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Friday, February 18, 2011

The Gulf and the United Cartels Send a Message

This is a message that was sent via email to various media outlets in Mexico. The United Cartels has made headlines before, by asking president Felipe Calderon to withdraw army troops in exchange for the termination of the Zeta organization. I've also included links to these accusations because the CDG is attempting to close some cold cases, and claims El Mamito was the one who ordered the killings of the ICE agents.

However, keep in mind that these types of accusations are made often so the validity of their claims are hard to prove.

Here is the message:

The Gulf cártel (CDG) and Cárteles Unidos (C.U.) would like to distance themselves from the recent series of attacks against public institutions, the authorities, and the civilian population which have been occuring int he country.

The federal government knows  the perpetrators of all these crimes are the criminal group Los Zetas. They (the Z) try to manipulate public opinion in which they deny their direct participation.

So there is no further confusion, here is a list of names of people who are responsible for some of these acts, which plague both societies in Mexico and the U.S.

-Germán Torres Jiménez, El Tatanka, detained in Poza Rica, Veracruz. He is responsible for the abduction of a private investigator from the U.S. named  Félix Batista. This occurred in Coahuila.

-The attack on the U.S. Embassy in Monterrey,should be attributed to Sigifredo Nájera Talamantes, (a) “El Canicón”, who is also responsible for the execution of general Mauro Enrique Tello Quiñones.

-In San Fernando, Tamaulipas: The 72 undocumented migrants from Central and South America who were massacred on the orders of José Alberto González Chanate (a) “ El Paisa”o “El Paisano.

-Juan Pedro and José Manuel Zaldívar Farías, also known as "El 27" and "El 31", murdered the tourist   David Hartley on Falcon Lake. They also killed the lead investigator of the PME group in Miguel Alemán, Tamaulipas, Juan Carlos Ballesteros, who was decapitated and his head was sent in a briefcase to a military base in Mexico.

-Four of bodyguards and one secretary, along with the director of public security of Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, general Manuel Farfán, were killed by a group of sicarios who were acting on the orders of Miguel Ángel Treviño Morales, (a) El 40.

-Treviño Morales was also the one who ordered the murder of the director of the Tactical Co-ordinations of Public Security in Nuevo León (C-5), Homero Guillermo Salcido Treviño.

-Los Zetas are responsible for the death of 18 innocent people in Padilla, Tamaulipas. This wave of violence they are implementing has caused one of their comandos to fire indiscriminately of the civilian population (the Z recently hung banners a few days ago claiming the CDG were responsible for this act).

-The attack on the ICE agents in San Luis Potosí, was perpetrated by Jesús Enrique Rejón Aguilar (a) El Mamito.

These series of crimes should make the Zetas public enemy #1.

 It should be clear: the Federal Government should act on their conscience and sense of morals to take on these murderers who leave their bloodstained footprints on our country, and on our society.


  1. What do You guys think? Are there really cartels who have morals like "not involving gente inocente asi"? Or are they all the same as far as values and ethics? Or are the Zetas really the mean ruthless sob's and the rest no as bad? Or are all these narco mantas just BS and propoganda? I would really like to know, I want to plan a trip to Mex and it would be some what releiving to know I am not targeted as anb American

  2. 1:01 mostly bs, they are all the same. CDG is starting to sound more and more like LFM

  3. Like anything else..Drug Cartels will blame each other for different acts of violence, in an effort to sway public opinion, in their favor. Regardless, The CDG & The United Cartels are just as responsible for murder, rape, torture, robbery, are The Zetas. They are at war with each other for Christ sake!

    Obviously, they (CDG/UC) are starting to feel the pressure and can read the writing on the wall...change is coming, no doubt the U.S. will be getting involved in the Cartel Wars, and that's something the Cartels don't want.

  4. dont beleive anything they say they all murderers.. i say kill em all

  5. You will be targeted. Count on it. The gangsters run the place and have lookouts EVERYWHERE. They move in packs, hang out at local hang-outs like the Subway in Monterrey and when they spot a potential victim they follow him/her and attack. They do kidnappings for a couple of thousand dollars.

