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Friday, February 18, 2011

Cd. Juarez's SSPM Agents Take Out Two

Agents from the (SSPM) police force assassinated two reported carjackers at Moro Macho y Arroyo at the Colinas del Norte subdivision of Cd. Juarez yesterday morning.

The two suspects were seen driving a stolen white XTerra type truck when they lost control and crashed.

Within moments an eyewitness who happened to be driving through the subdivision was able to capture the policemen as they engaged the subjects in a shoot out.

The witness, was accompanied by his family when he recorded the incident.

He was able to record the agents who drive black vans with heavily tinted windows, on his cell phone from about 250 feet away.

The citizen, who for security purposes wished to remain anonymous recorded the entire assault and captures the two SSPM agents as they approached the truck after the shooting.

In the video one agent is seen kicking a subject on the ground and moments later another agent approachs the rear door, and then is seen firing a round into the subjects' head.

The video is now in the hands of the local newspaper "El Diario de Juárez", and was narrated by the witness.

The eye witness assured the staff at El Diario that the two people who were driving the white XTerra, were alive right after the wreck.

Although both suspects appeared to be injured, the agents removed them from the truck and executed them at point blank.

The shooting Thursday morning, left two suspected carjackers (neither has been identified) dead.

It also took the life of a 12 year police veteran, Ricardo Torillo Sandoval, who was wounded in the gun battle but died at the hospital as he receive medical attention.

Sources: El Diario TV
                  Staff at Diario de Juarez
                  You Tube


  1. These sspm guys need a raise! Thats the best way to deal with the scum, if all the military etc did that mexico would be safer than new york! Good job amigos! Salud!

  2. Sorry, I didn't see the two subjects alive nor did I see them executed. Good job.

  3. Shit happens when you try to kill law enforcement.

  4. Really? I wouldn't be surprised to find out that the agents were in on something crooked with those they execute, they did not want the "car jackers" to rat them out so they executed them. I guess since it was caught on camera they can't say it was cartel members who executed these two, in reality IT WAS cartel member, ones working in "law enforcement"...

  5. viva Mexico! thats the way to do them pillaging mofo's

    cant wait for Mexico to bust out the 24 hour airspace lock down over bad city's with them war helicopters. would love to see Z trying to out run that hahahaahahah

  6. I'm sorry but even the police are starting to realize that its time you kill these thugs or be killed...why? Cuz unfortunately these punks would be arrested and then released or escape from jail so ask yourself what other solution do they have? then just to kill them. There is no justice in Mexico but divine justice...serves them right.

    @February 18, 2011 8:29 PM
    I completely agree with you too!

  7. SSPM! SSPM! SSPM! Will the real hero's please stand up! *cheers*

  8. To all Americans:Why do you keep cheering when a criminal dies in Mexico?? Do you think these kids the drug trafficking organizations use to steal cars, sell drug for them or be their street informants do it because they want to be "gangster"?? Some people have no other way to make money, so they go and work for drug traffickers. Most of the people getting killed in Mexico are not cartel members but people the drug trafficking organizations use for their gain, even most gunmen are not considered cartel members. Not everyone working for these drug trafficking organizations are killer or thugs.

  9. @ EarniesWorld , most of us Cheer when a Criminal Dies here in the USA too,so stick your attitude where the Sun don't Shine!I used to live outside TJ and hung out with friends in the Colonias there.They were poor but didn't steal or kill people because of that.No excuse for being a criminal,Class Envy is what it is all about with these punks.

  10. Hey "Earniesworld" drop the bleeding heart hippie bullshit, its time for the police to respond. Mexicos gov hav FAILED to protect its citizens and country and the hippie bullcrap needs to be taken out with the only language these cockroaches understand, gunfire. Go and try that BS hippie shit with all the civilians that has lost their loved ones or seen their daughters raped and butchered, go ahead and get your ass to Juarez or some other cesspool and grab a mic and speak out at the nearest plaza, stand up and tell the citizens that they should feel sorry for all criminals. Bet you wont be alive more than 60 sec if you try that BS elsewhere than your computer screen.

