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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Gruesome Executions in Mex Continue

As this type of crime continues in the Northeastern part of Mexico, we see the violence is spreading into the usually quiet part of San Luis Potosi (En Donde No Pasa Nada....). 

It makes me wonder if this type of news is even worth covering at this point. Yes, another terrible crime happened. People died in shocking ways... But it is important to remember that there are REAL people who are living their lived DESPITE these headlines...  And more importantly, this serves as a reminder that all of these cartels are the same.. they have no qualms about doing the absolute, most awful things to each other.. the CDG and the Z are equally cruel... Here are the facts, judge for yourself,


Two men were executed in San Luis Potosi, they were found on a dark street in colonia Las Palmas, about 500 meters from the Matehuala highway. One of the men was executed while the other had his right hand cut off.

Yesterday, around 11:30, authorities were alerted to the presence of the bodies laying out across República de Colombia street via telephone calls fom concerned citizens. República de Colombia is located in colonia Las Palmas.

Although official details of the messages were not released, this is our translation from the pictures:

This happened to me for being stupid. For passing info to soldiers! And this is for all the informers in San Luis Potosi  - ATTE Z

Graphic Images: Discretion Advised

This has been said yesterday, that authorities found the dismembered corpes of 5 people in Los Ramones, a municipality of the Nuevo León.

The Gulf Cartel claims responsibility for yet another massacre.

The Message read

Sigan mandando más pendejos de estos pinche mamito no entiendes Atte. C.D.G. saludos del Tocayo y Águila”.

Keep sending more of these idiots of low caliber.. I can see you are not getting the message. Atte C.D.G. special greetings to Toyaco and Aguila


  1. Greetings FROM not to Tocayo y Águila

  2. you don't have to explain yourself smurf. i think mostly everyone who gets on a blogsite about the drug war, knows what to expect. this stuff comes with the territory. you gotta show a lil' bit of the death that comes with a drug war. if you don't, it would be like seeing a g rated vietnam war movie. who would want to see a war movie without any blood? or like seeing the movie scarface without the cocaine. the blood is a sad reminder of the hate that man causes on himself for power and money.

    i just hope borderland beat does'nt lose it's edge.

  3. Damn, what kinda shit is that? Chopping sumone's nuts off? You coward ass cartel gangsters, how are you guna just go and touch anothers dudes verga to begin with. I guess its easy to kill sumone especially when their hands are tied up behind them. Their needs to be a narco corrido that says that ure not a machoman if you grab another dudes verga. This is some gruesome shit.

  4. Aqui no pasa nada...

    The arrogance of the Mexican govt. to allow these crimes to continue without actually accepting that they are in some way responsible. And sit back and watch this continue. When the U.S was attacked we saw how fast our govt. worked to defend our way of living and not allow anybody here or elsewhere to even think about trying that sh!t again. They destroyed two towers and killed roughly 3,000 people and it was enough for the U.S to start "wiretapping" with no warrants and open up Guantanamo and give these cowards "special treatment". Mr. Calderon has 40,000 deaths or so directly linked to his "Guerra contra el Narco" and continues to have his nose above his eyebrows! How can this animal (Calderon) sleep at night knowing the "Plan" is not working? The only people that have benefited from this is him and Chapo...

  5. Who are these cowards that just allow themselves to be taken away without any struggle. I dont give a rat ass about a machine gun and men, I rather get shot trying to flee or fight back than die like these losers. Fuck getting chopped up alive or whatever else they do. I rather try to go for some fucker gun and get shot. Most of these sic's are kids anyway. My cousin ran into about 150 of them in Mich, Mx once on a road. They were about to kill him until an order came over the radio to let him go since he had 5 kids with him. Fucking insane. He said most of just young good looking mexican kids with guns and radios all dressed in black.

  6. I've been feeling the same way lately Smurf. I won't stop learning and following the cartels, but it's getting kind of a heavier and unpleasant load to carry. Not to take away from the people who actually live this, obviously.

  7. What they need to do, is send some of them drug addicts that come on A&E's intervention show and send them down to any of the mexican border towns. Show them a pile of chopped up bodies and educate them that the cartel violence is being fueled because they are trying to supply their addiction. Now that's what I would call an intervention.

