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Friday, February 4, 2011

"La Resistencia" Sicario Training Video

Members of "The Resistance", composed of the Millennium, Gulf and "La Familia Michoacana" cartels conduct training similar to that of Mexican security forces.

This was revealed in a video recorded on a cell phone, which was seized during the arrest of Julio César Cervantes Hernández and Bernardo Arroyo Moreno.

The capture of Cervantes and Arroyo, the former identified as the liaison between the leaders of "The Resistance" and it's cells in Jalisco, sparked violence Tuesday night throughout the Guadalajara metropolitan area.

In the video, which lasts 1:43 minutes, you can hear a voice coaching them:

"Ready!" yells a voice, before the three trainees take up a horizontal formation. "Hurry, Hurry, Hurry" can be heard as the three advance various meters, stop, and begin firing.

Then one of the young men drops to the ground, gets up, and repeats the maneuver.

Someone yells "Switch!" and the men stop and continue shooting.

"You, wait!" a voice orders, and then questions another, "You, why aren't you dropping?"

"Should we advance?" asks one gunman, to which he is answered, "ready, move forward."

The video ends with laughter and words of praise to the new gunmen.

The detainees, without providing an exact location, stated that the video was made in the mountains of Jalisco.

Both Cervantes and Arroyo were arrested around 4:00 pm Tuesday. At 7:00 pm the Secretariat of Jalisco Public Security received a phone call threatening reprisals if they were not released.

The spokesman of Jalisco Public Security stated Cervantes Hernandez took orders from Ramiro Pozos González, "El Molca" and Víctor Torres García, "El Papirrín", alleged leaders of "The Resistance."

Source: Grupo Reforma


  1. What do those putas need military training for to shoot women, 6 year olds and teenage soccer players?

  2. Poor SOBs. These ignorant rookies are given this so-called "training" once and are made to believe they are now "experts" in combat. No they think they are equal or better than the military!! But heck, I don't feel sorry for them when they get slaughtered. Easy money? Easy death!!!!

  3. I'm sure this 'training' will come in handy when these guys are being tortured with blow torches or being slowly fed into a meat grinder over a three day period.

    Enjoy your short lives you ignorant asshats.


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