them. 2. Satelite imagery/drones 3. just plain driving. Alas this will never happen since it is a business and just like nobody would harm a moneymaking industry here in the U.S. it will be the same in mex....


  40. "Both had been sent to Mexico on temporary duty to participate in training with Mexican law enforcers, the source says."

    Training? For what?!! So they can learn how to be corrupt?? wonderful!!

    ..... just what the US needs, law enforcement a la mexicana...

    Condolences to the family of the deceased agent, and speedy recovery to the injured agent.

  41. Let's start killing these cock-sucking animals. Fuck civil rights. And fuck you conspiracy freaks too.

  42. They were set up. They were of no use to the US and the Mexican government

  43. FYI - Joint LE operations in Mexico are not publicly advertised any more than they are in the U.S. Black Ops? Best put your controller down. NOTE: If you can see the checkpoint, they can see you on the road and it's too late to flee. And if you're close enough to identify the type of rifle (FAL, G3, AK, or AR), trust me when I tell you IT IS WAY TOO LATE: DO NOT RUN, as you will be presumed foe, promptly tableado, and dumped (if you're lucky - look up "pozolero de Tijuana").
    What is also obvious is that the next president won't continue the war with the cartels because Mexicans don't want the violence and MX politicians like, and the hedonistic Americans like their highs. Hell, they legalized it! The next president will do what other presidents did: let the market forces work, keep the country in peace, violence down, let the Americans get high (because unlike Mexicans, they can afford it), and let the Mexicans make some money from it, since the minimum wage there is crap and immigration is harder. And don't expect Centra Spike or Deltas to save the day this time, as there are more than one Mexican Pablo Escobar today and he is replaceable.
    Miguel De La Madrid, Gortari, Cedillo, Fox, they all looked the other way from the cartel activities because they knew that corruption has become a culture in Mexico and that unless you root out corruption, the drug trade would continue. And good luck rooting out the culure of corruption! For decades MEX allowed the drug traffickers to work and their systems to remain corrupt. "El que no es transa, no avanza." "Mordidas" became an accepted way of life. (Google El Negro Durazo if you have a minute).
    The bottom line, nobody wants the violence in Mexico to stop more than the Mexicans. And like Stratford said, this case won't be like E. Camarena's. Mexico will label this a case of mistaken identity. It pains me to say it, but this tragedy may soon be forgotten and vaguely remembered by Americans as a freak incident, as another memorable point in Mexico's violent streak, as the 72 migrants executed in San Fernando, as the recent U.S. missionary lady, as the U.S. citizen killed in Falcon Lake, as the dozens of live decapitations. It's all become standard where my family lives and where I grew up. When the next president in Mexico is elected and the posture of the Mexican government against the violence that Calderon took during his turn changes and violence is reduced, it will be easy to forget. We will focus on our own problems at home, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. People will get back to work in Mexico, politicians will look the other way, entire police forces will be bought by ever-growing cartels (plata o plomo, primo), and American's will continue to demand, by law, their right to get high.
    But we will complain when more and more border sheriffs, DAs, Feds, and judges are found corrupt, and we will act surprised, as if we couldn't imagine there could ever be corruption on our side. "Americans are not tempted by drug money." And we will dismiss border corruption on our side as a rogue few, and we will throw the book at them, and point the finger, and grandstand, and deny the growing cartel presence in Chicago, Atlanta, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Dallas, Detroit, New York. But Americans will continue to get high and ask for more. And we will label the border as out of control (will? Have!) and will demand something be done. Where's DHS? Somebody do something! Secure the border! Send the National Guard! Send the Marines! But we will continue to sabotage our own security. And we will label dissenters as un-American. We will deny that Mexico's struggle is a reflection of our weakness. Most will say: it's Mexico's problem. Really? Guess again.

  44. @ Brito

    You never believe a thing that happens and your theories and double-spacing are those of a child

    @ Friends of Kiki

    One good bust yes and now the same fields are back into production. Who won?

  45. Mexican army a joke until they start dispatching war helicopters that can do 250+mph armed with missles and machineguns.

  46. The Right Wing AnonyMoe 2:06 PM went all bobozerk on me because I called FeCal a lame duck. Too funny really....

    'ernest you moron every mexican president is "lame duck" because they cannot run for reelection - duh. So because Calderon is a "US puppet" Salcido was murdered. You want to explain that - after you take your medication.'

    Simple, Mr. Simpleton. I simply never said because Calderon is a US puppet that Salcido was murdered. You Rightist dittoheaded clowns have a hard time following the logic of what other people actually say, don't you? You often shit in your panties about what other people haven't even said, in fact!