  8. from the protocols
    "we will abuse them with such violence that they will be glad to accept us as masters as long as there is peace"

  9. @ 790

    i agree after the shit i have seen here there is no fucking way iwould go along easy...better to die fighting than be captured and sawed up while still alive

    ...and in the USA the gore mongers make those stupid slasher movies like friday the 13th y "saw"...what a sick joke all that shit is compared to what is going on in Mexico


  10. @ brito

    and i agree with you guys too. better to go out violently and fighting back but quickly than to be beaten with a bat for hours and possibly decapitated alive or choked to death, while beeing tied up and not being able to defend yourself. if anyone disagrees with that, then watch the manuel mendez leyva beheading video. that dude went out in a very nasty way.

  11. The governmemts are held more accountable. People in Mexico who are representatives of the people and are under oath to protect the people; don't fool yourselves, GOD HOLDS YOU ACCOUNTABLE!! lAWLESSNESS RULES in a land where justice is no-more. "Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil," ecclesiastes-8-11. "LO, this only have I found that GOD hath made man upright; but they have sought out many inventions. ecclesiastes 7-29.

  12. Here's the street view of the SLP location, bodies dumped under the covered area.,-100.953777&spn=0.012182,0.019462&z=16&layer=c&cbll=22.162224,-100.953821&panoid=C8f-ify7f7KKEWNJ5oYPvQ&cbp=12,29.04,,0,6.49

  13. To 790 same shit happened to me in Michoacan. A call came over the radio to bring us back to the camp after they caught us . The leader let us go because we were 2 women with a little dog and they felt a bit stupid because we ran from them and they shot the hell out of my car with AK 47's and missed hitting me.
    When a target is moving one shoots in front of the moving target
    . They aimed at me and since I took off at high speed the shots hit the back of the car.
    Better to run and die running than let these people get a hold of you.
    Remember HOPE was the last bad thing to come out of Pandora's box..
    Everybody has it and hopes they will let them go... sad thing.

  14. better to go out like butch cassidy and the sundance kid. guns blazing.

  15. @ rose

    another great comment. i have to admit, you are one tough religous woman.

  16. @anon 10:42pm
    Geezus that is some harrowing stuff!!!! Glad you made it out okay. Nice driving btw.


    I wonder...once these guys are caught up and being tortured or killed slowly...what exactly goes through their minds at that moment??

    Do they have that fleeting moment of clarity where there is nothing more precious then living life in peace? live and let live? the golden rule?

    and if they do have that those can we promote more of it before its really too late...

  17. "People died in shocking ways...but it is important to remember that there are real people who are living their lives despite these headlines..." Seriously Smurf??

    Do you think these are white collar folks who are living a nice and lawful life? Who live a normal life? Get out here..these are drug traffickers for all I care as long as they keep killing each other its all good with me..and to rose....GOD?? God has nothing to do here...or else he would of prevent this...Get real old lady...Keep praying all you want lets see how much things will change...AMEN!!

  18. The cruelty is abhorrent. But is it true that those who did not take a direct part in the killings are totally innocent? If you have children and your kid commits a despicable act, and you learn about it, you feel some responsibility. The link between your kid's crimes and your guilt is established because you share a common history with your children. Well, we share a common history with those killers and their victims. Chances are that several molecules in the bodies of both killers and victims were once part of your body.
    Beyond the physical commonality we also share the historical antecedents. Brutality wasn't invented by the Mexican psychos. Look at this link Fifty one young Viking men decapitated hundreds of years ago.
    Let's not make our revulsion the centerpiece of the horrible news, let's make our commitment to change the roots of evil the centerpiece.

  19. 'ZOG' has once again come online to BB in this thread with a quote from the classic fascist Let's Start a Pogrom against the Jews work, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, trying to connect it somehow with Mexican drug cartel violence, no less! While searching for the text of The Protocols online I came across this site which carries the text approvingly of it...

    ...which is a site that tries to whip up anti- Jewish hatred within the Hispanic community. Interestingly enough, much of their material is crap that one can also find on the 'Secure the Border' website link at the head of Borderland Beat. What's the connection, ZOG man, with your own presence at Borderland Beat? It's interesting how this linkage between various websites of the US Far Right is happening here at BB...