  11. Finally somebody takes the bull by the horns and Earniesworld wants to get on here and defend it. We have all been screaming shoot the bastards, all of them, take control of your country!!! And he wants to get on here and cry. I'm going to be sick now.....surely someone can show him where the aclu website is....sheeeeeeeeez

  12. Awesome.
    If, as Earniesworld states, these are Kids WHO "have no other way to make money" THEN KILLING THEM SENDS A POWERFUL MESSAGE TO THE NEXT GROUP OF 'KIDS' THAT THIS IS NO WAY TO MAKE MONEY.

  13. I can't see a damn thing in that low quality video. But if you are in a gun battle with cops and are killed, you got what you deserved comprendes?

    Si Se Puede !!

  14. Good fuking riddance! If they're out there stealing cars and engaging cops in shootouts they should be taken out on the spot, enough of this bullshit!

  15. So all in all...two wrongs dont make a right. This truly calls into question the legitimacy of this goverment force.It could be the case that theses individuals had "orders" to carry out the excution. Lets me real here...the local authorities are aligned with one faction and the federal group with another

  16. Mexico's history has always been built upon violence, when the conquest ended the independence war began, and even then they hung the heads of the oppositors to show that the motives of the independence war was futile, the revolution also is a tale of bandits, US armed weapons, violence, blood, mass murderers and drugs, no?. Mexico then was a failed state since it was taken over by other guys, the guys that eventually established the power that took the spot for years, so today's problem might be part of that, in someway it's a new revolution too, I'm not saying that El Chapo or anyone of them is like Emiliano Zapata, but the root of the problem remains the same: poverty and corruption.

  17. It makes it right because they were carjacking (hardworking innocent mexicans) and were shooting at the sspm, what about that dont you understand? I was raised poor and didnt have to kill people and rob them

  18. You guys don't get the article or the video. The cops killed some kids that were driving a stolen vehicle and killed some kid point blank. The kids were not killers they just stole a vehicle and the cops spotted the vehicle and opened fired as soon as the kids crashed. The kids didn't engaged a shootout with the police, the police killed them just because they were driving a stolen vehicle.

  19. EarniesWorld.... they're in a stolen car. Like they didn't know that? There's consequence when you break the law. Sometimes it’s a fine sometimes it’s your life. I assure you if they hadn't been driving that car they may still be breathing today. We all have a choice to make and they did.


  21. EarniesWorld, check this out:

    "El enfrentamiento dejó un saldo de dos presuntos delincuentes muertos quienes aún no han sido identificados y un agente de la policía de nombre Ricardo Torillo Sandoval, con 12 años de servicio, quien falleció tras ser llevado a un hospital a recibir atención médica."

    Those criminals killed a police officer, what did you expect the Deltas to do?
    Those bastards would have been on the streets a month later, ready to rob and even kill innocent people. I'm damn glad they got shot in the head.

  22. Until you people stop the argument against the cartels and start it up against the governement, please hold you tongues. It is the Mexican Government who is to be held reponsible for this violence. Kill Calderon! Kil Calderon! Kill Calderon!

  23. @February 19, 2011 6:11 PM

    Last time I checked Calderon wasn't pulling the trigger? Last time I checked Calderon wasn't raping, gunning down innocent women and children? Last time I checked it was the Cartels? What kind of shit are you smoking?

  24. earnies world, we listen as you spill your BS all over every comment board on BB. You are more of a CHEERLEADER for the cartels, than anything else. You should be a government official over there, considering the way you think. What happened in this video was the cops taking the trash out. It needs to happen more often. Every single person who gets busted stealing, carjacking, kidnapping, etc. should be handled in the same way. If not, the next week they will be out doing it again. An example needs to be set for what happens when you commit crime. None has been set, which is why everything keeps getting worse. You get caught committing a crime, you should be punished accordingly. Earnie should start his own website


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