    Re: the two ICE agents were attacked for the car they were driving. The gangsters don't give a fuck about diplomatic plates or badges because the diplomats or police they don't already own they can murder. They probably could not read the license plates anyway. Now the Z bosses will say to them, "you stupid fuckers you brought all this heat on us". They will kill the ones that did it and that will be that.

  6. And the CDG and UC suddently have credibility that people should listen to? Are the seriously suggesting their separation and innocence of these acts?

    Based on what evidence? Just saying this shit in an e-mail tot he press doesn't make it true you dumbasses.

    The Zetas ARE the CDG for Christ's sake.

    Under current circumstances which the DTOs created themselves, every living Mexican today unfortunately already knows the truth: "the enemy of my enemy is also my enemy".

    They rattle of the casualty list like it's nothing. These people lost their lives.

  7. I remember back in 1998, I used to travel to Nuevo Laredo, Tamps., with not a WORRY IN THE WORLD. Everyone conducted their business underground, and no one really patrolled the streets in vehicles and or dressed as military. The only worry was if you got into a bar fight and the "policia" picked you up. All this "propaganda", "narcomantas", a bunch of bullsh*t. First the Zetas were 20 deep, protecting the CDG, and now all of a sudden EVERYONE is a Zeta, or WANTS to be a Zeta. Zetas are a shame and menace to society. They need to be wiped out IMMEDIATELY. Why do you think they are moving deeper into Latin America into places like Peru, Guatemala, etc.? Give us back our peace and tranquility "bola de maricones." Si tuvieron los suficientes huevos, aqui andarian en los Estados Unidos haciendo sus desmadres, pero no los tiene, porque saben que se les acaba el pinche corrido.

    Chinguen a su perra madre de ocho chiches.

    Atte: Daddy

  8. That's what happens when you loose control over your own people. Cdg created Z's now they have to get rid of the disease they created. Don't be shocked when Gente Nueva and La Linea start going after their bosses. Or wanting to make their own way without paying the Cartels. All this mess cause La Marrana Chapara quizo tragarse todo el pastel de una sola mordida! Pinche enano ni sabes el dolor de cabeza que te espera cuando todo tu misma gente se te ponga en contra.


  9. Hey DUMB-ASS 1:01 !!! What the HELL are you thinking "planning a trip" to Mexico any time soon ?? Have you gone mad, "it would be somewwhat releiving to know I am not targeted as anb American", BRO, any and everyone is a target, Men, Women, Children of all ages boys and girls, the elderly the sick, EVERYONE, but above all Americans dumb-ass !! They will take everything out of your wallet call every persons name you've got call every number in your phone and demand money out of them and KILL you even if you pay. IT IS A WAR ZONE there is simply NO PLACE for you your family your work or your simple desire to "See beautiful Mexico". If and when Americans who are not involved with law enforcement or Military enter Mexico you do so AT YOUR OWN RISK. This guy, what's next on the vacation list North Korea...Iran....I hear the Middle East is nice this time of year...

  10. @February 18, 2011 5:11 PM
    The only DUMB-ASS is you!! If the guy wants to go then let him but do not insult him. Not all of Mexico is like this, your dumb-ass prob thinks that all of Mexico is "A WAR ZONE" well I have news for you, its not! The majority of the country you can visit still..but obviously you wouldn't know anything about that right?? Since you get all your information from BB right? Maybe you should do some research before you open your mouth DUMB ASS!

    @February 18, 2011 1:01 PM
    Sorry about the other moron being rude, it just depends where your going? Cabo, Cancun, zihuatanejo and etc all very beautiful places to visit and SAFE..just visit the state department website...they basically tell you where to visit and where not to visit..don't let the other moron scare you...just be smart about it and have common sense. I have been there plenty of times and never had a problem.