  20. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a piece of literary garbage that has been demonstrated conclusively, to be a HOAX. Any idiot that places any amount of credibility in such trash, shows absolutely no education and a deep lack of critical thinking skills. It also demonstrates that if you tell a lie enough times, stupid people will believe it, as an example; Just look at the sicarios, they blindly believe the tall tales of the scum that hires them to kill people for $100 bucks a month. That is the end game of propaganda and sadly, I can see from reading some of these posts, the efectiveness of this horrendous lie, meant to incite hatred through ignorance.

  21. To12:23: I'm not as old as you think. By the way, Christianity is not a religion, it is a reality. The drug use and importing and exporting is a part of life in Mexico and the United States. If you knew anything about God and his law, you wouldn't be so blinded and cold hearted. By the way, being cold hearted is another prophecy being fulifilled, and your disrespect towards God is another sign of prophecy. You talk with no heart, no brains, so you get real. What's happening in Mexico is coming to the U.S. So it should be your problem. I have a gentle heart, but I can stil kick your a--.

  22. to 12;23 And because iniquity shall abound (be multiplied)(lawlessness) the love of many shall wax cold: Mathew 24;12. That sounds like you, don't you think.!!! By the way, there are alot of white collar folk in Mexico.!!! Read the history on Mexico.!!! Their are alot of lite colorored, green eyed, blue eyed people that are also dying. If you must know.!!! My boss ( a white ole boy), more like 300 plus white and hispanic men. 20 yrs plus in experience in assault weapons. And I hAVE listen to you men talk about how bad ass your are.!!! P.S. I am only referring my comments to people that live in Mexico who are involved in corrupt governments, and to those who are involved in evil, and want some hope and help them understand that reguarldless of their situation, that God still loves them, and their still is a way out.!! And yes, you are not the judge of them, God is.!! And yes, if I was caught in a gun battle, I would die fighting, then be taken hostage.!!!

  23. Tell me more abou this person named God....I have heard his name spoken many times but have never seen him. I have seen many people kill and steal and rape children in his name. He sounds like a guy who is a narco to the core.....Take that Joel Osteen shit somewhere else.

  24. GOD a narco to the bone. Foolish comment. GOD gives us the freedom to do what we want. Anyone who abuses this privilege, is responsible for his own actions.

    Anyone who does'nt believe in GOD, is a lost soul.

  25. Anyone who believes something created by MAN to control MAN is a fucking idiot.

  26. those who have read the protocols acknowledge that what is outlined there is exactly what is going on in the world today
    it may be necessary to read them four times for it to sink in , but when it does the truth of it will be undeniable
    the proof is evident in the conditions existant in Mexico today ,the USA is being used as a tool to covertly destabilize Mexico and destroy the status quo,
    the elites of Mexico are intractable and will not relinquish control,so they must be unseated ,the same as the french aristocracy was ,
    after it is all over Mexico will be part of the North American Union and the people will be enslaved by a national debt that they will never be able to repay
    calderon was the choice of the Bush regime ,he was put into place to instigate this drug war in order to promote a breakdown of society in order to facilitate eventual UN/US intervention
    on the heels of that will be the institution of a central banking system crucial to the reordering of Mexican society and the rebuilding of the Mexican economy
    the culmination of this fall of the old Mexico and rise of the new Mexico will be the transformation of Mexico into an obedient client of the international moneylenders
    irregardless what you may have been programmed to believe this is what the future holds and the veracity of my words will reverbate in your mind in the years to come

  27. @ anonymous

    so...if man created god ...who created man

  28. @ rose

    yeah..don't let any mouses tear you down....most of them are just flys any way...stick to yer guns girl

  29. @ erny1

    hmmm..interesting link..did you read the whole thing?

    pretty scary really...i guess we are all goyim huh?


  30. ZOG buddy, one minute you're trying to 'rap' like some Ghetto man and the next moment you're pretending to talk like Moses. If comedian Lenny Bruce had been an anti-Jew hate monger like yourself he probably would have done an act similar to your poor excuse of comic refuse.

    'the veracity of my words will reverbate in your mind in the years to come'

    What's 'reverbating' is your shit onto the pavement, ZOG. Honestly? You're pushing some bull off onto BB that was once used to start antiJewish pogroms in the Ukraine back in 1903! How demented is that?!

