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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cd. Juarez's New Hope

Cd. Juarez is bringing in a hired gun. The formula that was used in Tijuana to diminish violent crimes will soon be implemented in this city with the naming of a new chief of the Secretariat of Public Security or Secretaria de la Seguridad Pública Municipal (SSPM), the ex- Police Chief of Tijuana.

It is expected that tomorrow morning Juárez mayor Héctor Murguía Lardizábal will officially announce the appointment of Julian Leyzaola Perez, who had been the Police Chief in Tijuana, Baja California, under the past administration headed by then mayor of Tijuana Jorge Ramos Hernandez.

The ex-military man with the rank of lieutenant colonel, was the Police Chief of that border city from December 2008 until October of 2010, and was hailed for his work against delinquency and decreasing all criminal indices.

Leyzaola Perez had a distinguished military career combating the country's insecurity through his service in the Mexican Army, and was stationed in the states as Oaxaca, Puebla, Guerrero, Yucatan and Mexico City.

He had served as the state of Baja California's Undersecretary's to the office of State's Public Security of Baja California, but resigned last week to accept this new role once held by Laurencio Galician Jiménez, a retired military officer who this past October took on a new role under the local administration.

In a recent visit to Juárez in December, invited by the Council on Business Coordination, Leyzaola Perez raised the possibility that the operative plan he had implemented successfully in Tijuana to fight organized crime could also work strategically in Juarez.

He explained that plan departed from the main deficiencies that were observed at the social, economic and cultural levels, by creating operational and logistic mechanisms aimed directly at the criminal elements and to further eliminate the perception of supremacy, that these groups may have imprinted on the social consciousness.

“The violence and the insecurity that Juárez City lives are a consequence of a series of institutional weaknesses that in some cases were given little or no attention by previous governments. They now require a strong alliance between all of the social sectors in order to overcome this crisis”, recounted the then future chief of the Secretariat of Public Security or Secretaria de la Seguridad Pública Municipal (SSPM).

The addition of Lt. Col. Leyzaola to the office under mayor Héctor “Teto” Murguía was actually one promoted by the members of the Business Coordination Council, who had invited the ex- Tijuana Police Chief to come and give a consultative assessment and suggest ways in improving the city's security conditions.

In Tijuana, Julian Leyzaola, 52 years of age, is considered the principal actor in the transformation of the city, fighting the powerful Arellano Felix drug cartel.

"A student of General Sergio Aponte Polito's methods, Leyzaola imposed a tough no nonsense attitude in combating crime and delinquents; by limiting the cartel members ability to move freely, reducing their area of operation, as well as closing all financing resources to them and neutralizing any assistance that corrupt police officers were offering them," according to informed sources of that city.

Some of the methods that Julian Leyzaola has used within the police departments have been catalogued in some cases as extreme. International organizations, like the Inter-American Commission of Human rights (CIDH), representatives of the Government of Canada, the European Union and the UN, presented documented cases of abuse by this incoming police Chief, when he held the same position in Tijuana; nevertheless, he managed to keep his position because of the success that he demonstrated.

Leyzaola also waged an unprecedented campaign against his own police force's corruption, where many of his officers had been known to work for organized crime. During his tenure, more than 600 officers were fired or riffted from the force.

"With this change, the municipal Government initiates the transformation of the new group called Embryo,"Embrion," that will be dedicated to combating high impact crimes, like kidnapping, extortion and executions," commented a source within the mayor's administration unofficially.

The unnamed source added that the arrival of the new security chief will increase the participation of its citizens, by encouraging citizen to anonymously call in criminal acts and elements, as a key to achieving the success of the preventive programs to be led by the new head of the Municipal Police.

For the local businessmen and women who brought him here, it is a hopeful change. The mayor Murguía Lardizábal will also be announcing the latest strategies to be implemented, as well as to initiate the criminal clean up of the entire city.