    Here I provided you with a link:

  11. @February 18, 2011 5:11 PM


    I just got back from Puerto Vallarta. Had a great time. No problems. Sure there are some places where you definitely should not go, but there are many safe places one can still visit in Mexico. Just use common cense. I don't blame you, you probably read every narco blog out there on a daily basis. Think about this, how many people do you think go to Mexico on a daily basis and have no problems? Probably well over a million people daily, but you won't hear any reports on that, know why, cause it does sell newspapers or in this case, hits to a blog. What does sell is death, blood and guts.

  12. @ the first Anonymous commentator on this thread

    'I would really like to know, I want to plan a trip to Mex and it would be some what releiving to know I am not targeted as an American.'

    Well you might be in some places so you need, especially at this time, to be extremely judicious about what areas you will go to? Also, now is not the time to travel in your own car.

    Be conservative, play it safe, and chances are good that you will be OK and have a decent time.

  13. Wow, they write just like the PGR speaks to detainees...

  14. You can still go to mexico, I Still go to NUEVO LEON && you want to know why im not scared? cause where im from CDG is protecting our town and killing ZETAS you can think what you want, but LFM and CDG are in Nuevo Leon && many other places killing zetas and getting rid of los alcones, which help los zetas ALOT since they report when the military passes by and thats when the cowards come out, && thats also when CDG comes out and hunts them. YES they are killers but before 2006 when everything was normal they only killed people who owed them money, were involved, snitched, and other cartel members. Things have change and they are killing Zetas.

  15. Wow, how ignorant are you people, go to Mexico at your own risk, All it takes is wrong place at the wrong time, which is all the time. The blogs are not the only ones reporting the news, just because someone had a safe time doesn't mean they will be so LUCKY the next time. It's roll of the dice. How LUCKY do you feel.

  16. You are probably more likely to get killed by a drunk driver than a narco bullet in NL... Just saying it could happen to you anywhere, at any day... if its you're time to go, you're gonna go (one way or the other).

    If you think about... It might be a time to get a REALLY good deal on a travel destination. We get to caught up in relative "safety" here in the U.S.

    Truth is, if you go to any major city such as NY or Philly, you can definitely get MURDERED or raped or whatever VERY EASILY if you don't know where u at. Just stay away from shady places unless you know the people, and stay alert of your surrounding and what others around you are doing... that's pretty much my gameplan whenever I travel.

  17. Mexico was a lovely place until Zetas decided they wanted to take over everything, before that, all the cartels had there propositions and everybody was straight. I do believe they are the ones killing innocent people. point blank period .

  18. I've been going to nuevo leon every other weekend and im fine, YES you are putting your life at risk but im not going to live my life scared of these people that are tring to run mx. Just like smurf said if its your time to go, your gonna go. Thats what i live by. If its my day, im gonna die here (TX) in mex, ny, la ANYWHERE so why hide and loose out on having a good time in mx. ? all the innocent people that die do to this drug war violence were meant to die, got planned it like that, we should actually be happy that they're probably in heaven away from all the wars here on Earth.

  19. To Ernest 1; Your a very, berry, smart guy.!! I was wondering if your a white boy, or a 'chicano'. Just curious!!

  20. There's a problem with the reference to David Hartley. The CDG and UC claims that the Zeta's were responsible for the decapitation of Juan Cartlos Ballesteros, but wasn't it Rolando Armando Flores Villegas who was decapitated in the Hartley investigation? And how do we find out who was really decapitated or if anyone was really decapitated in that case at all? I just find it funny that they could not leave a message with the body, or publicize it like they do with everyone else. It either doesn't sound like the work of the cartel, or it never happened, IMO, but if it did, who was beheaded? Ballesteros or Villegas? The American and Mexican news claim it was Villegas, but the CDG and UC are claiming it was Ballesteros and now I'm confused.

  21. Why is it your business if he os white or chicano? Why do you even care? Why are you bringing race into the conversation?

  22. It wasn't much race as it was perspective. Some people are a mystery.!! And some are creative!!! Thats all!!! 6;08. So are you going to tell me, or not??

  23. Cartels beware US Special Forces are coming, be warned, sleep good :)


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