  31. as in the allegory of platos cave
    when the person who has ventured into the light of knowledge returns to try to free others from their condition of being chained in darkness and ignorance they will experience negative emotion and express the desire to harm their would be liberator
    this is a typical initial reaction and therefore is to be expected and tolerated ,much as the protestations of frightened children
    this can be carried over to the problem of assisting Mexico,in that it is a dangerous and unrewarding endeavor to attempt assistance and ultimately must be left to the ones affected to gain their own salvation
    one must be careful when extending the hand not to be pulled down into the ditch

  32. @AJULIO and L.B. Your commments are extremely appreicated. I was thinking yesterday that maybe It was time for me stop making commments here, Bringing controversary over here can create alot of disrespect towards something I value, and knowing that there are people that have similiar opinions might give me the fellings that I not wASTING MY TIME correspondng. I had written something else earlyier, but I guess BB thought it was going to bring to much controversy.!! Again thanks guys.!

  33. awwww..tant nuthin' Rose


  34. to rose

    rose your beliefs are your strength,
    those who believe in nothing are often rewarded by falling victim to charlatans and fools who peddle nihlistic solutions
    faith and persistence will always prevail over those who exist only as dust to be blown away by the first capricious wind

  35. to Rose

    your beliefs are your strength hold onto them
    the abuse directed towards you is only an indicator of confusion from your detractors
    they are drawn to strength but many times it frightens those who are less secure and often they will strike out
    it is only a cry for help
    see it as that and it will assist you in preventing a negative reaction towards them
    forgive them for they know not what they do

  36. Ask God to save you when the narcos get you.
    He grabs his skirt and runs!
    So quit the bible thumping bullshit and get real.
    God didn't save the missionary lady.
    She didn't put her faith in God and ask him to convert the narcos at the road block.
    She lost her faith ran scared and got a bullet in the head!!
    I'll put my faith in running and hoping they don't catch me..

  37. Ok a real quick lesson in combat. IF YOU ARE DETAINED BY illegal authority your best chanch of servival is IMMEDIATE ACTION. Foot on the gas pedal, grab the gun, kick to the groin, run...what ever but do it fast. You may die or be seriously injured in your escape but it beats the alternatives!!! rtc

  38. Zog, This is Rose, and thanks L.B. Zog, I can't tell you enough how many times I have had siduations where Gods intervens in my life. For 5;58, I can't tell about that couple, I wAS'NT there, but they knew what they were doing and they understood the consequences. Every individual has a different circumstance and situation, lesson in life, relationship with God. The thing that I can say is that I have a son about as young as you see the kids that are seen here, and he tends to have a rebellion spirit, and I could tell stories about how many times God has internvned in his life. The reason God answers my prayers, is simply I RESPECT AND HONOR HIM. aND THAT lady, well they knew what they were doing and risked it anyway. I believe and have way too many confirminations in whatI talk about whether it be the governments, stockmarket, education system, and religious organizations. I write here only for those who have some have some humility, and a little understanding and respect. Believe it not about 2 days ago, I prayed to God, and I said to him, okay, I don;t want to disrespect you, and I will continue commenting in BB if you want me to and show me by having others respond. and guess what, the responses are what were the determining factor here. I write for just that one person who perhaps might, can relate to what I have to say, and possible a seed impanted in their heart and brain. For the haters of GOD. and lack of understanding or whatever experience, it's not hard to see your hearts, and you learn sooner or later. I have many sayings, and one goes like these, Whoever has the power or authority, give it to them, boss, police officer, wife, lol, GOD, whoever, sooner or later if they are going to demand IT, RESPECT, And if your a alittle smart you will give them that respect. Knowlege is all-time high in the society that we live in, but (common sense)wisdom has been thrown out the window.God many times uses others to speak for him, and you my friends were the ones who were chosen.!!!!thanks.!!!

  39. Rose you need to go to Church and shut the fuck up and stop preaching on this blog!
    Or better get a nice truck go to Mexico and convert the narcos if God listens to you and is your best friend.
    How the Fuck did this blog turn in to a bible thumpimg paradise!
    Mexico is Catholic and like all good Catholics the murdering narcos get their sins pardoned once a week by some asshole who speaks for God and then they start over with a clean slate.
    Go preach your stupid shit down there and once they are all converted because you are so special .Write here and let us know it's safe to travel in Mexico.