    As to me calling Calderon being a lame ducker even though Mexican 'presidents' only get one term? Well, the point being made by me was that Calderon and HIS PAN PARTY are BOTH lamed ducks. Mexico is sick of these stupid clowns, and only a very few folk in the North of the country will be dull enough to ask for another 6 years of these toads of the US come next election.

    PAN is dead now which is no mean accomplishment considering how it will be the hated PRI that will get Los Pinos once again, since the Mexican rich and their US allies will never allow PRD to take office unless it is the last possible option available to them. They'll steal the vote again before they ever will allow that to happen. PAN is dead because their close connection to the US government itself has left Mexico in a total mess. INDEPENDENCE, LIBERTY, JOBS! PAN has not delivered anything.

  47. Two things, if they were ICE in Mexico, and stationed there, chances are they were into some illegal stuff, going by what I've read about American feds in Mexico.

    Also, how did they make it back alive, if the Z's/gunmen wanted them dead?

  48. To anyone who doubts the creative nature of the US government I would suggest you read this.

  49. Mexican politicians are just like American politicians: they like votes. The next president won't win becuse he is PAN, PRI, PRD, ecologista, or whatever any more than Bush won because he was a republican. Bush was re-elected because he struck a nerve in Americans, that he could make us safe from terrorists, that the fear would be gone. In Mexico, the next president will convince Mexicans that he can make the violence stop and things to go back to normal. Easy enough, just let the cartels work in peace and let the Americans get high. It's the way things work, simple economics and simple politics, like Obama v. Republicans, Bush v. Gore. PAN is not dead. PRI is not dead. Ask any U.S. college student, our future leaders, if they would be willing to quit smoking weed for national security and watch what they tell you.

    Man, you have to be really naive and gullible to say that "if they were ICE in Mexico, and stationed there, chances are they were into some illegal stuff, going by what I've read about American feds in Mexico." Where are you reading this stuff, mate? I'm really curious. Really. Nobody doubts that our government, like most governments, has conducted some clandestine, illegal, immoral ops in CONUS and OCONUS, but chances are that the feds in Mexico are more willing to risk their lives and more dedicated to the U.S. as it would be easy enough to be corrupt in the U.S. with less risk. They risk their lives and pay the ultimate price. The ICE Agent that died had two small children and a wife and didn't have to work in Mexico. There is no promotion for going there. It's a detail a very, very select few want and the requirements (fitness, clearance, bilingual, no accompanying family) are very strict. Grow a pair of balls, have some respect, and stop running your manpleaser. He's done more for this country, voluntarily, than you probably ever will care to do, pendejete de quinta.

  50. STRATFOR - it is common knowledge to border agents and officers that these gray dipolmatic plates are assigned to mostly special agents or us government agencies working in mexico. The cartel world has counter survilence that is crude but just as dedicated to gathering intel on the oppossing sides as the government agencies do. This is poor judgement on your analysis of the situation STRATFOR. Every port of entry has an assigned spotter as to all vehicles coming in and out of Mexico and who to target and who to stay away from. I sure all major highways in Mexico do as well especially in disputed territory. You guys need to re vamp your staff and stop looking at the dollar signs just to be quoted by the national media.

  51. @9:25 P.M



  52. This update answers so many questions. including why they were travelling to Mty and from named are a couple of paragraphs and a link begins at subway sandwich shop;

    "We don’t know if they were scoped while they were at the Subway or not, but when they left they were immediately followed by two vehicles,” McCaul said. One of the vehicles got in front of them and the other behind. There were more than 10 aggressors.

    “The car in front slammed on the brakes. Agent Zapata, who was driving, collided with the vehicle in front,” McCaul said. The doors to the SUV became unlocked and one of the aggressors tried to open the driver’s side door.

    “During this time the agents were yelling out, ‘We’re Americans, we’re diplomats, McCaul said, but the attack continued."

    We don’t know if they were scoped while they were at the Subway or not, but when they left they were immediately followed by two vehicles,” McCaul said. One of the vehicles got in front of them and the other behind. There were more than 10 aggressors.

    “The car in front slammed on the brakes. Agent Zapata, who was driving, collided with the vehicle in front,” McCaul said. The doors to the SUV became unlocked and one of the aggressors tried to open the driver’s side door.

    “During this time the agents were yelling out, ‘We’re Americans, we’re diplomats,’” McCaul said, but the attack continued.


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