Sources: El Diario de Juárez - Daniel Dominguez
                Agencia Fronteriza de Noticias


  1. Call me crazy but I teared up hearing about this. Seeing his foto made me smile. I have faith in Julian, mixed with guarded optimisim.


  2. If there is one--he's the one--to pull Cd. Juarez up from self-destruction. I believe it will take a banning together of the people to wholeheartedly embrace this change and trust in it. Believe he will do what he says he will do, strong arms and all, unless your are overwhelming proved otherwise.

    Trust is key when a new leader takes the helm. But don't trust blindly. You should see crime/death rate begin to diminish within 3-6 months. You should see more rapid response to crime scenes and diligent attempts to catch the perps. Arrest rates should increase.

    Then you can feel the tide turning. I wish all the best to your city and your people. Help to keep him and yourselves safe.

  3. Good man. Hope he turns things around.


  4. BB has covered Leyzaola well, check it out for aome of you who might be interested:

  5. He'll probably be dead within 6 months.

  6. So is Tijuana gonna go back to the way it was now that he's gone or is sombody competent going to take over and keep doing a good job?

  7. All you ICE agents on BB cheerleading on the Mexican army's torturer in chief as he heads from Tijuana to Juarez are a totally shameless lot. Even a cursory googling of 'Tijuana' and the word 'torture' tells the truth about your so -called 'new hope', Tomas. He's a thug, too.

    Tijuana cops claim torture by Mexican Army
    More than 50 officers claim they were repeatedly beaten, denied food, suffocated.,0,138181.story

    and the excellent video report at

    Tijuana Police Accuse Chief And Army Of Torture

    And for the real dope about this guy you lower level ICE dopes think is some sort of neo Jesus Christ....

    U.S. authorities honor Tijuana's top cop for driving down border crime at

    There is no evidence that this approach of out-thugging the cartels is actually working, and it is doubtful that it ever should. What the report on this guy, Julian Leyzaola, shows is it it truly the US government and its varying police and military agencies that has been promoting the Mexican military and Calderon to be their willing puppets in the increasing US militarization of Mexico, where the cartel violence is merely the tip of the iceberg now being seen and directly observed.

    This does not bring peace to a country when its military, in alliance with a foreign power (the US) engages in torture and abuse of human rights. It merely spreads the violence into each and every corner of a country.

  8. Now that TJ is for the most part stable, it's time to clean up Juarez, and then continue to move east. What is needed in reality are "huevos." Don't worry Leyzaola, we have your back, solidarity on both sides, time to put them in check!

  9. This is the man who can give hope to the people of this city.He is in my opinion a great man.

  10. Listen to all these US cheerleader clucks for yet another war in yet another country other than the US! Why do they love Julian Leyzaola Perez so, who they actually know about not in the least?

    ANSWER- These are simply a group of US turkeys who think that torturing people, death squads, and war are all better solutions than jobs, human rights, and national integrity for Mexico. They've been told that Leyzaola will do that sort of stuff under US military direction. So it's Rah, Rah, Julian! Go USA!

    You got to ask yourself though, too.... what's that say about BB's very few Mexican nationals who follow along on this ride on this website with the mad mob of US Right Wingers? It's sad and funny when they then go and try to wrap themselves all up in the Mexican flag. Like FeCal himself...???? Is there a more pathetic group than people in other countries who respect foreign imperialist war mongers more than they do their own people, their own nation, and their own culture? I don't think that there really is.

  11. Oh, Ernie1, what would you think might be a better plan, who would do a better job? I hope and pray the man succeeds.

  12. Okay, Ernie1, beat me up if you will, but how do you propose that Juarez can, at this time, even begin to implement the steps necessary toward securing jobs, human rights, and integrity? When people fear for their lives as they go about daily business, which seems to be suffering as miserably as the people, I doubt Juarez can realistically expect much job creation. Human rights? Is there any currently in Juarez? How could it get a lot worse?

  13. Perhaps we should just send Ernie1 to take care of the problem!

  14. if he fixes the problem, I could care less if he tortures the maggot cartel scum...people in mexico deserve to be safe...