  40. god loves rose but what about children?February 12, 2011 at 10:54 AM

    rose that is so special that god is there for YOU and intervenes to help you. can you please ask your god to also help the dying children in mexico that need medical intervention and medication to survive? also if he would please intervene and stop the violence, i mean since you know him so well ask why he helps you and not babies?

  41. Good Question 10:54 am....:))) Why has he abandoned everybody else. What if one is Muslim, Parsi ,Sikh or some other religion?? Guess they are doomed.
    Visited many countries and fucking Bible thumpers everywhere. Other religions don't do that shit..It's a pain in the ass. One doesn't have to convert people to help them. It's like blackmail convert and we will help you. If not rot in hell...go convert the narcos!!try and bible thump them... then write what happens if you still can!
    By the way Lito brito how do you know Rose is a woman???
    Could be some frustrated queer bible thumping!!

  42. To 7;06 and 10;54. Sweethearts. I can tell that you lack many things, YOUR HATE REALLY STANDS OUT. and DEFINITELY RESPECT.!!! bRITO, YOUR RIGHT. They are little mouses, with little brains to go with their character. Seriously dudes, if you don't like what I have to say, just don't read my remarks.!! They weren't for you anyway!!!

  43. To Sweetheart 2;54. I am a woman. Tell you story. I knew this guy once. His background. Born in Catholic family. He was a seek, praticed budduism, Hinduisum, you name it he did it. Total hate toward anything Christian. Women to him were to use, maniluplate, and anything else he could get from them. Very scavy guy, charming, spoke very well, It's one thing to charm the opposite sex, but when a person can charm the same gender, you have talent baby. He spoke just like I hear you guys talk. Same, Same thing. If God this, If God that. Always challenging me. He was very hard to figure out. I didn't know if to give him a kiss, slap his face, or shot him and take him out of his misery.!!! Well I have known him maybe 7 years, and like I say very hard to figure out.!!! Just recently somesaid something to me, and I looked up the definition socio-path. And Ill be a ----. That definition describes him to a T. No compassion at all, no reguard for anypone else expect himself. Mr. 2;54 I can't imagine you going to those places unless your a buddist, or you like worshipping demon-gods. But maybe you do like it, and that's why you respond the way that you do.!!! You, whether you like or not we all have a GOD. aND i CAN see that your god is Satan.

  44. i am not particularly religious... but my wife is ...and she talks like that sometimes ... i can imagine somebody saying things like that to her ...she would cry...and i would get irate to say the least..

    i guess it ain't none of my business ..but it never hurts to respect peoples beliefs ..i guess it just ticked me off

  45. Well now...I am sitting here and wondering if I should put away my stirring stick. NAH..

    @2:54 I hear you loud and clear and get it! up close and personal. Fact is "Bible Thumpers" mostly have a condition to their help. I think that is a shame, my God says it should be unconditional, and my God says we can have a free will so that all that happens in the world is because of that free will, a product of us. I suppose I am a freaky Christian because I think we will be judge by our acts not if we are Christian, Jews, Buddhist, Muslim whatever.

    and help? intervening? Well how about the kids? all kids in need? I just wonder why God would tell a person to continue posting on BB but not be there for the little boy from Mier who told us his father "was taken" or the little Mier girl who said she opened her front door and saw bodies of gutted men? If I really felt God was like that, I would resist God. But He is not.

    But...back to my gripe. The world is entrenched in need. So much need. Why the hell does anyone or any group have to impose "conditions"? That stinks to high heaven to me (pun intended). I think a "Christian" thing to do is help without conditions, and teach by example..but 2:54 you really lose credibility when you say stuff like Rose is a queer guy. Why would you say that? You had some strong points and then say that. . and why would anyone pose as a woman? I can't figure that out, E1 says it of me all the time, I just don't get it, if I were a man I would say so, and I am sure so to would Rose.

    just my dos centavos..

  46. Rose get over yourself. These people do not exist, don't you get that? The reason they were made up was becuase pussies like you needed an exuce for being pussies. I only wish I could throw you to the lions now if only to shut you the fuck up.

