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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Eight More Die in Acapulco

The violence in Acapulco continues. Authorities found 8 bodies in several parts of the city, including those of three people who were dismembered.

According to the SSP report, a body was found half buried in colonia alta de Puerto Marqués. On Grecia street, another body was found in a badly decomposed state.

Maxi-Tunnel Messages Threaten the Army
Around 1:30 p.m. armed men left two dismembered bodies at the entrance to the Maxi-tunnel. The messages threatened the army, who is aiding in the investigation of these murders. A military helmet was also found at the scene.

An hour later in colonia1 de Mayo, commandos armed with 9mm handguns and AK-47's attacked a house on Agustín Gómez Farías street. Outside, a truck and a taxi idled and later, the body of a man was found dismembered and wrapped in black trash bags outside the home.

State and federal police along with the army officials  found several cases of beer in the back of the truck, which was found near the scene. The two story house sustained a high number bullet holes in the during the gun battle.

The Violence in the last few hours was left 8 people dead.

The Messages
Thanks 56º B. I. For working with us, we will be in contact with you Misael Torres Gómez. Here is your soldier, keep sending more soldiers. Atte: la Barredora. 

Thanks 56º B. I. We are finding traitors among the soldiers in the Misael Torres Gómez infantry company, and also in Infantry Colonel Marco Antonio Rodríguez González' company. On my word, I'm always loyal to the 9ª Región military. 

The third message read:

Thank you, to the friends of 56º B. I We are coordinating with Misael Torres Gómez Atte: la Barredora. 


Graphic Pictures

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  1. Whats with the box of cereal? And this kind of dismemberment is old already, I think I would be shocked if they just killed somebody without all the macho nonsense...

  2. Gracias 56º B. I. Por laborar con nosotros, seguimos en contacto con Misael Torres Gómez soldado los encontramos sigue entregando más soldados Atte: la Barredora. En una segunda cartulina el mensaje decía lo siguiente: Gracias 56º B. I. Los estamos encontrando a los traidores soldado de infantería Misael Torres Gómez y coronel de infantería Marco Antonio rodríguez González por mi patria siempre leales 9ª Región militar y en una tercera cartulina dejo escrito: Gracias amigos del 56º B.

    I dont get kinda got the translation on point but I don't know what the hell they are referring too? Do you Smurf?

    Why would they throw their contact out there? And then threaten the army but saying that he was loyal to the 9th military region? Why would he throw that out there and his contact? No one in there right mind would?

  3. not their contact, the enemies. Had to tell a coworker today about the violence in Acapulco, who had no idea.

  4. so who are these guys now im losing track and since when do cartel members use polite words like thank you

  5. 10:36

    That is a very good question, the only way it makes sense is this: perhaps they are his enemies contact and the sicario is trying to blow someones cover i.e. He doesn't really work with Misael Torres Gómez or the 9th infantry.

    I must have gone over the translation at least 3 times, but it seems to be pretty much exactly what they wrote in the messages.

  6. The guys killed...Where they military personnel? I really hope the military and Federales don't back down otherwise they will never fix Acapulco. I venture to say at least at a minimum 10 brutally killed per day down there and we are just now getting media coverage. I follow Aca closely and have many friends living there. I don't know much about the border, but find all of this interesting and sad. I also don't blame my country to the extent others blame us. (USA). If the USA didn't provide guns, they'd just get them in Venezuela and honestly I think half the guns used after tests prove to be guns that are issued by the Mex government.

  7. I guess nobody is sure...Looks like they killed some military guys. There's 200 Federales staying at a hotel in Acapulco as reinforcements to the impotent local police and for anyone interested some more updates.

    Someone was shot 5 times on the street by the convention center (highly visable tourist area) and 3 found dead in a taxi, one being a woman, just behind the main strip...also what I'd consider tourist area or one block from.

  8. I wonder if those were Rice Crispies because I bet those bodies went snap, crackle, and pop when they chopped them up.

  9. 56º means 56th ( quincuagésimo sexto) B.I. Is probably an abbreviation for some military terms. ¿Quién Sabe?

  10. They almost looked like they were burnt too to stop the bleeding...

  11. "56º means 56th ( quincuagésimo sexto) B.I. Is probably an abbreviation for some military terms. ¿Quién Sabe?"

    BI probably stands for Batallón de Infantería, therefore 56th Infantry Batallion. 9 region militar is 9th Military Region which is the army command that covers all the state of Guerrero.

  12. Here's some milk to go with the cereal....

    crazy shit....

  13. 9a Culiacán, Sin. III


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