  15. Who else can go in there and make a difference? The Pope, Dalai Lama and Warren Buffet...If the man (Leyzaola Perez) uses some unconventional methods to get his point across, so be it. I'd rather have him than all the other ones whose only interest is catering to the Cartels needs. I just hope he surrounds himself with like-minded individuals that are not gonna fold when the heat turns up. Mexico needs more people like him. It would be heartbreaking to see him lock some of these cowards up and then see corrupt judges letting them go.


  16. Anonymous 12:11 PM, thee are not 'unconventional methods' (as you put it) that Leyzaola is using. These are the long standing conventional methods of all the US propped up Right Wing Latin American regimes and their allied death squads.

    'Who else can go in there and make a difference? The Pope, Dalai Lama and Warren Buffet...If the man (Leyzaola Perez) uses some unconventional methods to get his point across, so be it.'

    These are the conventional methods of torture use and doing away with human rights that have been used by US trained militaries and polices for decades after decades. Nothing unconventional about them. All you overly militarized and regimented brains in uniform know that already. You're just a bunch of scoundrels who want to pretend like Dubya and Dick did previously that torture is not really torture, etc. Then the grinning alcoholic monkey faced grins will eventually come out, where you folk will begin to openly admit to what you try to get away with in secret at first.

    Your methods don't work for any good though. They are just another form of terrorism and criminality that parallels that of the cartels' use of these techniques. Don't think that you are any better than them, because you are not. You are ultimately as cowardly as the cartel gangsters are. Droned out killers at heart.

  17. Oh Ernest, the neverending bleeding heart troll. How bout you just shut the f up and head your little socialist ass down to juarez yourself and fix tings. If i were a juarez citizen and knew people who'd lost, or lost family myself in that town, i would love to stand you up in front of my community and say the very same thing to the people that your trolling about they would throw you off the planet. Leech.

  18. I never figured BB as a "Right Wing" forum.

    Personally I shy away from those (and any decidedly left wing forums too). I consider it more of a forum to discuss this terrible war outside of the mainstream—by people who genuinely care about Mexico.

    Go get 'em Julian and thank you so much for making Tijuana stable, catching El Teo, his fat-assed brother and Uriarte.

    People will be studying his technique for years and history will show that extraordinarily tough jobs take extraordinarily tough measures., somebody get El Chapo!

  19. This man "Perez", his last name is traced back to a tribe in the O.T. in the bible (Pharez). The tribe of "Judah".
    Sometimes when 'cleaning out trash', you have to get your hands dirty'. Seems like a good man for the job."

  20. BB has a choice of whether it will be just a Right Wing forum for US flag heads or whether it will be a forum for real news. Right now it seems to be tipping in the direction of becoming more a website that is merely cheering always for more US interventionism into Mexico under the guise of 'National Security'.

    'Anonymous said... I never figured BB as a "Right Wing" forum.'

    Anonymous 8:48AM, notice where the BB links go out to and from whom most comments come from into BB ... There are lots of Migra types posting on these forums and they seem to dominate the numbers. think about it. These uniformed police types are quite often Far Right in their opinions as other types of cops most often are, too.

  21. Ernest1 stop your bullshit accusations and false allegations when you have no clue. We post information we see out there and regardless if you agree with it or not, it is news. We don't cater to you or anyone else, you hear me? So stop making false assumptions when you don't know jack shit (excuse the French).

    If you want to pay for some space here, go for it. Just because you or anyone else posts or buys space here, does not reflect on a certain position from BB. So quit whining and for once start debating the issues without attacking anyone who does not agree with you.

    The truth to the matter is that the life and death of people in Mexico is more important than your political idealogy, or anyone else by that matter. When a little girl loses her mother, father and little brother to the brutality of the drug war cartel, do you think your leaning toward a preset political agenda matters that much?

    I usually don't waste my time addressing your whacked up assumptions. If you are unable to debate intelligently, then move on!