  47. Buela I agree with you ... thing is what is on this blog is serious and very sad.
    The queer jab was not intended in a homosexual way.
    Queer as in in bizarre, frustrated, not fitting in with society so they jump on the preaching bandwagon!
    To each his own religion and I really don't see the need to bible thump on this blog.
    When one sees all the gore and death it's hard to have an Evangelist God shoved down ones throat.
    God has nothing to do with any of these horrible acts and if God does have something to do with it he should be ashamed..Just hard to believe a bible thumping woman who would cry at a jab like Lito Brito said would be reading these narco blogs.
    If she is a woman and so religious she certainly likes blood and gore... Who's the Psycho now Rose?
    If you are a woman and so sensitive fragile and religious? How can you stand it?
    Mexico needs help and there are people who go with NO conditions to help.
    Think about it... Love is Live and let live not shoving your view of God down ones throat until they puke.. By the way Rose visiting Muslim countries and Buddhist Countries does not make one a devil.... Aren't they all God's children ? Just misguided until you come and show them the way?
    By the way show them this blog while you are Thumping that bible!!
    Just a bizarre blog to bible thump on!
    That's all!

  48. cuidate anymouse

    this night your life might be required of you... these words may come back to haunt you as you beg for one more day

    you sound young and brash, and sound like you have never faced death before

    i bet if you were thrown in with some lions you would start praying pretty quick..

    why do this persons beliefs bother you so much anyway

    who knows what may have happened to them in their life to have led them to where they are

    it seems as if you are drawn to them..maybe you should ask yourself why

  49. Just sat down at the computer in a Cyber cafe and this page was open I read all the comments.My opinion is Rose is an old raging alcoholic woman who chose a bizarre site to talk about god.Looking at the title of the story and the nature of the blog I don't get it.Rose if you are for real you are pathetic and none of your religious talk makes sense. Why here? What is a god fearing woman doing reading this stuff? my mother is religious and would not stomach the subject matter or pictures.
    Who are you?

  50. man ya'll are sure gettin all worked up could just skip her she said ..

    you don't have to get all tangled up in being mean to her

    tranquilo gente..take it easy


  51. God did not come to help those thatare in right mind. You guys have no concept of free will, respect, honor, no im not a drunk, but im sure you don't believe me. You think that people in those pictures are just meat, no they are people just like you coffee girl./guy.Oh my, don't talk about God cause i might get offended.!!! There is a famous guy named Warner Earnhart that said that people are in the business of doing 5 things. 1. Controlling people or 2. being controlled 3 justifying behavior 4.looking good. 5. being right. I have offended alot of people, and you u lack understanding. 7;30 sersiously; killing has been going on for thousands of years.!!! Because people love not truth, God will send a delusion that they believe lies. Sersiously, people that are sick don't go church, and alot just go to look good. All i said was something simple, and many got offended. Gee did i stomp on your fragile egeo, because i said something that's personally reflects your character. Take responsiblity for your own self TRUTH IS like love/hate, bitter/sweet. Most people can't handle truth about themelves, but the truth hurts them and offends them. your not in control of my free-will, and im not in control of yours. so people that believe in God don't look at these pictures because it's not Christian. !! That's a new one. Does she hide under a rock too!!. Your concept of controlling those who you think should be submissive, to what you want. and think. That's controlling me thru insults. Please.!! If i told you darling, if you were a child and i said don't go to the road and i tried to tell and you got run over, and you stayed paralyzed, would you like it if i said, im sorry i tried, or would you preferred me yanking u from your arm and stopping you. Or shall we just talk about how terrible it is over there. It always been interesting to me that people find it okay to insult, and judge without understanding whats going on. You have no problem offending people, but it comes easy for you to offend others.!! me.!!! No i don't do drugs or alcolhol, but maybe i should.!! It would probably make you feel better.

  52. to 7;30.....There is a book called Controlling People by Patricia Evans. check it out.!!! better yet, don't it might say something you do to control people.!!!

  53. To Buela, I hear you many times how you wonder about God and why he allows suffering. Mother Theresa, when she was in India helping the lepers wondered the same thing. What people don't understand is that 'the current world age ' belongs to satan, and his fallen angels, and those spirits can posess people hear on earth. we are temples or houses to these spirits. satan's 'kingdom is tempory' and his dynasties come in 4 categories. Education, Economy, Religion, and Governments. He controls all these 4 sectors in all the countries in the worlds. satan, when challenging Jesus, told him. 'these kingdoms i give to you if you bow down". how could he say something like that if it wasn't true.!! for now, the worlds is his, and God is watching, but he won't interveine because the people need to ask and make a petition. the higher the consetration, the more powerful the evil. you demand respect, don't you.!! why not God.?? christianity is a dying thing, and you can see it. why do you think evil is so powerful today. jESUS SAID, i didn't come to bring peace, but war, mother againist daughter, father againist sons, etc. etc. he wants every individual to decide for themselves. to put simply, love is the factor here happening today. the love for the protocol sons that drifted away thousands, upon thousands of years before these worlds age of flesh started. He is hoping they come back to him. unfortunately, sometimes only thru suffering does that person finally understand. theres a parable, and 1/3 of the people rebellion in that other time span. that would equate to about 4 billion souls. free-will. not force, not bribed, but free choice. would you force someone to love you? death is not a bad thing you know.? the people that have died have been release from the chains satan has on us today. it's only thru prayer, and proper RESPECT that He intervines.

  54. @ anon 6:43
    ok! thanks for that clarification. The substance of your comment it one I can agree with. bottom line I feel that should not be conditions when helping. Religion included.

    @ 9:33 (Anon)
    The few times I have asked why does God allow suffering has been rhetorically asked! It has ALWAYS been in response to someone saying how God did some mundane intervention, as if he would choose to intervene there and not helping innocents. I have lost two children in Mx this year, a 5 yr old and 12 yr old, cancer and progeria. WHy would God tell someone to continue posting on a narco blog and not intervene with my kids? THAT was the point. I have explained my position and I am very comfortable with my position; I believe God gave us humans a free will, from that free will bad choices are causing bad circumstances. Children suffer from lack or food, or medical intervention because of BAD choice of neglect, or lack of concern, or caring, or perhaps as in Mexico because children of poverty are fair attrition. Thats my belief, thats my point. I have stated I am not a sitting in the pew with the beads type of woman, did plenty of that for 2 decades. But I am committed to my belief in God.

    My belief is we can choose to make a difference or we can pray and wait for a divine intervention. Sorry if I offend you but this truly is the way to make a better world. why should I ask God for anything? who am I? My needs should come before yours? or the suffering babies? I do the best I can, but because of Mother Theresa I always push harder because I still realize I am not there yet, I still give from abundance. But honestly my work does come from God, in my belief of God, my love of God. But I will NEVER say this to a soul I help, never give a bible, never bring a person to Jesus, there will never be a condition connected to my help.

    "I try to give to the poor people for love what the rich could get for money. No, I wouldn't touch a leper for a thousand pounds; yet I willingly cure him for the love of God"
    Mother Teresa

  55. To Buela, I can see and feel you, even though I don't know you personally. Your facets, are similiar to what the definition of Love is. Love is patient, love is kind, it does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. There some things that are conditional when it comes to God. The bible is like a love letter written to people, if you wrote a letter to someone you loved, wouldn't it bother you if they didn't read it. There's 1,000's of promises that God gives to us if we only ask. If i had a son, and say i bought him a vechicle without him working for it and earning it, do you think he would appreciate it? Probably not, he would want more and more. It's conditional, and He wants us to ask.! Don't let your pride get in the way because you think He already's knows. IM TELLING YOU HE'S WAITING FOR YOU TO ASK.

  56. Jajajaja! Love it!
    Christian extremists take over Borderland beat!
    The Title "Gruesome Executions in Mexico continue".
    Gruesome violent photos with a man'shead cut off.His Nut Sack cut off and sticking out of his mouth and these Crazy Ass obsessive people change the subject and preach!!! jajajajaj! Poor Smurf! They fucked your story and made it in to a Sunday sermon!!

  57. God gave us free will, yet if you not believe in Him, you will not get any "plata", you'll get "plomo"! Apparently, God is no better then any other thug!