    Sorry guys, I haven’t had my coffee this morning, it was a long night last night!

  22. There you have it Ernestito, you gone and pissed off the big boss!

  23. THREE CHEERS FOR BUGGS! Truer words were never written. Unfortunately Ernest 1 will never go away or stop. You will have to 86 him.

    @Ernest 1 - you only attack other posters, you show no respect for anyone and you call people names constantly. All prohibited behaviors on this and any other reputable blog. If you posted your bullshit on Proceso, Milenio, Washington Post, New York Times you would be banned after the first warning. I can't imagine why BB has put up with you this long. You have nothing to contribute. You are in fact a troll.

  24. In response to Buggs...

    'So quit whining (Ernest1) and for once start debating the issues without attacking anyone who does not agree with you.'

    OK. The issue is that the US government should not be intervening into Mexican national affairs, fomenting greater expansion of the 'drug war there, and supporting government officials there ('New Hope' as Tomas calls Leyzaola) in their use of torture on people.

  25. Today the Mayor of Juarez is denying they have hired Julian...I am not buying it.
    THE LINK...

  26. No that is not the issue. That is your issue.

  27. @ Ernest1- The U.S. in not "intervening into Mexican national affairs". The U.S. is assisting a neighboring nation that badly needs the help. And of course being a neighboring nation it is a matter of national security for the U.S. Leyzaola may have a controversial track record and use some unconventional methods and extreme interrogation techniques, but it worked in Tijuana. Do you listen to yourself when you speak of diplomacy and jobs and national integrity in Mexico? Do you know how far fetched those concepts are in that country? Every aspect of Mexico is corrupt and has been for nearly 200 years. Read Mexico's history, it has always been this way. There is no national integrity and never has been. This is Mexicos big chance to step up to the plate and show the world and it's own citizenry that it can function differently. You say diplomacy, what do you mean? They should sit down and "talk" it out? These cartel people are not rational human beings. Leyzaola knows how to fight fire with fire and he show's courage where others lack it. The United States does not want to invade Mexico and if there are more men and women out there like Sr. Leyzaola then they can help assure that the U.S. doesn't have to intervene further than they already have. Mexico passed the point of healing through conventional means a long time ago. They tried it and it didn't work. So give Leyzaola a chance, he might surprise you.

  28. Under what rock have you guys been living?
    Leyzaola didn't do shit for the city of Tijuana. El Teo was captured in La Paz, B.C.S. by the PFP, so was Uriarte and El Chiquilin. The only CAF member captured that can be attributed to the municipal police was Filiberto Parra Ramos.

    And for all you ignorants, Leyzaola hasn't been in Tijuana for almost three months, and it will fair well without him.

  29. Also, seems like Cd. Juarez's mayor is denying that Leyzaola was hired there.

  30. Buela, NO ONE has said they HIRED Leyzaola, the article said that there was a rumor that "Juárez mayor Héctor Murguía Lardizábal will officially announce the appointment of Julian Leyzaola Perez."


    "Always outspoken, Leyzaola waged an unprecedented campaign against police corruption in the department, where many officers were known to work by organized crime. During his tenure, more than 600 officers were dropped from the force, and 43 lost their lives.

    Leyzaola has been a controversial figure. Though revered by many for his willingness to take on organized crime, he also has been the subject of repeated complaints from human rights groups alleging that he beat and tortured suspects, including members of his own force."

    It this doesn't prove this man means business, I don't know what will. Maybe Juarez isn't ready to stop "dickk-riding" Chapo...


  32. Good intentions don't mean shit, just look at Calderon.

  33. People should view what this mayor does with a lot of skepticism; he is rumored to be a member of the Juarez cartel.

  34. View what this mayor does with a lot of skepticism; he is rumored to be a part of the Juarez cartel.

  35. Murguia is bought and paid for. So is his police chief. I think the Juarez businessmen want Leyzaola and they are pressuring Murguia. So they leaked it to Diario.


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