  58. 5;45; Dude; your so stupid, but i bet you demand respect, don't you!! Do you give to people that don't respect you, You so stupid that you put God and a thug in the same category. You seem like a idiot that can't tell the difference between you a-- and your head.

  59. @6:55 Why should I have respect for someones believes that are obviously false. You can believe in anything, but if we are not allowed to discuss, out of respect, the falsehood of your believes, society is bound to destroy itself. Should we respect redneck yanks who believe all Mexicans deserve being skinned by there own, because they lack "white" blood?

    Most Mexicans pray to the Christian God on a daily basis, convinced "He" really listens to their wishes, yet Mexico ranks in the top ten in the list of Most Murders per Capita. These are FACTS, not believes! Can I safely assume that praying to the Christian God or any other for that matter, makes you a bloodthirsty murderer? Can I assume that most Mexican pray to God, wishing for more violence? No, i can not.

    However, I can assume, since most Mexicans pray to God to put an end to all these atrocities, your God is NONEXISTENT, because nothing changes! NOTHING!!! These are FACTS.

    Now, you may be offended by my statement all you like. At least I managed you to read it and think about it, making you angry because the truth hurts. I was not out to offend you personally, but only state the obvious and that is that free will is useless when choosing A instead of B will get you eternal torture. This is extortion. A criminal act. And why is this all powerful supernatural God, claimed by people like you to be the creator of the universe, so infatuated with getting our "love"? Too me, it sounds like he's a narcissistic egocentric sociopath.

    And for your information, I do not demand respect at all. I can merely hope to get respect by the grace of others, who I treat the same as I wish to be treated and thus everyone is welcome to discuss my believes or assumptions. Demanding respect? I rather leave that to your God and the Narco thugs, willing to torture for it.

    We all, the people have a responsibility towards each other, but since greed gets the better of most of us, we have a system, void of believes in Gods or assumptions and its called the law, made by the people, for the people. To fight bloodthirsty greed for money, power, love or respect, we must incarcerate, maybe even execute (personally I'm against this) these thugs and corrupt politicians and start doing it fast and decisively, before the Mexican society implodes completely and some quasi revolution kills millions.

    This is what I believe to be the solution and possible near future and I do not hide like a pussy behind the rhetoric of "have respect for my blablabla..." I'm always open for discussion, without the name calling. I'll leave that to the good mannered Cathlics and Christians.

  60. Let me see if I get the story right...God's people are the Jews. Jesus of Nazareth was Gods son. The Jews killed Jesus. God supports fratricide yes? Oh, and after beating the brakes off Jesus thy are still the promised people? A man once said that the old testemant was the book of "his" people and apparently that soryline was not good enogh for "you" people. You had to create a different character with a new storyline. He did have a point. God was to be feared because of fire and brimstone he would rain down among people to show his wrath. After Jesus as born he became a calm, loving person? Sounds like bullshit to. The other poster said it best. Christianity is nothing more than extortion. You do this or I will do this to you. Extortion by people who are too weak to fight so they use psych-ops to control. I still haven't figured out the whole dinasaur thing and Lucy yet. Seems as though she was here before Adam according to your own timelines. Carbon dating proved that much if anything. Oh but wait, there were other people here BEFORE adam and eve. Adam and Eve are OUR story and Lucy is an irrelevant monkey yes? I am still looking for Cain's mark myself. That is a bullshit wa of saying we don't like a particular group of people. The Romans showed your asses what reality was and you still believe this horseshit story. Go ask Benny Hinn to put his magical touch on the sick every day instead of lying and begging for money. Ask Olsteen's wife to be polite to the stewardess's on an airplane. These things will never happen. If I have the Bible in one hand and a pile of horseshit in the other, they both smell equally bad but at least I can believe the horseshit is real.

  61. to 9;21.. Like i said, very very smart, but stupid. You have many facets to you.. Your smart, your stupid too, your a socio-path, your a control freak, you use others to align with you, you have a cold , heart, selfish, narrissitc, you think you right all the time... Since you asked about dinasaus, well, that's in the book of job. Dna is the bible too. The fact that this world is thousands of thousands of years old is there tooo. Not everybody was meant to know certain things...It's the glory of God to conceal a matter, and the HONOR of kings to seek the matter out...


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